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SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Posted by aka_Raeanne (My Page) on
Mon, Dec 19, 05 at 10:08

Let's get this going

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RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

It's the big countdown. I just organized myself and made lists of goals for each day, so I don't become overwhelmed LOL. I don't have as much to do as I thought, so I am feeling good.

QOD - I can't think of anything I want this year. I had the most awesome facial yesterday and wouldn't mind having another one in a few weeks - so that would be nice. We are going to Dominican Republic the end of January and that is what are gift to each other is this year. I have golf clubs but no bag - so that would be a good gift, but since I don't know how to play golf it's not on my list LOL. I truly just love being with my family and friends at the Holidays and enjoy some good food and maybe some good wine and am grateful for what I do have and that I am able to give to others.

We have an odd tradition. Aquaintances of ours has a Christmas Eve party each year. These are people that we never socialize with and hardly see year round, but every Christmas Eve there we are spending a very personal holiday with people that are practically strangers LOL. We really enjoy it and I look forward to it each year.

Dee - you are one cookie making machine! WTG on the blood pressure - what a great gift!

Jen - I am still waiting on one item for you, it should've been here last week.

It is snowing lightly here and it just looks so pretty. We are expecting some flurries on Christmas Eve and Christmas too - I hope it does.

My MIL is arriving Wednesday, my kids are arriving Friday and the rest of my in-laws will be here on the 26th.

Suzanne - I couldn't find the snowflake directions on Martha's website.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005


Thanks for starting us up!

I'm off to finish packing, finish shopping, and finish shipping the rest of my packages.

After tomorrow, I'll be on the way to Alaska, and anything I don't get done will not matter - I'm looking forward to getting on that plane, leaning back, and cracking open a book ---- and relaxing!

I hope everyone is feeling good about the New Year and not taking the holidays too seriously...

Back later----

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

NH Suzanne~Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I saw Martha Stewart too & need to print out those instructions, I've printed out just about everything else. LOL

Maddie~Tell me about your new furbabies.

BJ~Have a good time. The "Death By Chocolate" sounded pretty good. Congrats on getting into a pair of size 5 jeans. Now you can share with your teens, huh?

DeeMarie~I'm glad that our package arrived.

Joanne~I watched curling on tv this weekend to remind me what it looked like.

Tikanis~I will hold your hand & pray with you that Joe gets better. I think that I want to have a DVD of the movie "City of Angels". I love the movie & cannot believe that we don't already have it. tee hee

Raeanne~We've been keeping an eye on the weather up there.

I don't mind waiting for BJ to get back to open the gifts.

Donna~Did you really get to meet Maddie? Or was that figuratively speaking?

John~There are some advantages of being a man & there are some advantages of being a woman.

The doctor changed one of my medications & it helped me quite a bit. I'm not nearly in as much pain as I had been the past 6 months. Dave is back to not sleeping. He said that he was so proud of himself for doing so well at Veteran's Day but fell apart after the fact. We love you all. Patti & Dave :)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good MONDAY morning!

Hoping that this week is peaceful for all of you. Just let go and allow others to do for you.

Raeanne, I love that golf bag gift idea for you. lol! I keep saying that one day I will learn how to golf. I suppose it will come when I'm using a walker, but better late then never.

BJ, have a wonderful time. We'll miss ya, sweetie!

Still waiting for Patti, Amy, Besh, etc. to check in. Let us know that everything is OK please.

Today I'm at the office trying to create how wonderful I was during 2005. This is one of the toughest part of working for a huge need to come up with goals and objectives in January....follow up throughout the year....and in December, you must write to your director all about how you accomplished all of the goals and still developed yourself. It comes so easy for some people, but not for me. I do not like to boast, and the better you are at it, the bigger the bonus (so it would seem). So, I'm off to get a bigger shovel (Suzanne, what do you use to shovel your horse****?) LOL!!!!

I missed Howard this morning. :-( But I did turn to a NYC station that has 24 hours of Christmas music, so I sang on the way to work and got lots of strange looks (so, what else is new?)!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005 :

DeeMarie~We must have been posting at the same time. LOL

NH Suzanne~I couldn't find the ornaments, could you help me, please? Thanks in advance.

Patti :)


So glad to "see" you and that you are feeling better, Patti! Tell Dave that we are all sending him our very best wishes. :-)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

The templates for the ornaments are in the December issue magazine. I could not find them on the website either and I spent quite a bit of time trying! What?? A quirk in Martha's site!!! I went to an AC Moore to find some nice glitter but all they had were junky. There is a site called that has lovely stuff but it's a bit late. Just what we all need is something else to do!!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Happy Monday evening!

Dee - Congrats on the BP! It is a problem for several members of my family including my mom and sister. I can relate to learning to golf - I vow to do it every spring/summer and each year those seasons have passed and I still don't know how to golf. About boasting about yourself - for me that is a tough one too. How about pretending your are boasting about someone else - I know, easier said that done but it might work. I couldn't find a thing on the radio this morning on my way to work and did not feel like listening to any of my tapes or CDs. I flipped around and found an all Christmas music station from Philly that I totally got into! I even listened tonight on my way home.

