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SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Posted by yankandtex (My Page) on
Mon, Jul 28, 08 at 7:33

We'll get this week started. Today is my DM's birthday & DS & DDIL's anniversary is on Sunday so this will be quite a week for us. DGS has a birthday on Thursday & a dear friend has one on Saturday. Dave's Mom's birthday was yesterday. We are just getting started. LOL

McPeg~I've been up since 5:00. I waited to see if you were going to start this. Thought perhaps you were up too.

Hope everyone gets a chance to post this week.

Maybe I can get back & post a QOD or if you think of one post one. Patti :-)

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RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Happy MONDAY morning!

Thanks for getting us started, Patti. Sending out positive thoughts to you and Dave.

Say, can you catch insomnia? I was up every hour on the hour from 1am this morning and took forever to get back to sleep. Too much going on with family. I ended up in a warm bubble bath at 3:30 and fell asleep at about 4am....until the alarm went off at the usual 5:15am. Needless to say, my 6am walk with my neighbor was filled with yawns. lol!

My wish is that each of you have a week filled with happiness and love. Treat yourselves better than you did last week!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good morning!

The insomnia bug skipped right by me last night, and I slept great for a change! I'm already dressed and ready to go work out as soon as I have sufficient amounts of caffeine in my system!

I finally got back on track with my eating this weekend. It was about time, too! With hubby at work most of the weekend, and most of the trigger foods gone, I ate very healthy, and that's probably one major reason that I slept so well last night. Thanks, Marci, for reminding me of what to do for a good night's sleep!

Since hubby worked late last night and had Subway brought in, I will fix the salsa ranch chicken in the crockpot for our dinner tonight along with brown rice and a salad. It's nice to come home from my WW meeting and walk into the house and smell dinner waiting for me!

Dee, sending calming thoughts your way for a good personal life this week.

Patti, thanks for getting us going today!

I hope we hear from everyone this week. Thinking of y'all!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good Monday all,

Patti, thanks for getting us going this morning!! I was up at 5:00 am but on my Sweet Pea and not near a computer!! Sounds like you have a lot of celebrating to do!!

Dee, no, insomnia is not contagious but there is the power of suggestion here!! LOL You were smart to take a warm bath - that really helps. Sometimes when I have insomnia that won't quit I put on another layer of blanket and it often helps.......ah warmth! Your new ID here catches me off guard!

Milkdud, I thought of you this weekend while reading Cooking Light. They have a delicious sounding polenta recipe that I will post when I get some time. Have you made any yet? I am looking for new recipes for my garden's summer bounty. I can't wait for some ripe tomatoes!!

It was hot and humid again/still this weekend but I ventured out both days with the horses and a friend and we basically fed the deer flies. They are vicious. Still it was good to get them out. I seem to be in a funk lately and have to find a way to snap myself out of it. Suggestions???

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Happy Monday!

Dee, your new ID caught me off guard too!

I was sick all day yesterday, some kind of 24 hour thing, woke me up at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning and it was not fun :-( Much better today.

We had wicked storms for hours yesterday. Saturday was beautiful. Today back to hot and humid.

Insomnia is no fun. Good idea taking the bath Dee.

Suzanne, I love polenta and would love to see that receipe when you get a chance to post it. Let me think about about getting out of your brain isn't firing on all cylinders right now.

Milkdud, your chicken salsa sounds very good to me.

Patti, your week really is full but with good stuff!

Will check back later...hope to see everyone posting this week.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Okay, where the heck is everyone?? I am worried about some of you as I watch our thread drop lower and lower to the bottom of this list!

Stop in and say hello.

Let me take this opportunity to share some photos with you:

The 2008 Fox brood

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And one of my first lillies of the year:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wake up and smell the lillies and check in!!!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

How nice to arrive in time to see 2 of my favorite things - a Fox family (I hate using the plural for fox) and lilies - Thank you Suzanne.

I am sorry I am still too busy. I am prepping for the town wide art show that I began 3 years ago. It is now a 2 day event and this week I need to make sure everything is in place. Our closest friends who are only weekenders are on up here for the entire week and they expect us to play a lot. Our friends from FL just left last weekend. Both DDs will be home on Saturday. DD#1 from San Diego is here for an entire week YIPPPEEE. I have actually sold a couple of my most expensive paintings and a new gallery asked me to show there. I haven't taken them up on it, because I don't feel right about marking my prices up another 40% - I have to think long and hard on that one - I don't have that many paintings either. I don't want my hobby to become a JOB.

