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SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Posted by wild_chicken (My Page) on
Mon, Aug 6, 07 at 13:18

Good Monday Morning!

What's your plan for the week?

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RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Morning Wild Chicken!

I made a huge fruit salad(Sam's Club has great prices on fruit)and I plan on keeping up my cardio (track & walking) and working out w/ weights - so far so godd!

Have a great week!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Kate~I'm so glad that you are posting!

BJ~Thanks for starting us out. I think that it is great that you would like to be a foster parent. I think of it often but since we don't have children at home anymore & are now into the grandchildren phase, I don't know.

Raeanne~You are on, GF. We will definitely have to stop by for a clam bake.

Now, goils, Kate has posted & everyone else should be checking in. LOL We had our friends that used to live here, then moved to TN, then moved to MO, & now live in TX by our DSs come by Saturday. We went with them & visited with their Aunt. She is German & such a sweetheart. We had already met her & we'll be going back now without them. Then I had a migraine yesterday & today. I don't know why I cannot seem to knock these things. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :) Dave & I are trying to SS/cut out as many of the bread starches as possible. I've got to do something. I don't want to look like this anymore! Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Hello all,

Kate, welcome. I hope that you stay with us. It is always nice to have some new faces!

BJ, are you on the island permanently now? It sounds like it would be wonderful. Other than the construction and the washer/dryer situation are things going well? A move is never easy. And yes, DH was still the boat b*tch Saturday night. He had the blender going and was making frozen concoctions for everyone!

Dee, I have never been to a Margaritaville restaurant. There was one next door to one of the restaurants we ate at in Virginia, but nobody was in the mood and we opted for Italian food instead. Maybe next visit. I don't know of any around me.

My plans for the week are to stay on track with WW. I really want to have a good weigh in this week. I am going to be busy with DS helping him paint benches, so hopefully that will work off some calories!

Have a good evening!

Love, Besh

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Good TUESDAY morning!

This week I'm going back to what works for me. That is to stop and think about each snack that I want to have and what I pack for my lunch. Breakfast and dinner planning is natural, but that period before and after dinner are harming my WOE.

Doc told me yesterday that my spinal stenosis is a mild case. He checked the strength in my legs and is holding off for now on the physical therapy. I need to continue to exercise sensibly (walking on flat surfaces and ab toning) and monitor how many Advils I need per week. Currently, I only take between 6 and 8 per week because the pain gets that bad; however if I need to increase it, he wants to know. Good news on that front.

BJ, let me know how that line works out. My mom used it whenever she could despite the dryer in the basement. Good luck on your remodel.

Kate, I love fruit salad and try to make it more during the summer. The melons and nectarines just rock during the summer months!

Make today count!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Helloooooooooo!! I'm back. Exhausted but happy! I posted a picture in the album of the little angel that I fell in love with.

Patti - Now I REALLY can't wait until I can enjoy having my own grandchild to spoil! Glad you had a nice trip. Don't your arms just ache when you have to leave?

Kate - Welcome to the group! Besh is right, it is so nice to have some new "faces" among us.

My trip was so nice and all the problems that I thought might arise, never materialized. My MIL and I had a great time and I felt good that I could help her (she is 86) see her great-grandchildren (2 for the first time).

I need to empty my suitcase and go for groceries, but I wanted to check in first. I need to get back to my good eating habits. It was hard to eat right this week and I ate way too many starches. So I am off to buy some fresh fruit and veggies and some lean meat!

It is so nice to see this board hopping again! I'll post again later and catch up on the posts from last week.


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Hi Guys,

Question(s) of the Week:


A: I have no exercise plan. I did, sort of, when my kids were in school but summertime wreaked havoc on that! I feel ike I need to do my exercise first thing in the morning b/c I do not accomplish it if I wait for another part of the day. And once DH gets off work in the evening, he doesn't want me to leave his side! That's a GOOD thing, considering he was considering he leaving me-literally-a couple of years ago! LOL! But I'm gaining weight!


A: Right now, I devote zero days to planned exercise. I plan everything else very carefully, but when it come to exercise, it's not on my daily planner. I feel like taking an hour and a half (1 hour of exercise and a helf hour afterward to put myself back together is TOO MUCH!)


