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My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Posted by gowelch (My Page) on
Wed, Jul 30, 08 at 22:29

I just want to share my story here. I ordered 41 boxes of cabinets from Medallion back in January of 2008.
The cabinets came in late March of 2008. The kitchen general contractor installed all the cabinets in early April, then couple of the doors were damaged. We also had an issue with couple of the pull out trays.
The rep from Medallion came to my house in mid April, and agreed that the doors had to be replaced. He also agreed to replce couple of the pull-out trays.
I contacted the rep in early June to find out the status of my replacements parts. Then, he said he would order them ASAP. Another few weeks went by, I didn't hear from him.
I called and put pressure on him to get he parts ASAP.
Then, he said the parts will be delivered to my house between 7/17-7/24. Well, parts didn't come. I emailed the rep, he didn't reply. I got my kitchen designer involved, and the rep told her the parts will be here 8/1.

Well, I got very frustrated because we still don't have the handles installed, no toekick and no under cabinet trim installed yet since 4/10. I have soft close on all the drawers, and it is very difficult to open them w/o the handles.
The contractor only wants to come back one more time to get everything done, so he is waiting for the parts to arrive.

I asked for the name of the regional manager's and phone number. The Medallion rep told me that someone frmo Medallion will contact me in 48 hours, and it didn't happen.

Anyway, I finally got a call today. The manager told me that the parts have not left the factory (even though the rep told me the parts would be here tomorrow), and won't be ready to be shipped until 8/2, and we should them on 8/5. The trays are not ready, and he has no idea if we could get them replaced. The manager claimed that we passed 90 days, so it is a warranty issue. It takes time to work thing out. It is just bunch of BS in my mind.

My experience with Medallion has been just awful. I would not buy any more cabinets from them. There is no reason for me to wait 3 1/2 months to get the replacement parts (if they are here on 8/5). My original order only took 8 weeks. Medallion's customer service is terrible. They don't follow up, and they don't return emails.

I am hoping I will get my replacement doors on Monday.

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RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Sorry to hear about your Medallion troubles. I am awaiting a cabinet order. I hope ours goes smoothly.

You would think in this economy that they would make every best effort for you to have a good experience. I'm sure hundreds of people will read your post.

I am having floor difficulties right now. i ordered tile from HD Expo and 4 wks later, they tell me it's backordered for another several weeks. I called the manufacturer myself and they said it's backordered for another 8 wks. Never did Expo offer another tile, color, size, etc... And they said "if you pick out something else, you're not going to get the sale price you paid for the first tile."

I said "Don't worry, I won't. Please process my refund."

Well, that was another hour of wasted energy, not to mention all of the galavanting we did originally to pick out that tile.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Thanks for posting this. We just had Medallion cabinets installed. I'm curious to see what our experience will be in dealing with the small details.

Our installers will be back once our floor is in to do the finishing trim. At that time the one cabinet door that was imperfect is supposed to be replaced.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Thanks for posting your experience. If everyone did this may-be the customer service would improve. If I had been considering Medallion I would have crossed them off the list base on your story.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.


Write an email followed by a hard copy to the managment at Elkay, which owns Medallion. Give a brief but detailed account of your problem and include names and dates.

I guarantee your problem will be solved and Elkay will throw in something for all your aggravation.

In addition to the CEO and President send copies to the big wigs in the Cabinet Division.

Elkay Mfg. Co.,
2222 Camden Ct
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1248
(630) 574-8484 Fax: (630) 574-5012

Chairman and CEO: Ronald C. (Ron) Katz
John P. Edl, president
VP and CFO: Timothy J. (Tim) Bondy
Tom Cook President of Cabinetry Division
Jim Scott Division President
Leslie Clark Vice President of Business Excellence
Duke Piotter, Executive VP/sales and marketing for Cabinet Division
Jim Koleski, VP controller and administration for Cabinet Division
David Verkler VP of Operational Excellence for Cabinet Division.
Joe Stenglein VP Operations for Cabinet Division
Laurie Goldman, Director, Customer Support for the Cabinet Division.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Thanks everyone.

Craig-00 thanks for the list of the names, I will send them letters.

My husband and I are both in the service industry, and customer service has always been #1 priority for us. I can't believe all the trouble I have to go thru to get the damaged doors replaced. I called the manager at 5:30pm last night and tried to get a confirmation of delivery date. He basically said that I would have them on Monday, if not, call again. Call again? If I don't have my parts on Monday, I am not calling him. I will be calling the CEO.

Thanks again!

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

craig 00
Thanks for posting info for medallian cabinets.

You are a good consumer advocate.
People will feel less helpless if they know what to do.
Thanks, again.