Raeanne - I added up what I have left too and it is very little unless I am forgetting something very big. I don't think I am - we will see. I think that is cool that you share this one holiday with these people - that makes it special.

Patti - I met Maddie figuratively but would love to meet you all really!

BJ - Have a wonderful time in Alaska! Get on that plane and r-e-l-a-x.

Tikanis - Any movies with your "friend" this weekend? I did bake, wrapped some things and did some laundry. I took a pass on the grocery shopping :-)

I am off to get myself situated to watch King of Queens. I am not a big sitcom watcher but when I am home on Monday nights I do enjoy Dougie.

Have a great evening!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005


DeeMarie, congrats on that B/P. Way to go. I had to laugh about your "project". Maybe you should let others, who can readily acknowledge what you have done, write your report.
What a HARD task to deal with at year's end! You must be all "cookied out!)

BJ, have a wonderful time! Any computer access in Alaska?
take lots of pictures! Alaska is on my "places to see" list.

Patti!!! We need to talk!!! I am looking at the time here, and know that it's too late to call you tonight. I'll try for tomorrow. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. What's up with Dave and the sleeping thing? Hugs to you both!

Raeanne, I can't believe the vacation you have planned! I need pics of that one for sure. I don't play golf, but my Dad sure did! Miniature golf is more my speed...

Donna, "my friend" watched a "Christmas Story" and "Miracle on 34th st." While baking, "She" tuned in to the last hour of "You've got mail". always good for a blubbery cry... but then, you know how "SHE" gets....

Well, we have had some interesting events this weekend. I will catch you up on the details later.

DS has a twelve days of Christmas event again tonight. Each night the youth group delivers a LARGE pkg. of goodies to a needy family. The teens ring the doorbell, leave the pkg. and run! Nobody tells... It's a wonderful thing. DS is so excited! I am glad that he has a strong social conscience.

It's ben a heck of a day! EVERY patient I have has a new problem.! Tomorrow looks to be a really busy day,too. Wait till I tell you about our weekend... ( how's that for a cliffhanger?)


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hi all!

Just a minute to post, but Tikanas, I have your other hand, and am wondering how Joe made it today--

BJ--hug your WONDERFUL parents for me, and tell them Merry Christmas!

Things are fine, just hectic--gee--whatta surprise!! LOL!!



RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hey all,

Things are hectic here!

Did we decide on a date to open presents? I need to get Tikanas address and get it put into the mail.


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Jen, we decided to wait until BJ returns...she's coming home the 29th, but others have suggested waiting until New Year's Day(?) Correct me if I'm wrong here!

Have today off...Walked around the entire lake; finished up shopping this morning, came home and took a 2 hour nap, now checking on mail. Hope to finish my wrapping and pack up a plate of goodies for my pals at the office tomorrow.

Last night was my director's holiday party for our group (in her home!). We had a great time, but got home after 11. I had a large glass of white wine and got really silly. What else is new? LOL

Make today count!

QOD...let's starting counting

Who got their packages delivered to them?

I did!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

I just mailed mine to Jen this morning. She should have them by Friday.

Jen - when my packages arrive you can open them, everything is wrapped and there is one that can be opened ahead of time. I hope I included notes on everything.

Dee - you had a very productive day.

Although I was finished shopping, I went with a friend to help her and we got everything she needed, so I was glad to be of assistance.

I have an office party tonight and dinner with girlfriends tomorrow night - so we can exchange gifts.

DD#2 had to take a cab to work this morning for $15 and will need to pay another $15 to get home tonight, due to the transit strike. DD#1 lives 20 blocks away from work, so she can walk. DD#2 won't be able to afford to go to work if this thing lasts too long.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

DeeMarie - Your package arrived last week. It was a snowy day and the delivery man left it on the porch, but I don't think it is any worse for it.

I am cookied out too. Spent the weekend making Pizzelles and Cream Wafers, two cookies that are time consuming. DD and I spent Sunday shopping till we dropped and I got everything done. Now I just have to wrap the things we bought and a few other things that just came in the mail.
Making spaghetti and meatballs tonight, going to the movies with DD on Wednesday, grocery shopping Thursday and picking up DS from the airport on Friday.
Tomorrow are the 5 year old parties and Thursday are the 3 year old parties. I will be glad when Friday comes. I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends and my feet are paying the price.
But I am so looking forward to having both kids home at the same time and spending some quality time together.

Patti - Hi! Good to see you posting. Glad the new medication is working better for you. I will let you know if my neice has any questions about Midland. She just moved home from college and I will see her Christmas Day.

Jen - The girls must be getting so excited. I miss those days of wide eyed wonderment.

BJ - Have a safe trip to Alaska.

