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SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Posted by NHSuzanne (My Page) on
Mon, Nov 1, 04 at 6:46


Good Morning All,

Raeanne, congrats on the win! That's great and I can't wait to see your pix. Saturday night we did the fire walk in Providence and it was warm, balmy and drizzly like spring. It was lovely.

Thanks everyone for all of your input. I feel silly this morning over this but I was so terribly hurt and upset that I can't quite figure out why. My group of three do things together and alot of times we will do things without all of us. It's no big deal really but for some reason it provoked some deep emotion with in me. I have talked to both of them and all is well. I think hormones really had something to do with it LOL. I have become such a delicate little flower!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!

Besh, I am like you. I confront the problem rather than secretly speculate and let bad feelings fester. My two friends expect this from me! LOL

It was a spur of the moment thing but Linda had to drive right by my house to get to where she was going and it just seemed hurtful.

Anyway, it's behind me now and no harm done.

BJ, excellent advice on Casey and I have offered to sell Casey to Linda with very reasonable terms. Linda doesn't want to pay for a horse and I can't give Casey away. Besides, I made a committment to Casey when I bought her that I would take care of her always. She belongs with her herd and should stay here. We will figure out who will ride her when and if I have to cross that bridge. There were times when I was riding both horses each day but it's harder now that I am working full time.

Anyway, the horse did not work out for Linda. She has alot of baggage, probably abuse and isn't fit to ride until someone can work with her. This is so sad when a horse gets passed along and to different people and doesn't get to bond with anyone. I hope she finds a good home and I know that she would have a good home with Linda if she weren't so much of a handful.

Another weird thing that happened this weekend. I went to the dentist on Friday to get my permanent crown put on. The Dr. took off the temporary crown without novacaine but when the air hit it I knew I had to have a shot so he gave me two. Friday night I woke up and the side of my face hurt especially where the shots went in. In the morning, my face was swollen and bruised! I literally look like I got punched in the face. The swelling has gone down some but it's still black and blue. I wonder what could have happened? I wonder if I should call my dentist as the shot site is still very sore to touch.

Hope everyone checks in today. Sorry I was such a baby this weekend!!

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RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Suzanne, the dentist probably did a poor job on delivering that shot. It happened to me; he hit a vein or muscle or something. I looked liked I went 10 rounds with Tyson. You may want to call him and let him know, just in case!

RABBIT, RABBIT to everyone!

Amy, thanks for checking in. Please remember to keep yourself healthy. Recognize your limitations and say "no" when you have to; otherwise, your projects aren't fun anymore!

Raeanne, Congrats! You put so much energy into your activities; sounds like you had a great time.

We had about 3 dozen kids yesterday, and I have about 4 pounds of candy and pretzel bags left. I'm taking the candy to the office, and placing it far away from me later this week. The pretzels will come with us next week on our trip to Florida (we leave next Wednesday for a cruise to Costa Rica and The Panama Canal!)

Tikanas, thank you for posting the disaster kit info. I'm going to cut-and-paste it into a word document and show DH. It may be something we can work on. Also, lots of folks look for items they can get us for the holidays--there are a few items on that list that would make nice gifts!! :0)

Gotta run..........make this a great week!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Rabbit, Rabbit, I was hoping to see Patti post that this morning LOL - come out, come out wherever you are.

Suzanne - don't feel silly - we can't control how we feel (can we control anything???). Glad you are feeling better about the whole thing. And you can blame a lot of that on hormones. I'm still not going to describe you as a "delicate little flower" LOL.

Dee - I had to read your post twice - you are off on another cruise. I have never been to Costa Rica or the Panama Canal and the hotel we have our time share through offers both of those locations to us for free - so I can't wait to hear your review.

Think of me this morning - I have had some female problems the past few days and when I called the doc, he said to come in at 10 - usually can't get an appt for days. I think I missed my last pap (a couple months ago) and I'm hoping that it's not something that could've been caught sooner if I had gone on time. (don't want to get any more graphic than that!)

...and another thing......

Forgot to tell Suzanne that I'm proud that you spoke up for yourself and all's well that ends well!

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Raeanne]]]]]]]]]]]]]]], please keep us updated. Feel better. :-)

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne, I hope nothing is wrong. Try not to worry (she said)! Please let us know you are okay asap. I am almost two years overdue for my pap! I know I have to get it done soon.

