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SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Posted by marci_pa (My Page) on
Mon, Feb 13, 06 at 7:06

Get up and get moving (and finish shoveling if you're on the East Coast!), it's a brand new week!

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RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

No snow here, not even a flake. It is strange to see no snow on the ground in February.

I posted yesterday, but it didn't show up and I had no time to repost. So hugs and hello's to everyone.

I worked out at the gym on the eliptical yesterday - I haven't done that in ages and it was fun. This morning I exercised with Denise Austin and tomorrow I have a 6:30AM date at the gym with a friend. I hooked up with her because she is a maniac about working out and will force me to go.

NH Suzanne - I don't know if I told you I have been doing Reiki with an owl that had been hit by a car and has a detached retina and cataracts. His sight has greatly improved, but he has developed an infection in his foot - so I may go to visit him this afternoon or tomorrow morning. He is adorable.

Dee - I can't believe how much snow you got, especially since we have none. Is Ed sore today LOL? (I would be)

Besh, Suzanne, John, Donna, how did you guys make out with the snow?

QOD - any Valentine's Day plans? We will probably go out for dinner, but that is all - we don't do gifts on Valentines Day.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hello everyone

Hope you easters are all okay. We used to get one or two snowstorms like that each winter but not so anymore. It finally got cold enough here for our pond to freeze so we had friends over yesterday afternoon to play hockey. Between the skiing and skating I don't think there is a muscle that isn't protesting today :-(

QOD ~ My husband left to go snowmobling this morning, so I'm going to babysit while my son and his friend whose husband was killed in Iraq go out to dinner and a movie.

Raeanne ~ got your email. Thanks! Whenever it is convenient for you would be great. Just let me know when you feel like you are going to fall off the SSing wagon and I'll come over and give you a swift kick :-)

Guess it's back to work for me. What are all of you that are snowed in up to?


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Checking in.....working from home because I refused to drive on semi-plowed streets. I'm not stressed and got to put in more hours due to no commute!

QOD: DH and I will probably go out to dinner. I offered to cook, but he doesn't want me to do that. We want to be home in time to watch American Idol, tho.

Hope you are all safe and warm this evening!

Make this week count!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

We got off lucky and only got about 8 inches - not even close to what was predicted. Unfortunately we did not escape the winds that were predicted. That wind knocked down a tree that hit a transformer and we had no power (translate no heat) for 9 hours yesterday - that was not fun. All in all I still consider us lucky we escaped the worst of it.

How did everyone else on the east coast who haven't checked in make out??? Raeanne, I am stunned you got no snow!

QOD - nothing :-)

Will check in later...Donna

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hi all. Hope u r all doing great. Just dropped in to see how everyone was doing. I used to be happyto. :>)

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happytoo!!!!!!! I remember you very well. It's so nice to "see" you again. Please don't be a stranger. Come back and catch us up on your sweet self.

It was 29 degrees here this a.m., but no snow in north Texas! We often get one or two weird weather days in February though, so I'm still waiting.

DH and I celebrated Valentine's Day a day early, so tomorrow, I'm ready to start my countdown to surgery by eating healthy, healthy, healthy! Back to very Serious Somersizing which has always worked when I'd give it half a chance. Breakfast will be eggs and decaf coffee. Lunch will be a grilled chicken salad. Dinner will be broiled fish and VO-sauteed fresh veggies. Wish me luck!

To all y'all getting snow, stay warm and dry!

Take care.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happyto - I remember you too! Please fill us in on what has been happening in your life.

milkdud - I am glad to hear that you took a postive step and got out of a stressful work situation. Will send postive thoughts your "weigh" for a good SSing experience and a successful surgery. Tell us again when it is scheduled?

Raeanne - I can't believe you didn't get any snow either. As soon as I heard that NYC got record amounts, I thought of you and wondered how much you got. We too lucked out with nothing more than a dusting.

NHSuzanne - Are you there?

DeeMarie - You are lucky to have the option to work at home. Did DH get his weekend jobs done?