A: I feel like less than an hour a day, 3 to 5 times a week, is not doing much good, even though logically, it is. I have to mentally break myself of this type of thinking---HOW?!?!? I also am a HUGE procrastinator. I envision myself exercising and being all healthy about it, but then the day goes by and I haven't exercised---AGAIN!

Let's brainstorm for some ideas on how we can fit more exercise into our lives!!! I need some serious motivation! Days keep going by and I'm still not getting enough concentrated physical activity. Since it's the key to weight loss, I want to find creative ways to incorporate it.

I meant to check back in yesterday, but I got caught up in a few things and ran out of time! So....

Hi Kate! You sound highly motivated---so do you, Patti! How do you do it and STAY motivated? Rewards? Personal gratification? Just pure mental motivation? Feeling good? What?!?!?! : - )

Besh: I am not living on the island...YET. But I am spending a large amount of time here this summer. I travel back and forth---it's 7 hours door to door and takes a lot of time, but worth it. I'll put the house on the market next April and post a link here. Then I'll move in June, after our oldest-at-home graduates. Our 19-yr old is already living on the island with DH when she's not in college. She LOVES it!

Dee: I think the only "famous" restaurants I've eaten at are Bubba Gump Shrimp in Hawaii...and the Space Needle restaurant...and the Blue Lagoon Cafe at DisneyLand! Glad you guys had a good time!

Well, I'm going to get fingerprinted for my FBI check today and then I'll paint the kitchen floor green, amonst other things--like making a bazillion phone calls. But first, a bike ride, right? said you'd chack back...WHERE R U?

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Marci: Hi! I must have been writing my "book" when you posted...

WELCOME home from your trip!!!

And, of course, Where the duece are YOU, Raeanne?

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

To answer your questions WC. It's HARD to make time, but you HAVE to do it. If it were easy, we'd all look like super models! I do it b/c I know it works! My hubby and I go out for wings and a few beers at "least" 2 nights a week. I know w/o working out, I could NOT do that! I LOVE when people come up to you and ask you if you work out regularly - "That" in a nutshell is my motivation.

Hubby's as much into working out as I am so it makes it a LOT easier! Yeah, there are days when we don't feel like it, but we push ourselves.

Desparate Housewives REALLY motivated me also. Look at ALL the women on that show, sure they have access to plastic surgery. But when it comes to weight, they are human! THEY have to workout to look like that! I made up my mind, if they can do it, SO can I.

I used to teach a body sculpting class, so if you guys have any questions shoot 'em past me. But for now, let's just keep pushing each other. And get PO'd at ourselves if we don't try to find an hour here and an hour there!

Honestly, 3 solid hours a week is a great start...

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12


KEEPING ON TRACK: I have a set "date" at 6am with my neighbor (except Sunday). We meet outside in the street and begin to walk around the lake. Because we both work fulltime, we only have 25-30 minutes to spare, so we shortcut it across 2 foot bridges across the pennisula. However, it is something, and it's over and done with by 6:45am!

FITTING OTHER EXERCISE IN DURING THE DAY: Easy for me. My corporation is h3ll-bent on getting us motivated. There are signs on the elevator telling us how many calories we could expend if we take the stairs. There are stations throughout all 3 buildings with weights and stretch bands, complete with instructions for 5-minute breaks. The Fitness Center has classes and is open from 5:30am until 7:00pm. We have free lunch time seminars with nutritionists and cardio nurses on portion control, fat gram counting, and healthful eating and living. It's all there for me. I just need to fit it in and then live it!

I ALWAYS FEEL GREAT AFTER EXCERCISING! WHY DON'T I DO IT? Because I feel I have to put aside stuff for me to do for others. I let it get in my way, but I should not. If I feel better, I'll be able to do MORE for others. Why don't I? Because I need BJ to get her high-heeled boots to kick me when I have that bad thinking going on in my head!

I need to dance again.....dancing makes me happy. I danced from the time I was 18 months old, but I don't do enough of it.

Whew, I feel like I had a workout, BJ!!!

Attention JEN...

Jen, please keep your eye out for a package.


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

BJ - you are only back a short time and already talking to yourself!

Kate - welcome and thanks for offering to help with questions about working out.

QOD - I work out with a trainer twice a week. The other days I try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio. My cardio is either walking/jogging, treadmill, eliptical or kayaking. For me the key is to do it first thing in the morning. It has just become part of my routine and I don't have time to "find" excuses to not do it. I may start including yoga/pilates into my normal routine.

