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Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Posted by denaw (My Page) on
Thu, Mar 28, 13 at 10:08

Welll it is finally happening after 50+ years of wishing! We are doing a pool, loads of decking and an outdoor kitchen! We are soo excited and are soooo happy we went with Josh @ Regal Pools in The Woodlands. I will be adding pictures as we go along. Tonite I will try to get some 'before' any construction begins.

Pool Style
Custom Design Freeform
Pool Area
875' ft2
Pool Perimeter
Pool Depth
3’6” x 7’
Pool Dimensions
40' Long
23’ Wide Avg.

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RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Congratulations! It sounds great; I would love an outdoor kitchen. We signed up for our new pool last week and it was not only exciting but a relief to have that box checked off. It is a big purchase which required a lot of hand wringing on my part. ;)
We are building a new home at the same time so won't start the pool until the end of April. We are in IL and won't have the weather for it until late May or June anyway.
I will post pictures and be following your progress with great interest!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

  • Posted by denaw z8Conroe (My Page) on
    Mon, Apr 1, 13 at 9:05

Pictures of the before the destruction begins! I!... :)
Melanie2012 / I would be a 'worse' nervous wreck if I was doing the house
and the pool at the same time...
AND I had to wait.
Patience is NOT my best virtue!! Now that we have made the decision I want it yesterday!!

This one is from the back porch looking back towards the lake.
 photo BACKFROMHOUSE_zpsb5ac6ad5.jpg

This one is from the lake looking back towards the porch.
We are extending the back porch by 12 ':

 photo FROMLAKETOBACKOFHOUSE_zps9bdde7a7.jpg
We should have the trees down by today or tommorrow hopefully!

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RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

And so it begins. Today the trees came down.

 photo TREESDOWN_zpse4d7a104.jpg

They were Sooo Fast! This was their 'money' limb,
the one over the fence.
 photo 296b27f8-e502-4813-a2ff-c1521b1d3d79_zps6205390f.jpg

Then there was NONE!
 photo 79e14434-4edd-4f48-b67b-7b9c0b3f8985_zps9259047b.jpg

Still waiting for the HOA approval.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

When I got home this evening...the 'pending' storm very close...this is what I found!...
 photo TREES_zpsf07af562.jpg

Very Exciting Finally!!! I now feel like something is
fixing to happen...."Something" meaning the Pool
This is my Grand Daughter running towards the Mound
To blow Bubbles!!!...Notice the Fig Tree behind the garage is Gone Also!
 photo TREES2_zps233af5e2.jpg

It is Raining Sooo Hard with Thunder and Lightening!. Hopefully when this ends,
"THE" Staking and the new Fence should begin!!..
Will Post again as it goes along!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

  • Posted by denaw z8Conroe (My Page) on
    Wed, Apr 3, 13 at 0:00

To give a bit of Insight..This is the "original" concept..with a few changes...
but the overall...will be close to the same.
Bare with me! The Outdoor Kitchen.

 photo walters_001_zps6906aba8.jpg

The Side Area where we have a Gazebo (sp?)
This will all be stamped concrete of our choice

 photo walters_005_zps112675ba.jpg

From the outdoor Kitchen looking back towards the Lake:

 photo walters_006_zps31c30c86.jpg

The pool will be wider and longer
and only 1 or 2 bubblers in the sun deck...
the Gratto and the Weeping Wall...
will be very close to what you see here:

 photo walters_008_zpsdd44771d.jpg

This is the overhead view...Again...
Wider and Longer!..My Choice of
Stamped Concrete..But You Get the

 photo walters_007_zpsa642d84f.jpg

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RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Very nice, congrats!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Very nice, congrats!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Beautiful, it would also look amazing with a negative edge overlooking the lake! It would be so awesome when everything is done!:) On the side note, do you mind telling me how much the tree removing service was for you? I'm planning to have one tree remove just because I wanted a different look for the pool. Thanks!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc 102 - Our budget is
On our trees...we had that grouping of 5 trees and then the fig tree behind the garage. They cut, hauled off and grinded the stumps of all of these for $1,100.00
Hope this helps!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Wooo Hoooo! We just got signed off on the HOA approval! step......staking and digging...and the fence...Now Im getting excited! Just sent our PB, Josh with Regal Pools a msg. saying let the digging begin!..

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well I let my PB know that we were approved by the HOA around 8:30 this morning and he was
out marking and staking before 10:30!!...Great Guy!!! Thank you Josh and Chase! If the weather
holds out he has planned that they will start digging on Wens...I personally cannot wait to
actually watch this progress!

Marking the outline of the pool.
 photo MARKING04-05-13_zpse22d1f44.jpg

All Staked
 photo STAKING04-05-2013-2_zps4ae5feae.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I'll continue....
This is the very first DIG on the pool project!
My Grand Daughter decided to start digging
herself!!...she is so excited about the pool!
 photo FIRSTDIG_zpsde87b5ed.jpg

The privacy fence going in...slow progress!
 photo FENCEPOST_zpsed94d17d.jpg

Well the "real" dig was suppose to start
tomorrow, but we are expected to get
TONS of rain in Conroe!..sighh..Soo just
means it will start on Thursday!
Wish Us Luck!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Thanks Dena, the price for the tree's service was great! I can't wait to see more pictures from you. We are right behind you in this process, we're scheduled for next Wednesday on our dig. Hopefully the 40% rain won't ruin it! Maybe we can have our kids to start digging to save some time! :)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc 102 I posted on your page and was hoping for some pictures!...Of course the fence people and the dig was delayed today, due to the rain...but hopefully tomorrow, both will get going!!...sure hope they can work together!!..I almost took the day off to watch and take pictures...but I am so trying to save my off days for when the project is totally finished and I can enjoy them IN the pool!!
How is it going over your way?

