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Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Posted by wild_chicken (My Page) on
Mon, Sep 6, 10 at 12:17


Happy LABOR Day!

I am at work today for a while. Then back home to my new little girls! My 22 y.o. DD is watching them for the morning so I can squeeze some work in! We're job-sharing since we received the new additions.

I sent some pics of my new little angels around but didn't have everyone's addresses, so those of you who received them, feel free to forward them to others in THIS group.

Have a wonderful day!

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Okay, it's only Tuesday and already I've had a friend try to sell me HerbaLife Diet Plan and another friend dropped off a sample of Sensa Diet Plan and a booklet. Great way to start off the week.

Is it THAT obvious that I need to lose weight?

And to top it off, gas prices are ridiculous! I put 5 gallons in my tank to the tune of $18.37!! $3.65 a gallon - what are the gas prices on the mainland these days? I haven't been off the rock since The beginning of August! YIPES!

Well, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my dear ole dad. He gets released today, leg intact, and on swing crutches. It's a miracle-really.

Check in, okay? I get lonely out here all by myself.

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Hi Beege!

Glad to hear the good news about your dad! And I must have missed this, but what girls? Are you fostering them? :) You're so great! I wish I had your energy! (And gas here was $2.45 about a week ago, but someone must have needed a new vacation house or a Bugatti Veyron (top speed 253mph), and gas is $2.75.

Things are good here, but I'm in the middle of working on a microbiology project, so I don't have much time--just stopped in to say hi!

Hope all is well!



RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

BJ - the girls are precious! I am so glad they are in the best of hands with you. I just received a package from my DD today and in it was a bar of Pelindaba lavendar soap from Friday Harbor and an ULU knife from Anchorage. Can't wait to try them both out, probably not at the same time though. Hope your dad continues to heal quickly.

Sounds like everyone has done a lot of summer reading. I just started the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I know, everyone else in the world has read it already LOL. I was waiting for both DDs to finish it and send it to me. I have the 2nd one as well. DD#2 is reading book 3.

Marci - Hope everything went smoothly for you.

Maddie - Congrats on your test scores, as always. I am impressed by the Bugatti Veyron reference LOL. I had a 4 Runner and it was one of my favorite vehicles.

Tikanis - are you still kayaking the high seas?

What a big surprise to come here and find Dee on yet another cruise.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I promise to get back here more often now that things are settling down at work and play.

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Tikanas and Raeanne - Guess what I did this weekend?

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Marci! That's it! I am firing up my kayak and posting a picture asap. You look like you're having WAY too much fun! Raeanne, Tikanis, you're up!

Raeanne - We're in FULL Lavender harvest - little purple seeds EVERYWHERE!

Maddie - U R 2 PHUNNIE!

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Oh wow! SO much is going on here! I can hardly catch up! Bj, I am so happy to hear about your Dad, first off. I LOVE miracles : ) I didn"t get any pics (sniff) I feel left out : ( ; )

Maddie, have you gotten your "unknowns" in Micro yet? Did you get to pick them yourself? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours Ha ha!

MARCI!! Way to go! Did you have too much fun, or what?? Now, ladies... the plan is for us all to kayak TOGETHER next time! Maybe George would come along and bring FRIENDS if he knew Maddie would be coming along! Marci, you look wonderful.

Raeanne, I haven't read that book either yet... me next!

Had to have an xray of left knee to clear me for duty on a project. EVERYONE (but me) was surprised to see that all the former severe tissue damage seems to have resolved itself, as this is UNHEARD of . "You know that this is usually crippling, do you not?" I just shrugged. All forms stamped "no pre existing diagnosis noted. Error in original MD assessment most likely." I think not.... ; )

I have so much catching up to do that I don't know where to start... Overwhelmed with work this summer. Not so much patient care, but getting all of this HORRIBLE paperwork digitized and semi-automated during the "slow season" HA!
This project has taken up so much of the summer, but the end results will free me up to spend more time with patients and have a lot more free time. I owe my son, the great DIGITIZER a big thank-you as he goes off to UCLA in 2 weeks. I owe my daughter, oh she of meticulous documentation, a debt of gratitude for refining the process this summer. And from it all, she started a new business doing documentation for home health nurses.

I owe everyone emails! Dee Marie, Mea culpa! I did NOT forget you!

Have not had much time to enjoy the new kayak, but I will be out on the water again this Saturday (maybe Friday even!) found some great places... venice beach canals, near by son's girlfriend's new apt.