Donna - glad it was just a 24 hour bug. I hope the surf that has been making the news has been safe around your way. I can remember getting pulled under at Asbury Park when I was young and although it was just a couple seconds, it was quite scary.

Suzanne - If you think about all that has happened around you the last couple of months, it is very understandable to be feeling funky. I think you should do something to pamper yourself. You love to cook, why don't you pick out a daring new recipe to try out. Can you get a few girls together to go see Mamma Mia. I know it got terrible reviews, but a lot of my friends went to see it together and they had a blast. Sometimes I just need to mix up my old boring routine. I hope by the time you read this the funk is gone.

I believe the night that a couple of you had trouble sleeping I did too. I woke up after 1AM and I was wide awake. I went into another bedroom so I could turn on the TV. I ended up watching an old movie and I think an episode of the Brady Bunch before falling back to sleep, just in time to wake up for work. The bath was a great idea - I will have to remember that for the next time.

Suzanne - the deer fly have been making a meal out of me as well OUCH.

Milkdud - I still haven't tried that chicken recipe, but keep meaning to. It always sounds so good when it is mentioned.

Dee - How beautiful, I wish you a week filled with love and happiness as well, please treat yourself better too.

Patti - all those birthdays sound more expensive than Christmas LOL. It is a good thing you are so crafty and creative.

HUGS to all that need them.

I miss all of you when I can't be here, but am always thinking of you.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Hello everyone, and Millie (signing as Dee)

Well, I worked yesterday instead of taking a vacation day and pushed the vacation day to next Tuesday, so now I have a 5-day weekend ahead of me. It will be filled with some fun stuff on Friday and Saturday, followed by the usual family stuff on Sunday and Monday. Don't know if I mentioned it, but we decided that it was time for my siblings to move on with their lives and sell our childhood home. There have been days and days of clearing and carting stuff away. We think we already have a buyer who will pay cash for as-is. No mortgage and no inspection, which translates to less money but much less work and hassle. We are going to try to make it work and close by next month. It has been rather dramatic for my brother, but he realizes that it's the only way to go and move ahead.

It was actually cool here last night and very early morning. In fact, our a/c did not kick on, as we have it set for about 76 degrees. Of course, now I'm sure it's 90, but it was nice while it lasted. :-)

Where is Peg this week. Did she say she was going to visit relatives? Sorry, if I'm forgetful, but I have so much on my mind these days.

Hello to Besh, Marci, BJ, Raeanne, Jen, Joanne, Amy, John, Gretchen, Maddie, Lynn, and everyone here checking in this week.

Suzanne, I'm still going to find the time to post my first picture here!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Hi all!

Raeanne~You go GF! Sell all of those paintings. What will you do after that? Do you have plans?

NH Suzanne~Beautiful pictures as always.

Donna~Really great to see you able to post more often. Hope things are going well for you.

Milkdud~How did the WW meeting go last night?

I was thinking about a QOD. If you are comfortable with it--"What is something that we don't know about you?" It can be something superficial or something you really, really want us to know. I guess you'll know by my answer why I say that. LOL

QOD: I was thinking & realizing today that the reason Dave is SO good to me is that we were friends during the time I was married & he saw for himself how I was treated. I think that he honestly made a decision to never let me be treated that way again. I don't think he would let anyone do that to me. That's my story & I'm sticking to it. Ha! Ha!

BJ~I think that Tampa must be Seattle's sister city or something. I think that I hear more of your news on our tv station that I hear about Tampa. Not actually but they do tell something about Seattle it seems almost every day.

Check in if you can.

Patti :-)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Happy Lotto Day everyone!
We were visiting the in-laws on the weekend, drove back Monday. Yesterday I was steam cleaning, re-arranging furniture and stuff to start getting the house ready for my high school best friend's visit in August. I have not seen her in 25 years - she found me on facebook (I seldom use it...). We've been yakking like it was yesterday!

Sorry to hear my insomnia is's not supposed to be contagious! Last night DH was snoring so loud, I poked and pushed him to no at 12:30 I went to the spare room.