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Sooo Stressful Today...Sooo Many People!!
The "Dig" was put off from Thurs. to Today
Due to the the heavy rains..I totally Understand!
Here is Chase and Edwin Giving the "Thumbs"
UP...To Let the digging begin!

 photo THUMBSUP04-12-2013_zps1ab7282d.jpg

And... Sooo The Beginning!

 photo DIGBEGINS04-12-2013_zps31672d4b.jpg

And so it Began...That is Josh, in the purple..
MY PB...Onsight...I have to say..
he is just...great!!..
Thank You Josh and Regal Pools!!!!
 photo DIG04-12-2013-3_zps013e70dd.jpg

And they Dug....(Sorry About the Pic..thru the
upstairs window Screen! can see
the form!)
 photo DIG04-12-2013-5_zpse832cd45.jpg

And they "Dug"..These guys are so AWESOME!
They stayed soo late and worked soo hard!!!
Thank YOU!!
 photo DIG04-12-2013-6_zpsc53777bd.jpg

This is PaPa and Maddison (Grand Daughter)
Walking into the .. Abyss....LOL
 photo THEDEPTHS04-12-2013-2_zpsfcd3b029.jpg

They Made it!!..Now you can see just how Deep
it really is!
 photo THEDEPTHS04-12-2013-3_zpsbdbf9b15.jpg

You can see how high the pile of dirt is .. This is
My Grand Daughter (Maddison) and my
Grand Son (Colby) on top of the dirt pile!
 photo MOUNTAIN04-12-2013-3_zps826422de.jpg

Here's the new fence is all
Happening at the SAME TIME!....
 photo fence04-12-2013-2_zpsfcfb9e56.jpg

The 'Stained' fence....
 photo FENCE04-12-2013-3_zpsf4088974.jpg

It Continues Tomorrow!!..I will post more!!
Nite All

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

That is an amazing amount of work you took on! It must be so exciting! I love watching the progression.

We have been redoing some fencing during our pool build, and some days it feels a bit overwhelming. I know it will be worth it in the end, though. We loved our first pool.


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I get excited just looking at your pictures! I can't wait until it's our turn. Rest, enjoy, and please post more pictures!:)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well Saturday afternoon was not nearly as stressful as the morning started out.
Our pool diggers, and plumbers and rebar
guys were all having to wait for our fence builder to finish up...
The afternoon went very smooth!

awoodwaring: We have 2 boxers and a small mix dog..but my son and his fiance are staying
with us right now and they have a boxer and a lab, they all have to be taken out ever 2 hours one
at a time..that is stressful!!
From here on out everything else is strictly thru Regal Pools, so alot less stress!

truxtc 102: You are due to start this week right?
You have to post pics of your build as it goes
along! Im so excited for you!!!

Here they are finishing up the shape of the Hot tub!

 photo HOTTUB04-13-2013_zps47137a47.jpg

The Re-Bar begins! This is Edwin (in the black shirt) our PB, always busy..yet as you will
see in the next picture, always a smile on his face!
He, Josh and Chase have all been soo easy to work with!! Thanks again guys!

 photo REBAR04-13-2013_zpsfe9d4a34.jpg

The Re-Bar continues! And the smiles!

 photo REBAR04-13-2013-2_zps5fdf91d0.jpg

Lots and Lots of Re-Bar!!!

 photo REBAR04-13-2013-3_zpsc0ec6a27.jpg

Here we are plumbing and re-bar all done.

 photo REBAR04-13-2013-4_zpsa7673cb2.jpg

Tomorrow we are scheduled for the Gunite!...woo hoo!
If only the weather will hold off just a bit!


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

  • Posted by denaw z8Conroe (My Page) on
    Tue, Apr 16, 13 at 23:48

OK..before I begin with pictures.....I know I harp on Regal Pools...But...Wow..I have to say...
The owner and our PB is Soo Great!...He puts so much Heart and Soul into his pools,
and just "Desires" the client to be Happy!..And Trust ME...
THIS Client is soooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!...Josh pays attention to detail...
and most important he LISTENS..and does everything in his power
to make ME...aKa.."The Client" Happy...and knowing me..thats pretty tough!!!...
He is SOOO Patient with me (NOT an Easy Task!)..
And I can honestly say....Since Regal has taken control...I have VERY Little Stress!!..
Thank YOU Josh!!!!!...I Honestly have the "PERFECT" Beginning of MY Pool!
Soo Much more than I Ever Expected!
AGAIN...Thank You Regal Pools and You Josh! todays pictures!!...I am SOO Happy and Excited!!!

The Gunite Begins, I will tell you, Josh has the Best:

 photo GuniteBegins_zps9553fd08.jpg

One More for the Nite then I have to Promise to Post More
Tomorrow!..I have to get up at 4:15 AM....Here we go
More Gunite..!!

 photo GuniteBegins04-16-2013-3_zps5c8ffcec.jpg

Stay Posted because I have SOOO Many more Pictures to post!!..and to show the FINAL
Gunite Build...and the Family Enjoying it!!
Please Check Back!!
Josh...I am SO PROUD to have Chosen You and Regal Pools!!..