Donna - Glad to hear your heat is back on. Those are the times I am glad for our wood stove.

zig - We used to ice skate on frozen lakes, ponds and even the river when I was little. I don't think anyone does that anymore around here. We have several ice rinks that charge a fortune instead. But I have such fond memories of those days. Hope your muscles recover quickly.

Jen - Did DH make it home? I know you were counting down the days.

We had two Valentine parties today and will have two more tomorrow. This is my favorite holiday at school. I love the homemade Valentine cards we get. And because we aren't so overwhelmed, we can open them right away and thank the kids. I also got lots of chocolate today. Good chocolate, not the dime store variety. Jen - Can I send it your way and have you dispose of it properly! LOL

And speaking of chocolate, my friend went to see Menopause - The Musical and brought home this little poem (written just for me). LOL

M&M Menopausal Relief

To temporarily calm your craving for chocolate, eat the BROWN ones.

At the first sign of a hot flash, eat the RED ones.

To minimize depression, eat the ORANGE ones.

To calm your frustrations, eat the GREEN ones.

Getting a headache? Eat the YELLOW ones.

When you start to bloat, eat the BLUE ones.

If symptoms all occur at the same time, eat the WHOLE bag!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentines Day!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentines Day my loves!

Yes Marci, I am here!

We only got a very disappointing 6" of snow! While to our south and on the coast they got almost 2 feet!

Besh, I bet you are buried!

My Hags with Nags party was great. We were so bad. We stayed up until 4am and there were 9 empty bottles of wine! We were singing and dancing like hight school girls. It was fun! Of course we started drinking them at 6pm the night before................I am way too old to do this. I was so tired all day Sunday because I had to get up at 6am and feed the animals. I was able to catch a nap but I was still so tired. Dinner was delicious and the wine tasting went very well.

Still buried in new job syndrome. Have lots to get up to speed on.

Raeanne, I love owls. What kind of owl are you treating? He's lucky you are in his life.

Zig, it's good to see you post.

Puffysmom, I don't remember you posting but I have heard of Happyto..........welcome back. Do tell where you have been.

Has anyone seen the spectacular full moon? It's still very high in the sky at 6am. The nights here are very white and magical with our newly fallen snow and moonlight. I love it.

Hope everyone has a great day.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentines Day

Puffysmom - YES, I remember you too, how are those grandkids? Please keep posting - you are mentioned often - especially when someone says YUMMERS.

Suzanne - he's a Saw-Whet owl - they are small owls - and he is precious. The full moon has been unbelievable. We were driving Sunday night and it lit the countryside up beautifully. Now I am really jealous I didn't go to your party - sounds like a lot of fun - we need more of that.

Milkdud - I know you will stick to SS now - you sound very determined.

Donna - that was a long time to be without heat YIKES.

Marci - I should run out and get a bag of M&Ms immediately LOL.

Dee - sounds like you had a very productive day yesterday.

I went to the gym this morning at 6:30 and worked out for an hour - it feels good. I am going to try and make this a habit - I need at least one good one LOL.

Zig - that envelope is in the mail today - I forgot to bring it yesterday.

Tikanis - where are you???

BJ - do you have a bad case of writer's cramp from all those essays? If not, stop and say HELLO.

It's my day off and as usual I have a ton of errands to run and chores to do - so off I go.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm here, Raeanne! Very busy.... on my way out the door. I checked in on Saturday but my post disappeared!

Back later! Have a wonderful day.
Marci (sigh) put the M&Ms down!! : )


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

NHSuzanne ~ sounds like your party was a big sucess

Raeanne ~ Thanks again for going to all the trouble.

Puffysmom ~ welcome back

Marci ~ I am fine today, even managed to do Leslie Sansones 3 mile power walk with weights before I went to work. Ice time here is premium and very expensive and since I spend more time in a prone position than upright I prefer to skate in private so I don't look like a total fool.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Valentines Party was last night and I think I gained 5 lbs. just smelling all the candy and other goodies. My little sis and her mother made me a dozen cookie roses and a beautiful homemade card. It is such a delight for me to see the progress she and her young mother are making in establishing a relationship and doing things together.