Raeanne - We have an odd tradition too. We come home from church and visiting on Christmas Eve and the four of us build a puzzle, drink wine (now that the kids are older) and play Beatles music. I love it. This year we are building a Simpsons puzzle. Not very holiday oriented! LOL But the harder the better according to DS.

Besh - Did your package arrive yet?
My son wanted a book wish list for me and I put My Friend Leonard on that list, along with a couple of books from the Booker short list.

Tikanas - I have been eating clementines all week and I think of you every time I peel one. Aren't they delicious?
Keeping Joe in my thoughts. How did the surgery go?

Donna - My cousin (John Doutt) edits The King of Queens. I started watching it so I could talk about it at family reunions, and I got hooked. I don't get to watch it as often as I used to, but I still enjoy it. Arthur is a hoot! LOL

Gotta run and check on the sauce and start a load of laundry.



Raeanne - I just saw that they are fining NYC Transit workers $1Million a day! What a mess that must be. The taxi drivers must be loving it though.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

DeeMarie- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I got an un-b-day pkg from you! How cool that you had time to do that! WILD! Love it - cranberry wine - we'll have it on New Year's eve with the in-laws. They're coming to visit 2 days after we get home.

I haven't recieved a pkg but I sent Maddie's out today, priority mail, so it shouldn't take long to get there. And, Maddie, of course, after I sent it, I found the card that was supposed to go with it sitting forlornly on the pool table, where I wrapped and boxed everything. Soooooooo, you'll be getting the card under separate cover.

Well, I talked to my boss today. I decided to disclose the entirety of my future & plans, even if, as many of you said, a man wouldn't. I figured: 1)I'm not a man and 2)I can't work there, knowing that the time they put into training and educating me may wasted should I relocate. Frankly, the staff and my boss, in particular, has been way too nice, forthcoming, and valuable to me for me to become dishonest (according to my bar) at this point. So, anyway, I told him I may be moving in summer 2008, and that I love my work and that I want to continue P/T if he thought it would be okay for his business to keep me on. He was very nice and said that I could keep my P/T job and apprenticeship and he would like me to keep doing what I'm doing, working towrd my license, because "sometimes things change." I then went to the college and signed up for a 2/3 load of classes and bought the books so I can get ahead of the reading while in Alaska. DH thinks that I may have an overcommitment here, but he says he would like me be happy (I let him know my "sisters'" opinions) and it won't be the end of the world if the house gets cluttered up - but he wants the option to hire a cleaner if it gets out of control. I had to say yes because it's logical.

That's it for now. Thanks to everyone here for the sisterly (and Brother John) support. I have a load off my shoulders and can start the New Year fresh!

Well, I gotta take the kids to Santa, and then finish packing. I gotta catch up reading the thread, so I'll print it and read it on the plane. I think there is an internet cafe in the little town of Homer, so I will check in on Friday or something.

Love! Peace! and Happines!

Stay healthy and eat like your body is your temple! :)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hello everyone!

I got all my cookies done, and packaged!! I am so happy abouat that.

BJ, I am glad that load is off your shoulders! Go girl, go!
Have a safe journey.

I just finished My Friend Leonard this weekend. Actually, I read it on Sunday; could not put it down. It was helpful to have read A Million Little Pieces first. Very, very good!

Raeanne, have fun at your parties tonight!

I am tired will go to bed early!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

NH Suzanne & Marci~Is "My Friend Leonard" by the same author as "A Million Little Pieces"? I so enjoyed that book.

Donna~I have forgotten where you said that you live.

Tikanis~I'm so glad that DS is such a special kind of little man!

I don't have my gift yet but DeeMarie said that she got hers from me.

DeeMarie~Dave really appreciates it when you think about him. Thanks.

I had to have the "twins" examinated this a.m. then go to the cardiologist. That is the end of my dr. appts. for this year! Yippee! LOL

BJ~I think that what you did by telling your boss about your possible future plans was very admirable. I am sure that he appreciated it.

Well, I'm going to check Martha's site one more time then go call Tikanis. Night all! Patti :)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hello ladies!

BJ - Glad to hear it all worked out, and you are right, your not a man, and you have to live with your choices so Im glad you did what you felt was best. Have fun in Alaska!

Seems like everyone is making cookies! gah I wish I could still eat them :( they just raise my sugars too much!

Raeanne- You can always put your golf clubs in your kayak!

Dee - Dont be shy, tell them how incredible you really are!
Just remember that most of the time you dont get what you are afraid to ask for and the worst thing they can say is no, and let me tell you, you get used to being told NO, it doesnt even bother me anymore ;)

NHSuz - Cold enough for you yet? Is it spring yet?

Well I need to get back to work, the phones are a ringing with the sounds of sick children singing!