Got a condolence card from a bingo friend that my Mom and I used to meet at the bingo hall and sit with. I lost her contact details and could not remember where she lived to contact her for the funeral. She heard about my Mom from another bingo pal 3 weeks later. I looked up her return address in the telephone directory and called her. She is getting tested to find out what stage of lung cancer she has. I feel so sad - I think her husband died while we were in Scotland from lung cancer. I am sending my prayers for Doreen, no matter what the outcome, not to suffer too much and hopefully get well.

I've not seen Wodka lately, so I'm going to send her an email to check in.

I have to get ready for work, I WILL check in later!

Have a terrific day today everyone. Don't sweat the small stuff, have one thing that's good for you if you are having an 'off' day. Don't give up on yourself. We can all get there one step at a time.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

McPeg~LOL A big part of my insomnia is b/c my Dave snores too! Wodka is off visiting her sister. I'm not certain when she is supposed to be home. Prayers for Doreen.

Did anybody else watch "The Last Lecture"? Or was it final? I can't remember now. I was in tears. Big sigh... Loved the part about we decide whether we are a Tigger or an Eyeore. I'm always telling Dave I'm "bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun, fun". LOL I have a new recipe that I'm having Milkdud take a look at.

NH Suzanne~I'm hoping that it will be all right b/c it has blueberries in it & I think that you are able to get fresh ones there, right?

Have a great day. Patti :-)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Where is everyone?

I am not kidding when I reveal that I just nodded off in my office. Geez, the stress is getting to me. I wish I had 2 hours to nap and get my energy back. Maybe I'll head off to the fitness center. I really, really, really want to nap. Ahhhhh, wasn't kindergarten great? LOL!

I did not bring lunch today, with the exception of a piece of fruit and a Kashi bar. Got hungry and bought a seafood salad sandwich on whole wheat with tomatoes; carrots on the side. Not too bad, but I had an adequate breakfast, so I'm almost out of points for the day. :=( Last night I made a huge pot of pasta e'fagioli for tonights dinner. It's one of my favorite dishes, but now I need to go easy on it. Hey, Mangia, but take it easy on the pasta e'fagioli, or fuggget aboud dit!!!!! LOL, I really need a nap.

Check in everyone!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good afternoon, everyone! I feel like I've been gone for ages instead of just one day.

Patti, I checked out your recipe for the blueberry muffins, and you can definitely do it. Heck, I could even eat one and only have to count it as a point, tops! I'll have to try it one day soon.

Raeanne, how exciting that you're having a showing of your art work! I'm so proud to know you. Go for it, friend!

Peggy, your energy is boundless, but it's not contagious, unfortunately! I've had the house to myself since Monday, hubby is out of town again this week, but I've accomplished nothing!

I just couldn't watch "The Last Lecture" last night because the only other time I did, I boohooed through the whole thing. I've been an Eeyore before, and it was not fun, so now I'm choosing to be a Tigger. Well, I bounce as best I can considering the bad knee, age, etc. LOL

(((((Dee))))) I know how hard it is to clear out the house because I had to do it, too, but it's just one of those rites of passage that you don't get to avoid.

Donna, I hope you're over your "bug" by now and feeling much better. I think I had something yesterday, too, as I could barely work out, then I came home and slept for 3 hours after getting a good night's sleep the night before. I felt much improved this morning, so whatever it was has gone bye-bye.

Suzanne, I love your pictures! I obviously don't have a very good camera because I tried to take a photo of a beautiful cardinal out in the backyard, and even zooming in didn't help. Hubby thinks that any camera will do a "good enough" job, and he's the one who always buys a new camera for me before I have time to research for a more powerful one.

Well, ladies, it's lunchtime. Dinner tonight will be more salsa ranch chicken and brown rice. Lunch will probably be a nice big, healthy salad. Have a great rest-of-the-day, everyone!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

I'm back like I said.

Got downtown early today and had an egg/whole wheat toast breakfast. Sometimes I get so hungry when I'm tired - it's difficult. Today I really, really wanted to buy myself a beer to bring home...instead God sent me an angel. A street person walked by, digging in the garbage looking for food. He walked by again and was going to take my tea...I was watering away from it so he thought it was abandoned. I let him know I was still drinking it and asked him if he would like a nice hot drink too - well I got my friend a nice big cuppa tea and muffin & donut from Tim Horton's. I see a few regular street folk where I work - they are all pretty easy going and have their own stories. It's great to share a cuppa...I really didn't need a beer to bring home. My money was better spent on a friend. Many of the people I meet like this have the brightest smiles. Saying hello and asking how their day is cheers them up. I can learn a lot from them. They never ask for anything, not even money. God sent me an angel today and I am grateful.