QOD If you had the ability and oportunity to participate in the Olympics what sport would you choose?

Snow boarding or the luge would be my first picks but I wouldn't mind any skiing event or bobsledding either.

Make today a good one

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

QOD: Ice Dancing with a tall handsome partner! I used to dream about dancing on the ice when I was a little girl.

HAPPYTO!!!! Welcome back! I've sent you some funnies and e:mails along the way and hope I have your current address. Good to see you. For those of you who need a fresher, Happyto had wonderful results from SSing, and was actually pictured in Suzanne's 2nd or 3rd book!

Jen, thanks for the greetings from the girls!

Gotta run; have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

QOD - Snowboarding for me - I love those kids - what free spirits, brave and they listen to their iPods while they perform - I am glad it became an Olympic Sport.

The girl that was injured in the Luge - was from Saratoga Springs, near me - very sad, the newpaper showed a photo of her grandfather in tears - Samantha Retrosi (SP?).

DH surprised me with a beautiful bouqet of flowers. Now I feel like I should be cooking him a nice dinner instead of going out - but fortunately for me our supermarket is closed today LOL. They are changing ownership and they closed to get things in order, they are reopening tomorrow.

I think I am going to buy DH a kayak for his birthday (August) - I will have to start saving now (we don't have his and her money - so it's hard to surprise him with something big).

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hello and Happy Valentines Day!

Jen, thanks so much for the email. Your two girls are just beautiful!

Happyto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear from you. Please stay. You always have so much to contribute and I think we all have missed you. I know I have!

Yes we did get a little buried here. In fact Salem had the highest snow fall of the whole North Shore. 18" Yikes! No school yesterday which is always a treat. It is in the 40's today so alot has melted already.

We spent the weekend watching movies. These are my ratings in case anyone needs suggestions (5*'s being the best):

Second Hand Lions *****
Zorro (#2) **
Band Camp -*
Just Like Heaven ****
Corpse Bride *

QOD: Definitely ice skating. No pairs, just me!

Got to go finish putting groceries away. Have a nice evening!

Love, Besh

PS - Maddie I was thinking of you last night when I was watching the dog show! They are all so cute (some more than others!).

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hi all!

HAPPYTO!!!! OMG--I was reading on a completely different board the other day, and someone posted a recipe, and a comment was "Yummers", and I thought of you--and wondered how you are---gosh--it's SO good to see you post!

This has got me to thinking--I wonder what happened to Sonu, Jeannemarie, Marlena, DebiK... Karen, of course. Great ladies, all--it's amazing to tihnk back over all of the years, and the memories---

Well, Rog got me a card and a great pin, and I got him a card (and will take him to dinner this weekend-) it's unny here, and in the 50s--tomorrow is supossed to be in the 60s.

QOD--I'd agree with Dee--I love to watch anything on ice, and the last time I went ice skating, I thought I was Doroty Hamill, and ended up on crutches for 2 weeks--and so ended an illustrious career! LOL!

Raeanne--that sounds so wonderful--I'd love to try one , once.

Hope all is well--



RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Good Afternoon love birds,

Maddie, did you enjoy the Westminster last night? I love that show.

Besh,I knew you were buried and I am glad it's melted! What a treat. I love big storms like that. I wish we had gotten the lions share. I just love the stuff and so do the horses.

Raeanne, I saved a Saw Whet owl once that had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, he did not survive at the rehab as his wing was badly damaged. He was so cute and sweet. I still feel bad when I think of him. You are right about the moon. It's incredible and it's still high in the sky as late as 6am. It's hard to miss!

Good news, the lymph node that DH had removed last week was negative! I am so relieved and so is he.

QOD: I would choose equestrian in the Olympics but for winter I would choose skiing most definitely unless we eventually come up with Skijoring with horses!

Have to run.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Valentine's Day!

Puffysmom - Welcome back! Nice to "meet" ya!