Dee - your company would love the Adirondack Extreme I did. All the activities/obstacles are done in the trees with swings, ziplines, wobbly bridges, rock walls, etc.

Marci - welcome back. I will go check out the photo.

Patti - I hope your migraine is gone.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Kate - welcome! Glad you joined us! You seem really motivated about exercising - I know you can only be good for me!

Welcome home Marci and Patti!

QOD: I am trying to walk daily but am not yet in the "swing" of it but I plan to be. Dee, I used to walk early in the morning with my neighbor but she moved. I need a new buddy.
I am planning to incorporate weights for my arms and crunches on the ball in the very near future. I feel great when I have exercised and guilty when I don't. I feel guilty cause I know the loser is me. As I keep losing weight my energy level is rising so I hope that will motivate me more. BJ, I don't devote any time either to exercise but I do think it's important. I think all that stuff about making an appointment with yourself really does work, I just have to do it!

Late night at work, early morning tomorrow. Will check back in later.


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Good Morning,

BJ, "you ask good questions Grasshopper"! I don't know if I can answer them. I don't exercise, I should, but I don't. I sometimes go through spurts when I will walk every morning, then I don't go for a day or two and I don't get back into it for months later. I have no excuses, I just don't do it. I think the best question you asked was "I ALWAYS FEEL GREAT AFTER EXCERCISING! WHY DON'T I DO IT?" I think I am basically lazy and can always find something else to do to avoid exercising. I know this does not help in your quest to find exercising answers, and I hoping that someone elses answers will help me as well.

Marci, you look so relaxed and content in the picture. It is a wonderful photo! Welcome back.

Well we painted 50 park benches and picnic tables yesterday and have 17 more to go and then have to paint the white on all of the park benches. I was bent over for so long yesterday that it was painful to be upright last night! DS is pleased that there is an end in sight to his project. Me too!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Well, after I bragged about my 6am date with the neighbor, I had to reneg this morning. We had horrific thunder, lightening, and rain for over 2 hours. Now I'm going to take a stroll around 2 of the buildings for about 10 minutes. If I do that 3 times today, it will total 30 minutes. Checking out the pedometer (oh yes, we get free pedometers and are encouraged to put 10,000 steps on them each day). Yesterday, I got up to 9,475 before bedtime.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

I was just thinking yesteday that it was so good to be home and now I just finished booking a flight to see DD in Lafayette, LA. I will leave next Thursday and come home on the 22nd. Then I am going camping with my family on Labor Day weekend and will start school on Sept. 4th. I am beginning to feel a time crunch! LOL

Besh - I can't begin to tell you just how content I was. I instantly fell in love with that baby and her siblings. They only knew me through phone calls and letters, but we bonded the instant I stepped into their house. The baby was just a sweetheart and I could have held her all day! (In fact, I think I did! LOL) And I know what you mean about your back. After a full day of bending over pre-schoolers, I can barely stand up straight when I get home. I really do try not to bend over, but sometimes it just can't be helped.

BJ - See Besh's answer? Mine is the same. LOL I used to love walking and now I can't seem to get motivated. I don't sleep well (thanks to menopause) and my feet hurt (thanks to plantar fasciitis) and even though I know I should do something, I can't seem to get started. I am hoping that something you guys say will motivate me!!!

DeeMarie - You always seem motivated and I envy you your company's attitude towards exercise. I would do more if I had someone pushing me into it.

Patti - I hope you are feeling better today. I am flying to Lafayette through Houston, TX. That will be my first time in TX. On 8/24 my DS is flying into LA to see DD and they are driving to Houston to meet her DBF, who will drive down from Duncan, OK to Houston. My DS planned this trip around a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game in Houston. He'll do anything to see his home team play. LOL

Donna - I also used to walk with my neighbor and then she moved. Then I met a gentleman who was staying with his nephew and we started walking, but then the nephew moved. Maybe we will both get some much needed motivation from this board.

NHSuzanne - Where are you????? Did I miss something and you are away with Sweet Pea somewhere??

Raeanne - Did your California girl make it home? Was your DH surprised by her visit?