No, I do not have medallian cabinets

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Where is your KD in this? The cabinet showroom where you ordered the cabinets? The proper (and quick) channels would have your KD just reorder the doors and you should get them within 14 days or so. The only way a cabinet rep should even be involved is if the showroom has repeatedly failed to order your replacements.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

I'm sorry about the headaches you still have. I remember your original post about the drawers, etc, because we both have Medallion. I haven't had any issue with them at all after that...I needed two extra doors later for an add-on. I never dealt with anyone there, though. My KD company did that for me. Is there anyway your KD could do something for you? Why should you have all this grief? I'd still send the letters, though. Good Luck onward!

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

We had problems with the dark streak with some of the drawers and trays soon after the cabinets were installed. My KD was surprised to see so much of it on our order, but not sure if she could get them replaced. I suggested to have the Medallion rep to come to my house and see if he would agree to replace couple of the worse ones. The rep had agreed to replace two warp doors and three trays on 4/16. Then, I didn't hear back from the rep for about a month. I called the KD to find out the status of our replacement parts in May..then the rep said the parts are coming...and coming...and coming. The rep first told me that the replacement parts would only take about 3 weeks. I kept on following up with my KD every month, but she couldnot get a straight answer from the rep.
Then, the rep came back to my house in June and tried to fix the the two warp doors?! This is after two missed appts. I thought he was back to replace the warp doors and put in the new trays.
Anyway, the rep told me that he would order the replacements parts that day (early June). I asked him why he told my KD that the parts were ordered back in April, and of course, he could not give me an answer. Anyway, he sent me an email couple of days after his 2nd visit that the parts were order, and we would receive them before end of June. Then, the rep told the KD that we should expect to receive the parts from 7/17 to 7/24, then later changed to 7/31. Well, I found out from the rep's boss yesterday that the parts are not ready, but the two doors will be shipped on 8/2. He told me that he is not sure if Medallion would replace my trays. We have passed 90 days, so it is a warranty issue. What??? They don't stand behind their products? The rep pushs my order beyond 90 days, and now they may not replace the trays? This is just BS.
I thought Medallion is a reputable company. I am very disappointed in Medallion.

We will see if we get the doors on Monday. It has been very difficult kitchen remodeling should have been done around 4/10, buts it is still not done....

Well, KD has scheduled the cabinet installer to come back to finish the job on 8/5 either with or w/o the parts. They will finish the job the best they can, and are very willing to come back out again if they have to.

I will be back with status report next Monday.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Having dealt with medallion many times have never heard of an issue such as yours.... customer service is excellent
my professional opinion is they are the best value out there.
are you saying the roll outs had streaks on them or the doors?
If the roll outs/drawers had streaks why would they be replaced?
If the fronts had unusual streaking I could see replacing them after the rep approved it.
Streaks are natural in some woods.
Live wire is correct in stating that parts take 2 weeks
your KD/company has more pull and should have taken care of the problem.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Did Medallion come with the replacement doors on Monday?
I'm curious as to how this will resolve as I have Medallion cabinets being installed in my kitchen and we also now have a few replacement pieces on order. Sigh.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Sorry to read about your problems with Medallion. My Medallion cabs were installed in April. I had a couple of hiccups. Missing door/panel and wrong size panel for built in refrigerator. Replacements came withing 2 weeks. The quality of my cabs is superb. No staining/streaks. My only gripe with them would be the sorry s*** hinges that were all bent. They use Amerock hinges. We were replacing them anyways because I wanted black hinges and you can't for some reason order black hinges already installed. Hope your problems are solved soon and to your satisfaction!!

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Yes, my two replacement doors came on Monday, but no pull-out trays and the bumpers are still missing.
I called the rep, and he told me that he would try to get the rest of the missing parts. As of today, I still don't have them.
My contractor came on Wed to install the toe kick and handles. Unfortunately, he cracked two doors (one was the new one received on Monday), so he would have to replace them. Did anyone of you order under cabinet trim? This piece is supposed to cover the light rail. If you did, what kind did you order? Our kithcen designer ordered the wrong style of trim. I looked at all the trim options again, but can't find one fits our style. I think we should have the trim. I am short (5 4"), so I could see the light rail under the cabinet. My husband and kids are 5 10", so they can't see it. I believe the trim will make the cabinets look more finished.
Our kitchen is very clean line and modern looking..any suggestion?


RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

My GC did the same thing! Didn't take long to get the replacement door. Regarding the trim, at first I liked the clean line of no trim but now I am glad we did add a small trim piece. It gives a more finished look. My KD picked it out. It is a flat edge that has a bit of bullnose on it. This picture was the best I had of it. I'll try to post another for you later today.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

My wife and I are batting heads deciding which door style to go with. I want a simple Shaker style but she wants a bit of design just so it doesn't look so stark.

