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Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Posted by yankandtex (My Page) on
Mon, Nov 3, 08 at 7:10

We are going to take a friend for his first treatment of chemo today so think of him & say a little prayer for Bob or keep positive thoughts for him. He is in his 60s. I hope you have a good week.

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RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning,

Bob, I pray that things go well for you.

I'll be glad when the only thing left of Halloween in this house is the wrappers in the garbage. I am struggling with the junk - which is almost at an end. Still tracking and pointing even though I blew this week out of the water in 2 days I'm still tracking which is a start.

Another step forward on the home front with my journey, Dave let his parents know during our weekly call that I have joined AA and why. I believe in an open book during my journey. They are loving and understanding. My niece has had an episode with many emotions, so I share my journey as well with her and my SIL. I don't over do it, just say enough to let her know she is not alone feeling off sometimes and that taking the help available to feel better is a good thing. I don't want to be following my illness anymore, I want to take it by the nose and make it deal with me, on my terms. We've all been there, you get sick of being sick.

After my morning coffee and wake up today I'm painting, back on track for sorting out this house. One room at a time. Going to set up my tunes, get the sander out and move one. Being idle is unhealthy for me.

I love all of you, think of you and look forward to being on board. Make the most of your day, love yourself and be good. We all deserve to be happy.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Just checking in quickly to say Rabbit, Rabbit (left over from Saturday), and HAPPY MONDAY!!!

I've been in bed since Saturday night, and I'm on my way back there with a raging sore throat. Hope to see to doc later today. They don't get in until 11am.

Be well, everyone!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Patti: (((((BOB))))) Buy some sugar lemon drops for Bob to eat after chemo. It is the *BEST* thing to have whilst receiving chemo. Settles the stomach and keeps the mouth wet. (((Love you, Patti. You are a good friend)))

McPeg! YAY for you joining AA. And I mean that. Yeah, I know being idle is unhealthy; I totally agree. I'm done with Halloween and making lists to keep myself BUSY every day this week. We kept one zip bag of candy for the kids and the rest was tossed. They can have it, but Baby and me are staying out of it! :-)

Dee! Ha! Rabbit, rabbit. I transferred all the posts I missed onto my laptop (finally fixed!) and will catch up on the time I missed. I had the raging sore throat week before last followed by a cold, followed by 2 days of headaches that felt like the top of my head had been hit w/ a hammer.

Sorry I've been missing. I had some health issues, so I went to the mainland doc and he changed my thyroid meds. After taking the new stuff, I feel like a semi-new person and am getting my mind back. I am not used to keeping track of my health and listening to my body (too busy) but I am going to start.

Well, when baby takes a nap, I am going to read and catch up! I'll be back!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Hey, it's Tuesday already. Clean up day for the trash tomorrow, AA day, I'm up wwwwaaaaaayyyyy tooo early day (woke up at 3:30 am again!)....

So, who want's breakfast? I'm cooking? Making low fat french toast (1 slice)(okay, okay - 2) with sugar free syrup, tea and that's it.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

McPeg~I've been up a while & I'll have brekky with ya. Yummy. I love you too. Idleness isn't good for me either. I'm doing so much better now. But, I am very strict with myself about making time for my relationships. Can't do without friends & family. What good would it be to be busy if I didn't have someone great to be busy with?

BJ~Good to see you back. Hope you feel much better soon. Thanks for the tip. He thought everything was getting started yesterday but they are putting the thing in his neck on Thursday? So, I'm cancelling my dr's appt & we'll go with him to the hospital. I can't think about someone doing this alone & I remember you shaving your head for your friend. (Now that's a good friend & I'm prepared to do that even though he only has fringe now which he calls the LOYAL hairs." LOL

Dee~[[[ HUGS ]]] No fun being sick. Hope you can kick that out soon. You have had too busy of a year. In fact most here have had too busy of a year.

Time to slow down just enough to regroup. That is a request. Have a great day! Patti :-)

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9


Feel a bit better, but my head is about to explode and can't hear well.

DH took me out to vote before 6:15am and now I'm back with some tea. Trying to get some work done today, but frankly I'm ready for a warm bed again.

Make today count!
If you live in the USA, please get out and vote!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning! It's a beautiful day, sunny and warm (68 F.). I actually saw some lovely fall foliage around here yesterday while running around.

