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dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Posted by designer_challenged (My Page) on
Fri, Jul 20, 07 at 11:14
It seems they are a canadian company....

I have had the most frustrating experience with this wfb. I ordered a bedroom set for $2800 from them off the internet. I ordered it on June I will never ever order anyting online again, unless they have a brick & mortar store. Here is the timeline.

- 4 weeks before contacted regarding status of my order.
- Called regarding status only to hear that when the delivery company recieves the package, they will call me. No one could give me any idea of when it might be delivered...2 weeks or 2 months....nothing!
- Delivery company calls to schedule a time.
- I take time off of work, meet the delivery guys.
Guess what, mattress missing.
- Delivery guys say that's all they were given they dont know anything else.
- I call support number, they say they're only the delivery broker, I have to call the furniture store I purchased from. (mind you, I took time off from work)
- I decide to have them assemble my bed, bring in the chest and nightstands...I would call about the mattress and get them to bring it later.
- Im very upset, just purchased my new house, been in it for 4 weeks waiting for this purchase, and sleeping on my couch. I thought I was going to get to sleep in a bed tonight.
-After two hours, the two kids (no more than 18 years old) who admitted that they had never put together a platform bed before (uggghhh), realized they were missing some pieces to the bed.
- Get this, the were going to put the support wood on top of the frame. I am no carpentry woman, but that did not seem right to me. I asked them to find the assembly instructions.
- They had a hard time finding it, but finally they pulled it out of their truck, and the piece of paper clearly showed that this support piece should go under the frame. AND THERE WERE MISSING PIECES. The legs for the middle of the bed and the other supporting pieces were missing.
- So, again, I call the delivery guys, and they say that's all they got, but the warehouse would need to be called. They said I had to 1st call the warehouse, and if they didnt have it, I would have to call the furniture this point I was fuming.
- I told the delivery guys to take it all back. I called the furniture brokers and told them my dilema and I wanted to cancel the order and get a refund.
- She tried to get me to agree to have her UPS the missing pieces to me (which did show up on my doorstep 1 WEEK LATER!!!). I told her maybe, but I would not accept the delivery with missing pieces.
- This is the part that really gets me. On the phone this lady told me that if I asked for a refund, they would charge me a 20% restocking fee!!!!Can you believe that! Whats 20% of $2800!!!!Restocking fee because they screwed up the order, shipped an incomplete bedroom set, charged my AMEX almost 5 weeks early for 2800!!!!!!!And I had been sleeping on a couch!!!!!I told her so, and called AMEX to get a stop on the charge.
- I called back later in the day and left a message (because I guess they were too busy with calls)and told them I wanted a full refund.
- Now weeks later, I have two huge boxes from UPS that were delivered that they refuse to get picked up. I talked to the *shipping lady* who is apparently the only lady that can handle this. She said she would get UPS to pick it up. She said this on Monday. Well, today is Friday, and nothing! I took the day off and called up there. Well since it is 7:30 a little doosey named Christy tells me I have to wait until Belinda gets in, in about an hour. I call UPS to see if I can schedule a pickup my self. I can schedule it for today, with an hour timeframe, only if I pay for the shipping....or I can have them pick it up as a return to sender, but they will only come pick it up, sometime on Monday(could be all day).
- I asked Christy why she cannot schedule the pickup. She says she could do it, but because Belinda already has comments in the system and is working on the order she cannot. So I ask, what happens if Belinda is out sick. Christy says, well, if she doesnt come in, then she could could request UPS come and pick up the items.
-Yeah, I told Christy I know they are screwing me around, and I am sooooooooo upset right now. I wanted to document my experience. I am writing this hear so people can know what I went through. And what type of customer service you can expect, if you order happens to go awry! also, i will write a more PC letter to the wfb company, to the better business bureau, nexttag comments, comments, and any other forum I can find. I hope no one has to go through such a frustrating experience as I have.

Here is a link that might be useful: wholesale brokers

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

We had the same nightmare experience with a company out of North Carolina. Only difference was they took our money, but kept putting us off, for months. Never received our furniture. We filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office, Better Business Bureau, etc. What finally helped us get our refund, I believe, is the Raleigh, NC television station's consumer reporter. Coincidentally, a segment had just aired about these crooks, so we e-mailed her, and besides running a follow-up story, she also called the company on our behalf. We were from a different state, so we weren't hopeful this would work, but we received our refund shortly thereafter. I vowed then and there never to order from North Carolina again (even though I'm sure there are legitmate businesses.) It's just not worth it.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

"I simply want to state the facts. I will not pretend that situations do not arise where we *require* patience from our customers."