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RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Ok...As promised!
Working Hard!

 photo GuniteBegins04-16-2013_zps20e3bcdd.jpg

Working on the Rock Slide and Gratto:

 photo GrattoBuild_zps7343a8a7.jpg

More of the Gratto being built...this is AMAZING!

 photo GrattoBuild-2_zps3e730c2d.jpg

These guys got here around 6:45 A.M.! And was just
finishing up when I got home around 5:35 P.M.

 photo GuniteBegins04-16-2013-4_zpse93c864e.jpg

I Absolutely LOVE my pool so far!!!

 photo PRT2-1_zps384aeb5c.jpg

Looking back towards the deep end.

 photo PRT2-2_zps5db97faf.jpg

My son in the Hot Tub!....HaHa!!

 photo IMG_8174_zpsd4a6e811.jpg

My Grandson in the deep end.( not tell
anyone we were IN the pool yet) We weren't
suppose to step on it until today! We tip-toed...I Swear!

 photo IMG_8176_zpsb685927b.jpg

At the end of the day, We had This!..Just Beautiful!
Ok..the back 'yard' does not look great, but I have Faith
in my PB and his promise that his clean up crew will take
care of the mess!

 photo IMG_8214_zpsfe584a87.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Wow, Dena I really like the craftmanship of your pool! It looks huge! I really hope this process goes quickly because it's already driving me crazy. I've done remodeled of many house's projects but I have never been this irritable for waiting on things. I guess the two weeks wait time to get someone out here for digging got the best of me! It's not their fault really since it's the busiest season! I got a bit 'uncool' today about the fact that the rain stopped at 9 AM and they wanted to wait 48 hours for the ground/soil to be completely dry out before digging. The theory was even the yard looks great, the soil has to be completely dry out so that when they carry them away it won't be falling and making a big mess all over the neighborhood. They get fine for that! whatever...Thank God we work for ourselves, or else I would so get fire by the peekaboo schedule! I'm not holding my breath at all for this

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc 102: I so feel for you! I so hope they get to get started today!
They got here early yesteday morning and finished all the plumbing. So all the equipment is in and it's rather intimidating! So much of it and so many valves!!
The brought our lights and electrical box so I think that today the electric goes in. I cant remember if our PB said today or Monday.
Went and picked out the tile and coping yesterday.
I'll have to find out the order of the rest of the project when I talk to Josh (our PB). I think they have to do the outdoor kitchen add on before they can start the decking, not sure about that!...More Later!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I'm so excited for you! It's amazing how much they can get done in one week. Either way, both of us will have our great outdoor entertainment by the summer! :)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

So True truxtc 102..can't hardly wait. They are to start the tile and coping today, then it's suppose to rain on Wens. My poor yard is so tore up and turns to mud when it rains! But I totally understand this is all part of the process and the outcome will be worth it all! I will post pictures when I can get my hands on an actual piece of the tile and travertine.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

WooHoo! They started the stone work yesterday and I absolutely LOVE my stacked stone
in front of the spa spillway....

 photo SPASPILLWAY_zps6e58f217.jpg

 photo SPASPILLWAY-3_zps6fa0f89a.jpg

AND...they started putting the moss rock inside the Gratto area..It's totally awesome inside there!

 photo INSIDEGRATTO_zps369a551c.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Wow! I guess they don't really care about curing times in Texas.

Minimum water cure times for a shotcrete shell is 14 days per ACI code.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Pools94, Can you please explain it a bit further? From what I understand, once they gunite my pool (haven't yet), they will work on the 'stones work' i.e. coping, and water features while waiting for the shell to cure. They told us to water it a few times a day for 10 days during the process. Are they not suppose to touch the pool at all except watering it? and work on the coping and water features after that 10-14 days period?Thanks!:)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Pools94....I dont' think that shotcrete and gunite are exactly the same correct?


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Also, my understanding is for 'Gunite' the cure time is one week, with frequent waterings....


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

It is all called shotcrete, Whether it is dry mix or wet is what makes it different. Gunite is a trademarked name of a company that sold "Guns" that shoot dry mix shotcrete. Everyone uses it as a generic term,

Yes you are not supposed to start applying any material to the shell while it is in the 14 day cure time. The concrete is still hot and curing. If you start applying stone and tile to the shell how are you supposed to water that part that is covered?

You are also not supposed to apply tile to a pool until 21 days after you shoot it. That is a Tile of Association of America code.

All these codes are available online to read or even in a box of tile sometimes.

Hope that clears it up.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Thank you Pools94 for the information. Regal has built many pools, as we say here in Texas, "This is not their First Rodeo" and I totally trust in Josh, my PB.
Yesterday they did over 1/2 of the tile and the coping, it is looking soo pretty with color added. I get excited when I leave work everyday to get home and see the progress! I'll post pictures later!


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

looks great!! You might think about adding an umbrella sleeve in the spa too... if you don't use it you can cover it...if you do, makes it nice to enjoy the spa!!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

We did! We put a hole in the tan deck right next to the spa! I cannot wait!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well Ok... as promised...Here's what the did yesterday...Today was putting some of
the moss rock in place and grouting...
Im so proud!