I will be in NYC for a few days starting Oct 1st. and would love to see you East Coasters if possible. Any takers? I know that the city is far for some of you, but if anyone wants to come out, I could put you up with me for a nite or two?? just a thought...

Raeanne, I am already penciled in for the Girlfriend's Getaway. Just need final dates. I guess I should just go look that up! :)

BJ, I will be up your way in early April. Can I still have that flying lesson you threatened me with, er, promised me a while back?

Jenn, would love to see new pics of your girls!

Besh??? where are you as Holloween approaches?

Jan? Check in please.

Iva mae, way to go!

Milk dud, times have been hard for you this season. I admire you, so much...

See you tomorrow! Ivamae, we'll weigh in together!



RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Marci, what a cute picture - you look like you are having a ball!

BJ, also happy about your dad. I know you must be so relieved. Your lavender sounds lovely - we can't grow it down here, unfortunately.

Tikanis, have fun in your kayak. Wish I could meet you in NYC - I've only been twice but what fun I had! Such a beautiful, exciting city.

raeanne, I haven't read the book yet, either. I'm so bad about reading in spurts. Now that football season is upon us and the new shows are also starting, I will probably be reading less and less. My name is Jan and I am a couch potato.

Speaking of vices, Ivamae, where are you - it's Wednesday, and I promised I would weigh in, whether I like it or not. I've lost 8/10 of a pound of the 4 that I had gained. 163.2. Not bad, considering I ate pizza, cinnamon sticks and drank wine on Saturday while watching college football games. Still walking, though. January will make it two years. So, other than my marriage, that's the longest I've ever remained committed to something!

Have a good night, ladies.

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Here I am, better late than never. Thanks for thinking of me. I weighed the same this morning. I thought I might be down a bit but maybe next week.

I've got a question. It is not on diets but maybe you will have some suggestions. I was gifted some worsted weight yarn to make things for the homeless or charities. When I picked it up, I found that it was 100% Bernat cotton handicrafter.
It is light varigated colors. Someone suggested making bags out of it for them to carry things, but with all the stores having very cheap, strong re usable bags I can't see this as being too feasable. I can't see them wanting tons of dishcloths either. Someone else suggested scarves. Would that work out of 100%cotton? I've always used acrylic. I hope to be able to crochet whatever. I have quite a bit of arthritis in one hand and crocheting is much easier.

I like to keep my hands busy when watching T.V. I've just finished making 35 chemo caps, some knit, most crocheted and a few are a combination of both. Also the church I go to has a bazaar each year and has given me 2 ply macrame cord to make scrubbies. I have over 90 done and about 60 more to do, I think. I don't enjoy doing them as they are rough on the hands. I made myself a bunch of scrubbies from nylon netting and really like them but they are hard on tender hands as well. I hope I never lose the use of my hands and my eyesight.

Well, this is pretty lengthy but if you have any suggestions, I am all ears.
Thanks for listening ( reading)

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Marci - you have inspired me to dust my kayak off. Actually this is my favorite time of the year to go kayaking. You look very happy.

Tikanis - the girlfriends weekend is scheduled for May 13 to 15. I haven't gone live on the website because I would just like to double confirm with the hotel and plan to meet with them shortly. I can't wait until you ink it in LOL. How long are you in NYC? I may be able to meet up with you on the 3rd or 4th if you are still in town.

Ivamae - I don't have much experience with the cotton, but maybe something for babies would work well.

Suzanne - where are you??? I miss you.

Jan - LOL about your commitment to walking. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on Saturday LOL

Having a small party tomorrow evening, so I am busy cleaning and cooking.

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Happy Wednesday!

At least I think it's Wednesday, I am so goofed up with the holiday.

BJ, great news about your dad. Like Tikanis I didn't get pics either :-(

Marci, you look like you are having a blast!

Maddie, congrats on those test scores.

I have to catch up - I have been bad. I do know Dee is on a cruise but forget where she went.

The Girlfriend Weekend sounds great to me - I will have to check on date too.

Weigh in tomorrow night - so far down 12 lbs on WW!!

Love and hugs to all - will be back (really). I need to post new pics of the doggies.


RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Hi all!

4am and I'm up preparing for class. Which I should have last night, and I did, but about an hour ago, I woke up and realized that I forgot to do something. And now i'm wide awake! :) I do have a load of laundry going, at least.

Marci--what a great pic! That looks like so much fun; I've never even been in a canoe, though. I see people on the Ohio kayaking around, and I always think how brave they are, with all of the barges and river traffic.

