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"Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Posted by olivertwist (My Page) on
Sat, Nov 23, 13 at 2:29

Our "Green" Green Kitchen Renovation

One goal of our reno was to be as eco-friendly as possible. (This wasn't always possible). We started by donating our old cabinetry and appliances to Habitat for Humanity. We used products from recycled glass in the countertop and backsplash, and the floor is cork. There are areas for all kinds of recycling and composting.

We also aimed to get a lot more space and be organized, of course! We expanded the kitchen 3 feet into the den. This allowed me to get my 36" wide cooktop. I moved the Dishwasher to the left 12" allowing me to stand to the left OR the right to unload. Now I can reach the Uppers above the DW! We also moved the window over and enlarged it.

We also changed a bathroom with shower into a Powder Room, converting the extra space (shower) into a small walk-in pantry.

Remodeling the Mudroom gave us a lot more organization as well.

Other special features:

� Extra-Deep Countertops (27")
� Extra-Deep Uppers (15")
� Some Extra Deep drawers/roll-outs
� Reverse Osmosis water filter
� Compost Pail in Counter (Rev-a-Shelf)
� Cookbook holder under cabinet
� Pantry pull-outs for potatoes and onions (Rev-a-Shelf)
� Command Center with Charging Station
� Hidden place for Calendar
� Oven Niche
� Laundry Chute
� Toe-Kick Drawers
� Spice Pull-outs
� Bookshelf for cookbooks
� Open shelves in Lowers for baskets of fruit

Kitchen Details

Cork Floor
Glue-down tiles by iCork / Forna (Cancork in Canada) in Style called Leather
New River Cabinetry Frameless Full Overlay
Herndon style (Shaker)
Species: Maple
Stain: Coral
Cabinet hardware
Top Knobs Bar Pull 3.75" and Bar Handle 7" Brushed Satin Nickel
(and a few other sizes)
Countertop custom design
Backsplash tile
Subway tiles from Bedrock Industries / Blazestone tile in Meadow
Elkay AquaDivide double sink with low divide - so cool
Kohler Karbon
Soap dispenser
Kohler K1995
With Never MT (of course)
KitchenAid Fridge KFXS25RY: Awesome! Has an extra fridge drawer for produce!
Wall oven under cooktop
GE Profile Wall oven (mounted underneath Cooktop): PT7050
3 racks
Microwave OTR
GE Profile OTR Microwave: PVM9195SFSS
GE Profile 36" Smoothtop Electric Cooktop: GE Profile CleanDesign PP975
5 Burner with PowerBoil feature
KitchenAid Dishwasher KUDE60HXSS
It has a third rack, and the main upper rack is adjustable.
My other criteria was that I could open it with my toe (useful with my hands are coated with chicken guts).

Undercabinet lighting
InvesiLED tape light
Andersen Awning Style window with transom

Bathroom Details

Floor tile
Emil America Waterfalls Brown Victoria 3 pattern porcelain tile
Grout: Buff
Wall Tile
Emil America Waterfalls Brown Victoria 3 pattern porcelain tile
Grout: Buff
Faucet & Accessories
Kohler Forte
Countertop Style BW-001
Toto Aquia II Dual Flush CST416M
New River Cabinetry Frameless Full Overlaly
Herndon style (Shaker)
Species: Maple
Stain: Coral
Cabinet Hardware
Top Knobs Bar Pull 3.75" and Bar Handle 7" Brushed Satin Nickel


Old Kitchen Next to New Kitchen:
 photo OldKitchen1_zps9adab344.jpg

 photo NewKitchen1_zpsb47d6134.jpg
 photo OldKitchen6_zpsa5ba699b.jpg
 photo NewKitchen6_zpsde706fa9.jpg

Old Kitchen:
 photo OldKitchen3_zps52f345c6.jpg

 photo OldKitchen4_zps6a622b63.jpg
 photo OldKitchen5_zpse831f587.jpg

 photo OldKitchen2_zpsc4350a8d.jpg

New Kitchen:

Overall views:
 photo NewKitchen1a_zpsc3898d07.jpg
 photo NewKitchen1b_zpsa5609193.jpg
 photo Niche_zps2e2ab786.jpg
Spice Pull outs:
 photo SpicePullOuts_zps517f2109.jpg
Eating area:
 photo EatingArea_zps9554a45e.jpg
Cookbook holder:

 photo Cookbookholder_zpsd7a35846.jpg
Cookbook shelves above peninsula:
 photo Cookbookshelvesabovepeninsula1_zpse93774da.jpg
 photo Cookbookshelvesabovepeninsula2_zps5256a33b.jpg

Sink with Kohler Karbon:
 photo SinkwithKohlerKarbon_zps636fb7d4.jpg
Sink with Tilt out:
 photo SinkwithTiltOut_zps466d2c12.jpg
 photo Window_zps81f7af56.jpg
Toe Kick Drawers:
 photo ToeKickDrawers_zps6caf64c9.jpg
What's in my drawers?

(This is right in front of the compost pail, hence the cut-out)
 photo Utensils1_zps0b1fb316.jpg
 photo Utensils2_zpsc716d593.jpg
Pots and Pans:
 photo PotsandPans_zps9f3927e5.jpg
Pots and Pans with Lid Storage:

 photo LidStorage_zpsaf062473.jpg
Here are my only roll-outs (not counting pantry):
Food processors and small appliances and larger gadgets:
 photo roll-outs_zpsda0e8494.jpg
Knife drawer:
 photo Knifedrawer_zpsb0658bec.jpg
Reusable bowl covers:

 photo bowlcovers_zps72513bc6.jpg

Lunch bags:

 photo Lunchbags_zps21b668f4.jpg

 photo Thermoses_zpsd8339de6.jpg
Silverware drawer:

 photo SilverwareDrawer_zps999cd588.jpg
Cloth napkins:

 photo napkins_zpsb59007fb.jpg
Reusable sandwich bags:

 photo sandwichbags_zps981d3dd2.jpg
 photo dishtowels_zps15cd225c.jpg
I just love how organized my corningware and lids are now:
 photo corningware_zpse85bd981.jpg
Medicine rack (also good for matches, toothpicks and other small items):
 photo medicinerack_zps580d7ed1.jpg
Tray cabinet/Cutting boards:
 photo traycabopen_zps83c95304.jpg


 photo traycabclosed_zps15a5d302.jpg
Pull-outs for cans, baking supplies, oils and vinegars:
 photo pulloutsforoils_zps45316d8f.jpg
 photo pulloutsforoils2_zps0e823651.jpg
Trash and Recycling:
(Trash in front, plastic/metal in back, paper on top). Compost is just a smidge to the left in the counter.

 photo trash_zps1a836e03.jpg
In-Counter Compost:
 photo compost1_zps8c2a3ba1.jpg
 photo compost2_zps8e34251f.jpg
 photo compost3_zps21af489e.jpg
 photo compost4_zpsa0a39e94.jpg
 photo compost5_zps5b9d96bf.jpg

Laundry Chute and under the sink:
(The Green bucket is our old compost pail. Now we use it for #5 Recyclables that we have to bring to Whole Foods because our town only collects #1 and #2 plastics)
 photo laundrychute1_zpsffbe47fe.jpg
 photo laundrychute2_zps7dd1b53b.jpg
 photo laundrychute3_zps31497ebc.jpg

Pantry with Hidden Calendar/Bulletin Board/Chalkboard:
 photo Bertie1_zpse41fb9de.jpg
 photo Bertie2_zpsaf0ed713.jpg
 photo Bertie3_zpsa7e62753.jpg