I have 18 people coming in 3 days to feed and find seats for in my apartment, and need presents for a GF who decided a week ago shes not broke and we can afford to do xmas, wtf! (that means what the ..... well you get the idea).

take care!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good Morning,

Marci, the girls are very excited. Needless to say my nerves are shot!!! lol! They want a trampoline from Santa (which they are getting, With the fence around it!) Erica wants a bike, and all Tara wants is a baby doll. Which, she is getting about 10 I am afraid!!! But, that's ok, she loves her baby dolls. That's the big items so far. EXCEPT, this morning, Erica looks at me and says, Mom, I want Sydnee to come for Christmas. I promised to try to get them together. (Sydnee is my ex-best friends daughter.) Hopefully, we can work something out. I am sure her dad will help me get them together. That's not a problem. Ok, that's more info than asked for.

A good friend is having heart problems, he has a defibulator and it went off again last nite. Please say some prayers for him. His name is Kevin.

Things are still pretty busy here. Last Tuesday, my boss had to have emergency quadruple bypass surgery. He seems to be doing pretty good.

Sorry, I need to catch up with everyone here. I will catch up later today.


In case you read this, BJ!!!

BJ, glad you got the package in one piece! Actually, it's a bit tongue-in-cheek, wine from a New Jersey vineyard being shipped to the West Coast...home of Napa Valley! Actually, I had a taste at our annual Cranberry festival, and it was not bad. Should be good with fish, and I know how much you guys love fish, so enjoy! and Happy Un-Birthday!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Well, we are certainly ALL busy folks here on this forum!

I talked to Patti and Dave last night. They sound well ( that Dave is a hoot!) and ready for Christmes. Patti, it is ALWAYS nice to talk to you! Your package goes out in the morning....

We had our company Christmas party today. I never saw so much food! I stuck with items from a giant sushi tray and a variety of salads for the most part, but could not avoid the homemade cannoli...

Well, my son and I filed a police report over an incident that happened at church, of all places. Seems a woman who works there w/ DS got annoyed w/ him last Saturday night and slammed the cover of a piano keyboard down hard on his fingers.He is fine, no damage done. Since this a pattern of escalating bad behavior on her part, I wanted there to be a legal record thus protecting us should something else occur. The woman was fired today, matter settled. The youth group's 12 days of Christmas continues tonight.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts for my patient, Joe. The surgeons have decided to sit on the situation till after the holidays and see if the problem heals itself. He is depressed but hanging in there.

Sending prayers to Jen's friend Kevin and some for her boss as well.

I'll try to catch up on all the posts tonight.


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Tikanis - thanks for the update on Joe - I will keep him in my thoughts. That is something about the church incident - I'm glad your son didn't let that get the best of him - my DD would slammed her one LOL.

BJ - I hope you had a good flight and arrived safely and quickly in Alaska. You were smart in trusting your judgement with your boss - it all seems to have worked out and you won't feel like you are hiding anyting GOOD JOB.

Marci - we used to do a Christmas puzzle every Christmas too. I still have a lot of them. If I had a good place to leave it out, I would start one. Everybody but my DH enjoys them.

Jen - prayers to Kevin and your boss. I wish I had some little girls here to be all excited about Christmas - I miss it.

John - I am sure you can creatively work your kayak into extra seating LOL. I would lend you mine, but it's full of golf clubs.

Went to dinner with girlfriends and exchanged gifts - we had a lot of laughs.

Have a good evening.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Miss a couple of days and it takes some time to catch up.

Patti - I live in NJ, south NJ to be exact, about 15 minutes outside Atlantic City, about one hour outside Philadelphia.

BJ - I am glad that you did what you thought was best with your boss/job. What matters is that you feel comfortable. Enjoy your time in Alaska.

Marci - That is cool your cousin edits the King of Queens. I don't always get to watch but I love Arthur too. I found it an easy show to get hooked on - I always end up laughing out loud when I watch.

Dee, Suzanne and all you cookie bakers - I am almost finished with cookies. Basically what isn't baked by Friday won't be baked this holiday season...the end.

Jen - The holidays are so much fun when kids are the ages your girls are. I hope you can work things out so Sydnee can get together with your family. Thoughts and prayers for Kevin and your boss.

Tikanas - I don't blame you and your son for filing a police report. I am glad she is gone - what a mean thing to do. Go figure some people. I am continuing to keep Joe in my prayers. Will our "friend" be watching anything special this holiday weekend? My "friend's" tissues are close at hand during the holidays - can you believe she can even get weepy listening to Christmas carols?

Raeanne - It's fun to get together with girlfriends. I really enjoy it and don't do it enough.

The last two days I have eaten enough to hold me until Christmas Day. Unfortunately, that is figuaratively speaking and I am aiming for my new healthy way of life to begin January 1.

I will check in before the holiday. Have a wonderful evening!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good Morning All,

It's certainly frosty here this morning although I think we will actually have a Friday without a storm!

I have a job interview this morning which I am a bit nervous about. It's not my dream job but would be a good job for me AND, I need a job right now since DH still can't work until at least the first of the year.

