pork cottage roll


what exactly is a pork cottage roll? Is it cured and do you bake like a roast...does it taste different then a pork roast?

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If it's what I think it is, you cut slices fry them and make a sandwich.
Linda C

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This is one of our most favorite and really easy suppers. It is a smoked pork shoulder. I've seen two brands at our supermarket -- the best IMO is Five Star. The package will say to either roast it or simmer it in water for an hour or so BUT the best way is to simmer it, covered, in just enough water to cover for about an hour and a half -- you want a fork to be able to pierce the meat easily and don't overdo the water. Then take it out of the water and keep it warm (I put it in another little roaster with a little of the water over it) and leave the burner on warm. Keep the water you simmered the pork shoulder in -- it's like liquid gold -- very smokey and tasty. Add some cut up potatoes, wedges of cabbage and carrots cooked to the doneness you like and you have a great meal. I like to use the meat in a sandwich on rye bread, mash the potatoes a little with my fork and salt and butter the heck out of it. My DH tries to avoid the carbs in bread when he is enjoying the carbs in potatoes (he's diabetic) so he just enjoys it sliced - no sandwich. The leftover water makes a great soup the next day, too, with additional veggies and leftover cottage ham.

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