First off here's a close up:

 photo 04-24-2013-4_zpscd380927.jpg

A view a bit further out:

 photo 04-24-2013-2_zps9e9312a3.jpg

An entire View:

 photo 04-24-2013-5_zps0b3d348c.jpg

And my favorite! Showing the Hot tub stone w/the
coping and tile...Love It!

 photo 04-24-2013-3_zpsb920c471.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Wow..things are moving a great space for you~I'm a bit envy..lolz...I like the stack stones and how you make the pool bench along the side of the pool! I should of thought of that..haha...We are not getting our gunite until Monday because things are a bit 'back up'. They said they are running behind with everybody. I just can't wait to get the deck pour so that my back yard will not be so 'dirty' right now..:)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Ohhh truxtc102, I soo understand about the dirt!...I can sweep everyday in the house and get a dust pan full of dirt...the grit on everything is driving me crazy!..But I keep telling myself it will all be worth it when everything is done!
I am so sorry about the delay on your gunite!...I think that is when I could really see the hole turn into a pool!...
They are doing the moss rock weeping wall and the rock on the cave and slide and I will post more pictures tonite. Keep your spirits up, it seems that once the gunite is cured things really start moving at a fast least is has for us.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

So from last Thursday they finished up on the moss rock.
Here's a couple pictures

Rocks for the Weeping Wall and over the Gratto:

 photo 04-30-2013-2_zpsccd8d0e8.jpg

An over-view. All the mud! And not to mention
it was raining this day!

 photo 04-30-2013_zps47e13c6b.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Looks your decking next? We just got our deck in and, it is so nice to not have all of the piles of dirt! It is actually nice to just be through another phase!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

awoodwaring, Yes...they are forming it up now...I"ll have to take pictures after they leave for the day. Im so over the dirt and mud everywhere...even inside my! I think that they will pour the concrete then they will do the addition to our back porch and the kitchen, then they come back out for the stamping and staining of the concrete...We still have a ways to go..but it really has happened fast. And our PB...bless his heart..he has really got the patience of a Saint!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Ok...we still have some adjusting to do on the
stairs that go up to the covered kitchen/living

Coming out the door of my Indoor Kitchen: All
of this part is going to be covered.

 photo NEWADDITIONPATIO_zps366f4176.jpg

Looking out from the covered Patio/Kitchen/Living Area:

 photo FRAMEFORDECKING_zps49038c2c.jpg

Decking on the Left side of the Pool to the Slide:

 photo DECKING_zps85a42afa.jpg

Looking back towards the Covered Patio area:

 photo STAIRS_zps7dbcfb3b.jpg

And looking over to the right side of Pool decking:

 photo RIGHTSIDEFORDECKING_zps9c21c99f.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

OMG!...How many people who have been married 20+ years find out when they do a build agree with NOTHING???...Sheshhhhh...I adore my husband and we have gotten along....thru our 20+ years of marriage...but then..BAM!!...We agree with "Nothing!"......LOLOL!!...It is a life changing experience!!...Trust me!!!
I believe in the End we will BOTH appreciate what we have accomplished!!.... ♥♥♥♥

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

That's exactly why my husband is not allowed to be involved in this planning at all! He gets to enjoy it at the end though..lolz...I love the stairs going from your patio down to the pool area. I asked my PB to do that for us, but since our yard does not slope down that much from our patio to the middle of the yard, I could only have one step down :(...The back of my yard does have quite a bit of sloping so my pool might look like it's sitting on an island at the end? We will see. I do like all your choice for stone and coping, they go great together! What type of coping is that? Is it Travertine?

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc102; my husband has had some GREAT ideas that I didn't like initially... then when we went with HIS idea, I really Love it....such as the rock wall across the back with 3 different small waterfalls...I didn't want that at first...but I love it NOW! Its just funny how I thought we always agreed on most!
Yes that is Mahogany Travertine for the coping and I like it when it's wet, its a tiny bit darker.
I love the steps, now we are trying to decide do we want the front facing part of the steps a shade darker than the rest of the stain we are going to do...or stain the top of each step a shade darker...any thoughts on that?


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

You agreed with each other more than you think since you ended up liking it! :).My first thought about the stain is to stain the top of each step a shade darker since it receives the most traffic all year long. My theory is, the darker the better when it comes to walk on surfaces. :) But I do want my deck to be as light as possible?! I just think if my deck is white/gray now, down the road it will eventually turn much darker. :) I'm having a hard time with the deck and just want to settle with a matching exposed aggregate to the existing patio. I'm too stingy to spend on the deck! If I could go back, I definitely would negotiate more square footage in the price..lolz..

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Looks amazing so far! Love your coping and tile choice.

I'd not stain the steps differing colors. Here's why: Look at the 2nd to last picture. Imagine you're in the pool looking toward the patio. Everything is done, furniture installed, pots of plants, people sitting around, bright towels and toys strewn everywhere. LOL Staining your steps different colors is going to add to the visual chaos that will already be happening.

You'll also have in your line of vision, the horizontal stones on the face of the hot tub and the random colors of your tile line. Those "stripey" steps, if you stain them that way, is just going to be too much. The steps will be beautiful in their own zen-like way. IMO, no need to draw further attention to them, in a distracting way.