(((((Dee and BJ)))) Feel better soon. I'm avoiding germs as best I can so far. I hate being sick. I had a terrible neck ache all last night and still somewhat today, but it won't stop me from my day. I've got to vote, go to a Red hat luncheon, and run by and pick up a friend's china paintings to take with us to San Antonio on Friday. (ESA meeting and craft fair)

I mentioned earlier about seeing fall foliage. I'm sitting here sipping coffee and enjoying it right outside my window. Can life be any better???

Patti, that's a really nice thing to do for your friend. I guess he's having a port implanted for his chemo treatments. It seems to make life so much easier by using that.

Peggy, Tuesdays will now be one of your favorite days, right? I really enjoy hearing you sound so happy and upbeat these days. You've earned them.

Nothing to report on the weight-loss front, but I did give away all my too-large clothes this weekend to hubby's DIL, so now I have no choice but to keep going, or at least not gain anything back. She left with about 10 pair of pants, jeans, and capris, and about 20 tops and two jackets. She was a happy camper!

Had my final 2nd opinion test at the new eye dr.'s yesterday - the visual field test, which I passed with flying colors! I won't need to return now for a year unless I notice anything unusual!!!

Thanks for being there through the journey about my eyes, and the elevated calcium issue. It's so nice to have friends with which to share things. I'll be returning for another liver profile test during the middle of this month, and I'm really hoping that the numbers are down this time. I'll let you know.

Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Dee and BJ take care. Sending both of you positive powerful thoughts to chase that bad stuff away from you. It's no fun when you are unwell.
Milkdud, I'm doddling along with my weight loss. Not sure where I am today with my points - but I have pulled out some frozen veggie soup from my garden endeavours. Going to enjoy that tomorrow. Also cooking more sweet cabbage as well. It's a start - I may not lose an ounce this week but my mental gain is getting there - especially now that the peanut butter cups are gone ;) - willpower is another step to work on next! It's enough right now to eat balanced meals and not just carbs (seasonal disorder).

We're keeping an eye on the election even though we are in Canada. I'm not going to yak politics except to say it's all very exciting this year. No matter the outcome, I hope things improve and the economy can settle down again.

My AA meeting was another positive experience. I actually flapped my gums but I'm still listening alot. What a wonderful group of people. What a relief to be there.

Okay, I know it's early but it's pj time for me. Tomorrow is yard work day - probably one of the last days before it gets yukky here.

Take care everyone. If you are feeling down just remember we at least have some choices in our life - many people don't. Today we got our poppies for our Veterans, troops and freedom. I am hoping this year to get downtown for the ceremonies. It is important.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Yay! The election is over! I vOted by absentee ballot--everyone here on the rock votes absentee, so we were done with vOting a long time ago, but today is when they count the vOtes. It's really a history making time in America. I hope everything gets better!

The fall colors and tea sounds good. I have been drinking a lot of organic Oolong tea lately. I enjoy it. I don't crave coffee much any more, and I can do without the calories of lattes. Now, to get to the walking my doctor prescribed...!

Milkdud, good for you for giving those clothes away. NEVER LOOK BACK! Good deal on the eyes. Congrats. I, for one, will be looking for the same results with your liver profile. ((((HUGS))))

McPeg, Keep attending the meetings. Good people, good support, good cause. You already sound like your attitiude has improved about a million times. Keep telling us about it. I love the sound of success, one day at a time.

Dee, my dear, FEEL BETTER. I am back to my old self mostly, and feeling MUCH improved.

Late start for la escuela tomorrow, so I get to hit the snooze, and hopefully Baby V will too---DREAM ON! lol.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning!
I'm outside today trimming the top off my neighbour decided 10 feet was too tall...I agree but WRONG TIME OF YEAR! Why don't people do their homework first? She didn't ask us either - it's right down our property line between our back yards. I too did not like the height but we were going to get the professionals to do it. Now I HAVE to trim what's left on our side so the snow doesn't pull the branches down in the winter and break them. Stupid, stupid woman. I've told her all summer I work in gardens ... I wish she would have asked. Oh well.

I'm having a hard time not wanting to eat at night - I'm a cereal girl. Really hard time but one thing at a time. Today is a new day. Going to 'bulk' up at dinner with more fibre and I'm working on drinking more water again. One step at a time. That has always been my lifelong game plan.