Patti thank you for letting me know Wodka is visiting her sister. I think of all of them and pray they find the strength they need right now.

Milkdud let us know the next time you are making chicken - I'll be right over! Sounds yummy I should make some too. My energy is not actually boundless - I do take many breaks and pace myself. Sometimes it's the getting up to get at it I find difficult. Once I get going though that's half the battle won. Watching my parents do things over the years with health limitations I've learned especially from my Mom to keep moving while you still can. I don't mind doing 'chores' at all - the feeling of job done is so satisfying. If I lull around too much my sleep suffers greatly.

Dee I had a horrific day last week - could have put Garfield to shame with my overwhelming feeling of NAP ATTACK!!! It was awful. You have my sympathy. I understand your brother's feeling of letting go of the childhood home - it's hard. Is there something he can keep from the house? Maybe put together a photo collage of fond memories? Tough job to clear out but once it's done, it's done. I've been handing out some of the family home stuff that's packed in our basement to the family - at least everyone doesn't want the same things so it's been good that way. My childhood home is in my heart and always will be. I know this is hard for all of you but you are doing it as a family and not just one person. Hugs to all of you.

Suzanne are you still feeling down? I agree with doing something else - like a movie, call an old friend? change your routine a bit? Why not get some of that 'ice gel' hairspray to try out on the horseflies - maybe as the stuff dries they might just 'drop' out of flight? I've used it on hairy spiders years ago...slowed them down enough for me to swat them! Okay, okay I never claimed to be normal! I tried it on my hair - ONCE. Stupid girl here tried to brush her hair after - dumb dumb dumb. Needed a chainsaw to get the brush out! Actually half a bottle of hair conditioner and then wash it all over gel hairspray.

Suzanne I LOVE the pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. Wish I could just step into them!

Donna are you better now? Glad to see you posting. What are you up to for the rest of this week?

Raeanne do you have a website with your work on it? I'd love to see some of your stuff. It's wonderful that you are sharing your talent and I wish you a very successful sale. I laughed years ago - had my palm read and I was told I should do water colours ......... bwwwaaaaggghhhhhaahahahahahaha!!!!! Water coloured stick people...I can just envision it now - still. I recall my very first finger painting in kindergarden...over mixed the paint until I had this pukey military green all over the paper - then I cut out a tulip head. Yep, my first school art. I leave these things to those who can - like you!

QOD: I have very stubby, short toes and as such, my shoe size is wide. I don't wear toe polish.

Was that too much information? Hope you don't have nightmares now!

Let's have a great week together! Spread a happy feeling around you with small gestures and watch it spread.

Nighty night,


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Happy Thursday - didn't win the lotto last night but there's always Sat's draw! No winners - it's a rollover! Yippeeeeeee.

Well, started today's chore list:

laundry - check
dishes - check

kitchen - put away clutter
kitchen - wash floor
living room - vacuum
living room - steam clean carpet
bedrooms - ongoing - reorganize Dave's clothing to 'put it away' instead of piles (thinking of getting him laundry baskets and just lay them out on floor since drawers are too much effort!)
garden - weed front lawn (rain permitting - easier to pull when the ground is wet)

I could list more but we'll see how far I get today. I do take coffee breaks and I am tired today - not enough sleep as per my usual. Anything done off this list is a bonus. More into it now because things are leaving my house and I'm starting to see more space which is encouraging. Decluttering is a great mental pick-me-up. Encourages me to clean better and more often. High on the feel good factor scale.

Wish me luck! I have to work off some donuts I ate yesterday afternoon - Peggy was a very bad girl but no regrets as they are now 'out of my system'. Also I'm enjoying harvesting fresh veggies from the garden - lots and lots of green/yellow beans and onions. Yum.

Okay, coffee break almost over, getting up to vacuum this floor so I can do the carpet and wash kitchen floor.

QOD: Name 2 things on your to do list that you can accomplish before the weekend. LOL

QOD: Any of the above list!