Marci - I love the M&M menopausal relief - I can live with that cure! Glad you dodged the snow bullet.

Besh - glad you are digging out.

Zig - I have Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds but have not tried them yet - I am going to have to give them a shot.

Have to run - will check in later - have a great evening!!


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19/

I forgot to answer the QOD - I would definitely like to ice dance - snowboarding looks good too.

love 'em dawgs! :)

Suzanne--actually, I was disappointed. I'm not a Rottie fan, and the terrier is not my cup of tea. I did like the pug and dalmation, but still just wasn't wowed. I loved the Newfie and the Norwich; the pom, of course, and the Bishon Frise, but overall, not thriled. I'm looking forward to tonight, and I keeping saying that one day, I'll be there in person! :)

The Havanse is from Booneville, IN where a good friend of mine lives--kinda cool! :):)

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Maddie, I was not overly pleased either. Very happy about the Golden Retriever getting in but I would love to see the Labrador, (who is near and dear to my heart), take it. I keep saying that one day I will go there too.......perhaps we should go together. I think it's cool that the bull terrier took it though. That's an interesting and unusual breed!

Not much new from this camp this morning. I have to get ready for work!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

I just got in from working out. I like this 6:30AM time - the only thing it interfere's with is sleep - so I go to bed earlier. I think it will work for me. I did treadmill, weights and ab crunches (which were still sore from 2 days ago).

I didn't get to see any of the dog show.

I have to get ready for work now, have a wonderful day.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Good morning!

Suzanne, as Dilbert would say....AAIIEEEEE! I can't believe that football with ears won. I was holding in with the Deerhound or the Golden. (I just wanted to hug the Golden; what a sweet face!!!) I'd love to go with you! 2 dawg lovin' kindred souls together? Sounds like a fine plan to me!!! :)

(and I really really really want an Irish Wolfhound!!)

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hi all!

Raeanne ~ Getting up early and going to exercise is a big commitment, Way to go!!! If I don't exercise early in the morning, especially in the winter, I'd never exercise. Leslie Sansomes 4 mile express walk with weighted gloves for me this morning.

Maddie ~ I've never seen a football with ears before Is that a new breed? LOL

Marci ~ Did you survive the Valentines Day parties?

I have a staff meeting in just a few minutes so I'd better get back to work


Donna ~ I have been doing the Walk Away the Pounds tapes for several years and love them. My favorites are her 3 Mile Power Walk with weighted gloves, her 3 Mile Walk with weighted balls, her 4 mile express walk and the walk blaster series.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hi everyone!

zig, you are ambitious! My neighbor and I began walking about 3 months ago. We meet at 6:15am and walk for about 45 minutes on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. On Wednesday, we cut it down to 30 minutes because i have an 8am staff meeting. On Saturday, we walk entirely around the lake (about 1 1/2 hours). 3 days a week, I try to hit the classes here at the corporate fitness center. Result? I've not lost 1 single pound (gained a few), but I feel terrific when I exercise. Just can't get enough of my body 'thanking" me after I exercise. I get anxious over the weight, but I am not giving up...period!!

Finally finished a report and sent it out to about a dozen people. It was bugging me for almost a week, but when I hit the "send" button, I was relieved.

DH and I watched some of that dog show. He was interested, but you all know me by now...I just don't get it, especially some of those characters who stroll around with the lease! LOL!!!

Gotta get myself a cup of tea.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

I suppose I should catch u up on what has been going on in my life. I did lose quite a bit of weight from SS but then my hubbies cancer came back and I just did not care and spent so much time in the hospital that I ate all the wrong things. I am back to where I was before.... but started SS again almost 3 weeks ago.
I lost him 3 years ago Nov4th. After that I came up to Wis for summer time and the second year I was up here I brought my 2 grandchildren with me. That was May 2005. In July I took an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle and my son and DIL came and got the grandchildren. I was only gone a week but when I got back they told me they were moving to Wis. OH NO. COLD, Dreary weather, snow and all that bad stuff. I live with them so I am now in Wis. Today we r in the middle of lots of blowing snow. many of you r following the low carb way of eating? I was hunting for some new recipes here but did not find anything. Guess that is a thing of the past.
It is harder doing this cause I have not gotten into anything in Wis. Most of the time I spend at home bored bored and bored some more. Gads. How does one get a life in the cold country. I know I never liked winter before when I was younger and could do a lot more but nowdays I cannot do much of anything. Life is tough but one just has to hang in there and keep on going.:>)
Think I will hunt for some more recipes. Have a geat day everyone.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hi All,