DeeMarie, I usually don't have a hard time speaking up! I am brutally honest at times and it makes people shrink which reminds me that I have to be gentle sometimes!! ANOTHER CRUISE, WOWZA, no moss growing on you!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Looks like everything is okay, Dr. thinks I have a bacterial infection and put me on antibiotics. I am scheduled for my pap next week and hopefully it will be all cleared up by then. I was so relieved that he didn't mention my weight gain. I think that is part of why I have been putting off my visit with him - STUPID.

Dee & Suzanne - thanks for the hugs - I really worried myself over this and was up all night. Sometimes I feel too fortunate that my health is good and I've never had a serious illness.

I didn't feel like coming into work, but here I am and will have to get busy now.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Rabbit, Rabbit! (Did I do that right?)

Raeanne, I am so glad that you went to the Doc! My prayers are with you! Get that pap!!
Congrats on the win! I wanna see pics!

NHSuzanne, You sound much more chipper this morning! I would gladly come out and ride Casey if I could! You handled the situation well and I think that it will all work out in the end.

Wow, DeeMarie, another cruise.... Sounds great, when do we leave : )
Glad that you can put the disaster kit info to good use.

Well, since I wasn't allowed to ship my laundry off to Besh this weekend, (LOL), I did a lot of THAT this weekend. My machine REALLY needs to be replaced! New one will be ordered tomorrow...
Also made a good dent in the garden. DS and I are finishing the clean up today, planting the rest of the week.

Work has slowed down considerably and I will want to make some decisions soon. I'm not sure which way to turn right now on that. I have several choices.....More on that later.

It's a beautiful,sunny day here. Everyone have a wonderful day!! And check in!!


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

OK ladies---

It's time for the 2004 Annual Christmas Exchange-- if anyone is interested, please let me know, and I'll throw your name in the pot-- (yep--i'm starting it early this year to get the MIAs up and moving!!)

Amy--it's soooo good to read your post--take care, and please let us know how you're doing--we really miss you! :):)

Where's Lynn? and Patti? and Marci???? Joanne???

Raeanne--congrats! I love GC to restaurants--:):)

We went to Memphis this past weekend, and had a blast--Beale Street on Halloween Eve? O.M.G. What a riot--I wish I'd had a camera! :) Bought some new things, replaced others, ate ribs... drank beer... ahhhhh....... :):)

OK Dee--your cruise sounds like so much fun--one year, we're going to have to plan a cruise for all of us! :)

NHSuzanne--I'm glad you talked to your friends--I've had similar situations and thought the exact same thing. And I hope you jaw gets better--ugh! (((hugs!!)))

Gotta go--



RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th


Raeanne, so glad that everything turned out ok. I went 2 years once without a physical because of my weight gain. The Dr. (a man) that I was seeing at the time was very cruel about weight gain, so I showed him. Yah right. I finally switched to a woman Dr. and would never see anything but. She is awesome. Never even mentioned my weight (I'm sure she would have if it was causing medical concerns). When she was leaving the room, I said to her, wow, I can't believe we are not discussing my weight and her response was "If it is not bothering you, then it is not bothering me". I felt so much better and have not missed an appointment since. Now ofcourse that my cholesterol is up, we discuss it, but in a nice way. She is a woman, she can relate. Anyway, get that Pap!

Amy, so nice to hear from you. It sounds like you are into some fun projects. Don't ever feel that you have nothing to offer us. Your presence here is important to all.

Tikanis, it was BJ that was going to starch your undies, but that doesn't give you the green light to send it here! LOL. I have no room left in my laundry room!

Maddie, count me in on the Christmas exchange. Sounds like your Halloween was fun. There were some pretty interesting costumes in Salem. There were a couple of guys wearing just bow ties and thongs and Little Bow Peep was pretty popular, except they all looked like they should be posing for Playboy! So many people come to Salem dressed in witch costumes (how original, yah, nobody ever thinks of that!), so it is fun to see some creative ideas.

NH Suzanne, I am so glad that you confronted your friends. It really is better to get it out there. I'm sure you feel better. I love your commitment to your animals.

DeeMarie, my Mom did that same cruise down the Panama Canal. She said it was just incredible. I'm sure you will have another great trip!

Well like I said, today is Poof day. All the tourists are gone and it somewhat like a ghost town. Just the way I like it! :-)

Have a great evening.