Let's have a fun, wonderful, loving day today. Smile and the world will smile back at you. If you are talking on the phone, smile - they can hear it!

Don't fret the small stuff, don't beat yourself up for any donuts - er setbacks. You are allowed to have your treats too. Pull up your socks and just get at er - one small step is still better than no steps!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

QOD #1 - Something you don't know about me is that I haven't thrown up since January 17th 1983. Sorry but I couldn't resist.

QOD #2 - 2 things I can accomplish off my "to do" list. Wrap my DDs presents for her birthday before she arrives on Saturday. Clean my house for company tonight - I just have to vacuum and mop the floors and I am ready. I already did my workout, banking, gassed up the car, grocery shopping, picked up my artwork that was in a local bank, cleaned the house, did some laundry, made some phone calls.

Milkdud - it is a townwide art show that I just organize, everyone that chooses to can show their work. It is a lot of fun and since I live in a resort town - we have a captive audience LOL.

McPeg - I can't draw to save my life, but I can paint. If you ever get the opportunity join in on a watercolor class - you never know. I had no clue at all (and still don't a lot of the time), it was just one of those things I always wanted to try. I don't have a website, but am working on that. I will email Marci some of my newer works and maybe she can post them when she has time. She actually may have some on her picture trail site. Let me know if you need the address. I am glad you aren't guilty about the donuts, sometimes we need to indulge and be done with it.

BJ - where are you??? Do I have to come out to the rock to talk to you? Don't tempt me...

I better get my floors done! Maybe I can start reading a book this afternoon!

Dee - is it siesta time? When I feel that way, I just need 20 minutes and I feel great. If I nap longer I am tired the rest of the day. Enjoy your soup tonight.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3


I won't be around much until next Wednesday. Way too much family stuff going on, but I feel that the end is near.

QOD #1 -- You don't know that I was crazy in love with a boy named Michael when I was 12. He broke my heart because he paid no attention to me. I remember being very weepy and dramatic with my girlfriends---I'll NEVER find love again! LOL!

QOD #2 -- Need to leave this office and go home to pack. DH is dropping me off halfway to my sister's tonight, as he has to work tomorrow. He'll be driving separately to her home, but I'll already be 'down the shore' with sis and cousins tomorrow afternoon. He won't see me until Saturday evening, so I need to pack a bag for him. He and DBIL will be off fishing all day Saturday. I guess that makes 2 items---pack my bag and pack his....oh yes, I need to make dinner tonight early.

Raeanne, no naps for me lately. It has been endless errands between my home, my office, the dumpster, and my childhood home.

Have you all noticed that it's impossible to clean out a home and use one method to dispose of the trash. Sooooo frustrating! Cardboard here, magazines there from 7am to 7pm, wood there, electronics here...but only on Monday; appliances?....Nowhere, Ever!! You need to pay someone to take them. Is this just a Jersey thing?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you all before Wednesday!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good Thursday,

Very busy here today but wanted to let you know I posted that great polenta recipe at the recipe thread. It's good but you MUST, MUST, MUST use only fresh ingredients. That is key to the success.

Dee, that trash thing is called recycling!! LOL It happens everywhere not just Jersey! LOL I will miss you.

Raeanne, you are an artist!! Can't wait to see your week and thanks for sharing something about yourself!! LOL

QOD: Mow the lawn, do the laundry, the list goes on and on!!

I am snapping out of my funk. I just had a talk with myself and remembered Raeanne's wise words to me a long time ago.

"Cast your troubles to the ground and let your spirit soar!"

So I did!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

QOD #1 - I fractured my skull when I was 2 years old. Maybe that explains a lot about me! LOL

QOD #2 - Finish a quilt top and get my dining room table cleaned off so we can empty out the kitchen and get ready for the counter top install next week. And I need to pack up some dishes that I bought for my niece and get them in the mail.

I will post Raeanne's art work as soon as I get the chance. DH and I are off to my MIL's now.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3


Happy Birthday John!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

John! John! Happy Birthday! You make this a fun place to be & we miss you when you don't show up. Hope this day is as special as you!!

Rarebit, Rarebit!!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Rabbit, rabbit! I tried so hard to get here earlier, but I just couldn't wake up. LOL

Happy birthday, John! Hope this coming year is your best one yet!