Kate - Everything you said made so much sense. I used to feel just like you do and I need a push to get back to that place. It just gets harder and harder the longer you get away from it. Any suggestions for a quick body toning routine using free weights? I think I would like to start there.

Gotta run and get to the post office. DD needs some papers for her job and I want to get them out today.


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Marci - CA Girl comes home tomorrow afternoon and I can hardly contain myself. I don't think Rich has a clue - I just know he is going to burst into tears when he sees her. Thanks for asking. I bet you can't wait to see DD. I love that the trip revolves around a baseball game - you gotta love guys and their priorities LOL.

Besh - I can't believe that you painted that many benches - did you remember to put Wet Paint signs on them or does everyone in your neighborhood look like escaped cons from the back LOL. I hope your back is feeling better - that definitely isn't a normal position to be in.

I was wondering if I missed that Suzanne was going on a trip too.

Kate - I would never give up working out with my trainer. It has become so much a part of my routine that I just do it.

BJ - good to have your QOD's back too!

I had a Dr. appt today and although my weight is up 2 lbs since the last time - all my stats are very good.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Hello everyone,

I think I left town last week without saying goodbye! Sorry.
I was on the big boat in Maine. It was the annual outing on DFIL's big yacht to never, never land. We went to Maine this year instead of Nantucket and I have to say I love Maine but I really missed Nantucket. Oh well.

I have been back since yesterday but I am swapped at work!! of course!

BJ - you are certainly back with a bang! I cannot answer your questions........I don't stay on track and I don't have a plan! LOL I get alot of exercise but apparently not enough! Between barn chores, lawn chores, and housework! I don't have alot of time left. I get up at 4 am in the summer to get my riding in early before the heat of the day! I have an incredibly long day and while I "know" I should take a walk or something I don't. To motivate myself I wear my pedometer almost all the time and I average more than 10,000 steps a day! Still, it's not enough because I really don't lose weight! It's frustrating. I am very active though.

Marci, glad you had a great trip. I will check out your photo when I get home. I went to the Dr. yesterday and I have plantar fasciitis! She said it was probably brought on by my walking around in my flip flops all weekend. Oh God, and now I have to think about wearing "sensible" shoes.....I can't bear the thought! LOL

Besh, the fun never stops with those benches! Poor girl.

Kate, if I haven't said it before.WELCOME! As you can see this is a very supportive group who really care about each other.

Dee, it poured here this morning too. It interrupted my ride with Sweet Pea and company.

Raeanne, my Dr. appoint was with a new Dr. and I really liked her. She said it was unfortunate but I need to exercise more to get my weight off since menopause really slows the metabolism!! That must be the yang of menopause....or is it the ying? I never know. GRRRRRR

Speaking of Sweet Pea - we were riding yesterday morning in the fog and pea soup air. We could not see 10 feet in front of us at times. We were on a dirt road that passes right through the middle of a bog. My friend Linda was pointing her finger just about to say something when all of a sudden there was this humongous splash in the water right next to us!! The horses just about came out of their skins.......what Linda was about to say was "oh look, there's a beaver" I don't know how many of you know this but beaver will slap their tails hard on the water if feeling threatened. They slap and dive at the same time! It was really funny but for a split second I thought I was going to get catapulted into the stratosphere! Just another amusing story from the 5 am chronicles!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

I was hoping that everyone was ok from the storms in NY & NJ & it looks like everyone has checked in from the area. Glad that everyone is all right. (At least no one mentioned having any trouble.)

Marci~You & I are going to be gone at the same time. DGD's 1st birthday is on the 26th so I'll leave on the 22nd & come back on Sept. 5. I'm so excited to go & see her again. This time I'll be flying & Dave will stay home. And, yes, grandchildren are wonderful & I hope that you get to experience it firsthand soon!

BJ~Great questions & I hate my answers but I have the same things that Amy has. I don't get much exercise. It has been so miserable here too. We are in the yellow part of the country where the weather is so bad right now. I want to go to the pool but haven't made it in about 2 or 3 years. I guess since before the hurricanes of 2004.

Raeanne~I know that Rich will be beside himself. Daddy's love to have their little girls home. LOL

NH Suzanne~Menopause stinks, doesn't it?

Besh~You & your DS are to commended for doing the benches. We are proud to know you.


DeeMarie~It sounds like you work for a wonderful company!