Let's have a great day today. It's certainly a new day for North America and a historical one on both sides of the border with our bonds.

Onward and upwards! Tally ho!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning from sunny and warm (67 F.) SE Texas!

I'm sipping coffee, enjoying the red and orange leaves on the hardwoods out back, and trying to adjust to the idea of a new president.

I'm going to go work out in a little bit, then meet a neighbor for lunch. I want to pick up another pair of slacks to take on our trip, then I'll have everything lined up to go to San Antonio on Friday. Lucky dog has her mini-suite lined up for the weekend, so all is well with the world in Crosby!

Peggy, sorry for your frustration with the hedge/neighbor. At least you do know what you're doing, so maybe you can fix things.

BJ, thanks for those good thoughts. Keep 'em coming. I'm eating right these days, so I hope the next test results are good. It does feel good to have my closet filled only with clothes that fit. I haven't experienced that in decades! I even fit into 2 cute outfits that my sister passed on to me. That brought a huge smile to my face last night when I tried them on.

Dee, hoping you're feeling better today and just sleeping in and mending.

Where are all our friends - Marci, Raeanne, Suzanne, Donna, Jan, and anyone else I may have forgotten with only one cup of coffee in me? You're always missed when you're not here. Everybody's input makes this place the best place to be.

Wishing you all a great day. I think I'm going to do an easy dinner tonight - potunas! Hubby loves them, I like them, and they're fast and easy. :-)

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Checking in....sick and getting sicker for a variety of reasons.

Make today count!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Dee, I think I'm having sympathy pains for you. I'm still in my gown, and it's noon (but I'm not sick, I don't think.)

I talked to my funny Mama this morning. She is always a breath of fresh air and so funny. My daddy's brother talked to her this morning and told her she sounded like she was 16, and she said she felt like it. (She'll be 84 in January.) Good attitude and good genes - I hope I've inherited some of hers!

I'm torn between going to the grocery store or going to the nursery to buy some bright is almost 80 degrees here, sunny skies. Too pretty to be sitting here, no offense.

So, with that, I'll catch up more later and for now, get moving.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Can I vote for pansies? The flowers are edible ya know!

I'm taking a break - finished butchering 3 scruffy feet/tops off our hedge. The lady next door is really a lovely lady and we do talk a lot in our gardens. Actually, looking at it now it appears much 'lighter' back there and not so cave like if ya know what I mean (anyone who has ever had a yard surrounded by 10 foot plus triffids knows what I yakking about). It's just not the right time of year to do this. So I will leave my side looking the worse for wear because that poor hedge is now in shock for the winter. At least our garden recycle truck has not been by yet today and I have all of it bagged up for them so it's not hanging around the yard.

I'm taking a break right now, coffee, feet up (they're complaining from standing on the ladder - just love my 40's)(I do)(really....) and I'm considering dinner. Thinking of making Shepperd's Pie - already have the filling cooked (frozen), just have to make smashed potatoes and throw it all in a pan, say a few Hail Mary's and let it fend for itself in the oven. Kinda like the laundry - I get religious there too. LOL.

Ya, so where the heck is everyone is right? Maybe we need to start emailing them to check in? Send the the swat team I say! LOL

Okay, gotta run again....

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good Wednesday all,

Dee, I hope you feel better soon! It's been too long that you are down!

Jan, I hope you went to buy pansies! I cannot believe you are planting pansies. They are a real spring flower here and bolt in the heat of summer so no one I know even plants them for summer. I love them.

Milkdud, congrats on ditching the bigger clothes! That is great!

Peggy, I am glad to hear that you are doing so well.

BJ, it's great to hear from you. Don't stay gone so long!!

Besh, you need to check in here girl! I miss you.

I have to run, very busy at work!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

I'm here!

Just catching up on everything today. News,

Doesn't it feel like the campaigning went on FOREVER? I fel so glad that it's over and there is DIRECTION now...any direction! :-)

Now, my big choice of the day: Cleaning a preteen room or dying my hair? Rooms wins, since her cell phone is buried SOMEWHERE in there...!

I choose the pansies too, BTW! Gotta check out the nurserie around here---although THAT could get me into trouble!