But, we both love the full inset cabinets with the hardware you've chosen. Simple, but extremely elegant!

Which color are those painted? It's hard to tell in the photo.

Thanks - we really like your cabinet style.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

I just happened to type in "medallion cabinetry reviews" and ran across this interesting discussion. I am a designer that works primarily with Medallion, I thought I would do some investigating to see what is said about Medallion on the internet so I am better prepared for customer's questions/concerns. But enough about me: I was very surprised to hear "gowelsh's" situation, as it is completely atypical from any experience I have had with Medallion in the last 3+ years I've worked with them. Some helpful information may have been omitted by your designer for one reason or another. Warranty issues caused by shipping-dings, dents, etc. have to be reported within 30 days of delivery of the cabinets. To be clear-this means delivery to the kitchen showroom's warehouse-not your home. Other than that any reasonable problems with style, wood graining/knots, hardware etc. shouldn't be a problem to have replaced later on during the project. Problems with aesthetics are more tricky however, because it's all relative, and depends on what your designer lead you to believe is typical (and more importantly, how that relates to what the cabinet company considers typical). This is the biggest problem I see is that designers do not give customers realistic expectations. For instance I have seen on another forum a customer that had ordered cherry cabinets and was appalled when they got darker, and the grain variation was magnified with age. This is normal and to be expected. But if you are not told that and you make a decision off of a single door sample that is relatively consistent you will not be happy.

Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly with "live wire oak" in that your designer should have taken on these issues for you-not a rep. I have never had a customer deal directly with the cabinet company representative. That is my job-sometimes it is not a fun one, but it's what I signed up for. Any replacement or additional material should not take more than 2-3 weeks no matter what reason it is being ordered. On rare occasion there have been things back ordered but they have always come in w/in 7-10 days of the delivery window Medallion gives us. But, whether it is shipping damage, a warranty issue, a door or drawer with graining or a knot that is unacceptable, or just an extra piece of molding because an installer cut a piece too short, nothing should take more than 2-3 weeks to replace. I am sorry someone dropped the ball on your job.

I do feel for you though, we have worked cabinet manufacturers that have put us through similar problems. On a much grander scale actually, and I know how stressful it was for me, and can only imagine actually having it be my own kitchen. It sounds like everything is finally coming together and hope when all is said and done that you end up with the kitchen you were hoping for. I would just hate for Medallion to get a bad reputation for something that is so unlike them. Please do not think I am discrediting your problem, I am sure it is very real but it is certainly not normal and I again wish you all the best.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

We have Medallion Silverline cabinets with only a 10 year warranty. After 7 years, and several years before now, the finish is coming off of the cabinets around the handles even though I have followed the instructions for cleaning the cabinets. We called our designer who contacted Medallion a week ago. No contact from Medallion yet, but we spent a lot, went through a designer, and shouldn't even have to be worrying about the finish after 7 years. These are maple cabinets with a cherry finish. We have taken good care of them, and, if the finish is baked on as it should be, the warranty should be for a longer time. I would never buy Medallion again.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.


Did you ever have a resolution? We are having the same problems as you. We have Medallion maple cabinets with a
brandy wine finish.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

lsst and rlcopp,

I too have Medallion maple cabinets with a brandywine finish and at the door handles the finish has come off so much that it is practically blonde woodwork instead of the dark color it is supposed to be. Cabinets are 7years old. Was wondering what response you received and if they stood behind their warranty. To date, have spoken to their representative, at first he blamed it on normal use, but after seeing my pictures has asked for me to send in one of the doors so they can "test" it.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

I have heard of instances of finish deteriorated around hardware cause by hand lotions. Apparantly (and oddly) it is one of the few things that can attck the finish but it occurs over time.
Does anyone in the house use it much? No other reason I have heard of which woUld then be a defect.
I've taken to discussing the hand lotion business with my customers to prevent problems.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

Interesting about the lotion, however, that would not explain our situation. I do use lotion every morning, however, ironically I do it right before I leave for work and don't go in the kitchen after putting it on and my husband is not a lotion user. It seems to be from every day normal use which I have never experienced before on kitchen cabinetry or any furniture finishing.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

This is interesting. It makes you wonder if any of the Warranties are worth the paper that they are written on for any of the cabinet companies. Do they really ever cover anything?

I have Wood-Mode cabinets with a lifetime warranty on the finish. I have several areas that look terrible, and the KD told me that this would not be covered under their warranty. Normal wear and tear. Hmmm.

Please post the outcome.

RE: My frustration with Medallion Cabinet Co.

A follow-up to how my cabinet fading problem was resolved. The district rep sent me new drawer fronts and doors and explained to me the warranty did not cover the labor to install. Not the ideal answer, but after a long day of switching out hardware and door handles I have kitchen cabinetry that is no longer faded.

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