Kate~Keep that great mental attitude. And, I'm so glad that your DH works out with you b/c it certainly helps to stay on track.

I still cannot seem to knock these migraines. It has been 4 days now. But, I had to see what was going on with the goils. Hopefully, Maddie, will check in soon. And, Jen, as well. Did anyone get in touch with John? I don't have the link to the pics, can someone send them to me @ the hotmail acct? Thanx. Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Hi goils!

Welcome Kate! Nice to have you here! :)

I've only a minute, since I'm so snowed in from work, I think I'm Miss Alaska! LOL!

Excercise? Please. I get up at 6, and get home between 7 & 8. Unless I have errands or the grocery, then it's a free-for-all when I actually do pull in the driveway. This job is killing me.....

Gotta go--got to finish billing, and then clean the kitchen and start laundry--and it's 8:30 here--



RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Patti - I sent you an email through this site. If you don't get it, let me know and I will resend it.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Good morning all,

Raeanne, I forgot to say that I will be dying to hear how DH's surprise goes! I wish I could be a fly on the wall..okay, not a fly maybe a butterfly! LOL What time does CA girl arrive?

Maddie, you really need to do something about that job. We don't want it killing you! Take care my friend.

Patti, I LOVE menopause - I hated getting there though! I still have some hot flashes but since I am now in menopause, I don't have the aches and pains that I used to! It's amazing. I used to live on Advil and now I barley use it! So for me, it's been great!

I have to put up another 120 bales of hay tonight after work and that will be it except for 50 of second cut hay which won't be cut until next months sometime. It will feel so good to have this done! Makes the animals all happy too.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

OK, Suzanne...what is "putting up bales of hay"? Please explain to this city girl. haha! I've decided that you work too hard; go out and get a manicure or something girl!!!

Marci, that baby is so cute! I used to cry when I left my sister's home when her girls were babies. She lived about 60 miles from me, and I'd be wiping tears all the way up the Garden State Parkway!

Raeanne, hope you will snap a pic of Rich when he sees her. Want that posted on our album! Sounds like loads of fun coming.

DH leaves tomorrow early for Montreal with his youngest DD for their father/daughter trip. That means I have 3 days all to myself. Looking forward to it, but I must admit, I'll miss him! :-)

BJ, how are you plans going for working out? Are you joining Lance Armstrong's team yet? ;-)


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Dee you are too funny!!! Putting up bales of hay means putting them into my truck from the field - taking them out of the truck and into my hayloft above the barn and stacking it. It goes into the loft via conveyor (thank God!!). The bales weight between 45-50 lbs! It is a ton of work but the horses have to eat! I usually have it delivered but my hay man went out of business so I decided to buy it off the field this year.........I will never do it again - it's too stressful because you have to be ready with all your help to go get it when they call. Oh well - saves lots of money but beats me up. Thank God I am strong.

I still have time for manicures! I usually get one every week and if I don't have it done I do it myself! This country girl would never dream of going out without her nails done! LOL

Feeding Horses

Suzanne, here is my solution. We order Chinese takeout for us and a huge quantity of diner oatmeal for the horses. Mix up a batch of Pina Colada's and kick back for the weekend!!!!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Sounds great! Start mixing those Pina Coladas!!! Chinese food, I never have it and right now it sounds great!!!! We don't have great Chinese places around here - too far from Boston.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner (we've had wicked storms and my power kept going out).

Anyway, here's what I do at home and you may like these too. Three good w/o a week will get you results, anymore days will be a PLUS! Although, I "try" to do cardio every day.

Legs - I don't do much with legs b/c I walk/run a lot. I do, do 25 squats & 20 push ups every morning.

Abs - Believe this or not, they're the easiest, and I do about 200-250, 3 days a week. If you split them up, 50 here, work your arms, 50 there, work something else and so on. You'll be surprised how many you can pound out, and yes, "YOU" can do them too.

Arms - Now this is where I FOCUS!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sculpted arms. All my exercises are done to fatigue.

For my delts - I use 10# dumbells, I work all 3 delt muscles (front, side, & rear).
Triceps dips - On the bench.
Behind your head Triceps pull ups - 15#
Overhead press - 15#
Isolated biceps curls - 15#
Pec flies - 15#
Bent over rows - 10# (these are the hardest for me)
Upright rows - 15#

Side bends - 50 Sit on the floor, legs spred out. Lace you figers behind your head. Lean over to the side and try to get your elbow to touch your butt.