MCPeg: I need to trim a California lavendar hedge here and am DREADING it. I'll have to force myself into it. I'm living in a rental, though, and it's hard to get motivated to do someone else's landscaping! Arg! I just want to plant a plot of my own.

DEE: I hope you feel better. Sounds like you have a whopper of a cold/sore throat! (((((HUGS))))

Check in, lurkers. The week is halfway done!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

I love pansies Jan, I hope you bought them! I have no doubt you inherited those great genes and great attitude. I'm glad he made your mom's day!

Peg, glad the hedge thing worked out. I'm also glad you are happy with AA and are working the program. I have a friend from Ireland who makes a fantastic Shepherds Pie, yum!

Patti, how is Bob? You are a good friend. The treatments are awful. I know my dad felt worse after treatment started. How's Dave doing? How are you feeling???

BJ, I agree the campaign went on forever and ever. I'm glad it's over, time to look ahead! Good luck on cleaning the preteen room.

Dee, ((hugs)) on whatever it is you have. My mom is sick, she has some kind of ear infection and sore throat which has her on antibiotics and some kind of viral eye infection that has her on drops. She feels totally lousy. I hope you are both back to yourselves soon ((more hugs)).

Suzanne, I'm glad to see you. How is Sweet Pea doing?

Milkdud, you go girl!! WTG on getting rid of those clothes. That's what I should have done and will do this time around..keeping them just makes it way too easy to go backwards. My leaves were cleaned up last week and with today's wind and rain it looks like we never did them. Oh well, it will be like that until they all fall. I have to ask, what is potunas???

Besh, Raeanne, Marci....all others I might have missed and didn't mean to..come on out!

Got to run and come up with something for dinner!


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

How great to come in here and see so many posting today!!! Love it, ladies!

Potunas: bake 2 potatoes, then scoop the potato from the "shell" and mix with either canned tuna, chicken, ham, or turkey, mayo, celery, and onion, salt and pepper, then place all back in the shell, sprinkle with FF shredded cheese, and re-place in the oven until the cheese is melted. I bake mine at 350, then melt the cheese for about 10-15 mins. before serving.

Just heard from hubby who's on the way home from work. His plant is holding their first-ever Christmas party on December 5th, so that's another reason to keep on losing so that I can feel good in party clothes. I saw some really cute tops today at Kohl's which I thought at the time would be great if I had a semi-dress up occasion. I also have a 15% off coupon, so I'll return tomorrow and get something to wear. YEA!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday evening!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9


Still home with my box of tissues and hot tea. Going back to bed for a bit.

Make today count!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Oh, Dee, please feel better soon. [[[[ H U G S ]]]]

Hi Donna! Dave is going to dr today I think while we are in hospital with Bob. I go to get MRI done on shoulder tomorrow. I'm really doing great though other than shoulder.

Milkdud~I gave all of my clothes away too. It is too easy to gain the weight back & have those clothes to just put back on. Now, I cannot count on that. They are putting the port in today. He thought they were doing it on Monday but I guess it was all of the pre-work.

BJ~Campaign was too long!

NH Suzanne~I hope it is a good thing that you are busy at work. Would love to hear more from you though.

Peg~Glad things are going so well on your end.

Jan~What decision did you make? Did you go with the flowers?

I have about an hour before we leave for hospital to drink my coffee & shower so I'd better get to it. Just wanted to check in.

Are you planning on doing cards? Do you want me to set it up? Let me know. Patti :-)

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good Thursday all,

Dee, continue to feel better.

Patti, thinking of you and your friend. I want to do cards for sure! If you want to set things up go ahead Patti, thanks.

Donna, Sweet Pea is doing great! All my critters are but they are missing the daylight and the riding for sure. We can only ride on weekends (weather permitting) and at that, we have to be careful because the hunters are in the woods with big guns. Ugh. Thanks for asking!

Milkdud, that recipe sounds delicious! My DH would never eat that for dinner but I would! Good for you on staying focused on the weight loss! You really have it down girl! You continue to inspire me.

Marci, I think of you all the time and hope you are doing well. Please check in when you can.

Raeanne???? where are you????

Besh! I mean it, don't make me drive to Salem to find you!

The weather has been warm and balmy in the 50's! It's great and I am enjoying it.