I have been MIA and have a lot of catching up to do and so little time. Maybe things will settle down this weekend. I have been so busy with work! I got a bit back logged when out for my knee thingy.

I didn't see the dog show but I am VERY partial to labs. We had DD's HUGE German shepherd here all last week while she moved and had a fence built at the new place and I REALLY want a dog now.

Next week I get to start a "mild" exercise program. I am thinking of getting a walking tape. Does everyone like the Leslie Sansone tapes? Please give me your impressions/ reviews. Next Friday is Prolothereapy treatment #2 on my knee and I am eager.

Puffysmom, it's so nice to "meet" you. I think that you and I are the only single people here. I have been a widow for 2 years as of Jan. 19th. I have 2 kids and work as a Visiting Nurse and run a small biz (cpr instruction) here in sunny so cal. ( I feel guilty mentioning the weather when so many are snowed in.) Still, I am from Back East and miss a "real" winter. I am never bored and can think of a million things to do! Do you drive? If you are serious,I have ideas....

I eat a "good Carb" diet (which I have sabatoged many a time)and have plenty of recipes, most of them thanks to DeeMarie, who sent me The Good Carb Cookbook as a gift. What kind of recipes are you looking for? I will be glad to post some this weekend.

Raeanne, I'd like to hear more about that owl and Reiki. Please inform me!

DeeMarie, I feel the same way when I have finished charting! What a relief!

NH Suzanne, how's that donkey?

Qod from Tuesday: Snowboarding! That looks like so much fun!

As you can see, I am only 1/2 caught up and feel bad for being so out of the loop. I will catch up this weekend.

I received a wonderful Unbirthday gift today from Raeanne; a beautiful original watercolor of a lone soul in a canoe (I can't wait to get in a kayak again and you know it!) and a Starbuck's gift card. Tomorow's mocha blend is on you, Raeanne and the watercolor is already in a frame on my bedside table. Thank you, my friend! (((HUGS!!)))


Ps, Joanne, you and your MoM are on my mind each and every day.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Good Morning All,

Happy Friday morning too!! Wow, this week has just flown by and I see that I am not all that caught up here. I guess I will have to take the weekend to do that.

Tikanis, good to see you post. It doesn't take long to get behind does it? Raeanne is very sweet too I think I will take some lessons from her on how to be more thoughtful!!! LOL

Dominick the donkey is doing very well. We can pick up his front feet very well now and very close to getting the back feet up. He is beginning to enjoy this time that we spend with him which is really good. Building trust after it's been breached with equines is difficult and I am pleased that we have gotten this far already. DH is spending alot of time with him which thrills me to no end. He has taken him on as his project which is miraculous in a way!! Anyway, the hoof trimmer is coming next week so it will be interesting to see how he does. I think the front will be okay and the back will be a challeng.

Puffysmom, I know that winter can be long and hard for alot of people. All I can recommend is to get out and get as much exercise as you possibly can. It really does lift the mood. The dark is the biggest issue with me but it's getting lighter all the time so hang in there my friend it will be spring soon. Go buy yourself a sweet little pot of mini daffodils or a bunch of tulips and THINK SPRING!!

Maddie, take back what you said about Rufus the bull terrier! He was cute and a perfect specimen! LOL Did you hear about the dog that got out of her cage and is missing? Last night I saw on the news that they had helicopters and everything looking for her! I think she was a Whippet - not sure. I hope she finds her owner.

Raeanne, how is your little owl doing? I loved the photo thanks for sending it.

