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SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Posted by milkdud_2007 (My Page) on
Mon, Jun 8, 09 at 9:32

Woohoo! I get to start us off this week.

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RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Good morning, friends! It's already 78 F. here, climbing to at least 88 F. today. High humidity, too. UGH

Hoping everyone had a wonderfully refreshing weekend, and you're ready for a brand new week. I ate fairly good all weekend, and I'm on for this week, too!

Chiropractor appointment this morning, then Curves, home to shower, and a planning meeting at noon at the Chamber of Commerce. Everything I'm involved in keeps going all summer, so I guess I'll have a busy summer. But, I'm still enjoying myself, and that's important.

QOD: What is one of your favorite beginning-of-summer memories?

Mine would be getting to stay outside late enough to see and catch "lightning bugs". That was always fascinating to me. There was just something memorable about staying up later, too, with my mom sitting out on the porch laughing while watching me run and try to catch the bugs.

Maybe this will be the week when our MIAs check in??? Hope so! Have a great day whatever you do!

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Hi Milkdud - You are one busy lady. Since you are so active in community events would you mind sharing unique ideas with me? I am on the Chamber of Commerce board and we are tying to fill up our calendar. I have depleted my brain of new ideas LOL. I love lightning bugs.

QOD - swimming all day long or playing Kick the Can until my mother yelled for me to come home. I really didn't like going to school so any summer memory for me was a pretty good one.

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

MIA here, reporting for rollcall! LOL

I am done with preschool and relieved that this year is over. We are still in the process of hiring the new director. In the meantime, I assumed the duties, so technically, I am still working, just not with kids.

The eating front is up and down. I need to get my sweet tooth under control again and I will be fine. This has been a hard year, emotional ups and downs, eating ups and downs, but I am feeling good now and hopeful that the cloud has lifted.

QOD - Camping. We always went camping for our summer vacations and I loved to sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows. I do remember hating the outhouses though. I was named "The Chief Outhouse Inspector", as that is the first place I went and then announced to all who cared to listen that they didn't pass muster.

I will try to stop by more often.


RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Hi Guys!

I'm a little lighter this week! So DD's Fat Mom plan is working. lol.

QOD: Geez, lightning bugs "down south," Kick the Can, Beach fires, all these things are such good memories. But I guess the thing I really looked foreward to is hanging out at the inlet lagoon, playing with gigantic starfish, wading around the sealife, and biking on my banana seat bike, and talking about everything under the sun with my summer pal of the year. Good times, Good times.

Marci! YAY! Glad school is finally over for you! Are you in the running to be the new director??? Hope your cloud has lifted. If you want to share, please do.

Raeanne- School was never the thrill for me either. But I'll NEVER let my kids know that. lol.

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14


QOD: Too many wonderful memories to list, but one of my favorites was this. We grew up in Mississippi, but my dad was originally from Des Moines, Iowa. So every summer he and Mama would load us six kids up in the station wagon and take off to go visit his relatives. I remember one time we stopped along the way at a Holiday Inn in Springfield, Missouri. We were so excited because they had a nice swimming pool and we couldn't wait to swim. I'm sure my parents were ready for a break, as well. Only problem was it was chilly for some reason, and the pool was freezing. We still swam, even though our lips turned blue and we were shivering! Mama took home movies of us, and it's hilarious to see us trying to stay warm, but acting like we're having the time of our lives! In today's world, my parents would most likely have been arrested for child abuse!

Our grandparents lived in a neat, old two story house in what was once a really pretty street (many, many years ago) with the front screened porch, where a bunch of us would sleep. We thought that was pretty neat. It all seems like yesterday.

I held my own at WW today - "maintained." They said it was because I lost so much last week. I want a big loss every week, darn it - "instant gratification." ha.

Did anyone watch the Tony Awards last night? I really enjoyed it - how wonderful it must be to live in a city like New York and have access to those wonderful shows! I'm looking forward to seeing "Mary Poppins" when we're in Chicago!

Hope everyone's week is a good one!


RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Hey Guys!

I'm at work, work, work! Lots to do because I'm OFF tomorrow to attend my college DD's first film screening! So exciting. The trip is long though, since the hour and a half ferry rides both ways and 4 hour freeway drives there and back are involved. EVERYTHING is inconvenient from here---ACK! Lord only knows why DH wanted to live on an island. I'll stay here 8 more years and then it's back to civilization for me!