You'll also be highlighting very, straight horizontal lines on those steps if you stain 2 colors. And your pool, the landscape - the whole vibe - feels more curvy and organic to me.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

You know what truxtc...You are Absolutely Right...thats why we have stayed married this long..LOL!!...we just dont "REALIZE".....We love the same things!!! Aint life Grand!!??!!...I Adore my "Better Half"!!!!..and yes...Corney as it may seem..he does Complete me!!!... think with time...the darker we stain the deck..the sun will eventually sap the color...making it lighter?!?!....And we are going more....tans...light browns...(I!)....
banana_fanna:...I sooo totally understand your thoughts..and trust me..around my house...there is Always chaos!!..LOL....but I "think" solitude that I really hope to have with look back at the deck and some of the curved lines we are gonna try to create....Maybe just the FACE of the steps..will not only lend to the architecture....but help people and kids in all forms of....."excitement"...judge the steps...and realize there "ARE" steps there....I worry that...we go all the exact same color stain upstairs and all blends too much?!?!...and is ...."boring"...???

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

"Another Question"!..Should I start a 'new' thread..and warn people about the "loaded" pictures????...Then direct them to my first thread with a 'warning' of Soo many pictures?....Do I need to minimize the amount of pictures I upload????
Need ALL comments!!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I love is thread and check for it weekly. Please don't change the location by starting a new one!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

THANK YOU awoodwaring....I just wasn't sure IF I was giving "toooo" much information and pictures or not...or if anyone was really intrested!??.....I know I have had multiple conversations with truxtc...and love watching HER build....
Just wasn't sure IF "Anyone" was following this thread!...
And banana_fanna...Thank YOU for your input also!!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I had a conversation with my designer today regarding what type of concrete I should get?! For my price quote, I get a a choice of a rainbow aggregate (what I have on my existing patio), stain concrete, and stain salt deck. He mentioned that the stain would only last one or two years if they just stain it without acid wash the concrete first. He also said to make it extra lasting then I need to not only acid wash it, stain it, and to also seal it to make it last much longer. So it will fade through time, I say go with any color that you love because eventually it will requires some remodeling? :) As for me, I went 'down' to salt deck since it costs me a bit less than the original deck of choice. I told him that I will attempt some DIY on the staining part and seal it off since I'm always up to some challenge...lolz...we will see about that! :)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc102, it would scare me to death to attempt such a big project...I would be afraid I would mess it up bad...Congrats to you that you have the confidence to go after such a big project, and I definetely want to see the outcome!...
Well Yesterday they came out and laid the rebar and poured all the concrete in one day...It is ALOT of concrete but I love it!!!
We are going to do the stamped, stained concrete, you can see the design at the website or This link might be useful at the bottom of this post, it's the one on the left hand side very bottom. Im hoping to use the colors of our waterline tile (This is my husbands very top choice, so it's the one we are gonna go with)

Now from yesterday...
This is an over-view from the upstairs window:

 photo FULLVIEW_zpseaed867a.jpg

This is the Addition that will become the Covered Patio / Kitchen area, plus the existing Patio:

 photo DECK-3_zpsc5639ac2.jpg

This is by the Gratto looking towards the house:

 photo FULLVIEW-3_zps09aa4003.jpg

Close up of the Patio/Kitchen Addition

 photo PATIO-3_zps216cbad6.jpg

From the Left side of the Pool area:

 photo LFTSIDE_zps977c7f51.jpg

And from the Right Side:

 photo RGTSIDE_zpse94f4e03.jpg

Closer up view from Right side of Pool looking back towards the step leading up to the Patio/Kitchen Area

 photo FULLVIEW-_zpsb23ca0a3.jpg

They are suppose to start the addition on Monday, and I have to say, I am soooo Thankful that Regal Pools is doing the entire rest of the build, so much LESS stress!
We are moving along very fast...soo keep checking back for the addition and finale... ☼☼

Here is a link that might be useful: Stamped Concrete Design

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Looking really great! What is your pool finish going to be?

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

We are going to do the Pebble Sheen....I initially struggled with White Diamonds, and Aqua Blue...
We have decided to go with Aqua Blue...I want a pretty blue, yet something that I can see to the bottom in the deep case of 'snakes'..I hate snakes...

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Wonderful :)

I have a quick question - can you tell me the manufacturer and info (colour, style etc) for your stacked stone and tile line please - looks great

Thanks - can't wait to see more


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

piaa: I'm checking with my PB right now to get the information, where are you located?

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

piaa; the stacked stone is Regal's Custom stack using Ok. wister and the tile is noble jade chestnut...hope this helps


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Thanks Dena - I am located on the island of St John in the US Virgin Islands so I have to ship everything in via container :)


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Ahh to live in the Virgin Islands..
I can't there, so Im building it in my back yard!..
Yesterday they started the Addition..Yea!