QOD: Weekend plans? I am stacking cordwood and hopefully, DH will be home to help with that and a myriad of other projects that we need to get done before the snow flies! I am really hoping for a long, warm fall/early winter! We all need a break on the heating issue with the cost of fuel and electricity! With any luck the weather will be nice enough for a ride or two!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning, everyone!

Yes, I opted on going to the nursery. There is a Dollar General store in the same block, so I was able to get the necessities (coffee, toilet paper, bottled water, paper towels, bread) without having to do a full-blown grocery store run.

I bought some pretty antique rose-colored pansies. Put some in the front beds and some in a planter. Some Amazon Neon Purple dianthus to go around my little maple tree. A hanging basket of white pansies. Some smaller (panolas/violas?) to go in a planter along with a sky pencil holly. And some little flowers (lobellia?) to go on my side yard that no one ever sees, but just to add some color. The nursery owner gives me a 10% discount because I'm a regular, so that helps ease the cost.

I need to concentrate on cleaning house today, but may save that for my rainy tomorrow.

It has been like summer all week. Yep, as weird as it sounds, pansies and snapdragons are considered "cool weather" plants here. My snapdragons have yet to really take off, but I think they must be craving cooler temps, just like me.

This is kind of a sad story about our economy, (you know I can't always just be happy - ha.) One of our neighbors is a homebuilder. Good-looking guy, builds nice homes, divorced, nice as he can be. While I was out of town with my mom, an ambulance was called to his house and he was seen being carried out on a gurney. Rumors of attempted suicide. Times are hard, but especially here, where many are still struggling with the aftermath of Katrina and are slow to rebuild because of insurance and high costs, economy, etc.

Anyway, I saw him last night and was shocked at how bad he looked. So, so thin. I just made small talk with him and of course did not let on that I knew anything. But my heart breaks for him. I hope he can hang on, and is getting help, or do like my brother-in-law did after 28 years in homebuilding, change careers. Life is too short to suffer like this.

Scary times, and I'm out buying pansies. What color is the sky in my world???

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, filled with blessings and unexpected joy.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Suzanne - I am here, just busy as usual.

Jan - I am glad you went for the flowers - I love the color of your sky - don't change it! How sad for your neighbor - I hope he is able to get on with his life. Save the cleaning for a rainy day.

BJ - did you ever unearth the cell phone LOL?

Donna - good to see you posting.

Peg - Keep up the good work!

Dee - I hope today finds you feeling much much better!

QOD - nothing planned but we will definitely be doing something. I am hoping to get a hike in at some time with a friend.

Love and hugs to all.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning, everyone! It's 76 here and mostly cloudy. We're going to get rain later and have a nice temperature drop though.

I just got a sad (to me) call from the owner of my workout place. They're closing at the end of this year due to lack of enough business to keep them going. This place was more than a great place to work out. It was the first place where I felt really comfortable and "at home". I was always being introduced to the other members, and from there, I made so many good friendships which I treasure. I cried when she told me the news. I wish I had an idea of how to help them keep it going on their own since Butterfly Life now works from a post office box and only has 50 franchises still working. Any good ideas will be appreciated to salvage this wonderful place.

Suzanne, it's great hearing from you. I love your stories about your sweet animals.

(((((Dee)))) Your poor thing, being sick for so long. Maybe you'll be well by this weekend!

QOD: We're driving to San Antonio in the morning for a weekend conference of ESA, the service sorority I'm joining. Hubby and friend's hubby will be sight-seeing, and I'll be learning more about the group I'm joining while my friend attends many meetings as an officer. We're all looking forward to wonderful meals while there, too, and of course, the obligatory river walk!

Jan, Patti, Donna, and everyone whom I may overlook, I wish you a great day, too!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Where is Jen, Besh, Marci, Joann, Gretchen, Amy, John??? Please check in and say hello!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

JAN! What a breath of FRESH AIR you are! I love your upbeat 'tude! I hope your neighbor recovers. Maybe just having someone care about him and make small talk will brighten his day.

Littel Baby V is sitting here wil me, babbling away. He like to wait for my tea to cool and "try" it, then he makes a horrible face, and says, "HOT!" It's not hot, believe me! He is so cute--I can't STAND IT! :-) I am going to cry, cry, cry when he leaves to his forever family. You guys will have to hold my hand. WAH! I must be getting sentimental, though, because when they announced the new prez, I looked at my beautiful brown baby foster son and cried...he can do ANYTHING now! I a mess or what?