Gretchen, I am thinking of you so check in soon and tell us you are well.

You too BJ!!

Besh, you must be delighted that all that snow melted! I am disgusted with this winter. I want a little snow on the ground please!!

DeeMarie, I am going to make an animal lover out of you someday!! LOL

Patti, how are you and Dave doing?

Donna, Zig, Marci, check in please.

QOD: What's up for the weekend?

An old client is coming out to visit me on Sunday. She was one of my favorites and I am excited to see her and visit with her. She owns Lusitano stallions and they are nothing short of magnificent. She and her partners a classical dressage people and they raise some of the finest Lusitanos in the world. Thier farm is Casa Lusitana. It will be great to see her.

Everybody check in before the weekend!!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

I'm here and listening to wind howwwwwwwwwwwwllllllll-ing outside my window. The temps are going to drop drastically thru the day and winter will be back tomorrow.

NHSuzanne - I was going to say that this has been the longest week! LOL I think because we had our V. parties on Mon. & Tues., it felt like the week should have been over sooner. And the fact that DH is on this weird schedule and has been home almost everynight this week, kept me thinking that every day was Thursday (his usual day off). But it is finally FRIDAY!! And I have Monday off for President's Day! Not sure what I have planned though. DD was supposed to come home, but her plans fell through. So now I am waiting to see what this weather change brings, before I decide how far from home I am going to wonder. Would like to see if DH would go counter top and backsplash shopping with me, but I doubt if that will happen.

Happyto - I am sorry about your beloved DH. I do think I remember someone posting about your moving, but I didn't know you were in Wisconsin now. I agree with whoever said, THINK SPRING!

I don't have time to say much more, but I too will try to catch up this weekend.

Patti??? WHERE ARE YOU????


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Morning everyone

Tikanas ~ I have been doing Walk Away the Pounds for several years. I like them because I can combine resistance and areobics in one workout and the moves are simiple for a klutz like me to follow. The basic tapes combine variations of 5 different moves...marching, lateral side steps, kickbacks, knee lifts and kicks. I'm not sure what is wrong with your knee but my 70 year old aunt who has had both knees replaced has no trouble doing the one mile tape. Where in California do you live? I'm originally from the San Fernando Valley, graduated from USC but now reside in the mid west

Puffysmom ~ if you are ssing there are several websites that have great recipes. I had a lot of them bookmarked but lost them when my computer crashed. I'll try to find then later (see post to Raeanne) or you can do a google search, SS website has good ones too.

Raeanne ~ Came home from work last night to no power and it may not be back on until Sunday or Monday. DH is snowed in up north and our generator wouldn't start so I stayed in a hotel last night I will try to email you from this site later.

I usually love winter but our weather has been so weird I am ready for spring. Woke up yesterday to 25 degrees and 4" of snow, on the way to work it started to sleet, then freezing rain, warmed up into the 50's by the afternoon the rain turned into thundershowers and tornado watches then freezing rain again. This morning the temps were in the teens with wind chills in the single digits and now it is snowing so hard you can barely see.

QOD Weekend plans depend on if I am living out of a suitcase or back home.

My 8:30 appointment just arrived so it's time to get to work


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

tikanis - Enjoy your coffee! I like this Unbirthday thing - I will try to catch you off guard again LOL. I will send you an email on Reiki and the owl.

Marci - that wind is heading our way - it will be 55 this morning and down to the teens tonight. DD#2 is coming home for the long weekend - she will be disappointed in this weather. I hope you can convince DH to go pick out countertops with you.

Suzanne - Dominick may have been just what your DH needed - who would've thought? The rehabber that has the owl lives far from here, but ended up bringing him to my vet for some medical treatment. I went to visit him yesterday and the rehabber was coming for him last night. He fits in my cupped hands and I have fallen very hard for him. I wanted to bring him home with me LOL. He was very receptive to Reiki and I also did Sammy the Seagull while I was there.

puffysmom - (((((HUGS)))) I think Patti informed us about your DH being ill. I am so sorry for your loss - that is a lot of change for you in a short time - just hang in there, things will brighten up for you. In the meatime count on us when you need to.

