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SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Posted by marci_pa (My Page) on
Mon, Jan 16, 06 at 7:59

Good Morning! Wake up and smell the coffee!

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RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning,

BJ, great news on your daughter. Does she have any ideas on a major yet?

Thanks for the well wishes for my friends. The wake is not until tomorrow because of the holiday. It really is dragging things out for them.

Today is my official WW, day 1! I have been messing around with it for the past couple of weeks, but today I am serious.

Joanne, I am so glad that you liked your presents. I can't believe how long it took to get to you. I love that book. It is very simple to follow. I have done many of the suggestions, and it really has made a difference! ((HUGS)) for you and your Mom.

DS and fiance are driving back from Virginia today. They went to visit her grandparents. Marci I was thinking of you being on pins and needles when your DS drove to FL. That is kind of how I am feeling today. When they drove down last week, they did most of the driving at night. DH called them at 10:30PM and they were lost in NY with a flat and missing 2 hubcaps! Yikes, it was a long night!

I am going to make the most of my day off today. Actually, I am going to do everything that I should have done yesterday. It was a real goof off day. DH brought DFIL here from the nursing home to watch the football games. DS had a bunch of friends down in his room, so I cozied up in the guest room and watched a couple of movies. I watched "My Sisters Keeper" (no, not based on the Jody Picoult book, I wish!) and "Mystic River". Both were kind of downers, but good. Mystic River was filmed in Boston, so that was kind of cool to see a lot of familiar places and references.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Besh - Sorry about your friends' daughter. Hopefully the wake will be a celebration of her life. My neighbors have a disabled adult son and I so admire them. I have learned a lot about acceptance and patience from watching them.
I am off today too. I cleaned this whole weekend and now I can "play" today! I am heading over to my parent's house for lunch and then running errands. DH is leaving for Harrisburg for a training session and won't be back until late tomorrow. I have lots of leftovers from the weekend, so I am giving my self some days off from cooking and cleaning.

BJ - Congrats to your DD! Will she be far away? This is such an exciting time for them. Hard to believe that my "baby" is set to graduate from college in May.

Raeanne - If you do want to read James Frey's book, I will send it your way. I had heard that the publisher was offering to refund the price of the book, but later read that they stand by him and were NOT offering refunds. I didn't see the Larry King interview, but read bits and pieces of it.

NHSuzanne - Have you named your new addition yet? Has he been accepted by your other goat?
And, I wasn't sure if you wanted to be part of the birthday exchange. I was going to match up partners soon and wanted to give everyone a chance to sign up first. Let me know.

Patti - Hope your headache is gone. That has to be a bummer. Give Dave a hug from me.

Gotta run.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning All,

I feel kind of out of touch here. (((((HUGS))))) to all that need them.

Marci, I am sorry, I thought I said I want to be in the exchange. I have had a really tough time logging on here at times recently that I might only thought I did! My new addition is a donkey not a goat. The goats like him well enough but my other donkey, Tillie, is jealous of him.

His name is Dominic but I may call him Domino. He's cute. White with a buff overcoat. He has big trust issues so I have alot of work to do.

It has been so cold and windy here the last two days that it's hard to do much outside. At least the sun is shining today and the winds are a little calmer.

Besh, Mystic River was really depressing for me. Oh man, from beginning to end!

Patti, I wish I could give you an animal fix from here!! Just close your eyes and try to imagine your nose is buried in a mane..............remember how wonderful it smells!
As for eating healthy. I would think you have access to lots of fresh vegetables year round at least. Up here the price of produce this time of year is unbelievable! Still, I can eat lots of broccoli and treat myself to organic spinach and other organic greens! It's ridiculous.

We have a local wellness center and I am going to join for a 10 week nutrition and weight management session. I am clearly not doing so well on my own and maybe this will be a boost for me.

Good news, I have a second interview at the marketing company that I interviewed with last week! Keep your fingers crossed.

Hope everyone has a great day. Who has today off???

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Besh, I am sorry to hear about your friend daughter.
I hate the waiting for the kids to get home business too~ Nerve wracking at best. I hope that you have a wonderful day off.