QOD: Weekend: Back to the mainland (no internet!) for me. DD has a bday party of an old schoolmate and the kids want to see Madagascar II--have to hit the mainland theater for that. I will work on packing more stuff into my truck from the other house and pick up pans I need for Thanksgiving. Sell, house, sell---so I can everything in ONE place! lol.

Raeanne--no cell phone. I'm not happy about that!

Milkdud: Farfetched, but can you guys rent a storage bin close by and get some price-reduced equipment, a boom box, a couple of oscilating fans, and make your own gym? You could get multiple keys to the padlock and have meeting times...sorry your gym is closing. That is a true bummer. When my workout partner died this summer, I quit working out. I have to start again, but it's SO hard without a workout buddy...and I miss her every day. Good luck. I know why you cried. I *CAN* relate.

Patti- Good luck with the MRI....and Dave's appt.
----I missed something, I guess...CARDS? Please tell.---

NHSuzanne- It's deer hunting season here. All the deer are gathered in my yard and my neighbor's yards. They know something's up and they are safe here.

DEE! Take the weekend to GET BETTER. I had a sore throat and cold for 2 weeks. I still have a minor scratchy throat. This year's cold and sore throats are ones that HANG ON. Drink lots of liquids.

Well, I have 2 double-spaced pages of stuff to get done and a logo meeting at 11. I better RUN!

"Check in and share a comment, concern, or question." --That's what my flight instructor used to say to me. What a geek he was, but YOUNG, and cute as a super star, I must say! Flying with him was fun, I tell ya! Wait a minute...I'M MARRIED! Oh, well, as they say, "You can look at the menu, just don't order!"


QOD: Friday night running one town over for dessert/coffee to see yet another Halloween Village...this woman also has hundreds of accessories and ceramic houses. Saturday should be another recovery day and night. Sunday is a JETS home game, but I'm hoping that stepdaughter #2 goes with her dad. Do not want to risk the weather and a relapse (if I even feel better then).

OK, I need to get the master bedroom TV ready to tape Survivor, in case I sleep through it....then a nap! Been working on and off since 7am.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

wildchicken, thank you. Your post about Baby V made me cry - I don't know the whole story about Baby V, but how lucky he is to have found you, and how loving of you to take him into your home and prepare him for his future and his new family.

I am covered in dirt, another day at the nursery and in the yard. More pansies, bought some snapdragons and a new planter. This has to be it for a while. I need to stand back and watch everything grow (hopefully!) and stop spending money.

While I was planting my last batch, a big old rabbit came flying through my side yard - I don't know who scared who the most!

raeanne, hope you got your hike in! Don't you love this time of year? Tomorrow is definitely my housecleaning day - my kitchen island is covered with "stuff." This weekend is Parade of Homes so maybe our neighbor will get lucky and some of his homes will sell.

dee, I hope you are feeling better and better. Go, Jets. I still have trouble seeing Brett in a Jets uniform, but it suits him well!

milkdud - sorry about your workout place. If they could just hold on until the first of the year, when everyone makes their new year's resolutions to work out, maybe they could make it.

patti - I bet you have had your fill of doctors and hospitals! What a good friend you are to Bob (one of my favorite names - My dad was Bob, my brother is Bob, Jr., and my husband is Bobby.) When my dad died, my brother said "Well, I guess no need to call me little Bob any more." It really was funny, considering little Bob is in his 50's!

peggy, as always, I'm so happy for your happiness!

I better get in the shower - I'm filthy. Hope everyone has a nice evening.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

QOD: This is my list for tomorrow:

Run get blood test
Run get MRI
Red Hat meeting
Book Club meeting
Dave dr. appt.
call Mom re: her dr appt

Sat: I have 2 new friends just moved here & we are going to scrapbook/quilting stores
Then there is a Veteran's Day Dance

Sun: I'm hoping rest/scrapbooking/football not necessarily in that order LOL

BJ~I think that the general concensus was to send cards this year instead of gifts due to the economy.

The card list so far:

NH Suzanne

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Patti - I added my name to the card exchange.