Tikanis-- "unknowns"?! Are you kidding me? Are they like the mathmathetical concept of imaginary numbers? I have enough trouble with stuff that I know, much less things that are unknown! LOL!! I'm glad you've beat your paperwork down; I can't imagine. I remember the paperwork involved with filing Medicaid and private insurance, and that was bad enough. (Self taught, here. Nothing like trying to teach yourself coding. No wonder coders make so much; heaven knows they deserve it!)

Things are good here. I, unfortunately, have picked up about 8 pounds. The fact that I ate way my through the past 6 weeks or so **probably** doesn't have a thing to do with it (insert much eyerolling here!). I am disgusted with myself, and I vow to stop this madness, and get back on track. It's almost like a trainwreck--I know that I'm gaing weight and how hard it is to get (and keep) off, and yet I keep shoving food into my piehole. I think I'm trying to """reward""" myself for this past summer, but I've pickeda really bad way to do it. You think I'd know this. Sigh.


Gad! I'd got to get off of here, and go back to bed--hope all is well!



RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Maddie - I came home from a very LOUD and hectic first day of preschool with the 3 year olds and promptly went looking for something chocolate! Found a bag a dark chocolate M&Ms and ate them before I could talk myself out of it. Knew I shouldn't have, but did it anyway! Hope this is a great school year for you.

BJ - I would love to see pictures of "the new fosters". You can email me through GW. Hope your Dad continues to improve.

NHSuzanne - Where are you? We miss you!

Raeanne, Tikanas and all - I did have a blast kayaking, but I probably won't get to go again until next fall. My brother owns the kayaks and he lives four hours away in York, PA. But that was my first time in a kayak and he was a great teacher. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and I could have stayed out on the lake for hours, enjoying the blue sky and calm water.

Gotta run and finish getting ready for preschool. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be MIA. There has been so much going on here lately! Glad to see everyone posting.

Raeanne, please tell me when the girlfriend weekend is too. I definitely want to go next year. Or is it this year?

Marci you look like you are having a blast! Thanks for posting.

Tikanis, I hope you can get to a point where you can enjoy your kayaking soon!

BJ, I am so happy to hear your good news and that you are posting here again regularly!



Yup, that's right! I rode the divine Miss Pea. We went camping for her first time since last year. We both had a great time and she was SO happy to be doing things with her girlfriends. That's my friend Linda on the left riding Casey the Amazing! There are many horse people that I know who doubted they would ever see Miss Pea out and about again...well we surprised them that's for sure. She went like nothing had ever happened. I cannot tell you how happy I am. We stayed at the ranch of a family that rescues wild Mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management and then gentles them and places them in good homes. It takes very special humans to gentle a Mustang that has been rounded up and betrayed by mankind. They find it hard to trust humans again. They get separated from their families, mothers from babies during these roundups and it's very sad. The Kokals are working hard to change some that. They were awe inspiring and very generous and fun hosts. We had a blast.

What is everyone doing this weekend.

RE: Daily SS Support - Sept 6th to Sept 12th

NHSuzanne! YOU LOOK GREAT! And so does the "Pea!" So glad to see you back!!!! Pic is AWESOME!!!!!!

I'm just popping in for a second - back later when I can borrow my DD's laptop!

See message from AMY below!

from amy!!!!

[This message FROM AMY IN HAWAII originated at GardenWeb]

Hi BJ :

I'm sending this to you because the site isn't letting me post. I signed in and all, but it just keeps taking me back to the home page. I was happy to read about the two little girls, and see you are as busy as ever. Where are you now? Here is what I was trying to post. Maybe you can post it for me:

Hi all...

I know it's been awhile since I posted because it was before I got this computer, and I was without one for a couple of months. Don't know how I survived that :)

I don't feel up to writing a lot, but I did read. I needed it tonight, as I feel sad about a few things. Nothing tragic or anything - I just don't feel well, and Heather's been ill for a couple of months. The vet said she has hyperthyroidism, which he said many older cats get. Funny to think of her as older now. She was only six weeks when I got her, and she has always been a good cat. Funny to think of me as older, too :)

BJ, not surpised that you are taking on yet another humanitarian enterprise, and I wish I had your energy, too. You'd think the weight would fall off with all you do, but seems like it has a mind of its own sometimes.

Anyway, I thought I'd say hi this time instead of reading and running off. I'll try to come back soon and share more.

Take care, eat healthy, and drink your water,
Love ya'all (((HUGS))))

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