As well, I'm helping DD move out of her house and back into ours for the summer. TRUCK filled to the brim, I imagine.

CONGRATS to all the losers and maintainers! Sounds like the spring and summer weather is getting everyone motivated!

I'm counting down to our move and getting back in the eliptical saddle again....

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14---Dusty in here!

A whole day and nobody home? w-o-w.

I'm off to my DD's film screening tomorrow so I'll be off the internet for 2 days. Back on Thursday!

Check in and tell us what you're planning for the upcoming weekend!

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Good afternoon, folks! It's sunny, hot (93 F.), and humid here.

I've finished all my running around for the day and just finished a nice, healthy lunch. I'm down 2.5 pounds from last week, and that makes me feel terrific. I turned down to invites to lunch today and did a double workout instead! Nothing like a taste of success to make me do the right things.

Raeanne, our Chamber is putting on a "Divas" event again this summer on a much grander scale than the first one last year. Last year's was called "Divas in Paradise"; this year's is "Divas on Safari". It's an evening of pampering and fun for women in the area. We are in the process of recruiting 'pamperers' who will offer some type of service to the women, from a hand "facial", to toenail polishing, 10-minute chair massages, iris reading, free screening by my chiropractor, and that's all so far. The pampers get a free table for offering services on the spot. Vendor tables sell for $100 and they get to bring whatever merchandise to sell from their business that will fit on, under and in front of an 8 foot table space. Both types of people are required to offer a minimum of $25 item for our Silent Auction. Applebee's (2 stores) will fix those cute little shots desserts, and the country club provides the main food. It's a fundraiser for our Chamber. They provide awesome scholarships for local students with the proceeds.

Our community center fundraiser had crafts made by people attending the art classes there or made at home, donated goodies for the sweet shop, donated baskets for the Silent Auction, rented petting zoo, bounce house, and all kinds of games for kids, then lunch for everyone: hotdogs, nachos, baked potatoes and salad, BBQ-topped potatoes, and slices of donated cakes for sale. We made a lot of money, and it was a fun community event. So much was donated that the profit was good. I hope this helps. Let me know if you want even more details.

BJ. hope you enjoy your time off-island. That's really neat about your DD's film screening.

Marci & Jan, it's great reading your posts and hearing about your lives.

Where do y'all think everyone is these days? Off having too much fun? Computer broken? Bored? Feeling guilty? Whatever the reason, COME BACK AND POST ANYWAY! You are missed.

Wonderful Wednesday wishes for all! :-)

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Milkdud - thanks so much for the ideas. I love the "Divas" event that would be so much fun. I was thinking of doing a health/wellness day but the Diva's idea is so much more fun. I am thinking of this for a weekend in the fall when it is our off season and maybe it will bring more business into town for the day. I knew you would have something to share.

BJ - I hope the screening goes well - how exciting. I can't wait to hear about it.

I am short on time, but hope others can find a minute to check in.

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14


Milk_dud: CONGRATS on the loss!!! It is going to be an active, wonderful summer for you. I love hearing about your and Raeanne's fund-raising ideas! When life finally slows down and I join a charity, I'm stealin' all you-guys' ideas!

Well, all my ducklings are back home for the summer now. Whew!!!

:-( WAH!!!!! Looks like our move into the new home is delayed but AGAIN. All tech-y delays. Why do we have to have all these electronics????? AYE-YI-YI!

The screening was SO awesome. I loved DD's movie short. I'm busting with pride!

Raeanne- Do your girls come home for summer or stay where they are? Are they out of college yet? Losing track of time here, obviously. My DDs make such good money in this vacation destination, they always come back for summer. Plus, my oldest has already asked to live with us for a year after college (she graduates next year) so she can save money. We said yes.

Well, I better get some work done...gotta hop the afternoon ferry to take Baby V to his pre-adoptive "Plan B" parents for the weekend. I'm actually needing some non-baby time to catch up! I'm packing and cleaning in preparation of wishing I could move---SOONER!


Where's Patti & NHSuzanne? If anyone, they are ALWAYS HERE. I'm shouting out to come CHECK IN , youse guys!