Here's the is gonna be AWESOME..Im so excited!

 photo 3SIDED-2_zpsdddc7491.jpg

Different Angle:

 photo 3SIDED_zpsf2b0a743.jpg

And then so far this morning! They are Quick!
Regal Pools really do hire the Best!

 photo ADDITION_zps07322ccd.jpg

Today they also started the Finishing touches
on the Gratto..Again...Regal has the Best!..These guys
Are Awesome..and so interesting to watch!
It's Art all by itself!

 photo GRATTO-2_zps53b90c8b.jpg

And More:

 photo GRATTO-5_zpsed2b570f.jpg

And the Slide!

 photo GRATTO-4_zps53ea5e1c.jpg

I'll post an update this evening!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I'm sorry, I know I chimed in earlier on your post and I figured I would not do it again but are they putting up a covered patio with no footers for the post or straps? If they are I wouldn't even stand under that thing.
Sorry but I couldn't help but not comment when there can be potential risk involved. I looked through your earlier pictures when they where prepping the deck and I saw neither.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Pools94: I Have the Utmost Respect for You and Your Opinion!! Please..I Hope and Wish I did not give you a Different Impression.....
Yes...They have placed both...Please see the pictures..and PLEASE...ALWAYS feel free to give me your Advice!...That is why I am here...I may not Always Agree...Because of my Faith in my PB...But Please...You Are ALWAYS welcome to give me opinions and Advice..Trust me I do Question my PB on every single Issue that is brought up on this site!
Thank YOU!!!!

OK..UPDATE:..This evening pictures

First off...The New Step to the Slide...They made
It look like a Huge Rock...Love it!...They still have
The staining to do...But this is what we have now
And I am Sooo Happy with it!

 photo EVENING-STEP_zps40074329.jpg

Behind the Gratto:

 photo EVENING-GRATTO_zps9660ccf1.jpg

Behind the Wall of Rocks..What People will see when coming up on a Boat or Jet Ski.:...Love it:

 photo EVENING-BACKWALL-2_zps85a881e9.jpg

Up the Back-Side:

 photo EVENING-BACKWALL_zps7844677b.jpg

Down the Slide:

 photo EVENING-SLIDE_zps2c174377.jpg

Husband Being a Nut!:

 photo EVENING-BILLYSLIDE-3_zpsd28ba5c2.jpg


 photo EVENING-ADDITION_zps30fddee5.jpg

And More to come Tomorrow!:...I will Take and Post close ups of the Posts on the Addition!...Promise!
Thank YOU Everyone for Helping me on this Journey!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I like the shape of your Pergola Dena. I always say if I were to have one for my patio, it would be a 'vaulted' ceiling look because it feels alot more open up to me. You are getting alot more fun stuff for your back yard than me but it will be done soon it looks like. Do you mind telling me how much Regal Pool charges for a slide and a gratto like this? My pool builder has one at his show room and if I remember correctly, it was around 28K!! I swear it looks similar to yours! :) Post more pictures please!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

All and All truxtc....For the Pool and the Gratto....It was priced at around $64,000. And I will tell you right now...I'd pay that PLUS some...seeing and knowing what all is involved in this Build!!!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Just to be Very Clear...that price does NOT include the concrete..nor the addition!....

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

denaw, that seems to be a very fair price. Will you be putting in a summer kitchen? Keep the pics coming.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

truxtc102: The pergola is actually going to be the Covered Patio area including the patio that was already there...So it will be really big. It will be shingled.
brentr: Absolutely on the Kitchen!... It will be 14 X 8 "L" shaped. We already have the Grill, Side Burner, Doors and Drawers!!!
Pools94: I've posted a close up of the 6X6 Posts that are across the front of our Patio Area.


 photo POSTS_zps21c09a0a.jpg


This is my Son, His Fiancé and my Daughter.

 photo FISH_zpsa0d2be4a.jpg

Already have 2 in the Tank. So by 8:30 this morning
They had 3:

 photo FISHING_zpsdf4da6a1.jpg

They are working on the addition today, So I will have
More pictures this Evening...
Stay Tuned.....

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Your place is going to be amazing.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well they have finished up for the day! Man is it hot outside!...
Can't wait to get the pool filled. But I Understand...
It will so be worth the wait when everything
Is finished! They do the Shingles on Monday!
The Overall dimensions for the Patio is: 22.5 X 30

Far off view:

 photo PATIO-2_zps1b69f52f.jpg

And a bit Closer:

 photo PATIO-3_zps18efa225.jpg

Have a Great Weekend All!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

brentr: Thank you So Much!
I'm actually starting to get a bit excited. I know that we have a few more weeks to go but that's OK, I've waited ALOT of years to get to this stage, I figure I can wait another few weeks...LOL!
In addition to the Kitchen equipment I had mentioned earlier we also have 4 posts lights, 4 ceiling fans, the sink, 4 Lounge Chairs.....Can't forget those!!! And they will be putting tongue and groove pine in the ceiling (Stained about the color of our fence) and 6 cam lights. We already had a small ice maker and we have a very large Old Fashioned Coca-Cola Cooler that we're gonna put between the French doors and that window, we have to get Freon put in it, otherwise it's in Excellent Condition.
I think the electrician might be out today, and if not today Monday for sure..
PB told me that after the Grotto and rock wall is stained, the slide is buffed and an epoxy put on...and the shingles up, they can do the Pebble Sheen in the pool and get her filled up....All that will be left is putting in the Kitchen/Bar area and doing all the concrete... Sorry I got a bit long winded!
Whew...still sounds like a lot when I put it all in writing! LOL! We will get there!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