The card list so far:

NH Suzanne

BJ - You made my eyes well up from the deep love you have for Baby V. We will be here for you when the time comes. You have given that lucky guy a wonderful start to a world filled with potential.

Patti - how are you going to muster up enough energy to dance? LOL

Jan - no hike for me. I ended up working on the computer and the time flew by. I was going to call a friend that just started working from home to see if she would join me. I really don't like to hike during hunting season, but it has been too gorgeous.

Milkdud - my gym has reduced their hours because of low enrollment. I don't know what I will do if she closes.

I am still adjusting to the time change, as it is only 7:13 and I am ready for bed LOL.

Enjoy your evening.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Checking in for Thursday!

Can't stay long but please add me to the card exchange.

Back later with (hopefully) ideas for Milkdud and answer to QOD.


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Hi, I missed something - who do we send our details to for the card exchange? I wanna play too!

Another 'spring' day here and still warm tomorrow. It is my last clean-up day and then I'm done outside. Rain is coming next week. No weekend plans other than the usual catch up around the house.

Picked up some cheap garland at the dollar store, some outdoor lights, wire ribbon - going to decorate more outside this year and put lights in the garland too. I have not done lights in so long - at least 20 years? Stopped because of the electrical bills but now that the low volt lights are in, I've decided we need a little more colour. After last winter's snow, I'm dreading winter this year so any colour outside will cheer me up. I do the window lights indoors because give the snow some years it's hard to get at them in January. There is a new bylaw in Ottawa regarding not having outdoor holiday lights on after the New Year is over.

Taking a break from ripping apart quilt squares but I have to get back at it. I've so many ideas bursting in my head sometimes I overwhelm myself. Maybe I should grow more arms...

Yep, so I'm trimming back plants that have been hit by frost hard and I'm seeing new growth. Not good for the wee things. They need to rest now. Hopefully the spring bulbs don't get started. I did plant mine late so hopefully they are just taking in water and further developing their roots for next spring.

Boy everyone is busy, busy, busy.

I will catch up more later - it's TV night so I'm writing on commercials. I know, I know...TV does not rule my life, it's just a rare night in this house there is something on we actually enjoy more than background noise.

Hugs to all of you!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

I was just trying to keep the list going for Patti by adding my name to it. I believe Patti is collecting the addresses.

McPeg - I sent your address to Patti.

I am watching one of my favorite shows "Ugly Betty".

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Add my name to the card exchange, please!

I'll probably not check in until Sunday night or Monday morning, so I wanted to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and restful weekend. Stay out of trouble while I'm gone!


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

You guys are SO good to me about my Baby V stories. For those who don't know, Baby V was my first foster baby. I've had 4 so far, but all others have gone to adoptive homes after a month or so, and Baby V lingers on with me, almost 9 months now. I picked him up on a rainy Friday night in February and he was SO sick-diagnosed "failure to thrive." But now, he is a BOUNCING toddler, full of fun, and brings joy to our house with every little babble, laugh, and dance step. His skin is absolutely gorgeous, deep ebony and so soft! He has soulful eyes and a terrific sense of humor to go with his toothy wide grin. He is in the 75th percentile on the growth chart, and he's learned over 20 signs in American sign language. He can sign almost anything he wants, so he rarely has a tantrum. He LOVES music and animals and other children. He's worth a million bucks, really. So, anyway, that's his story. I love him like crazy.

Busy Bee Patti- Please add me to the card list. You know my address on the rock! Wow! Your Friday is whirlwind!

McPeg- Good for you for keeping the holiday colors going! I will miss all the city houses dressed up with lights and decorations in the yard! Although I might take Baby V to the mainland to the African American Santa for a picture. They only have a caucasion one here at the play group we go to--what's up with THAT? lol. So, if I'm already there, I might wait till dark and take the kids and myself on a "light tour!"

It's pouring COLD HARD RAIN here and it is supposed to continue for the next several days. It actually isn't bugging me at all...which is strange...must be my new thyroid meds kicking in!

MARCI: Miss you. (((((((HUGS))))) Think of you always, every day.

Speaking of TV, I have none here, so I have been ordering the series "House, MD" from NetFlix. We are just beginning the 2nd season and our whole family is hooked. DH and I try to out-diagnose eachother, so it's a riot, with everyone "SHHHHush" us. We watched 4 seasons of Ellen before THAT, all on DVD. It fits with the island life, as Amy in Hawaii would know...everything is YEARS behind!