After the interview I am meeting a horse friend for lunch. She and I used to work together. She met the same fate as I about two years before me! She has been extremely supportive in helping me with the job search. It will be nice to see her.

I have to also get stuff together for Christmas morning breakfast. My DSIL and I are responsible for that part and it's so much easier than the Christmas eve dinner because everyone is so distracted with kids in the morning that they stay out of your hair in the kitchen!! I will make my famous stuffed french toast, which I can make overnight and a couple of egg dishes. Not sure what kinds yet. It will be just fine. It's just the grocery store!!

Sounds like everyone here is busy, busy! Have a great day.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good THURSDAY morning!

Had to work from home today, as I got an emergency dentist appointment at 12:30PM. What I thought last week was a bit of sensitivity has become impossible to deal with. It's under a permanent bridge or cap on my bottom left side...ugh! would appreciate any good thoughts, as I cannot take novacaine and the substitute for that does not numb me. I'm very nervous about whatever they have to do, but excited that the pain will be gone once I get it fixed!!

Suzanne, the brunch sounds great. Would love to do that and then spend the rest of Christmas Day just kicking back. My 18 guests arrive at 3pm on Christmas Day, so I've got them for the entire evening!

Raeanne, I did not get to see my girlfriends yet. 3 of us will be having lunch here next Tuesday, so I may open up a bottle of wine or two. ;)

Donna, you have a great attitude about those cookies. Whatever is baked is baked..that's it!

Jen/Tikanas, holding good thoughts for your special intentions.

Marci, I know how busy you are when you kids are home, but I still miss you around here. Thinking of making your spinach squares with low-fat cheese next week.

Maddie, so glad things are on the upswing for you. It's been a difficult year for lots of us here; make time for celebrating a priority!

BJ, hope you are having a blast!

Amy, please check in to let us know how you are feeling.

I think that DH is going to his brother's this evening to finish baking some of their special cookies. That gives me a chance to pop in a Christmas chick flick and grab a box of tissues! Look forward to a few hours by myself that bad? LOL!

John, thanks for the vote of confidence. I plan to finalize my performance review today, while I sip on (lukewarm---must watch that tooth) herbal tea. I'm going to give it h*ll, because I honestly worked very hard on a wide variety of projects this year. If I get a huge bonus, you are all invited to a party here!!! As for a gift for your girlfriend at this late date? I would try to get her earrings (I can always use something new), or a cozy robe, with a certificate for an evening with you, pizza, and wine(?) in front of a mushy movie. I'm just giving you ideas that would make my day.

Hello to Gretchen, Besh, Joanne, Patti & Dave, magickitty, NJ Karen (are you lurking here?!), and everyone I've obviously forgotten in my haste.

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Jen~Kevin will be in my prayers.

Tikanis is right~Dave is a hoot! LOL We are so perfect for each other though.

I have a friend whose wife passed away a couple of months ago & so he lost 1/2 of the money they had coming in. Now, he is a Veteran & cannot even afford to eat at least one time a day. I've tried to get him help & have gotten nowhere. If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Thanks. Patti :)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005 :)

NH Suzanne~The glitter snowflakes are on Martha Stewart's site now under the 12 good things for Christmas. I had to make the snowflakes 200% bigger & print them one at a time. I just wanted to let you & whoever else was interested know.

Patti :)

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005


DeeMarie, Suzanne, Donna... Are you all "cookied out"?

DeeMarie, I hope that tooth is feeling better. What a time of year to have this happen. What's up w/ the performance review?

Marci, what kind of puzzle will you be doing? Raeanne, have you seen those puzzle mats that roll right up keeping the entire puzzle intact? I just roll it up and stick it under the couch out of site when we're not working on it.

John, how are your Christmas plans coming along? Did you finalize your menu yet? I crammed 15 people in my new little town house last year for a Christmas party and White Elephant exchange. Talk about sardines! But a good time was had by all. ( now I want to trade town house in for larger digs...)

Jen, are you keeping your sanity w/ 2 little ones who can hardly wait for Santa??

Maddie, I hope that this next year brings you peace and joy.

Bj, Would you take pics of your trip to share? Always wanted to go there...

Patti, There are a multitude of ways to get help for your friend! No veteran ( or anyone else for that matter) need go hungry!Here is what I know for sure...

1) anyone who cannot afford food can recieve food vouchers or food stamps as well as vouchers for transportation from the dept. of welfare .

2)The state and local Veteran's Administration have social workers who work to help our Veterans out. Give them a call.

3) Almost every county in the nation has the equivalent of a Senior help organization. Ours here is called "Senior Care Network" They provide help in getting food, transportation, and social service resources. Google "senior resources (your county) FLA."

Finally, almost EVERY county has a food bank, a store front that hands out rations of fresh and non perishable foods to individuals on a regular basis.

If all else fails, Patti, let me know and I will hound some social workers I know for more info. We can get this guy everything he needs! I believe the above info should help, though...