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

BJ - Mamma duck must feel great having everyone under one roof again - even if it isn't the roof you planned on being under. My oldest DD has been out of college since 2002 and the youngest 2004 IS THAT POSSIBLE??? They are now career women and don't get home for the summer. DD#2 is in Manhattan so she makes it home for weekends and holidays. DD#1 is in San Diego and needs to really plan her trips home - they are far and few between. Both places are great one's to go and visit so I am not complaining. I am glad DD's movie short came out so great - I had no doubt that it would be anything than that. I hope all this works out for Baby V and that they are the right parents for him. What a process.

We are off to a Joseph Carr (Napa Valley) Wine Dinner tonight. We went last year and it was amazing - the food and the wine. I was going to wear a sleeveless top until I got a good look at my jello arms. I am not happy with myself at this moment. But maybe it is the motivation I need to step up my exercise program. I still go to the trainer twice a week but I have been slacking on my off days and I know I need some cardio on those days. Same old story...

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I know this is a busy time of year for most of us.

need to proof my posts

I didn't mean that I was going to Napa Valley (I wish) - I was just clarifying where Joseph Carr is from. He actually has roots from this area and shares amusing stories with us.

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Good Saturday morning! It's already 79 F. here, 86% humidiy, and a high of 93 later today. Summer's here!

Raeanne, how was your wine dinner last night? Has it really been that long since your girls graduated? I remember lurking around here back then, but I didn't stop to realize how long ago "back then" was until I read your post above. Time does fly!

BJ, sorry about the moving delay. Once you get your mind set on something, it must be hard to shift gears into neutral. Glad you have all your "ducks" in a row at home this summer. How fun for everyone, and lucky for you since you're now a fulltime career girl. Or are you still fired? LOL

My friend and I spent yesterday canvassing a lovely part of the Houston area for vendors and pamperers for the "Divas" event. I also got a quick tour of the facility where it will be held - a big old country club in the next town over. Should be lovely!

Today, I'm sneaking in a quick, light Curves workout before going to my church women's monthly meeting - dress casual (so I'll fit in just fine!). If I don't go beforehand, I won't be out in time to go afterwards, and I now realize, once again, that exercising is key to weight loss for me.

I saw Patti on her Facebook page the other night. She and Dave are in Texas for her niece's graduation and visiting with family, I guess. I just didn't remember her saying goodbye. So, there's your update on her, BJ!

Everyone needs to check in and let us know that you're alive and well. Have a great weekend!

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Golly you all sure have been busy this week. I will just bet you will all have lost some this week for sure.
Yesterday, I ened up in the local hospital with what felt like a 2 x 4 stuck in my foot. I went out to our porch or deck or whatever it's called, and got one really big splinter stuck in the bottom of my foot. It went nearly straight in too. So, off to the ER I went and they had to cut it out. Boy, did that hurt like he!!. So, yesterday was a total lost cause, except for the fact they didn't feed me a think there. DH is taking really good care of me since I got my boo boo. LOL Fixed supper yesterday, and breakfast this moring and lunch even. He is cooking BBQ chicken on the grill right this minute.
This is wonderful !! And I will probably be limping for at least, hmmmm, maybe 6 or 7 months !! LOL Do you think he would catch on? Yes, probably would. At any rate, this is nice getting pampered. But I doubt that I will lose even a smidgen this week.


RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Hi Milkdud - the wine dinner was a lot of fun. The food was okay and the wine delicious. The girl I saw next to at the wine dinner was younger than my youngest daughter. I said to my DH we can't start going out with people younger than our kids LOL. She actually is a sweetheart and very mature for her age and I will definitely be seeing more of her.

I am so happy Patti is back in Texas for the festivities.

BJ - hope you are enjoying the flock.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

Hey just a second betwen everything I'm trying to get done while the baby is gone for the weekend....GLAD TO SEE You Guys stopping in. Helen, be well soon, but not TOO soon!!! lol.

Check out the FUNdraising idea! Click on the 2 pages of bra designs....beautiful...but I was hoping someone would decorate one with a "D" on one side and a "Q" on the other...I always felt like the Dairy Queen after I delivered...if you know what I mean.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bras for a Cause

RE: SS Support Week of 6/8 - 6/14

I am home and getting ready to return to work tomorrow. Blah!

Have the cable guy stopping by in about 15 minutes, as one of our converter boxes is acting up.

So, along with laundry, fatigue from the 10-hour drive, and other bits, I'm ready for a nap!!


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