Zig - why do those things always happen when our husbands are out of town? The sad part is we have a generator and I don't even know how to turn it on. My DH showed me once, but I wasn't paying attention LOL - the last laugh may be on me.

QOD - DD#2 coming home and I expect to spend my free time with her. I have the movie Must Love Dogs to watch and we have dinner reservations at her favorite place, probably take her shopping and Sunday I am going to a housewarming party. Of course I work all day Saturday - so I really only have half a weekend to work with LOL.

Lynn - we know you are busy, but get back here.

Besh - I will let you know how Must Love Dogs is - John Cusack is in it and I always like his movies.

Donna - how is the weather down there? It must've felt like summer some of this week.

Joanne - hope your mom is comfortable and in good spirits.

Gretchen, Patti, Amy -check in.

BJ - I had to do my laundry without you, don't make me come looking for you.

Maddie - I love Irish Wolfhounds - my neighbor had one and I was amazed by him.

Dee - glad you can breath again at work.

I worked out from 6:30 - 7:30 this morning and met a personal trainer - I think I am going to start meeting with him/her (husband/wife team) next Friday morning at my gym and then maybe 1 more time a week at their gym. Let's see if that helps.

Have a wonderful day and weekend.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Raeanne, I was thinking the same thing!! I believe in the healing power of animals and I hope this is a start!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Good FRIDAY afternoon!

Had the day off and just finished throwing out a bit of junk and packing some away for a garage sale. I tried to work on 2 of my closets, though not quite finished.

QOD: Tomorrow morning we heading down to my sister's for the weekend. Saturday afternoon sis and I will visit my aunt for a few hours, Saturday night it's a small birthday dinner at her house, and Sunday morning, sis and I have a bridal shower brunch.

Marci, the wind is howling here too. Gonna ask DH for a fire and relaxation tonight.

Steady as she goes; I'm journalizing all my food and sticking with the good stuff. YEAH!!

Make this weekend count!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

We lost power from the wind today - so I was without a computer for a bit - it forced me to do some filing - a task I don't like at all.

Dee - snuggle by the fire - perfect idea.

Well the personal trainer I ran into this AM came to my office and convinced me to come to his gym next Tuesday - his wife called me too and I am going to give it a go and see what happens. My girlfriend said she would go with me.

I have to go back out in the howling wind shortly to go pick up DD at the train.

Enjoy your weekend.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

You're invited to a..............




RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrrrthday Dearest Dee Marieeeeeeeee,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Love ya!


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Birthday to you dear DeeMarie!!!!! I hope you dinner party is fun and that you have a great day! We love you and will be thinking of you on your special day!!

Don't eat too much cake but go ahead and indulge in something fun!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Hope you have a wonderful day!

I'm still without power, so I came into the office for a while to get some paper work done and clean up a bunch of odds and ends it seems like I never have time to finish. Yesterday our son and one of his friends went to the house to clean up some of the damage left by Thursdays weather and while they were there they drained the pipes so they wouldn't freeze Thank goodness since it was -6 this morning when I came into work.

Raeanne ~ Was going to email you yesterday but never had the chance. Am going to try and send one fron here

Hope you all have a nice day


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

It sounds like you have a wonderful birthday weekend planned....enjoy!!

Zig and Raeanne - I can sympathize about the power. My yard is a mess with general tree debris from the storm. Raeanne - that is cool and caring what you do with the animals - how did you get into that?

Puffysmom - I am very sorry about your husband.

Suzanne - We went from ice and snow to spring to winter again..all in 7 days. Oh boy! I am glad your DH is bonding with Dominick.

Tikanas - Nice surprise! So this is how this unbirthday thing works -watch out Suzanne!

Joanne - still thinking of you and your mom.

Hugs to everyone - this has been a rough week. They say things come in threes and this week they did - I found out 3 people I care about very much have serious medical problems :-(. The good news is their prognosis look good.