Require? Hmm...


"Require" is an interesting word and I believe it conveys much about your attitude towards your customers. Have you heard the expression, "the customer is always right"?

Members and lurkers here will make their own judgments about this situation, but with one million unique visitors per month to this forum, you missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate quality customer service and attitude.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

"We understood that the mattress didn't arrive exactly when she wanted and we understood that there were parts missing to complete the assembly of the bed. With a little more patience we would have worked everything out for Oshun and probably would have kindly offered her something for her troubles. We can't work with people who are not willing to work with us. Oshun chose after two hours of having her fully paid for, brand new, undamaged furniture in her home to then cancel, blame us, avoid all charges and responsibilities and then move forward to encourage people to stay away from us.....I lack understanding on this one. "

Wow...I guess I also "lack understanding." What I fail to understand is how you expect a customer to NOT be upset that her bedroom suite arrived missing not only parts necessary for assembly but the mattress as well. Your response ensures that I won't be purchasing anything from WFB. My guess is that other members will react the same way.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

I agree with the above posters, you guys must have an altered sense of reality and of customer service at your company, and why on earth post about NOW when her post on this matter was Almost a year ago. You should have left well enough alone.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Wow! When I read the original post from the OP, I was appalled. However, when I read the response from the company rep, I was truly disgusted. I'm glad the OP took the time to post so that people can judge for themselves. After reading the post and the company's response, I will be sure to avoid WFB at all costs and spread the word.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

When I read the original post, I felt so bad for the poster since I know what it is like to sleep on the floor and I know what it is like to have clothes all over the place due to the terrible experiences I have had with furniture companies. When I read he response from the company rep, I knew I would never buy from WFB!

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Well, first off, for MOST people, $2,800 is ALOT of money to be forking out for a bedroom set and when you are sleeping on the sofa at home, 4 to 6 weeks is alot of time to wait on delivery. I understand thats usually standard and Oshun didn't have a problem with that. Second, taking time off from work to meet a delivery guy means you are losing MORE money...and something that should have taken 30 mins at most...took 2 hours..MORE money lost. I would have been fuming too. I noticed that the "rep" above said "We PROBABLY would have kindly offered Oshun something for her troubles". PROBABLY being the operative word here, because at this point, your company had an attitude and big companies don't offer "treats". The line about Christy could not talk to Oshun because Belinda had already made notes on the order...that's JUST NOT RIGHT. Sounded like Christy just didnt want to bother with the problem. I would have ask for a MANAGER of this "fine" company and raised H***. You just don't treat customers like that...after all...they are paying YOUR salary.
Here's ANOTHER person that will put WFB on her list of places to steer clear of.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! We spent over 2,500 on a dining room set. The site said it would be 3-4 weeks delivery. SUffice it to say, we ordered in October and it is now nearly February and we do not have our dining set. They delivered the WRONG set with 6 chairs rather than the 8 we paid for, the hutch was damaged as were the chairs. Nothing has been resolved or taken care of. We have the wrong set, damaged, and missing parts. This company SUCKS big time. They will steal your money and you will not get quality furniture or service. AVOID at all costs!!!!!!!!

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

I was going to order, until I read the above information. I googled the company. It is a private company headquartered in CANADA. I called and spoke with the phone answerer. She said they were in British Columbia. They are not in North Carolina. I have purchased from various websites in North Carolina before and have had good results. I would forget Canada and spend my dollars here in the USA.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY I had a very very very similar experience and Amanda gave me the same speech she wrote in here about "patience and probably". Basically they took 5 weeks to get my furniture to me after they only submitted the order for 5 of the 6 pieces, then lied to me and told me all the pieces were coming it was merely a "typo" on their shipping document (I have the emails to show this). Then they lost the furniture, then the delivery company that WFB chose couldn't deliver it to me for another week after they got it because "I lived in a remote area"...I live 40 miles east of Chicago, how remote is that?? When the furniture finally arrived the delivery people refused to bring it into my home because "WFB didn't pay for that", yet I paid WFB for this service. I contacted WFB immediately and after getting extremely upset and listening to Amanda tell me that her company is great and I must have just had a bad experience, I hung up on her. She sent me an email stating my additional $100 paid for inside delivery had been refunded, we will see if that is true or not, considering they have a problem with lying. Needless to say, I want to encourage people to NOT buy from this company EVER!!! Once they received my money the experience became a nightmare. Had I done better research I would have purchased elsewhere.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