It looks awesome! Thanks for posting your pics!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Just to get you thinking. Your posts that are already on your existing back patio have post straps that are imbedded in the concrete about 12" down and probably are sitting in a footer of at least 18"x18" although that's probably to small even.
Your new posts do not have the same straps. Those type of straps are mainly used to hold post that have no load requirement. The engineering on patio covers wheather they are solid or lattice is not only for weight but for wind sheer. Proper post straps like you have on your older posts not only can carry the weight but also hold the cover down when you have a good wind that can lift up your patio cover.
I know you think your builder is a great guy and he probably is but check your engineering on the patio cover to see if that set up is required.
I normally would not be this insistent unless I thought it was important. Please check your engineering plan for the cover before you move on. If it says to do that than I'm wrong but I've never seen an engineer not specify less than a 18"x18" x3' deep footer with rebar for that type of patio cover.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Dena, here is our pool build.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build in Jacksonville

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

The engineer may have taken into account what looks to be a 7.5" slab? Either way, previous poster is correct; the structural engineering plans will specify footing and holddown requirements. I don't know what your wind design loads are in your state, but the engineer can also subtract out any dead loads (I.e., the weight of the roof) when calculating uplift on posts. Your uplift is also distributed over 8 posts and looks to be tied to the house?

Anyhow, just look at the drawings. :)

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Thank you Everyone for your kind words and concern. I hope to get home this evening and find the roof shingled and the electric ran...Hopefully!
If so I'll take and posts more pictures this evening!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

OK...So Monday night when I got home...I had
"Shingles!" and It looks AMAZING!...LOL!

 photo SHINGLES_zpse1c6fe96.jpg


 photo PATIO_zps08f83857.jpg

My Grand Daughter wanting her picture taken:

 photo GRANDDAUGHTER_zpsf0839a24.jpg

Tongue and Groove Started and All Electrical Done:

 photo CEILING_zps9b5a9592.jpg

Tonight when I got home!...New stuff! Still working on the tongue and groove for the ceiling on the patio. The vertical boards are beams....It will be stained a ... I'm thinking about a walnut....not too dark, I want the grain in the wood to show.


 photo DOUBLECEILING_zps8de0d19a.jpg

More Ceiling:

 photo CEILING_zps38445e07.jpg

One More!

 photo CEILING-2_zpse7e970e7.jpg

Then........My Family being Nuts and Scaring the Momma to Death!!!

My Son:

 photo CRAZYSON_zps7586c8be.jpg

My Soon to be Daughter N Law:....Trust Son is holding her legs!

 photo DONE_zps8af4bfb5.jpg

And Last but Not Least!.. Dad, Son and Grand Daughter!:

 photo DADSONGRNDHTR_zps7a9052e6.jpg

Ok..Sorry...ONE MORE...Just how Big the Pool Looks!

 photo LONGWAYDOWN_zps979751d8.jpg

Good Nite Everyone! I just wanted to say Thank you All for the Amazing Comments!!
I will keep posting as the build continues!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Is that all you got for pics? Just having fun with you. Do you have a third blog anywhere else?!! What a blast!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

LOL! bmoreswim, Nope just the 2! I started everything here then found the other site!
Have a GReat and Holiday Weekend!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery! I took some pictures this evening of the stained tongue and groove. Just remember! The color will look a bit different because of the lightening.

Old Patio / New tongue and groove:

 photo CEILING_zpsce859df0.jpg

The New Side of the Patio:

 photo CEILING-2_zps3a27372f.jpg

Looking Straight on:

 photo CEILING-3_zps35912182.jpg

And a far off shot:

 photo CEILING-5_zpsb6d35537.jpg

Today they cleaned the pool so that hopefully by Wens. we will have the PS installed! My PB did say they were a day behind so it may be Thurs. If it's Thurs. we should get to start filling the pool and depending how long it takes to fill they should be back out Sat. or Sun. to get the equipment Hopefulllly we'll get to swim this weekend!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

I hate to be that guy, your build looks amazing, but did you check to make sure they put in the Footings on that extension? I have to agree with Pools94, that 7 inch concrete pad is not enough, it needs more than likely 3 foot deep footings for each post.

Good luck, looks great so far.

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Carnut12; Im a bit unsure what you are talking about but I will double check with the PB.

Yesterday they actually came out and stained the boulder looks really good.

The stairs to the Grotto:

 photo GROTTO_zps93a8e620.jpg

Looking down the Slide:

 photo SLIDE_zps9448d93f.jpg

The back of the pool:

 photo BACKSIDE_zps83ecad19.jpg

And the back of the Grotto:

 photo BACK_zps292efc21.jpg

Then today they did the Pebble Sheen..I am loving the color:

The Prep:

 photo PREP_zps562b91cb.jpg

The beginning:

 photo BEGINS_zps92cad234.jpg

Very Fast:..still going!

 photo GOING_zps028c9597.jpg

And going!

 photo GOING-2_zps022fe6ae.jpg

Finishing touches:

 photo GOING-4_zps266c25d0.jpg

And when I got home:

 photo DONE_zps85dcf280.jpg

Looking from the other direction:

 photo DONE-2_zpsdf0e097c.jpg

They should come and acid wash, and scrub tomorrow
and I should get to start the long haul of filling! Yea!


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Dena, not to be too much a critique, however I noticed that the valves at the back of the slide/ grotto are those PVC red handle ones. Please have your builder replace them with Jandy or Pentair Never Lube valves. The ones he has installed will give you trouble soon. I had all of mine replaced by the builder. It is well worth the extra money up front. Looking great :cheers: :cheers:

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Thank you for posting, it is fun watching a pool go in. Keep the pictures coming please! Love your choices and the slide... so nice!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well they finished up on Friday morning and started filling the pool. I only had ONE hose and 3 outside spigots!..Soo what do I do..I turn the one on full blast and go buy 2 more!..LOL!

