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LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Posted by larsi (My Page) on
Wed, Feb 16, 11 at 9:47

I did a few loads yesterday in my W4842 and T9802...and I thought of you!!

Isn't today, 2/16/11, the BIG day? Are you already popping some Xanax and Valium?? :)

Post some pics, and enjoy your new Mieles!! I cannot imagine having anything else.

Excited for you!!!

-Larsi :)


I had the very first batch of Miele W4840 and T9820 and I did not have the pedestals. I now have the pedestals with the W4842/T9802. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pedestals. The height is awesome for loading and unloading. I store manuals, and specialty products in the drawers. AND, if you have a Miele canister vacuum...those brilliant, devishly smart Germans...the vacuum fits perfectly in the pedestal drawer!!! You did the RIGHT thing getting the pedestals!!

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RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Hi Larsi! Miele delivered the units yesterday.

Miele installers are here right now installing them. Holy cow!! They are so much larger than my previous units.

I talked with them and we are reversing them so doors open properly (washer on the right/dryer on the left). The installers are such nice guys who helped me decide about that. The machines will sit slightly further forward than previous but they are SO much larger anyway it doesn't matter.

Only thing is that the washer is further from the sink but I figure that is less trouble than the doors opening to each other.

I'll be doing laundry by the afternoon. I'll report back when I've had a chance to give them a work out.

I'm actually very calm today. I feel really good about the purchase (as long as everything goes well with them I think I'll be happy).

I own the Miele S7 Marin (Swing) but I do plan on getting a canister too. I'll store my canister in my kitchen pantry so I'll have to find another use for my pedestals. I'll store the manuals there and maybe some specialty items. I have two shelves above that hold me most used laundry products and a cabinet beside with 4 doors that holds a lot more so storage isn't really an issue. I am happy about the higher height. I thought about not getting them to save some $$$ but my husband figured I'd be complaining about bending down all the time (probably true).

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

My machine is running a sanitary cycle right now. I will be washing in 2 hours!

I'm amazed at how they look. So different from my previous machines. So large and so solid. I'm reading my manuals (again) so I'm already to start washing.

I have to wash my husband's dress shirts today. He wore his last clean one today. My hampers are full so I'll be busy for 2 days (at least).

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

I'm on pins and needles! How is it going? I know you'll love your Miele units!

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Well, my husband's dress shirts are in. I used the Mastercare program for dress shirts.

There is so little water in there - wow. I thought my previous units used a little water but this is little.

I selected sensitive to make sure all soap is rinsed away.

We'll see how they come out.

Next I have a ton of my kids' clothes and towels to do.

I first ran a sanitary cycle and you could feel the glass get hot so I know it's working.

I have to get used to the backward set up.

I am going to try Persil megaperls in here and see if the scent is any less than my previous machines. My husband's shirts are using Clorox Greenworks (unscented) - he doesn't like the smell of detergent on his business stuff and I wasn't sure how Persil would come out. Once I try it on another load I'll know how much fragrance lingers.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

SO, SO happy you put the washer on the right and the dryer on the left. This will also make the dryer quieter, since you do not need to run as much (if any) ducting. And just opening the washer door and the dryer door in harmony, makes washer to dryer so enjoyable and easy.

I for the first time used the MasterCare Dress shirts program yesterday. With the spin set to Medium, the shirts were for sure moister than I am used to (I always use High or Max) spin...but the shirts dried beautifully and were SO wrinkle free.

I hope you are enjoying your Mieles! If you use fabric softener and like soft clothes and sheets...Using the Sensitive option will decrease softness quite a bit with the extra rinse.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Dress shirts came out nice. They were more wet than I'm used to as default spin was medium. I think I'd increase that a "notch" next time.

Now washing white towels on extra white, extended, sensitive. 1 h 50 min - cracker - I sure hope they are white. There was a few blood stains from my toddler (nose bleed) so thought extended would ensure thorough removal. I was going to use Persil Sensitive but had to go for the Vaska. I also added a scoop of oxygen bleach plus treated blood stain directly with Bac Out. I used 1-1/2 caps of Vaska and suds are minimal.

I was able to fit more towels than usual (although I still cannot get over how little water is in there). I put in 5 bath towels, 6 hand towels and 10 small washcloths I use for my kids.

Fingers crossed. This will be my first dryer load too so looking forward to giving the dryer a spin. I felt the outside vent and there is definitely more air moving through the vent than previous dryer.

RE: LIVEBETTER .... getting excited?