Love, Besh

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Hello Everyone,

Raeanne, WHEW! Glad that all is well. I too am as healthy as a horse and dread the day that something goes wrong! Speaking of horses, how is your Morgan friend, Dan? The horse that I was speaking of this morning is a Morgan mare and is in need of a good home with a capable rider. She is a "project" of sorts and I would hate to think of her going to the wrong place again. She is a beautiful bay and has a 7 month old colt with her.

Maddie, I have always wanted to go to Memphis and eat ribs and drink beer! BBQ is one of my favorite things in the culinary world. Does Indiana have any good BBQ places?????
Sign me up for the Christmas exchange!!

Tikanas, what are you planting at this time of year? Here in New England it's spring bulbs!

DeeMarie, I called my dentists office. He doesn't work on Mondays but I left a detailed message with his assistant. He has been working on my mouth for 24 years and nothing like this has ever happened. I can only assume that it was the second shot because I didn't feel anything unusual, thank God!! When he calls me tomorrow I will call him Dr. Evil! LOL

Hope everyone has a great evening. It's so dark here...............ugh.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

NH Suzanne - I ran into the owner of Dan the other day and she said I wouldn't even know it was the same horse, he is 99% back to normal. She told me to come and visit him soon, so I will. Please e-mail me your mailing address - you know what day is coming up!!! I forgot to send you my best for your sore mouth. Considering how much trouble I have had with my teeth, that is one thing I haven't experienced. I wish I knew of someone that would be interested in the Morgan - that is so sad.

Maddie - Yes, count me in for the exchange - that is so much fun. Glad you had a great weekend.

Besh - actually my Dr. is very good with my weight, but because of the cholesterol, he would like to see me lose. I really like him as he is really up on homeopathic treatments and is very pro SS. I do tend to like female Drs. but I am very limited where I live with my health insurance.

Tikanis - Just in case you don't know about our Christmas exchange - Maddie randomly pairs us up and we exchange packages at Christmas, they usually include something that represents where you live or yourself, an ornament, postcards, photos, etc. We chose a date to open them up, but we do have some cheaters that peak ahead of time LOL.

Gretchen - where are you and what are you up to?

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

QOD: Maddie, count me in on the holiday exchange!


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

I am home because they use our school room and the church as a polling site. It is nice to have a break from the 3 year olds, especially after their sugar high last week!!!

QOD - Count me in on the Christmas exchange too!! I love doing that.

Raeanne - I am making sauce today. I finally got my downstairs freezer defrosted and now I can fill it up again.

Sorry I haven't been participating much lately. I really have gotten out of the computer habit and I am finding that I am getting so much more done around the house. I am reading, which I never used to do during the school year. I am exercising in the mornings instead of getting right on the computer. I am spending more quality time with my family and I like that. I am sure that once my DS moves out, I will be able to spend more time on here, but I do plan on keeping my computer time to a minimum. I didn't realize how much unnecessary time I spent on here until I was forced to find something else to do!!

I do try to read the thread once a week and keep up with what is going on with everyone.

Now I need to go stir the sauce and then DS and I are going to go for a walk and vote. It is in the low 70s here today. That is unheard of for this time of year, so I want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Have a great day!


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Maddie: Count me in on the holidaze fun!

Gotta run! Gotta go vote to keep women's rights alive!

Cheers! and check in, for crying out loud!

Parent/teacher conference this afternoon, marriage counselor tonight; will check in tomorrow if I make it! lol!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

There is hidden treasure in the album. Go look! LOL


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne, that is quite the chest!!! You look great!


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne, that's a great picture! I never would have thought of that for a costume! I even had a hard time imagining it.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne, nice chest; however, the bulk of it seems to have drooped downward over the years! (trust me; I would know!)LMAO!! Love the look of the jeweled crown; shows you as the princess you are (be sure to tell Rich I said that!)

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne: LOVE the costume! But....where'd ya get all those Mardi Gras beads.....?

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

I was waiting for a lot of crude jokes at the party and didn't get any - at least not to my face LOL. I wish the glitter on my face showed up in the photo.

DeeMarie - you are so right about the treasure hanging a bit low LOL. I don't think I have to remind Rich that I'm a princess after all these years LOL, the crowns was a child's toy I bought at the Dollar Store, as were most of the items in the chest.

NH Suzanne - when everyone said they were going to be pirates, I just had to think of something different - because I couldn't picture myself in tight pants or a wenches dress.

