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 Commercial ranges in homes (residential kitchens)?
[Information first compiled, written, and posted in the Appliances Forum by Colin (GW Member Page: cpovey) on 1-9 June, 2004. Many thanks, Colin!] ****************************** A Short FAQ on commercial ranges in homes (residential kitchens):
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 kitchen vent make-up air advice needed please (cross post)
       • Posted by: threeapples on Tue, Nov 6, 12 at 20:48
              • 73 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Nov 23, 14 at 12:35
we have three furnaces and three air conditioners and a 1200 cfm vent-a-hood in the kitchen. our kitchen designer is smartly suggesting we look into obtaining make-up air for when we turn the hood on high. the hvac guy says we need to spend $10,
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 Inspection pains around make up air and my new cc
       • Posted by: kurtzicus on Sun, May 13, 12 at 23:08
              • 46 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Jul 7, 14 at 10:37
Hi Everyone, Thought I would share some of the stories around this sensitive issue for everyone else remodeling. I live in a frequent renovation and new construction town West of Boston. I am putting a 1200sq ft kitchen and master bedroom add
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 Is makeup air neccessary for a 600 CFM hood?
I'm in the middle of renovating my new old(1982) house. The plan is to put a 42
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 Bare Minerals makeup
       • Posted by: Cinderella on Mon, Jan 31, 05 at 17:19
              • 131 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Jun 19, 11 at 21:46
Has anyone here used this and if so what did you think. Would you keep using it? I really want to try it but not till I hear from others that use it. Thanks! Follow-Up Postings: RE: Bare Minerals makeup Posted by: Return t
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 Microsilk vs. Air Tub (Jason) OR Bain Ultra
       • Posted by: divotdiva on Mon, May 6, 13 at 2:45
              • 93 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Nov 20, 14 at 9:01
Apologies for the additional thread. I realize there was an earlier thread on the Jason Microsilk but apparently it was hijacked and I'd rather have opinions/advice from real users and installers of the product. I would like to hear some opin
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 What an air head!
       • Posted by: AnnieDeighnaugh on Wed, May 1, 13 at 9:02
              • 16 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, May 11, 13 at 9:06
So yesterday I had some errands to run that would take me about 30-40 min away from home. I'm also wanting to work on this dress for me to wear to the wedding and am concerned about fitting my big bazoombas, so I wanted to see this Palmer Pl
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 When was the last time you updated your makeup?
       • Posted by: claire_de_luna on Fri, May 19, 06 at 12:24
              • 43 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, May 30, 06 at 10:06
I'm shopping with a friend and we walk into our new Sephora at the mall. She's looking at the Bare Escentuals makeup, and I'm interested in the eyeshadow. I was told by the...(what would you call them?)...consultant...''Honey, you need to throw
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 Gas water heater installation question
       • Posted by: kendoo on Tue, May 27, 14 at 7:15
              • 20 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, May 28, 14 at 10:54
Need to replace a leaking gas water heater. Lowes came out and refused to install saying it was too close to a moveable air source, meaning a clothes dryer. Here is the setup. This is in a townhouse that has a utility closet off the kitchen. I
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 Makeup Combusion Air Vents for Boilers and Dryers
       • Posted by: ntl1991 on Wed, Apr 13, 11 at 23:50
Hello there. I've done the BTU input measurements of the fuel burning equipment in my basement. My 2 gas dryers, 3 boilers, and 3 water heaters total 532,000 BTU/hr. My basement, where these appliances are located, is 5,288 cubic feet in area.
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 Cold climate MUA for range hood above 36" Bluestar
       • Posted by: Johncan on Tue, Dec 9, 14 at 8:22
              • 15 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Dec 14, 14 at 8:42
Hi all, This is my first post so please bear with me! I am in the final stages of possession on a house. It was built in 1977, has wood burning fire place, and natural draft furnace/water heater. It is my first renovation (whole house,
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 Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder makeup
       • Posted by: Phyllis_Philodendron on Tue, Mar 29, 05 at 9:19
              • 16 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Jun 16, 05 at 2:56
I'm on the prowl for a good foundation again. Ugh. I hate this. It seems like everytime I post here, I'm searching for new makeup! (except for the time Weed was talking about underwear, LOL!) I just tried L'Oreal's Mattique and think it's a bi
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 dehumidifier or portable air conditioner?
       • Posted by: jrh0 on Wed, Jul 17, 13 at 11:48
              • 8 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Sep 25, 13 at 9:44
I have a 2000 sq ft basement with 11 ft ceilings that has 79% humidity and 69 degree temp. I am considering a 70 pint dehumidifier($249 online) or a 12,000 BTU DeLonghi portable air conditioner ($299 at Sam's). The a/c gives me the flexibility o
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 Sealed clothes dryer
       • Posted by: FXSTer on Mon, Aug 9, 04 at 15:15
              • 46 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Feb 28, 09 at 10:30
Ok, this might sound stupid, but I have an idea regarding the efficiency of my electric dryer. See, to me it sounds stupid for my dryer to run for say 4 or 5 hours a week just blowing my indoor air (that I just heated with my furnace) through the
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 home ventilation system (EZ Breathe)
       • Posted by: kaybree on Mon, Apr 17, 06 at 8:06
              • 26 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Jun 1, 11 at 7:17
Hello! Has anyone out there had the EZ Breathe Ventilation system installed in their house? We have a 2ft crawl space in Florida with a definite moisture problem. This company mostly installs in basements but claims that it can also install
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 Range Hood and Make up air
Hi. I will be getting a 36
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 Range hood sticker shock!
We are in the throes of this kitchen remodel and trying to select a 30
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 Jenn Air Duct Free Ventilation
       • Posted by: apbnash on Thu, May 27, 10 at 17:02
              • 13 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 15:48
I am about to start a kitchen remodel and need to replace my 15 year old Kenmore 30 inch 4 burner gas cooktop, which is located on an island. We have never had any ventilation for this cooktop (don't know how it passed codes and/or inspection) an
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 Passive ERV for make-up air
       • Posted by: ellessebee on Sat, Mar 30, 13 at 9:37
              • 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Sep 8, 13 at 10:49
I know that make-up air for kitchen vents has been discussed at great length on this site but I have a slightly different problem. We are renovating a house and the plans called for an ERV for bringing fresh air into the house without opening wind
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 super-quiet 600+ cfm range hood for condo - mission impossible??
       • Posted by: feisty68 on Thu, Mar 6, 14 at 18:15
              • 61 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Dec 8, 14 at 11:44
Pretty please save me from hood research misery?! I have read many threads and articles on this, but I still don't know what the best solution is for my needs. Here's my set-up: Return to the Appliances Forum | Post a Follo
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