I do all of these like, boom, boom, boom as soon as I finish one set, go straight to the next exercise. Trust me, when you finish, you're arms/abs will be rubber. Now get going girl!


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Kate~It sure is sweet of you to share your knowledge with us here. I know that all of us will gain from you. Thanks.

DeeMarie~Didn't you ever watch "Green Acres"? LOL It was funny that you mentioned Lance Armstrong b/c we are kin to him. He was my DGF's (on my DF's side), 2nd cousin, or something like that, so not real close. But, it still is fun to tell people that we are related to him.

NH Suzanne~I have gone through Menopause a couple of times, I think, at least. I haven't ever had the "gripey" part of it but I have done the night sweats & hot flashes. With my Fibromyalgia, I still have many aches & pains. I am with Dee that you work too hard.

Maddie~You are working too many hours Sis! Ya gotta, gotta have time for us! LMAO There are priorities, ya know?

Marci~I'll see if I can access this E-mail account & get that, if not, I'll let you know. I appreciate you trying. I'm hoping that I can get to it.

Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Wow!!!! I was gone for a week and WHAM the thread takes off! Great!

Welcome Kate!
BJ, glad that your back. Best wishes with the fostering.
Besh, I love the term Boat B*tch for the DH. I just may adopt that for my DH too! LOL!

I have visited my hometown twice in the last two months. My DM has a problem with alcohol. She drinks and then proceeds to target someone for her verbal abuse which includes made up items and conversations taken out of context. The person she talks about is never there to defend themselves. She is getting out of hand. She is exremely negative. I feel bad for my DF. He has had some talks with me about her problem but she is so nasty when confronted or even the subject of her drinking comes up. When we go up again, we will be staying elsewhere, but don't know how to tell her without hurting her feelings and becoming her "next" target. I have lost quite a bit of sleep over this wondering what I could do if anything. Thanks for letting me get that out!

I am looking forward to this weekend for some rest and relaxation. Going back home for visits are action packed and we are not used to it anymore.

Take care!!!!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Good Friday all!

Thank God too!! I got my hay in last night and it feels good. Only 50 more to go and not until next month! (second cut hay)

Dee, I have bruises on my thighs and my boobs LOL Some of those bales were heavy and would have to rest them on my boobs in order to hoist them above my head...........exhausting.

Lynn, I can empathize with your problem with DM drinking too much. In my case it was my DF. My whole childhood was that way and I left home at 17. Unfortunately, my mother is extremely co-dependent and our relationship has finally eroded into estrangement. I wouldn't worry about hurting her feelings if you choose to stay elsewhere..........It might be difficult but perhaps honesty on that note might be a wake up call for her. Or you can always lie and say you and DH would like some alone time. I know it's a dilemma. Perhaps a family intervention is in order. Sounds like she has a real problem and is in real denial about it too. I really and truly believe that telling your mother (when she isn't drinking) how her drinking affects not only your life but your fathers as well and any other siblings. You don't have a hope of it getting better until it starts getting talked about honestly. Good luck, I do know it's hard. I have had alcoholics in my life forever. I married two!! My DH has been clean and sober for 17 years! Both of his sons are clean and sober but have had serious drinking and drug problems! I will be thinking of you. THere is an organization called Al-Anon.

Sorry to get so heavy on a Friday but that is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Dee, are you making the Pina Coladas yet? What are we having for Chinese food?

Raeanne, I hope you get the chance to check in today!

It's raining today and I am relieved because I don't have to mow the lawn tonight!! There's always tomorrow.

QOD: what are you doing this weekend?

Here is a link that might be useful: Find an Al-anon meeting

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Lynn - Sounds like NHSuzanne gave you some good advice. I haven't personally dealt with an alcoholic, but my former neighbor and good friend has and she highly recommends Al-Anon to anyone who has an alcholic family member. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

We had some VIOLENT storms yesterday and were without electricity for 5 hours. Roads were washed away, basements flooded, trees downed and debris strewn everywhere. Hope we don't see anymore storms like that for awhile. We only lost some trees branches and my porch furniture was blown into the yard, but nothing was damaged.