Does the fabric softener not go in the final rinse? I assumed it would go in the final rinse (even with sensitive). If it doesn't than it's just like washing it away. Must find out ...

RE: LIVEBETTER .... getting excited ... ?!

Larsi, I actually had to run more ducting this way. My sink and cabinetry are to the left. So sink, dryer, washer. Washer is now further from the sink and dryer had to be vented out the back with a bend and behind the dryer and washer to the vent in the wall to the right of the washer? Make sense?

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?


Medium spin is the highest Dress Shirts can be set. You can set it lower than Medium Spin...but that would just result in shirts that are too wet!

Sensitive makes the machine do a 3rd rinse. Fabric Softener is dispensed during Rinse 2. So I do not like to use Sensitive...and it adds like 10 mins I think!

Spin Speed

Wrinke Free Cycle does a High Spin speed. This is what I normally use for sheets, dress shirts and pants. I use Warm, sometime Very Warm for Sheets. I think I prefer Wrinkle Free over the Dress Shirts Program.

When I do not care about a wash temperature being "perfectly" regulated with the on board heater...I use Normal, with warm or very warm water.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Livebetter - can't wait to hear you total review! I'm so happy for you. I know my new Bosch uses less water than my Danby did. See my note at the end of the IntelliQ thread.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited? oops

Livebetter - make that the post on my review thread. Sorry

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Larsi, I checked a load set to sensitive and the FS definitely went in the last rinse. Whew ...

White towels were very white - no stains at all. Dryer dried pretty fast. I didn't think towels felt super fluffy but I didn't let the whole cool down happen - needed them asap.

I'm washing kids' clothes on Normal so we'll see how that does.

I'm still in shock over the little bit of water in there. I think just for my own piece of mind I need higher rinse levels. How do you achieve that again?

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Very handy - I used the delay wash over night. I had all my tea towels to wash and wanted to do the extra white extended - long cycle. Set it to go off early and when I came down they were all ready for the dryer. Nice and white (used Persil Sensitive Megaperls for them)! Very pleased with this delay feature.

I like to iron them so I'm going to try the hand iron feature of the dryer this morning.

My kids' dark clothes were washed last night. Everything seemed clean. It was a mixed load that contained jeans (little people size) and cottons. Did not dry perfectly (used normal/gentle). But I hung them overnight and everything was nice this morning. I'll have a little trial and error on the dryer. Towels were really dry (used the same setting) but maybe it's because the load was more uniform.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Livebetter - happy to hear so far so good with your machines. I have always found the dryers to be more difficult to figure out. I'm doing well with mine though. Using the jeans setting the washer w/the jeans setting on the dryer works perfectly for jeans. It's the other loads that I have to learn.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

For the Dryer, I always use Normal + the Gentle option. But, before Miele adjusted my dryer, I was always left with clothes that were a tad too moist. That's great, if you can hang the clothes overnight, but there are times (especially with kids), where I actually need to wash, dry and wear.

Once Miele adjusted the Normal Cycle on the dryer to not allow as much moisture, set it a tad warmer and set the Extended Cool Down...clothes, sheets, towels come out perfect dry (but not baked or over dry), SUPER soft and amazingly fluffy!!

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

First off, fabric softener is always dispensed in the final rinse regardless of whether you have set the machine to Sensitive for an extra rinse. In fact, if the machine senses poor rinsing it will sometimes add a fourth rinse - and the FS will dispense in the fourth rinse.

I find the default moisture levels perfect for my needs without needing an additional cool down. By default the dryer performs a cool down at the end of the cycle - if it didn't, your laundry would be too hot to touch. The service/program menu on the dryer simply allows you to extend the default cool down period by 5 or 10 minutes. I found that when using this setting, my clothes had no residual moisture in them. Having some residual moisture in your clothing aids in maintaining softness and eliminates static. This is obviously an individual preference. I live in Arizona where our air is very dry to start with, so any residual moisture tends to evaporate within a few minutes or while folding.


OKAY!!! Mieles are so DIFFERENT!!!

When I select SENSITIVE, fabric softener is dispensed in the SECOND rinse. The 3rd rinse, which is activated by the SENSITIVE option, does NOT dispense fabric softener in my machine!!

I have tested this and checked this several times. The purpose of SENSITIVE is to remove as many smells, detergents and chemicals as possible. This is why Miele provides the 3rd (Sensitive) rinse to be just pure water.

W4842s are very different!!!!!!