What a day! I am busy w/ patient care tomorrow too, although I am hoping to work only the 1/2 day and use the other 1/2 to catch up on paper work. I have decided to take 3 days off after Christmas, Monday, Thursday and Friday. This will give me a nice long 4 day weekend next weekend. Christmas Eve I only see Joe. Keep sending prayers his way as the discouragement I see in him is overwhelming.

On a lighter note Lol, I received a gift certificate for a wonderful new restaurant, a Starbucks "credit card" and a lovely bath set all from patients! I have candy and movie certificates for our mailman and his kids to deliver and some cookies for the Del Taco lady, Anna, who serves me my large diet coke every work day. I REALLY love Christmas!!

Qod: what are your plans for Christmas Eve?

'night!.... Tikanas

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good Morning!

I am on Christmas break until 1/2/06!! Our Christmas programs and parties went well. No one fell off the stage, so I consider them a success! LOL We did have one cow go AWOL and refuse to go on stage, one angel who lost her halo and a Mary who didn't know how to sit like a lady! LOL Mary also almost dropped Baby Jesus on his head. I told "Mary's" Mom that would have been a Kodak moment. And one little "shepard" didn't want the little "cow" standing next to him to look at him and he let her know that in a VERY LOUD VOICE!
Our parents were so generous this year. We got a $50 GC to Olive Garden, B&N GCs, Bath & Body GCs, Smiley Bucks and lots of nice gifts. One dad made us walnut picture frames that are just beautiful. And another dad made us "glass presents" out of glass window blocks. You drill a hole in the glass block and put white Christmas lights inside the glass block and tie a large bow around the glass block to look like a present. Then when you plug in the string of lights, it looks so pretty. I will try to post a picture later.
DD and I made Oatmeal Raisin cookies yesterday for her DBF and now I am officially sick of cookies! LOL I have to go pick up a cake for my Mom's 80th BDay today and pick up one last minutes present for DD. DS will be in tonight and my family will be complete. Can't wait!

Tikanas - I let DS pick the puzzle and he picked a Simpsons puzzle. One year I bought him a 1000 piece Simpsons puzzle with the faces of all the characters who ever appeared on the show. We (or I should say he) finished it in one night. DS is a puzzle genius. So this year's puzzle is another variation of the Simpsons. The puzzle doesn't matter to me, it's the fun we have putting it together, the laughter we share and that small moment in time when we shut out the outside world. I should have gotten one of those puzzle mats, because DS took the coffee table that we used to build the puzzles on to Florida. Hmmmmmmm..............wonder if I can find one today. Thanks for the idea.

DeeMarie - Thanks for missing me when I am gone! You guys are never far from my mind, even when I am not posting. It is just hard to get on the computer when DS is home. Although he does bring his laptop with him now and doesn't hog my computer as much as he used to.

Besh - Did your package arrive? Hope so. Email me when it does and I will let you know which presents you can open now and which you could wait to open when BJ gets back.

Gretchen - Are you there? I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I am thinking about you. We miss you.

QOD - My whole family (all 15 of us) are taking my Mom out to lunch for her 80th birthday tomorrow and then going back to my Mom's to play games. After church, DH, DD and DS and I will come home to build our puzzle by the fire. Christmas morning, we will open presents and then go to my Mom's for lunch and more presents, then to my MIL's for a light dinner. Monday I plan to curl up on the couch and crack open a good book and listen to the sounds of my family.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in case I don't get on the computer in the next few days. Have a wonderful holiday!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Dee - somehow I missed the part about your emergency dental visit - I hope you are pain free today. Let us know.

Tikanis - I have seen those mats, but never believed they work LOL. Your patients must really appreciate you.

QOD - Every year we go to a little party in the afternoon and I prepare a prime rib dinner, we pop open those English Crackers and where silly hats through our meal - sometimes DH even puts the hat on, we open the gifts that DD's brought us and we will watch a movie and/or play games. MIL is with us this year and that makes it a little different, but so far so good.

Donna - I moved to where I am about 13 years ago and it took me a long time to find real girlfriends and now that I have them, I truly appreciate their friendship and think of them as my sisters.

NH Suzanne - I am doing a brunch for Christmas and no dinner - just a bunch of appetizers later in the day - I will be entertaining the rest of DH's family the day after Christmas - so I am resting up on Christmas Day. How did the job interview go?

Patti - thanks for telling us about the snowflakes.

Thanks Marci

Marci -thanks for the Moose LOL. DD#1 is the puzzle genius in our house, sometimes we steal a piece, so she can't complete it while we are sleeping. I used to take a piece of plywood and place it on our huge ottoman, this way I could pick it up and put it somewhere when we needed the space. When the kids were small I used to buy puzzles that fit on a corner table we had and I put a piece of glass over it, so we could use the table. I may have to start a puzzle tonight!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Good Morning All and Merry Christmas!