Kate - I am going to try and incorporate some of your suggestions, but I will have to work my way up to the 15lb. weights. Right now I only have 5,8 and 10 lbs. But thanks so much for your input. By the way, where do you live? You'd make a great personal trainer!

QOD - I am going to a festival in the woods tomorrow with a friend. It is my annual pilgrimage to find my woolen ornaments. I am going to buy my DD and my niece one too, so most of my money will be spent in one booth, and I will have to just explore the other 199 booths. LOL

I am off to have lunch with my DM and DF and DSIS then heading to Sam's Club for preschool supplies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shaker Woods

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Lynn - Suzanne has some very good advice for you. I also had a mother that was what I would call a functioning alcoholic (most of the time, sometimes not so much functioning). I never knew what I was walking into when I came home from school and was always afraid to have my friends come with me. My mother could stay sober for weeks and/or months at a time, but when she decided to drink it would be that way for weeks or months. She managed to always get a meal on the table that included 2 vegies every night. In my mothers later years she constantly apologized to us for being such a terrible mother. We were fortunate to have a very nurturing and available father. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Suzanne - those boobs can come in handy - but sorry they are bruised LOL. What a workout.

Well the reunion with DD didn't go as I envisioned it LOL. The train was so crowded that I couldn't find them. I separated from Rich so I could try to get a photo of him but then I couldn't find my DD's until CA girl finally yelled out to me and by then she was with Rich LOL. He was in shock but didn't cry as I suspected. He will probably do that when she leaves LOL. We got home just in time to get ready to go to dinner and then we took a little walk around town. I am hoping the weather clears so they can get some lake time in.

Dee - I know you will miss DH, but think of having that remote control all to yourself LOL.

Kate - the bicep curls are the hardest for me, as I have some wrist issues - thanks to the darn computer. We usually have one day at the gym that we use weights heavier than what we are used to, but only do 8 reps 3 times instead of 12 reps. I normally do at least 90 abs each session, but last week we did 360 as there were 120 in each set. My abs screamed the next 2 days. We did a ton of lunges/squats yesterday and my glutes are noticing it. Thanks for posting your routine.

Enjoy your day and weekend.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Well, I lost a long post. I'm going to try again.

Raeanne~I'm glad that you had time to check in. I was thinking about DD & DH yesterday. I hope that you all enjoy your time together.

Marci~Thanks for the link. Now, I feel like I know everyone a little better. Your DGN was beautiful & yes, you looked relaxed. You looked like you were in DGM mode! LOL I wish that I lived close enough to go with you to the festival. It sounds like loads of fun.

NH Suzanne~Bruised thighs & b00bs--Ugh!

Lynn~I'm so glad to see you back. How is the house selling going? Milkdud & my DSis both sold their houses in TX but houses are selling better there than here. I'm glad that you are home & can rest. Please try to put that behind you for now.

Raeanne, NH Suzanne, & Lynn~I'm terribly sorry that you had alcoholic parents growing up. I was married to an alcoholic. He isn't my husband anymore. My DM seems to be mean just for the sake of being mean. My DF & I don't know what to think of her. She just goes off without any provocation. I worry about him b/c he doesn't get any chance to rest much.

I woke up with a fever today. This is the 6th day that I have been sick. I was losing weight but the last couple of days, I've been drinking soda due to my feeling ill so I don't know how that has affected me. Hopefully, it won't be too adverse. I have no plans for the weekend except for staying close to the house. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August:::: 12

Goils~Was today the day that BJ was supposed to have her surgery? I have been thinking of her all day.

Marci~Do you have any other special birthday plans for tomorrow? Do you have plans on going out to eat or anything like that? You can tell us--LOL.

Just checking in to see if anyone else has dropped by. Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Lynne, Suzanne and Raeanne - I know what it is like to live with an alcoholic. I live with one now, my sister. She was sober for 11 years but started drinking again in 2001. Before she became sober in 1990 she was very nasty when she drank. This time around she is just extremely annoying, just occasionally nasty. I was always the object of her attacks, now it seems to be my mom. She gets drunk every night during the week and is drunk all weekend. She functions - she works every day and does her job well. She has been in rehab and to AA. I told her just last week I thought she needed to return to rehab for at least 3 months but she said she would never go there again. I just take life one day at a time with her.