BJ - I hope you survived last night.

Marci - thanks for posting the photo.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Hi all!

Raeanne, you look great in that costume! How clever...

Maddie, count me in for that Holiday exchange. It sounds like fun!

NHSuzanne, How is your poor jaw?? : (
I am planting peas, garlic, onion, leek, beets, chard, cabbages, lettuces, carrots, parsley,cilantro, arugula, endive and nasturtiums. I also have some Spring bulbs... The 5 beds are 4'x12' raised. More space than I need but a family friend likes to help and A friend who volunteers at a half way house for women likes to bring her charges over to garden. I hope to grow enough produce to donate some to our community Senior lunch program.

Marci, I know how you feel about getting lost in cyberspace! I have to really pace myself when working from home like this!

Besh, glad that all of those tourists are gone. What a pain that must be!

Bj, I got all of my laundry done sans starch in the undies, thank you... : ) Still have to go washer shopping.

DeeMarie, I have never been on a cruise. I hope that you take lots of pics!

DD had her car towed b/c of expired registration. Off to go help her out. ( when do they REALLY grow up?) LOL!

Stay strong, stay well!


Patti, if you don't check in soon I will haunt you......

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good evening ladies. I have been out of town for the past week. Went to Ohio to visit family and friends. Had a great time. The scenery was AWESOME, leaves of red, gold, yellow, orange......just beautiful. I bought a lot out at a lake where some friends of our have summer houses/cottages. I am excited. We will build a small home there and live there 3 months in the summer/fall. Our primary residence will still be in Florida. The lot is not on the lake, but not a problem for me, it is right across the street and we have a small view. Plus we have access to a dock at one of the friends houses close to our lot so it will be convenient for us to keep the boat there.

BESH - I watch Desperate Housewives also... I love it. It is kinda a cross between twin peaks and knots Landing. I may be giving my age away here. It seems quirky like twin peaks and the neighborhood setting reminds me of knots landing.

I am currently watching Jeopardy right now want to see if Ken breaks the record.

Suzanne. I have been in the 3 friend situation for many years...We have all felt that way more than once. I too feel I am too sensitive sometimes when I feel left out. Hormones or not. Regarding your jaw injection, I too had a similar problem not long ago I wrote about it here. Sounds like you got a bad injection and they hit the wrong spot. I feel your pain.

If newbies are allowed....I would love to be in the present exchange....sounds interesting and fun.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care....


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Lyn - you aren't a newbie anymore. I was wondering where you have been. Congrats on the lot you purchased. Building a house is so exciting. A friend asked me to describe Desperate Housewives and I mentioned Twin Peaks too - that is funny.

Tikanis - my washer is running right now. I'm having company tomorrow and I had to change the sheets on one of the beds. I sometimes drift off to my DD's room, when I can't get back to sleep in the middle of the night and don't want to wake DH up. Just when I thought I was finally caught up with the laundry.

Just got back from my painting class. I love this painting, but tonight everyone (including me) came to realize it looks a lot like the first one.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good Morning All,

Tikanas, it's hard to imagine being able to garden all winter long! That would be nice but I would miss other things about winter if I could garden.

Lynn, it's good to hear from you. Congrats on your land purchase. It sounds like a nice place to retreat to. When do you start building? Have you decided on a plan or style?

My face is feeling better. The bruises are slowly fading but still very visible. The swelling and pain are virtually gone. My dentist did call me and I did call him Dr. Evil! He said that it's amazing to him that it doesn't happen more often because of the structure of the mouth and how many tiny capillaries are in the mouth. He said that it only takes a miniscule knick to cause this. I guess I will forgive him!! LOL

The dark comes so quickly now and it's going to get worse before it gets better! The sky is also so big and the stars feel like you could reach up and grab them. On my last trip to the barn now, which is usually around 6:30, I can see the big dipper hanging right over the trees in the pasture. It's so neat and looks like if I had a step ladder that I could climb right in. At least there is alot of beauty in the darkness of this time of year!

We have a big meeting today. We are launching a new e-commerce site at Equine Affaire next week called The people setting this up for us are going to teach us about what it actually is and how we can sell it! Should be interesting.

I have to run and try to get something done before 10!!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good THURSDAY morning!

Tikanas, your garden sounds wonderful, but I too would miss the changing of the leaf colors here each fall. I like the change in seasons, although you will all (again and again and again) hear me b*tch about the snow and ice this year. LOL!