Starting the fill with ONE hose:

 photo WATER_zpsf9ff44d2.jpg

After buying 2 more hoses...kept filling with 3 hoses:

 photo MOREWATER-3-12-09_zps8cca4d94.jpg

Getting there...slowly but surely!

 photo WATER02-20_zpse36c8c00.jpg

Dogs are Loving the water...the Fawn one is my oldest Momma dog, Hannah, and the white one is her son, Beemer.

 photo DOGSHANAH-BEEM_zps470e4c96.jpg

Another of my fur babies enjoying the water and gettin' feisty!

 photo DOGS-2HANAH-BEEM_zps5877bd0b.jpg

Soo then we get to the pool filled and the water falls on...Ohh and the grand kids Loving it!...The water is a bit green because we hadn't started the chemicals yet!

 photo KIDS_zps71d73f7d.jpg

The water getting bluer, if that's a!

 photo POOL06-02-2013_zps48cf3d3d.jpg

Ok, Im gonna stop here and start another post with a story! : )

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

My two "overweight" boxers have never been in water that their feet didn't touch bottom. Not thinking they would even attempt to go into the water, I climbed up the stairs to the slide and slid down....when I looked up both boxers were on the top of the slide....ACK!!! They started playing and my momma dog, Hanna started the slide down...she slipped onto her side and hit the side of the slide on her way down, which I believe knocked the air out of her so when she hit the water she sunk like a brick..down..down...down...she was NOT coming up...I yelped at my son who dove in, and just as I was going down to get her my white boxer, Beemer slid down and hit the water hard....I got Hanna and passed her off to my son..and looked back to see nothing but Beemers nose above water with bubbles coming out...I grabbed his collar and started swimming....
We got them both to the tan deck stairs and after throwing up water 5 or 6 times and me drying them off..THEY were Great...Me on the other hand...I was a Basket Case!!!!
Sooo we think...surely they learned their lesson...Nope, with help from my kids I slowly climbed back up the stairs and slid down..and sure enough both started back up them stairs!!!...The kids stopped them..but then they ran around to the edge of the pool ready to jump in "save" me! I swam over to the edge and they followed me on dry ground to the tan deck stairs!!..GRrrRRrrr...
On a happier note....My soon to be daughter n laws lab LOVED the water!!!...But we have to keep her inside when the kids are swimming because she thinks she has to "SAVE" them!! However she has to do grabbing their floaties...or shorts...she is gonna save them..LOL...but in the process she nearly drowns them..LOL!...
Sooo now..on to the pictures of the rest of the pool

The lab, Tux enjoying the water!

 photo 06-02-2013_zps4fb85402.jpg

And...the pool at night:

 photo NIGHT_zpsdde794ba.jpg

Soo now it is on to the kitchen build...

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

How nice that the dogs love the water, learning curve for them too! this seems so relaxing!! Enjoy and grill out this weekend!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Very pretty! Love the dog stories but was concerned about them going in! Our boxer will only go on the top steps! But will lick all the kids heads/face when they get near the edge!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

peytonroad; The boxers are doing better, they will step down onto the top tan deck yet I still have to watch them pretty close when I'm in the pool I think they still feel a need to 'save' me! We grill outside every single weekend, I hate having to be inside on the weekends and trust me the inside of my house reflects this! memama_gayle; our boxers will do the exact same thing, always on gaurd and ready to give kisses!

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Last week alot was accomplished! Here's a few
pictures of the start of our outdoor kitchen:

The inside: And my grandbabies!

 photo 06-0-2013-3_zps59938f3b.jpg

Another Shot:

 photo 06-07-2013-2_zps74d233c7.jpg

The outside:

 photo 06-07-2013-4_zps41336ebf.jpg

The outside bar area:

 photo 06-07-2013-5_zpsc855c17d.jpg

Last one:

 photo 06-07-2013_zps4f29a444.jpg

RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

So much fun isn't it? Thanks for posting. It was neat watching the process and hopefully your boxers have done better in the water.
Our little Mini Schnauzer fell in to our pool in the middle of winter and he hasn't wanted anything to do with the pool again. lol. We put him on a float and he tolerates it for a little while, but gets out as quick as we get him close enough to the tanning ledge.


RE: Signed, Sealed & Awaiting Delivery!

Well it's been a full summer now and I am just as excited to get this summer started as I was last year when the pool was built. I have added some final pictures from last year showing all the concrete after it was stained...and then some pictures for this year. The kids first time in the pool was 04/11/2014 (we have a heater in the pool and kicked it on for a while..water was just about 84).

Patio after the stain:

 photo PATIO-4_zps1e4a8038.jpg

Another Shot:

 photo PATIO-3_zps0503b967.jpg

 photo PATIO-5_zps4aec07cd.jpg

The ceiling on the patio:

 photo CEILING_zpsd0a529ec.jpg

NOW On to this year...April the 11th, 2014:

 photo 04-11-3_zpsab8859a4.jpg

 photo BEGINNING04-11_zps45b71f84.jpg

AND...Last but surely not least, our boxer "Beemer" wanting us to share our food:

 photo BEEMER_zps3ddc1f30.jpg

Cannot wait until Summer is in fulls swing again!

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