On a happier note - the humidity is gone and I have turned off the AC and opened the windows!

Will catch up with everyone later today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Thank you so much for letting me vent and for your experiences and support!!!! I appreciate it! I will be looking into going to an Al-anon meeting soon so I will be able to deal with the next trip up.
Donna, NHSuzanne, Raeanne - ((HUGS))

Patti - Hope you are feeling better and your fever subsided. We have had no luck yet with selling the house. :(


I am off to spend the day with DH. We are just gonna get in the car and wing it! No plans....just go!

Have a great Day! - ---- Lynn

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Marci - Happy Happy Birthday! I can't thank you enough for all that you do the entire year. I don't know how you do it with such a busy schedule. You are amazing and always so thoughtful. You were one of the first people on this forum that I communicated with off site and I will always remember your warm welcome. So make today all about YOU, I hope all your wishes come true (so be careful what you wish for). Love ya!

Lynn - I think Al-anon will be of great help with teaching you how to deal with this. We all know that they will only get better when they are ready too.

Donna - we are also experiencing cooler weather with no humidity - I agree it was nice to open the windows.

Patti - I hope you are better by now, please take care of yourself.


Donna - I feel for you to be living with your sister and her problem. It is a tough problem to deal with on a daily basis. Hang in there!

Dee/Maddie - we need some singing around here for Marci.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCI!!!!! God is sending you some beautiful meteor showers to watch tomorrow night for your birthday weekend! I am wishing a wonderful day for my wonderful friend!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Meteor showers this weekend!

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Happy Birthday Marci!!


RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12


Marci, I also cannot thank you enough for all you do for us here at the board. You have been a great source of inspiration to me and a wonderful cyber friend I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person.

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Marci~Happy Birthday! I think that Dee's sentiments about say it all for me too. I can hardly wait to meet you in person & I believe that we will someday. I don't think that you have ever had an enemy. You are always so kind, warm, welcoming, & the first one to get on here to tell everyone else Happy Birthday with balloons or something special. I wish that I knew how to do all of that so that I could do something special for you. Let us know how you made out at the fair.

Well, I'm still running fever & now Dave is ill. And, I didn't even let him kiss me on the lips. LMAO (It's true!)

Lynn~I'm sorry that you haven't had any luck with the house yet.

Donna~[[[ H U G S ]]] I'm sorry that you have a sister who is putting your family through the ropes. I know that it can't be encouraging in the least.

Nobody answered about BJ. Does anyone know???? I hope that someone is in touch with her & that she is all right. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

RE: SS Daily = Monday, August 6 till August 12

Hi and thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It was nice to be remembered!! I have had a fun few days. Yesterday's lunch with my family was nice and my friend and I had a great time at the show today. I got a pink pig that is just adorable. My maiden name was Hogsett and I have fondness for pigs, even though I was teased as a child. Here is a picture of my newest wool ornament.

I also got a santa carved from a reindeer antler. The gentleman who carved them goes to a reindeer farm in Alaska and gets the antlers that have been shed, brings them back and carves them into ornaments. He was written up in several woodcarving magazines. We got to talking and I told him that several of my favorite ornaments were from a woodcarver that I met at a craft show in my hometown and it turns out that was his father. Small world. I was glad to hear his father is still alive and kicking, but he can't carve anymore due to arthritis.

Patti - I think BJ said her surgery was later in the month, aroung the 21st. I too hope we get to meet someday!! Give Dave a hug from me and please get better soon.

DeeMarie - The book arrived (thanks) but I am mad at you for that little something extra you included! LOL You know that wasn't necessary, but you are a sweetheart and I will graciously accept. (:~)

Raeanne - Even though you didn't get pictures of Rich being surprised, I am sure you have been able to get many other Kodak moments this weekend. Hope you are enjoying every minute of DD's visit.

Besh - Are you done with the benches yet? I can't wait to see the meteor shower. I remember sitting outside with my kids and watching them.

Lynn - I hope you had a great day "winging" it. Where did you end up??

Donna - How sad that your sister can't see that she needs help, or sees, but just refuses to accept help. I can't imagine how painful that must be for those love and care for her.

I've got to go and pick up DH at work. His truck sprung a leak in the gas line and he is going to try to drive it to a mechanic's close by and leave it there so they can work on it on Monday.


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