Suzanne, I was in my family room (which has 11 windows, 2 french doors and 2 skylights) watching the sunrise this morning. The room faces the lake which is surrounded by these vibrant-colored trees. The sky was pink, then dark pink, then almost red...spectacular. I was in a trance and almost forgot to leave for the office!!! All I needed was some sort of classical music to go along with it, but I had Howard Stern droning on about something! LOL!!! Hope your meeting goes well.

I've been so busy at home lately that I'm getting forgetful. Last evening I picked up one of my perscriptions at the pharmacy. After dinner, I started to open the bottle to place the pills into my 'mon-tue-wed' type plastic container with my other pills, and I noticed they were wrong!! I called the pharmacy after reading the label---the kid had given me another Donna's pills! I specifically spelled my last name, but he wanted to know my first name and first 2 initials of last name. I was sooo mad that I had to go back in the middle of baking (for a bridal shower), trying to pack, etc! Why don't people listen? When I went back, I started to spell my last name and again he said "first name"? I said, "Please go by my last name; you gave me the wrong meds earlier this evening". Then I got that annoyed "look". grrrrrrrrrr

OK, I'm finished with the rant.

Hope everyone is having a good week, especially our lurkers. gotta get back to my budget reports.

Hello to Maddie, BJ, Besh, Amy, Patti & Dave, Gretchen, Joanne, John, Jen, Lyn, Marci, KY Susie---EVERYONE!!

Make today count.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Hi All:
I am in for the christmas exchange.

Maddie: I sent you email I hope you got it.

Patti: Heading down to Florida on the 26th golf, let's try and meet somewhere. I'll be in Titusville, Cocoa Beach area for a week and then going to Myrtle Beach. Let me know if it's possible to meet somewhere, I would love to finally meet my friend in person!!!

I've had a terrible few weeks, very good friend died in a horrific fire, while her sister and best friend stood outside the cottage and couldn't save her.

Just busy working, curling and still golfing. Raining like crazy here today. Going to a Junior A hockey game tonight and tomorrow. (I am a true Canadian)!!!!!!

Hope all are well and recovered from the election this week.
Have been following the Bush/Kerry debates and news throughout as it really does have an impact on Canadians.

Take care,

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Joanne - I was flipping through the channels the other night and I saw something that reminded me of you immediately - it was curling, but they were sliding their bodies on the ice to move the stone - it was a tongue and cheek thing, but it was funny and then I saw a bumper sticker in our town, think it said "curling is cool" LOL. Glad to hear from you, but so sorry about your friend - very sad.

Dee - what a dangerous mistake to be given the wrong medicine, thank goodness you knew what your's looked like. Glad you told the guy that he made a mistake. I am surprised you just don't have a suitcase on standby all packed and ready to go - you are always packing!!!

I have friends coming late tonight and we will hang out together tomorrow, then catch up with them on Saturday in VT to watch their son play college hockey, plus both DD's are coming home for the weekend.

I haven't been able to SS this week, as the antibiotic I am taking upsets my stomach a bit and I find I have to eat crackers and pretzels all day.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Hey All,

Maddie, count me in on the Christmas exchange.

Things are busy here. DH won another trip to Hawaii, so we will be at the big island on January 5-10. Does anyone know which island Amy lives on?

Better run.


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

It's GREAT to see you all posting today!

[[[[[[[[[[[Joanne]]]]]]]]]]]]]], so sorry about your friend. How sad for her friends and family; sending comfort and good thoughts your way.

Jen, I'm not sure where Amy lives, but I'll bet BJ will get back to you soon. :-) Congrats to Galen on the trip!!

I'm down 10 pounds lost on this version of WW; a total of 30 pounds this year (since February). I should be more excited, but I have 50 pounds to go; that's the size of a little kid!!! LOL

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Jen - Amy lives on Kauai. Congrats on the big win - that is great and I'm sure you will love Hawaii.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Hi all!

Lynn--you aren't a newbie! :) And we'd love to have you in the exchange!! Ohio is very pretty, isn't it? And your lot sounds great--one of Rog's cousins lives like that, and they love it! Indiana's record largemouth bass was caught at the lake they live on--and lemme tell ya--I've been out to break that record for years! LOL!