I ordered 2 pre-fabricated dressers on 11/7/2010. Upon assembling the first one, we discovered that it was of extremely poor quality. The slide-outs were flimsy and the drawers were made of very thin pressed particle board, so I knew it would just be a matter of time before the bottoms would start falling out. We unassembled it, packed it back up and called WFB to return it. Not realizing they don't accept returns & IF they do, their policy states they charge a ludicrous restocking fee of 20%! (LESSON LEARNED, the hard way: ALWAYS read the return policy & Google customer reviews, such as the one I'm writing now!). Ok, so I had to accept their NO RETURN/NO REFUND, but what I find unacceptable is they DO NOT OFFER A STORE CREDIT, so the monies spent on these two useless dressers has been totally wasted. I compared a couple other return policies of online furniture stores and was extremely satisfied to read CSN Store’s policy, as well as IKEAs! It’s too bad WFB doesn’t take notice of their competitor’s customer satisfaction policies resulting in repeat business! Instead, Wholesale Furniture Brokers practices SHADY BUSINESS BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS ANY WHICH WAY THEY CAN STICK THEM, only caring about padding their pocket book. I am also being told that my furniture is "custom" made, which is another reason as to why they won’t take the dressers back. That is utter BS, as these dressers are pre-fabricated pieces of particle board that came delivered in flat packed boxes in need of assembly. Custom furniture typically comes in one solid piece, is higher end and comes with a much higher price tag!

Dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Found their website. Good looking furniture and lots of good customer reviews. Ordered a platform bed to see how it went before ordering more. Good thing! Bunch of monkeys working there.
After sitting for weeks in terminals in California and British Columbia, it was finally delivered - 3 months later. I'd forgotten what it looked like! Anyway, made the delivery guys wait while I checked it. Didn't seem right. There were drawers with it. Accepted the shipment and moved stuff to assemble the bed. I'm 60 and single so lots of work. Guess what? Wrong f---ing bed! So, I blast off an email and a gal in shipping got right on an order for the correct bed. Delivered 2 weeks later (much better) but has the wrong legs.
I've demanded a refund. They've got my money, but I have 2 beds. We'll see.
WTF do you think about that!? Anyone know if I can hold their stuff till my $$ is returned?

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

I would stay far away from Wholesale Furniture Brokers.....I ordered a child's bunk bed from them and it's bed an the worse ordeal ever. I have waited THREE MONTHS to get the furniture and when it arrived it was damaged(which happens).
The worst part is that no-one will respond to you and when they do they lie, one person sends you an email saying the furniture is in transit and then another will send an email THE SAME DAY saying it is being processed!!!
It's been four months and I have the credit card bill for the bed and no functionning bed. I sent countless emails, made numerous calls, and got no-where. When I called the president Dave Zerhelt-he asked what I wanted him to do about it...speaks volumes!!!

Maybe they should have his quote on their website!!!!

Seems to that there is a VERY distinct pattern, when it's 2011 and these issues continue...

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

On Feb. 4/11, I posted about a platform bed I ordered (see other reviews) and it's now May 23, 2011. Just so you now, I have been dealing with someone higher up in the company and not just someone on the order desk so you'd think I'd get some action.
I never received the refund I requested, but eventually caved in and contacted them to get this once and finally resolved and allowed them to pick up the captains bed they'd originally sent instead of the platform bed. They then shipped the replacement legs that I received last week and turned out to be for the captain's bed AGAIN! I was advised another 4-6 weeks wait for the replacement legs. For EiGHT months they've had my payment and I have had furniture cartons in my living room. No matter how nice the stuff looks on-line, don't do it, it's not worth the trouble.
PS I made the fellow I've been dealing with at WFB aware that I was complaining online and I filed a complaint with the British Columbia Better Business Bureau of which Wholesale Furniture Brokers is not a member.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wholesale Furniture Brokers

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

I had a similar experience with Wholesale Furniture Brokers.
I definitely would not order from them again.
We ordered a platform bed and mattress in April 2011. It took them over a month to deliver the mattress. It was the wrong size mattress. Many calls to customer service and a month later correct mattress finally arrives. Bed arrives missing hardware. Wrong mattress sat in my garage for a month before they could arrange a pickup. Left hand has no idea what right hand is doing. When we called to complain, we received a litany of excuses and "pass the buck" to the distributor, the shipper, the manufacturer etc... The bottom line is they had our money and they didn't really give a sh*t when we got our product.
Avoid at all costs.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Thanks very much for sharing important and helpful information with us.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers


I ordered a bedroom set shown on their website over the phone on November 30th, 2011. It was shown as a dark black/brown colour called "cappuccino". I was told it was in stock and would be delivered within approximately 2 weeks.