QOD #1. Have I ever shared with everyone that I've been married 3 times? Can't remember if you knew that about me or not.


Hubby came home late last night from his most recent business trip. Scared the life out of me when he opened the bedroom door an hour earlier than he'd told me he'd be home!

I can't believe that it's already August! Where has this year gone??? Weren't we just making New Year's resolutions the other day?

Marci, love John's birthday gif! I still don't know how to do those, and I may never learn it.

Dee,have a great weekend at the shore!

Suzanne, welcome home from your funk! I'll go check out your polenta recipe. I bought some boxes of polenta mix, and I've been making them, adding fresh ingredients, but I'll check out yours for new inspiration.

Raeanne, I sat in on a watercolor class one day waiting for a friend to finish a piece, and I learned enough to know that a lot of talent is involved there! So, let me be impressed with your abilities.

I need coffee and breakfast before going to work out, so I'll stop this now. Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Rabbit Rabbit too!
Well my list got delayed...a friend at work had to take his mom to emergency yesterday from an allergic reaction, so my friend/supervisor - we really are buds - was here having a coffee/lunch with me when the call came so I offered to help her pick up his downtown route to water plants in office buildings. We both went because he will be at home with his Mom today (I hope!) - she is dying from cancer so any set back is major. I'm late this morning because I could not get to sleep last night and decided to sleep in - some times I just have to. Heading out in a couple of minutes to do my garden watering. It was a fun afternoon yesterday scurrying around. I got as far as 2 loads of laundry, vacuuming, steam cleaning before I had to leave. Will pick up the list again this weekend. I'll get there I will!

No donuts today. Nope. Going to get a healthy sandwich or maybe a chili for lunch but no donuts!

Have a wonderful day today everyone. And for my Canadian pals, happy long weekend!

Let's do'er today and make it a good one. Slow down for a few moments and remember to just breathe. You deserve a break too, so take one. LOL.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Happy Birthday brother John. I hope you are having a great day and celebrate in style!! I miss you here and hope you check in soon! xxxooo

Rabbit, rabbit!

Peggy, hope you have a nice long weekend yourself!!

Milkdud, that polenta recipe is really good!! My DH is gone all the time too and I would really not like a night time surprise visit!! Martha, get my gun!! LOL

I am still trying to think about something you don't know about me!! I have spilled my guts here so many times and for so many years I think there isn't anything you don't know!! I have to think of something interesting! I must have something interesting to tell you but it's eluding me right now! LOL

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Rabbit Rabbit - one day I will be the first! Happy August, can you believe it??

Happy Birthday John - hope it was fabulous! Check in, we miss you!!

QOD #1: I am the biggest klutz you will ever meet. I am always sporting large and strange bruises that I have no idea where they came from. I can trip over absolutely nothing.

QOD: Going in to work to try and catch up, it's been totally crazy and I am overwhelmed and behind. I hate both of those feelings.

Raeanne, I am so thrilled about your artwork. I can't wait to see the pictures when Marci posts them. We had some very fierce rip tides a week or two back, many people at the beach in distress. So many don't understand and respect that ocean.

Suzanne, glad you are out of your funk. I'm glad you remembered Raeanne's words - they are great. I offered no help at all did I? I hate feeling that way. I will check out that polenta recipe, I love polenta.

Dee, it's tough cleaning out your childhood home. It was different than your circumstances but when my parents moved 8 years ago I had to help them do it and it was difficult. ((Hugs)) I thought that stupid separating recycling was Jersey thing too. Enjoy the shore - we locals know those who aren't because they always refer to it as the "shore" which we never do :-) A guy from PA that I dated moved to NJ and asked me how he could not be identified as a "shoobie." I told him for starters stop calling the beach and the area the shore. Seriously, have a great time, I think most of the weekend is supposed to be nice.

Peg, enjoy your long weekend. My American calendar only tells me it's a Canadian civic holiday - is there more to it? You are a good person to help out your friend, I know he appreciates it.

A co-worker today gave me a humungous zucchini - any suggestions on how to prepare it? I adore zucchini but am interested in something different...any and all suggestions welcome! I want to have it tomorrow night, we are grilling a gorgeous steak.

Milkdud, you are doing so well with your weight and your working out, I admire you.

Marci, thank you for the gifs, posting of pics and all that you do for us. Are you looking forward to going back to school???

Patti - hi!!!

