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Inspection Hell (or why not to DIY)
Posted by giantsean 2 hours ago
New under mount sink - drain off-center?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by mike_lee2 February 18, 2015 8 Comments
shower neck leakingUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by sid_79 19 hours ago 3 Comments
Plumbing Kohler Ceiling Tub Filler K-922Updated 7 hours ago
Posted by Logcabin1 January 8, 2015 2 Comments
Rainfresh water filter leaks from top.Updated 12 hours ago
Posted by gtrshop on Sunday 1 Comment
Help with smelly well waterUpdated 12 hours ago
Posted by cmonkey on Monday 24 Comments
Can we bypass old hot water heater?Updated 13 hours ago
Posted by shellking February 21, 2015 11 Comments
Warm water mornings on cold line for 30 secs....Updated 15 hours ago
Posted by nikolaos2012 February 22, 2015 7 Comments
Trying to verify gas pipe sizeUpdated on Monday
Posted by hoolabob on Monday 4 Comments
troubleshooting thermostatic valve for showerUpdated on Monday
Posted by bathroomblues1 on Sunday 1 Comment
Water Softener - calling justalurkerUpdated on Monday
Posted by toddimt August 30, 2014 43 Comments
Water pressue and other plumbing issues (MULTIPLE ISSUES - LONG)Updated on Sunday
Posted by gtrshop on Sunday 2 Comments
Garden Hose iced overUpdated on Sunday
Posted by Cassandra on Sunday 2 Comments
Fire SprinklerUpdated on Sunday
Posted by jglo January 29, 2015 3 Comments
toilet flapper closes too fastUpdated last Saturday
Posted by fritzgarden May 27, 2010 28 Comments
Does reverse osmosis water corrode copper plumbing? The answer ..Updated last Saturday
Posted by ohmmm_gw August 3, 2011 25 Comments
De-winterize, re-winterize...costs?Updated last Friday
Posted by cindywhitall February 17, 2015 2 Comments
the dreaded frozen pipes...Updated last Friday
Posted by kineala February 22, 2015 8 Comments
Toilet swirls, but won't flush!!Updated last Friday
Posted by edweather January 11, 2012 26 Comments
shower problem....can someone give me a clue?Updated last Friday
Posted by bevangel_i_h8_h0uzz February 24, 2015 12 Comments
Cold Water TOO COLD! What to do?Updated last Friday
Posted by mrb6228 last Friday 1 Comment
LaToscana Novello Thermostatic Shower Valve
Posted by bathroomblues1 last Thursday
corrosion seen on hot water shutoff valvesUpdated last Thursday
Posted by jastrong5 last Wednesday 2 Comments
Grohe Ladylux Cafe Touch FaucetUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by sharon_va January 22, 2015 1 Comment
Am I the only one bothered by this?Updated last Wednesday
Posted by aliceinwonderland_id February 23, 2015 21 Comments
Pulldown sprayer leakingUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by ginny20 February 19, 2015 3 Comments
Septic tank and question on the "Sponge"Updated last Wednesday
Posted by big_al_41 last Wednesday 1 Comment
Yes or No to Easy Water (no-salt) water softener?Updated February 24, 2015
Posted by peoplelover May 20, 2011 33 Comments
38 ga. tank - not getting 2 hot showers?Updated February 23, 2015
Posted by ashebrook February 19, 2015 4 Comments
Culligan HE vs Kinetico Premier vs FleckUpdated February 23, 2015
Posted by blessedmomof4 January 25, 2015 30 Comments
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