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

@larsi... No offense to you - I love you - but what you are saying is simply not possible. I cannot believe that my W4842 dispenses FS in the final rinse - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, whatever - and yours does not. It's just not possible. Sensitive is designed to remove detergent residue, not to remove fabric softener that was dispensed (and essentially wasted) one rinse prior. If your machine behaves this way, you should get on the horn to Miele and ask for a service call. Your machine is not behaving correctly.

Sensitive you too!! Maybe I should call Miele, but since I have maybe used the Sensitive Option 2-3 times since getting my first W48xx washer almost 4 years ago...I am not too concerned. But, I know it does dispense the softener in Rinse #2. I have personally sat and watched it! Very odd!! Some software difference, variance?

sensitive rinse and softener

Me again!! :)

Even my W4842 manual says that Senstive is to remove any residual detergent and any scents!! It say an additional rinse will be performed to remove scents!

This is why, when I select Sensitive, the 3rd & extra rinse is just water only. Perhaps Miele changed this from certain W4842 batches? My W4842 for sure will not dispense Fabric Softener during the 3rd and extra rinse if Senstive is selected! Fabric softener is always washed into the drum during rinse 2.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Well I have water+/extra rinse programed ( so I discovered today ) . When I ran a Custom, sensitive program just now the softener was dispensed in the 3rd and final rinse. In fact the second rinse fill bypassed the dispenser compartment all togeater and filled the drum straight from the spout at the door. My machine is a year old with the program info listed bellow.

Program Index #
ELP:1827 ew:1828

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

I too watched mine dispense FS in the final (3rd) rinse of a sensitive wash. Larsi had me worried that I was just washing FS away but no. Sensitive would definitely be more for detergent removal. If one were that sensitive to scents they wouldn't be using a scented FS but you need detergent to clean clothes.

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

Judging by the replies, Larsi, you may want to have your machine checked out. Judging by my experience and the replies here, FS dispensing on the final rinse (regardless of number of rinses) is the correct behavior. You've used Sensitive so infrequently that maybe you forgot how it worked?

I use Sensitive all the time and with every load. I can't imagine my clothes rinsing properly after only two rinses.

RE: LIVEBETTER .... getting excited??

sshrivastava, do you also have the higher rinse levels selected?

Sensitive option does dispense FS in 3rd Rinse

OK, OK...I am a big f--k up!! Sstava, you were SO, 100% right. Since I have used Sensitive maybe 2 or 3 times since my original W4840....I was positive and certain that Fabric Softener was dispensed always in Rinse #2.

So today, I "created" 2 loads of laundry to wash (one of my infamous walk around the house looking for things that do not need really to be washed, but I add them to my laundry basket anyways :)

I ran a NORMAL cycle, Very Warm, Max Spin, Sensitive -and-
a Wrinkle Free cycle, Warm, High Spin, Sensitive.......

BOTH cycles, the Fabric Softener dispensed in the THIRD and final rinse!!

I have my machine set to Water+/Extra Rinse and Maximum Water Level.

I am so sorry for insisting that my machine always dispensed Fabric Softener in Rinse #2, even when the Sensitive Option is selected. I take full responsibility of my screw up, and really apologize!!

So, looks like my W4842 is JUST like all of your machines! And that is a very good thing. The longer I have my W4842 and T9802...I love them more!

RE: LIVEBETTER....getting excited?

@livebetter... Yes, I have selected Water+/Extra Rinse as well as Maximum Water Level. Here is how these features are described from the W4840 service manual:

Water+: Increase in water level in soak, pre-wash, main wash and in the rinse cycles by selecting Water plus; applicable in the Cottons very hot, Minimum iron, Silk, Mini, Automatic/Mixed load programs

Extra Rinse: Additional rinse cycle by selecting Water plus; applicable in the Cottons very hot, Minimum iron, Silk, Mini, Automatic/Mixed load programs

USA:Water+ and extra rinse: Increase in water level in soak, pre-wash, main wash and in the rinse cycles by selecting Water plus; applicable in the Cottons very hot, Minimum iron, Silk, Mini, Automatic/Mixed load programs, as well as additional rinse cycle in Cottons very hot and Minimum iron programs

Maximum Water Level: Adjustment of the laundry process for soft water areas. Level III at rinse cycle.

The language in the manual is inconsistent with the actual named programs, so here is my translation:

Cottons = Normal
Minimum Iron = Wrinkle Free
Silk = Delicates
Mini = Express
Automatic/Mixed Load Programs = Master Care

I may be off on some of those labels, but suffice it to say that the program menu options work in most of the pre-programmed cycles but do not work in any Custom cycle.

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