Almost 6 weeks later on January 9th, 2012, a bedroom set arrived. It was not even close to the colour advertised. I have side by side comparison pictures clearly showing the dramatic difference.

I contacted them in order to resolve this issue. They fully admitted the dramatic difference in colour. I even have emails from them saying, "Regarding your claim, there is a huge color variation from what you received and what is on our site and our supplier's. We have sent pictures to the supplier and we are currently awaiting their response." They then made me wait another week, then told me they would not ship out new set in the correct colour because they don't want to pay the shipping and it would cost me $200 if I wanted to return the wrong-coloured set.

I asked why should I pay $200 to return what they mistakenly sent me?? I was told by Michelle, their claims agent that it was their policy. I asked to speak to a manager and she said the owner Sergei Tashlikowich would call me. He not only didn't call me, he ducted my call for several days.

This company is full of crooks and liars. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

SAVE YOURSELF TROUBLE - DO NOT ORDER FROM WHOLESALE FURNITURE BROKERS and Be Cautious with ordering any furniture online.

I made the mistake of ordering a their complete Sonoma Queen bedroom set online from Wholesale Furniture Brokers and have had the most unpleasant experience. The furniture looks good on the website, but when we received it and tried to assemble, it was a very frustating experience.
To start with, the wood is the cheapest and worst quality imaginable for furniture purposes. It is very close to 'matchstick' quality wood and kept breaking during assembly!!! The metal fittings and screws are also poor quality. The bed slats were also of poor quality wood and a few millimeters short in length, such that it did not reach the support bracket at one end.

Dissatisfied with what I had opened and assembled, I wanted to return some of the unopened and untouched items for a refund. But their 'Customer Service' refused to accept anything back saying the items were 'custom made to order'. When I pointed out to them that their labels and markings on the package indicated dates that were several months before my order was placed, the lady said she would check and revert back. Needless to say, they did not provide a satisfactory explanation nor accept the unopened boxes or provide a refund.

I will never ever buy again from Wholesale Furniture Brokers and would strongly suggest that you do not either. It would be much more safer to buy furniture from a reputed physical shop where you can see and feel the material before buying and check that if for any reason, if you are dissatisfied, they have a reasonable returns policy.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Dear Matt after reading your posting I can understand your frustration but on the other hand you can buy poorly constructed furniture from any retailer. Did you know what you were getting or how your set was constructed. Was the set solid wood, plywood or particle board. How were the drawers constructed? What type of finish was used? Had you selected a quality brand such as Cresent or Kincaid you might have been happier with your purchase. The buyer has a responsibility on their own behalf to research the construction techniques and the product they are purchasing prior to the purchase. In general a lower priced bedroom set is not going to have the same quality standards as a more expensive one. I suggest you contact this retailer again and ask if you can trade up to a product that might be more in keeping with your expectations. They might surprise you. Ask what other products they carry. Research these products and see which product fits your price range and expectations. I think the retailer is remiss in selling what appears to be a lower quality product to an unseen customer. This is certainly going to result in an unhappy customer. My opinion is when buying online purchase higher quality goods so that you will not be disappointed.

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Thank you all for saving me $2000 + !!! I was thinking about ordering through this company until I read multiple complaints of the same type on multiple sites and forums. There are far too many complaints to simply ignore! Their pricing and free delivery is key to their sales. Some people just don't have the money to spend, so they prey upon this. Do yourself a favour and research companies before buying, especially online companies!

Thank you so much again. Let this be a lesson learned to companies that want to scam people. Word of mouth travels faster than anything!

PS is a good place to ruin a company that has tried to steal your hard earned money!

RE: dont order from - wholesale furniture brokers

Um, is this real life...? Sleep on the floor for two months, after spending over two paychecks on a gorgeous new bedroom set, and then talk to me about "patience." This is the most ridiculous thread I've read in a while. I can't believe this company is still in business, with so many similar experiences from so many customers! I've only ever ordered furniture online from The RoomPlace (tons of locations in the Chicago and Indianapolis area, if you're anywhere around there...I'm including a link to the bedroom furniture page of their site if you're interested) and only a few items, but the customer service was prompt and attentive, and the products were exactly what I signed up for. That's the way it's supposed to be when you're putting your trust in an online service. Honestly, I'm disgusted with the stories you've all shared about Wholesale Furniture Brokers. I will never buy from this company...thanks for saving me a headache.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bedroom Furniture

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