Jen---congrats! I'd loove to go to HI; I've seen pics, and it's soo awesome--

Marci--I get more done, too, but I figure it will be there when I get off here! LOL!!! (And drat it, it usually is!!)

Besh--hmmmm.... guys in thongs? I may just hafta make a visit one Halloween! :) I saw a guy in a tiny mini skirt that showed more of his butt crack than I ever wanted to see; he had on a tube top as well, and was waiting tables. (I'm not sure just where he was going with this look, but it was not working! Although, I do admire his... umm... 'gumption' to wear that in public!LOL!)

NHSuzanne--heck no! There are some decent places in Louisville, but nothing like Memphis. Louisville does have some great restaurants--some have been featured on Food TV, and The Travel Channel, but for ribs--oooweee--give me the Rendevous! :)

On to French Lick--did we ever decide a date(s)? JC--we probably need to nail down dates--

Well, Rog and I just came back from Fort Knox (home of the GOLD) after setting up for a weekend Christmas sale that's being held on post. Yunmmy--I just love men in uniforms! And I am so proud to see the men and women that serve. Makes me wish I could have/would have 20 years ago. Bless 'em!

I go to Gary,IN tomorrow until Sunday for the auctioneer's convention. I'm looking forward to this--last year wa a last! :) I'm rooming with a lady auctioneer, and I have this horrible fear of snoring like a bull moose in rut (and yes, I can shake the paint off of barns--keep that in mind for Frenck Lick, ladies!! LOL). I'll be back on Sunday--



RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good Morning All,

Jen, congrat to your DH. Hopefully, you won't be as worried as you were last year!

Joanne, I am sorry about your friends. How awful and tragic.

Maddie, there has to be some decent ribs somewhere around French Lick????? How far is Rendevous??

DeeMarie, good for you on your weight loss! I am glad WW is working so well for you. I am happy that you are able to take time to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise! We all get so busy in our lives that we forget to pay attention to those things.

Raeanne, have fun with your friends this weekend.

Time to go back to the barn............then work.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good Morning.

DeeMarie - Big Congrats on the weight loss!!!!! I wish I would follow in your footsteps. I start one day and by the next day I am off the WOE. I am a wimp when it comes to willpower. But I really do have the best intentions. I need to hear a little cheering out there ladies......"YOU CAN DO IT" (say it with the accent like in the waterboy movie). LOL

Maddie - the lake is called Roaming Shores, it is in a SMALL and I mean SMALL community in Rock Creek, Ohio. It is in the country. Where the Bison Farms, Alpaca and LLama Ranches are. Amish community's are closer than the nearest grocery store. I really am looking forward to it. We do not even have the place built and I am already picking out quilts and such to decorate. LOL.

Jen - Nice trip to have won!!!!! Hope you have a great time!

I am looking forward to this weekend. No plans at all and I am happy about it. So, we will just fly by the seat of our pants. Even if we do not do anything, it will be fine! I have been catching up on all the sleep I lost over last weekend when I was in Ohio. So hopefully I am done catching up and can enjoy the weekend. It is finally supposed to cool down to the 80's this weekend, with no humidity. GREAT! So we will be able to enjoy the outdoors again.

Well gotta go back to work.... Take care and DeeMarie keep up the good work.....and anyone else with the weight loss currently going on.


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good FRIDAY morning! Aren't Fridays the very best?!!!

FRENCH LICK QOD: I believe we all decided on the weekend of April 23-24, 2005. That is what I put into my calendar, and I've been working around that date in my scheduling. I will probably arrive on Friday, April 22; however, if everyone wants to make it a long weekend using Monday, I'm OK with that. Either way, I have April 22-25 clear in my calendar. Still working on those extra 50 pounds.......LOL

I've got to rework budget reports before I leave here. The Finance group is busting my you-know-whats over year-end stuff.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Good Morning ...long time no post BUT I am reading when I have time.

Christmas Exchange - I'm in!

French Lick - I'm out. I will be in San Diego for my oldest DS's Police Academy graduation.

Diet - I am doing very well on WW. I actually really love the program and it is working for me. I needed accountability and I was not good at all. I love food and as much as I loved some of the low carb diets...I cheated too easily because I missed some on the things that I loved to eat. On WW, I can have a potato, banana, popcorn...etc. I am not putting down low carb, it works for some but I don't remember the last time I lost 10 pounds so easily. I am doing their Core plan and I don't count points unless it is a treat like a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, fat free chips or something like that. I have to pay each week to get weighed and I find the meetings pretty good. I am doing with the SO and he is losing too. He needed to lose weight and I really was not into making different meals for each of us so I said I would do WW with him. He is losing too and being as competitive as I am...I think it keeps me on task.