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9


I'm in on the card exchange! Patti, let me know if you need my address..snail mail or e:mail.

My director is driving me nuts lately. I cannot wait until he retires in March 2010...yeah, can I hang on for that long!? Seems as though he's checked out mentally and just going along with the entire group in the UK with him. I'm getting the brunt of the projects, but I'm getting to the point where I'm going to push back really hard or tell him that whomever wanted to change a process should champion the project. grrrr, I got up and put on my cranky panties today! LOL!!!


[[[[[[[[big squeezy hugs for Baby V!]]]]]]]]

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Good morning.

Y'all hold onto your hats - my sister who has cancer has an unexpected visitor this weekend. Her ex-husband! To refresh everyone's memory, he is the cad who left her when their three sons were 9, 10 and 11 years old - for the young babysitter. He's been through several more since then, and all have left him. When their middle son was paralyzed in a diving accident in high school, he showed up enough to get sympathy, then left town again. I despise him for what he did and didn't do for her and their boys and should really let it go, but just the mention of his name makes me crazy.

So this should be very interesting. He is in for a terrible shock when he sees her, but he deserves at least a shock or two. I'm sorry, I should not be bitter, but he's the kind of man (and I use that term loosely) that loved to put my sister down in front of others, even her own sisters. Like why don't you wear clothes like so and so, and you could stand to wear a little makeup, etc.

But, the good thing he is going to see her, maybe he'll offer to help out with the situation. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf. The sad thing is his own sons don't respect him, because he's never been a father figure, so this will be quite the visit for them, too. Stay tuned.

On a much lighter subject, I love House, Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty. The last episode with Cuddy about to adopt the baby preparing to adopt the baby broke my heart. Was not prepared for the ending! Wow. Such good characters in that show - I've always loved Wilson!

Re: Ugly Betty - I know it would change the whole show's meaning, but I wish they would allow her to be pretty at least one episode.

BJ, thanks for sharing the history of Baby V. I can almost picture him by your description, what a beautiful baby. When are the new parents coming?

Peggy, I'm so excited for you - it's like you are re-born. What a beautiful Christmas you are going to have - lights and all!

It's going to rain here today. I like a cloudy, rainy day every once in a while - kind of peaceful. At least, it will keep me out of the dirt!

QOD: No company, no travel, just hanging out and watching football games - college and NFL with my husband. I've got a couple of Blockbuster movies that I'm ashamed to say I've had since August (it's like Netflix, so no late fees, thank goodness) - The Kite Runner, The Bucket List, and I don't even remember the other - I think it's Smart People with Dennis Quaid. Might be a good movie marathon weekend.

I definitely want to do Christmas cards. Just tell me what to do. I've always enjoyed sending them out, but it seems like each year, less people send them. So, this will be fun to share with my new friends!

Hope everyone's weekend is a great one!


RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Jan- Bucket List, I enjoyed. I have to put the others on my list. :-) Wow, your sister's ex? Why is she allowing him the honor of a visit? I'd tell him to jump in a frickkin' lake. He sounds like my ex--he only shows up or calls to ease HIS OWN guilt or satisfy his curiosity. (Bitter-you bet!--but I'm over it..heh-heh.) What the hecka was I/she thinking, getting married to a guy like that? Charming, aren't they? Well, I hope that visit goes fast, for her sake.

Okaaaaaaay! Now, I have to pack my truck for the trip to the mainland. If I forget the porta-crib or my retainer, I'm sunk. lol. I need a check list!

I did get the garbage/recycling organized, the laundry done, and my mind is relaxed.

Well, no internet until Monday, so "BE-HAVE!!!", as Jersey Karen used to say...wonder how she's doing...

Okay, TTFN. See y'all on Monday.

RE: Daily Support Monday 11/3- Sunday 11/9

Happy Sunday!

It's official...I gave DH permission to take my beloved JETS ticket and take his brother. I"ll be snuggled in bed watching the game. :-(

Want to be absolutely sure that I don't relapse, as I need to get back to the office tomorrow. Will not walk tomorrow morning with my neighbor nor take my yoga class tomorrow evening. Just want to do the minimum, as I detest being too ill to leave this house.

Hope that everyone is having a good weekend.


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