The Fridge:

 photo Fridge1_zps82a04cad.jpg
Baking trays above the Fridge:

 photo Bakingtraysabovefridge_zps6bed60be.jpg
Storage for serving platters in peninsula:

 photo platters_zps57f70b94.jpg
Close-up of Counter and Backsplash:
 photo close-up_zpsb3c93f4f.jpg
Command Center and Charging Station:
 photo Command1_zps091d7ad3.jpg
 photo Command2_zps5ceddec9.jpg
Cork Floor:
 photo cork1_zps3331a8e4.jpg
 photo cork2_zps581fc5d6.jpg

Walk-in Pantry:
 photo Pantry1_zps4322c394.jpg
 photo Pantry2_zpsa29ce510.jpg
 photo Pantry3_zpse914125a.jpg

 photo Bathroom_zps3e7b30f9.jpg
Bathroom Sink:
 photo Bathroomsink_zpsd1d784d7.jpg
Close-up of Bathroom Counter:
 photo close-upbathroom_zps1e60bf7a.jpg
 photo cubbies_zps130b2afc.jpg

Shoe organization (finally):
 photo shoes_zpse740e305.jpg

This post was edited by olivertwist on Sat, Nov 23, 13 at 14:21

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

The only thing I can say oliver is "WOW". I'm so jealous of all the storage space. There really is a spot for everything. And it looks fantastic to boot. I think I like the mudroom storage the best thou. I have always wanted a mudroom,(we just have a hallway closet with no shelving). Congrats on going "Green" as much as possible. Something I'll strive for when we remodel some day. Job well done. NancyLouise

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

The only thing I can say oliver is "WOW". I'm so jealous of all the storage space. There really is a spot for everything. And it looks fantastic to boot. I think I like the mudroom storage the best thou. I have always wanted a mudroom,(we just have a hallway closet with no shelving). Congrats on going "Green" as much as possible. Something I'll strive for when we remodel some day. Job well done. NancyLouise

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Wow, wow, wow!!! I love the transformation. I keep going back and forth through all the photos to determine what I like best. You have so many cool features. I really like the "hidden" chalk and bulletin boards. That's very clever. I'm gonna have to scroll through a few more times in more detail but you must be pretty pleased with what you've done. It looks fantastic!!!

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

So many perfect details, like the chalk and storage center. Love the countertops. Did you add all the dividers after cabinets installed? It seems there is a place for everything.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

such good planning and functionality, well thought out !
it's also attractive !

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Such lovely appealing spaces, and so much careful attention to details! I love it! Thank you for your efforts to be as green as this. Your cork is beautiful, and the recycled glass counters are stunning with that backsplash.
I really smiled when I saw that GREAT laundry chute! Like you, we use mostly cloth kitchen towels, napkins, produce bags, (love the sandwich bags, too!) so we generate a fair amount of kitchen laundry. I'm jealous of that convenient laundry chute. Thanks, too, for sharing all the details inside the drawers and pantries, makes your reveal so exciting. May you enjoy many wonderful years there.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Wow! All your choices are so lovely!! I love the stain on the cabinets, the countertop and almost everything else. Thank you for all the pics. I am going to copy the message board idea-hope u don't mind! Enjoy your lovely new space.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

I have NEVER seen a more well thought out and functional kitchen than this one !! WOW! WOW!

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Thanks everyone for your kind words.
I can't believe how functional it is!

I thank you all for your advice and opinions over the past year and a half or so, and for all of the ideas that I copied from others along the way! For anyone else, please- copy away!

Bookworm: The dividers above the fridge were done afterwards. Actually, they were the reason I didn't post this Reveal in September. I didn't do them in the beginning because I wanted to see how everything fit into the new space before I committed, and also hadn't decided if I would want them over the micro or the fridge.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Beautifully done! Your kitchen has such warmth with your lovely cabinets and cork floor. Love your hidden calendar area as well as your other organizational cabs.

That walk in pantry would be a dream to have. What are the dimensions of it and the depth of your shelves? I am trying to wring out a space for such a jewel in my kitchen plan.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Wow! Beautiful and soooooo functional! I was going to be critical of the keurig (not very green) but then I noticed you use the refill cartridge. :)

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Wow, fabulous. It's obvious the love and thoughtful planning you put into this. It's beautiful and so marvelously functional.