QOD: Not much exciting - Saturday some errands and shopping - Sunday cleaning and laundry. I might try to squeeze a movie in tomorrow afternoon - I really want to see Last Holiday.

Time to get rollin - I will check in later! Have a great day!!!


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy birthday, Dee Marie! Hope it's a wonderful birthday.

It's finally cold here after weeks of being in the 70's and 80's. The temp is actually dropping this morning. It's now 25 degrees and very windy here in north Texas. But, it's also about time.

QOD: I've got lots of picking up, then cleaning, to do, and laundry as always.

My last day of work is Monday. I have such mixed feelings about things right now. The parents have been so sweet, but the children are being awful which will actually make it a little easier to go. LOL I have a dr.'s appt. on Tuesday for my pre-op workup, dentist appt. Wed., and helping son move into his first home on Thursday.

NHSuzanne, I think it's great that your dh is bonding with the new donkey.

Raeanne, I hope the PT works out as you hope. Sounds so ambitious to me.

Marci, we had our Valentine party on the Friday before the actual day, sugared them up, then sent them home for the weekend. Tuesday, I brought heart cookies and they each had one. It was a very nice day.

Donna, we're going to try to see "Last Holiday" this weekend, too. Hope we all like it.

Joanne, sending good thought and ((((hugs))) for you and your dear mom.

Zig, being without power is the pits, isn't it? Once we were w/o it during a January ice storm, and I had to finally break down and take a shower and shampoo my dirty hair. It was pure misery, but I had to keep a dentist appt. since the ice had melted, so had no choice.

Tikanas, how is your knee now? My knee-replacement surgery may be delayed so that they can attempt some in-office procedure on my other knee so that it's in good shape to see me through.

Hi, Maddie, BJ, and Happyto! I miss reading y'all's interesting posts. Happyto, please start posting here. It's such good therapy, and you are such a neat person to read.

Take care and stay warm, everyone!

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Birthday DEE Marie!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it is a good one.

DH and I have been busy. Right now I am fighting sleep. I cleaned out closets yesterday and had mega clothes that I took to Goodwill and some I will take to a consignment shop. I even packed some already prior to the home selling. In fact I have packed quite a bit. We will have a garage sale too. As my DH would say "selling your old junk to just buy new junk"... hahaha. Today we painted our lanai.....and let me tell ya, I am sooo outta shape. Every muscle and bone in my body is hurting. I just took some ibupro and hopefully it will kick in soon.

I thought that dog that won best in show was adorable. Very nice. I do hope that little whippet finds its owners.

Our weather was very warm today I actually got sunburned. Sorry for those in the northeast and are having freezing weather now.

BJ - those funeral stories are sad but very interesting. It makes me think of the old show six feet under which I still truly miss.

Take care and have a great Sunday.

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Happy Birthday DeeMarie!!
I hope this entire weekend is a celebration for you!


RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Dear DeeMarie - our Jersey Girl - looks like the decorations and singing have been taken care of, we won't discuss the cake (but I hope you had a bite). I just wanted to let you know how fortunate I feel to have met you not once but twice! My wish is that all your wishes come true (so be careful of what you wish for). We are so glad that you are part of our family and it wouldn't be the same without your ocassional butt kicking, your daily inspiration of "Never, Never Give Up", your wise advise and your shoulders for us to lean on, let's not talk about that wicked, warped sense of humor. LOVE YA

RE: SS Support Mon. 2/13 thru Sun. 2/19

Good Morning from very cold NH. -5 here at 7am and still light winds making it feel even colder.

Zig, I hope you have power by now. About 80,000 NH residents were without and this morning still about 30,000 are out. I am very fortunate for once!

Dee, tell us all about your birthday when you get the chance.

Lynn, isn't getting rid of things liberating?? Of course when I start getting rid of stuff I have no intention of replacing it!! At my age less is more. LOL

Has anyone heard if the little Whippet in NY found it's owner? I can't help think about her constantly!

I have to run. My old client is coming for a visit and I have to get in the shower!

Have a great day everyone.

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