Work - BUSY and I lost my assistant so I have twice as much work again to do.

Working out - I work in an office full of IT geeks. I was talking to one of them the other day and he was telling me about this program for the XBox. ( Video Game Machine ) It is called Yourself Fitness. It is like having a personal trainer. It creates different work outs for you according to your fitness level. It keeps you interested because the workouts change all the time. They even ask you what kinds of other workout items you have and incorporate that into the workout. ( weights, fitness ball, step ) I am seriously considering this because I really want to get back into shape. My car accident in 03 has really messed up my back. I haven't worked out since then because it seems like any little thing give me sciatica. I put on 10 pounds on top of what I needed to lose and that only added to having low self esteem about myself. I have one of the momentus birthdays next year and I really really want to look good for it.

Kids -They are all well and happy! I cannot ask for more. I really feel blessed each day because they are so good and well adjusted.

Alright - I wrote more than I thought I would have time for! Hello to all and prayers for those who need them!


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th


Just a quick Hi to everbody then I am outta here! I am running a banquet for 200 on Sunday and there is much preparation to be done!

Joanne, I am so sorry for your loss.

Jen, Congrats on your trip to HI.

DeeMarie, wow! way to go girl on that weight loss!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!

Stay strong, stay well,


RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

ala Dr. Seuss
(Read this aloud- it's GREAT!)

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a part,
and the bus is interrupted at a very last resort,
and the access of the memory makes your floppy disc abort, then the
socket packet pocket has an error to report.

If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash,
and the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash, and your
data is corrupted cause the index doesn't hash, then your situation's
hopeless and your system's gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house,
says the network is connected to the button on your mouse, but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol, that's repeatedly
rejected by the printer down the hall.

And your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss, so your
icons in the windows are as wavy as a souss; then you may as well
reboot and go out with a bang, cuz sure as I'm a poet, the sucker's
gonna hang.

When the copy on your floppy's getting sloppy in the disk, and the
macro code instructions is causing unnecessary risk, then you'll have
to flash the memory and you'll want to RAM your ROM, and then
quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom!

Well, that certainly clears things up for me. How about you??

Thank you Bill Gates...

Tikanas ( actual author unknown)

I thought you all might like this!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
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RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Joanne~ Whoa. I am thinking of you today and have been for the past several days. A fire is so much loss, but then to lose the human souls within the building as well is overwhelming. I really don't know what to say to you- no words. My house burned up when I was 7 and we 6 kids were split up to stay with families in the village while our house was rebuilt. We lost possessions, photos, everything, but always felt thankful there were no greater losses. When I read your post, I was chilled. Please let us know if you need support, if you feel lonely, or if you feel extreme grief. It's so sad. Please know we're wrapping our thoughts and hugs around you now. ~BJ


I haven't had a chance to read all the posts, but I'm checkin' in with my Sunday laundry report. 4 loads and counting... I probably have about 11 loads total. Sunday is towels, sheets, blankies, and then clothes. Whew!

Now I am off to the bakery to p/u a Barbie cake for my 6 yr old's party today. We're having 15 kindies from her class at Michael's Craft Store for a party. They have a party room and the girls are making tea trays today - lots of paint and glitter, I imagine.

I'll get a 2 week break before my older one turns 14. She's having 30 or so kids here and an old friend of mine from the entertainment biz is going to bring DJ equip over and set up a party. We're having it the day after Thanksgiving.

All for now.....

Stay safe and eat right.

Raeanne - check in with your dirty laundry.

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

*^%$# just lost a post....

DeeMarie - I am thinking of taking an Alaska Cruise in the spring - any suggestions? which cruise line, etc.

BJ - I didn't partake in any laundry today LOL. I hope DD had a wonderful birthday today. Sounds like the 14 yr old to be is a party girl - I bet it will be a lot of fun.

Had fun with my company and had both DD's home this weekend, so things were a bit wild. I am exhausted now!

RE: SS Support Nov.1st through Nov.7th

Raeanne, I'll be on the Infinity on May 28 for 11 nights!!! Let me know if you'll be there too! LOL

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