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can he evict us?.Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by Joseph Gonser February 22, 2015 43 Comments
For those of you who have swapped out your brass hardware....Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by Lizzie last Friday 20 Comments
Home closing delayed or is it a wash-out?Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by housesellerc Yesterday 5 Comments
Purchasing a Home with a Converted Attic
Posted by bellemorte9506 11 hours ago
Being Sued for Home SaleUpdated 14 hours ago
Posted by camsgt last Friday 27 Comments
Why would nosey realtor say these things?Updated 19 hours ago
Posted by belfastbound last Tuesday 14 Comments
Seller isn't signing the sale contractUpdated 21 hours ago
Posted by net42k last Friday 11 Comments
escrow account for a repairUpdated 23 hours ago
Posted by karin_2009 December 24, 2014 33 Comments
Seller not allowing final walk-through before closingUpdated on Sunday
Posted by musicgold January 23, 2015 78 Comments
Retiree - rent or buy homeUpdated last Friday
Posted by waterlily_girl February 19, 2015 17 Comments
CO inspections...and other issues/questionsUpdated last Friday
Posted by cindywhitall last Thursday 8 Comments
Home sellers: Terrible experience with realtors?Updated last Friday
Posted by dollhausimaginations February 23, 2015 8 Comments
Driving A U-Haul, Towing A Vehicle TransporterUpdated last Thursday
Posted by splais February 5, 2015 12 Comments
Best time to List a HouseUpdated last Thursday
Posted by hayden2 January 6, 2015 39 Comments
Moving to make room for mom?Updated last Thursday
Posted by paintedpeggies February 21, 2015 15 Comments
Realtor company feeUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by net42k February 12, 2015 9 Comments
Happy story: my sis just bought her first houseUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by robo (z6a) last Tuesday 3 Comments
Preparing to list starter home w/o dishwasher etc.: how big a problem?Updated last Tuesday
Posted by gramarows February 16, 2015 11 Comments
How soon is "too soon" to select a realtor?Updated last Tuesday
Posted by lori_inthenw_gw February 18, 2015 9 Comments
Home Buyers Please Vote: Would you rather ...Updated February 23, 2015
Posted by belfastbound February 9, 2015 66 Comments
How to Flip. Remodel doubles price of houseUpdated February 23, 2015
Posted by sushipup1 February 19, 2015 6 Comments
Should we buy a home that was unoccupied for 6 years?Updated February 20, 2015
Posted by coffeemama1 February 10, 2015 22 Comments
Getting house ready to sell and have door knob question.Updated February 19, 2015
Posted by padillasideas February 19, 2015 7 Comments
trying to buy worried about appraisalsUpdated February 19, 2015
Posted by neobuyer February 17, 2015 10 Comments
Lady Realtor coming to house at 6:30pm and its dark outside?Updated February 17, 2015
Posted by tlbean2004 January 27, 2015 28 Comments
something to check when buying a home (pets/carpet)Updated February 16, 2015
Posted by kiki_redo April 17, 2010 10 Comments
Negative connotation of listing "As is"?Updated February 16, 2015
Posted by pinkpaula February 2, 2015 22 Comments
Planning on selling my houseUpdated February 15, 2015
Posted by 4boyz February 11, 2015 4 Comments
Move into a rent house while selling current house?Updated February 13, 2015
Posted by anniebeagle February 3, 2015 34 Comments
Ever used Flat Listing Real Estate Company?Updated February 13, 2015
Posted by Lizzie February 13, 2015 3 Comments
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