Hi to all I might have missed. Will check in over the weekend. Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

QOD~Peg~I wasn't ignoring the ?, LOL, I just don't think I'm going to finish anything. I'm going to get a lot further along in some projects but probably not complete any.

Donna~I love zucchini any way that it is prepared but I'm particularly fond of it fried & you probably weren't wanting to do it that way so I bow down to the experts here. :-) You could put a little olive oil on both side of slices, lengthwise, & grill it, though. Season it the way that you want.

Dee~My parents moved out of my childhood home when I was 18. I got married & they moved. It was traumatic for me. I've not felt like I had a "home" to go home to ever since. I cannot imagine how much worse this must feel for you. I'm truly sorry. My parents live in my grandparents home now though & that will be difficult to have to do. I don't envy you. Blessings to you & yours.

NH Suzanne~That funk is kind of like a heavy cloud over you, isn't it? Glad you're feeling better.

Milkdud~Glad that you aren't home alone now. Did Lucky Dog go wild?? (glad to see Dad?)

Marci~Great gif as always!!

Hi to all. Hope you have a marvelous weekend. Patti ;-]

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good Saturday morning! It's 86 and sunny here.

The granddaughters are coming for a visit today! Dson got box seats to an Astros game this evening, so the little girls will visit us until the game is over. I haven't seen them in almost 3 weeks, so I'm ready for some special time with them.

I need to get the house cleaned up before going to work out because contrary to popular belief, I don't get that surge of energy after working out! LOL I also need to return library books and get some new ones. I love to read at bedtime, but I can't read really scary books or I won't fall asleep. I guess that's why I'm so partial to light mysteries?

My food choices are much better now that everything tempting is out of the house (or inside me!). Dinner tonight will be the DGDs' favorite foods, oven-baked "fried" chicken, baked potato chips, and stir-fried green beans! I'm so lucky that my favorite WW-friendly foods are also theirs when we're together.

I wish you all a good weekend doing whatever makes you feel relaxed/accomplished!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Milkdud~So glad that Alexis & Aubrie are getting to come for a visit. I wish I knew when we would get to see our little ones again. It can't be soon enough!! Check out the recipes where I put an ice cream sandwich from WW on there. Dave made them today with chocolate graham crackers & chocolate Cool Whip & they were really good.

Hi to all. Hope you are out enjoying yourselves. Patti :-)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3''

Well, contrary to my own belief, I have finished a few projects this weekend. And, have been able to get some cleaning done as well. That's pretty good for me. I don't have a lot to say. Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is having a good time.

DeeMarie~I know you said that you would be pretty busy until at least next Wednesday but have you talked to BJ lately? I haven't heard from her & am just worried about her. Thanks.

Patti :-)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 7/28 thru Sun. 8/3

Good afternoon! It's 91, but thunder and lightning tell me that we're in for a rainfall and dropping temps. YEA!

Well, folks, I took a big step this morning and joined the church I've been visiting this summer. I was raised in the Methodist church, became an Episcopalian at 25, but since there is no Episcopal church anywhere nearby, I've come full circle and rejoined the Methodist church. From the first time I visited and began meeting members, I just felt so much at home and happy. The two churches are very similar, so I'm comfortable. My sons were pleased that mom was happy about doing this, so I feel good with my decision. And, the church is only about 3 miles from me, so I'm really feeling a big part of the community at long last. God just kept putting people in my path who wanted me to come visit their church, and I did and found my new "home".

This coming week I get to see my best friend from Beaumont for the first time in 10 years (We both moved away about the same time). I'm so excited! I'll also get to see her oldest daughter and HER 2 daughters. I'm taking pictures of my sons and their families since my BF is also their Godmother. I'll also take my camera and fresh batteries because I know that my sons will want to see everyone.

Patti, I did look at Dave's recipe. It sounds yummy. I am trying so hard to keep anyhing tempting out of the house now that I'm back on track, but it's definitely a treat I'll fix when we next have company over.

The DGDs had a great visit yesterday. We played in the inflatable pool in the backyard, then we napped, and went out for Mexican food for dinner. I had a fajita salad and lots of busy-ness helping Aubrie get her beans and rice into her mouth instead of all over herself since we forgot to bring her a toddler-size eating utensil!

Sending ((((hugs)))) and great thoughts for everyone!

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