I feel like I have been gone forever and resolve next year to check in more often. Whew, I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, but who doesn't? I confess that I have been lurking, but not writing.

QOD: This morning, just picking up the house a little, one more last minute errand and then my Mom will be here. Then we will be off to a party at the Yacht Club and then to church. After church, we will pick up Chinese food and bring it to my sons house. It is his first Christmas in his new apartment, which is very exciting. Future DIL's family will be there also and we always have a good time with them. Tomorrow, first our Chrismas in the morning, then off to SIL for a quick visit and then up to my sisters farm for the rest of the day. (It never feels like Christmas to me until I get to my sisters with the rest of my family. :-) )

Yesterday we had to go to a wake for a friend that died from Lou Gehrigs disease. What an awful disease, but I know his suffering is over. Just a terrible time of year. Very sad for his family.

I want to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday. I love that you are all here and I count my blessings that we have all found each other and are here to support one another. Even though I don't post everyday, I think of you all. Have wonderful weekend. Enjoy your family and friends. Be good!

Love, Besh

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Festivus to the rest of us.

I just stumbled across a book that I wished I had known about - it would've made a nice gift for someone. It is called Round Ireland with a Fridge. There is a link below for anyone that needs a last minute gift LOL.

Besh - thanks for checking in - sounds like you have a nice Holiday planned.

Both DD's arrived home last night. I am at work this morning, not sure how long I will stay here, but wanted to stop by the SS Daily, as I don't think there will be time later.

Jen - I hope you received my packages and please open them, because everything is wrapped. There is one item that can be opened right away.

Marci - I didn't start a puzzle, I pulled one out and decided it was too much for me to bite off right now - I would become to preoccupied with it.

I would like to wish everyone here a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous Christmas and New Year. I am very grateful for all of you and enjoy "talking" to you each day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Round Ireland with a Fridge

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005


Raeanne, that book looks great for my niece. Will be sure to get it as a little 'extra'.

QOD: DH and I spent almost one hour this morning on line in a famous bakery here for 4 loaves of their wonderful Italian bread. I'm about to slater them up with my garlic/butter/olive oil/herb concoction, wrap them up in foil, and place into the fridge for our dinner party tomorrow. Also made the mashed potatoes and my 'sauce' for the penne tomorrow. This evening, DH and I will have a quiet, grilled steak dinner at home. We will set out our luminaries (along with all our neighbors here), and then take a stroll around the lake to look at all the glowing lights. I hope to get to midnight Mass (if he comes along willingly). It's always a magical night of just the two of us, and I love it. Tomorrow morning, we will open up any gifts we bought each other, and begin to set up the tables for our 18 guests. DH's DDs come by at about 1pm to exchange gifts, and the rest of the clan arrives at 3pm.

Marci, I have one of those mats that rolls up, and it does work! Bought it awhile ago for DH, along with the puzzle glue in case he ever wanted to frame some, but he was not interested! DH is also a puzzle genius, and I just sort of watch....LOL! He's given me a piece and told me where it goes....I need to turn it at least six times before I can fit it in!!!

Besh, good to see you here. Have fun with your family.

Dentist took an XRay and told me there was no infection or cavity. Gave me a prescription for a toothpaste and said it may be sensitivity under the cap. I go back on Tuesday for another look by another dentist in the group. The nerve seems to have calmed down, and I've got no pain. Thanks for asking!!

To all my sisters and brother John here: Thanks for another fun, and sometimes frantic year. You have all become household names now!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

I have been running round like a nut the last couple of days - just like everyone else. Not much time to post as I am on my mom's computer (I am having issues with my mouse).
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you and your families - thank you for welcoming me to your group.

QOD: Tonight we will, hopefully, go to church and then have snacks and open gifts. Tomorrow, clean up and prep for the dinner I am cooking when family starts arriving late afternoon.

Take care and enjoy the season.


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hello from Alaska!

i am parked in an internet cafe while DH takes the girls last minute shopping for me---LOL---happens every year! I think he has a bad tradition going there, but I ain't sayin' a woird!

I am going to print the thread from here and read, read, read, so I won't be far behind when I return home in a few days.

I am not commenting today because I don't have time to read the posts - DH is a FAST shopper...but I wanted to say HI! and Merry whatever-you-celebrate!

Love and kisses ---and hugs to those who need 'em!

See you soon for a book or 2!

It's cold here and lots of snow, but wonderful to visit and see Mother and Dad and bio sisters!


Love, BJ

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

I'm getting ready to go to work on 3 hours sleep, so this is short, but I wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

love you all,


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas ladies! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I will come back tomorrow to post.

OHHHHHhhhhh DeeMarie, Raeanne and NH Suzanne--I GOT SIRIUS!!!!!! Hello Howard!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Gretchen - you must've been a good girl to get SIRIUS, enjoy it and don't stay a stranger.

Maddie - I have also been very sleep deprieved the past few nights. I just can't sleep, I think I have been consuming too much chocolate - I wasn't able to control myself. There is always today.