I just love the hidden calendar and noteboard storage in the fridge pantry!! The recycled glass counter is so pretty. And speaking of green, I'm positively green with envy over your fabulous mudroom cubbies and that shoe storage! I could go on and on, there is just so much to admire. Great job, congratulations on your wonderful new space.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Congratulations! Everything is so warm and inviting. Love your stain and the counters look great with the bs. Great mud room cubbies!

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal


love the hidden calendar and cork board, great many great features and details!!!
you guys really put alot of thought and planning in this and it shows...job well done!!!

congrats and enjoy for many years :)

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Well, I heartily applaud all of your efforts toward green solutions. Brava!

And the end result is beautiful and unique.

Lastly, but not least, some great functional details --- laundry chute, message board , etc etc .


RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

I love the cabinet color and the fabulous organization. So jealous of the mudroom cubbies and pantry/organizer! Did the layout change much? It looks so much more elegant!

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Very impressive! How nice it must be to work in such a well organized kitchen. Your backsplash and counter are terrific. So much to like. Glad you kept your kitchen chairs. I noticed the design on them right away. Thanks for posting.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Very nicely done. :) Tons of thought and planning is evident for the entire kitchen. Curious about your toe kick drawers and how you open them? We have two that are going in our kitchen and I'm not certain what will be the best way to open them since we don't want to use a pull on those.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Thank you for posting. you kitchen is beautiful and is giving me plenty of ideas. This is the first time i've seen about the kick toe area as pull out drawer. How did you manage that? what cabinets maker did you use? So much storage in that area!

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

I love the cabinet style and the stain! I love the crown molding and having 4 shelves in your cabinets. How tall are they and what is the height of your ceiling? I love the cork floors. I love the appliances! The kitchen is now a WOW and is gorgeous and useful with all the extra storage and pull-outs! Thank you for sharing.

RE: "Green" Green Kitchen Reveal

Tea4all- the pantry was reclaimed from the bathroom exactly - essentially the shower stall. It's 45" wide by 36" deep. There are narrow shelves on the side that I love because small items are only one item deep - these shelves are 4" deep- sized perfectly for a jar of pickles. :). The heights of these small shelves are about 8" each. In the back main part, shelf height varies: 12", 16", 18", etc, which I did on purpose. Depth also varies: 18"', 24". Two baskets that pull out for potatoes and onions are also in there. Also installed a plug for the DustBuster and a light that turns on automatically when the door is opened. I also love my drawers of batteries that are not only brought in from the garage but finally organized!

Kakasmama- A few layout changes: the kitchen was always a galley, but the old kitchen ended just where out oven/micro/command center now start. We moved 3ft into the family room and love it. So we basically just lengthened the kitchen which gave us a LOT more space. We also took out the shower in the BR to make the walk-in pantry. In the mudroom which is off the garage, we took out the extra freezer, moved it into the garage and added a coat closet in its place. (The other coat closet is at the front door, but who goes in their own front door?) We took out a coat tree which was a mess and added the cubbies, and added our giant shoe rack.

Andreak100 and icekream- the toe kick drawers are awesome "free" space. They open by kicking/pushing them rather than handles (KD's idea). I should've specified that they be "extra deep" like the drawers and cabs that they are under, but didn't think of it. Our cabs are by New River but I think anyone can do it. Funny because our 1st KD didn't want to do it- said it would attract vermin!

Lynn2006- our ceilings are 9ft high. The upper cabinets are 42" high and 14-15" deep. I ordered 15" deep but now when I measure the inside, I note it's only 14" deep. Counters were supposed to be 27" instead of the usual 24" but GC had to build up the wall area behind the cabs for some reason and it ended up making the counters 28.5" deep on the main "cooking/prep" side, and 29.5" deep on the other side! I love the extra depth! I was worried that my shortness would make it difficult, but it hasn't and I was also worried that it would narrow our galley (which was frankly pretty wide anyway) but it hasn't.


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