BJ - Most men that I know do their shopping last minute too, at least he parked you at an internet cafe LOL.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and didn't over indulge as badly as I did. I think some of mine was emotional eating - remember my MIL is at our house LOL.

I am at work this morning and it's so quiet and boring. The rest of my in-laws are arriving around noon today, so I have to get home to change sheets, pop a ham in the oven and try to straighten up some of the mess. I had 4 1/2 hours sleep Christmas Eve and less than 3 last night, so I am running on low today.

I purchased a pair of Coach sunglasses on eBay for DD and they are fake, so I am trying to straighten that out today, they were advertised 100% authentic and I paid a big price for them. I am so behind the times, I didn't even know they made knock-off sunglasses.

Have a great stress free, fun filled day.

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Hi Ladies (and gent!) I hope that everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season as much as I am! I am exhausted today but thankfully, I have the day off.

DeeMarie, I am glad that you did not find yourself in a dental emergency for the Holidays. DS informed me last night that his other 2 wisdom teth are causing him trouble and he thinks that he has a new cavity.

Raeanne, I feel for you! You have been operating on 'way too little sleep and it is bound to catch up with you. I hope you get at least a little rest today... So you did a little "stress munching" while your MIL was around, who could blame you?

Hi Gretchen!
Hi Besh!

Maddie, I hope that YOU were able to get some rest later in the day! I also hope that you fulfilled some nice holiday dreams when you got home..

Donna, I hope that your day went off as planned. I fell asleep on the couch late Christmas Eve and slept right through our Midnight church service!

Hey, Bj. Are you freezing your tookas off up there? Only you would vacation in Alaska in the winter Lol! I am glad that you are enjoying your family time.

DS' GF came down from San Francisco for Christmas Eve. She stayed w/ her sis but spent the evening with us. She gave me a lovely black bag that she brought back from India.I gave both she and my son matching dvds of Pete n' Pete that they can watch together over the phone ( long distance relationship) I also gave her a nice pewter frame and then took a Christmas portrait of the 2 of them in front of the tree.

Christmas day was AWESOME! Everyone arrived mid afternoon and we had our dinner buffet style (not enough room here) and opened gifts. My kids got me a DVD/VHS player and 6 movies!

As time goes on. DD and I are becoming closer and closer. We have always been close, but I sense a deepening of our relationship. Has anyone else noticed this with adult children? And my DS was awesome, too.

I echo Raeanne,; everyone have a stress free, fun day! ( this means you too Raeanne!!!)


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Happy BOXING Day!

Lots of activity here over the weekend....will go into detail another time, but I am exhausted!

Raeanne, I ate, ate, ate,....probably because had a few glasses of white wine when the going got tough in my kitchen! LOL!!!!

DH also has the day off, so we were up at 7am this morning at Target store to catch their sales on rubbermaid storage containers. We got a ton of stuff; used the $$$ MIL gave us yesterday! I got that big wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, etc. one? It is great!! You must invest in one if you don't have it. Holds everything to wrap a gift. Gosh, the smallest things make me happy!!

Gotta run to the grocery store (I'm not kidding!) Gave lots of leftovers away, but I need a few things for my ex-colleague luncheon I'm holding tomorrow.

Check in if you've got a minute!
Love ya all!

RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Happy Boxing Day indeed!

How was everyone's day?

I took 8 work related calls before I said ENOUGH!!, This is supposed to be my day OFF, for cryin' out loud! Turned cell phone off.

I took a 3 hour nap and totally relaxed! DS has been a jewel. i watched one of my new DVDs, "Love, Actually" and snacked on good stuff.

Oh, and I won a Calendar raffle over at the Cooking forum! ( I never win anything, so I was jazzed!)

Check in!!


RE: SS Daily, 12/19/05 to Christmas 2005

Tikanis - Did you enjoy Love Actually? - I love that movie and have seen it at least 3 times. Congrats on your win and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Yes, I love my "adult" relationship with my daughters. It is hard to explain, they are both very good friends as well as daughters but it is more than that. I was just thinking that last night - I not only love my kids, but I like them a whole lot too.

DeeMarie - Ed is a good and very brave man to go to Target the day after Christmas LOL. I wish you were closer I have a ton of leftovers that I am more than happy to part with.

I put all my sweets out yesterday with hopes of getting rid of them, but ended up with more. Just packed DD's up with as much leftovers and funky stuff as they could possibly take with them LOL.

If you haven't seen March of the Penguins you MUST.

I had a most enjoyable yesterday. The rest of my in-laws came and we just sat around and laughed and ate and laughed some more. I did a very casual informal dinner, buffet style with just ham, ziti and an antipasto - low maintenance. One family took MIL with them and the rest spent the night. They were packed up and out of here by 10:30 this morning and I came to work. I also slept for 8 solid hours last night - I think two gin and tonics may have done the trick LOL.

I can't wait to go home later and do NOTHING.

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