BJ, congrats to DD#1! I m curious as to her major,too. We need to see grades for these tests you are taking. Think of us as your cyber guidance counsellors : )

Marci, Have fun running around today!

Patti, hugs to you and Dave! I am still working on the social service issues for your friend! It sure is hard to find resources from way over here! I hope that you are feeling better.

NH Suzanne, I had a cat named Donino...all black w/ a white spot on her belly. I hope that he fits in w/ Tillie soon. It sure sounds like it's been COLD out your way! Congrats on the second interview! When is it?

Well I am working but only have three patients to see today. The rest of the day will be spent playing catch up on documentation, some errands and puttering around the house. Yesterday we had heavy windstorms and our power went out for a couple of hours. Not easy to do charting by candle light!lol!

Still on plan...
Br~ Italian eggwhite frittata, 1/2 grapefruit
snack~ raw vegies, lite string cheese
Lunch~ lg. green salad w/ vinagrette, 3oz. shrimp, sprouted grain toast.
snack~ nf yogurt, raw vegies
Dinner~ Homemade Albondigas soup w/ 4 meatballs,small taco salad w/ lite cheese and a salsa dressing.

Have a GREAT day everybody! Stay strong and stay well!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Marci - thank you for the offer of the book, but I will borrow it from DD when she comes home. I have a HUGE to be read pile. I read the entire book, Echoes by Danielle Steel yesterday - it was very good.

Suzanne - I am sure you will gain Domino's trust soon enough. Glad to hear about the 2nd interview.

Tikanis - Don't forget to elevate that knee when you are sitting.

I am working today too and it has been a busy one. I am waiting for an e-mail for a client and decided to detour over here. Glad to see everyone checking in.

Besh - The worrying never ends - I guess it is part of our job description. Our yesterday was similar - I read all day. I was sorry last night when I started to straighten up the house.

BJ - thank you for the website - I have added it to my favorites for future reference. I have plenty of swimsuit wraps, but I wanted something more like a regular jean or khaki skirt that ties on the side - so I look more dressed. I have one, but it is getting pretty worn looking and would like to replace it.

Dee - how much money did you win on LCR??? I can't wait to get my game.

Better check the e-mail - enjoy your day whether you are at work or not.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

I'm working today, with a banging head cold. Gonna stop after work for some Airborne before I fly down to the Bahamas. Please keep some good thoughts for me that this does not turn into bronchotis or pneumonia.

Raeanne, DH and I won zero! We lost $24 between the two of us! Had lots of fun, though. I would suggest that you and DH sit next to each other so that you have a better chance of one of you winning!

Gotta run as I want to leave here early and go home to sleep.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Hello from one who had to work today.

Besh - I am very sorry about your friend's daughter. I share Marci's hope that her wake will be a celebration of her life. I did see Mystic River and thought it was good but very, very depressing. Good luck with WW - I am on my 4th official day.

BJ - congrats to your daughter - very exciting. Does she plan to stay close to home?

Suzanne - I would love to see your donkey. I know that as much as you love animials you will overcome the trust issues - he will realize just how lucky he is! Good luck on the 2nd interview - fingers crossed.

Dee - fingers crossed for you too - you can't be sick! I will keep good thoughts for you.

Patti - I hope you are feeling better.

Tikanas - how is that knee doing?

Joanne - still thinking of you and your mom. It really does sound like Besh's package was just on time.

Very wild weather - thunder and lightning, pouring rain to several inches of snow (on top of the rain that froze). Yuck.

I hope all of you that were off today enjoyed it. Be good and I will catch up with you later.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

BJ~What a nice thing to say! I, too, am hoping that DD won't be going far away. One of the good things about DS#1 is that he stayed local until we moved. He had moved just a few months before us if I remember correctly.

Marci~Were you offering to send out the one about Leonard?

NH Suzanne~I'm going to take you up on smelling the manes from here & do you have any male goats? I'll even take that smell! How desperate am I? lol

Yesterday I just happened to catch them talking on tv about the tree molds & thought, "Duh, that is why I've had these headaches & haven't felt well!"

You would think that all the fruits, veggies, & fish were less expensive here & yet that isn't true at all. We were sticker shocked when we got here. They only thing that was cheaper was cream.

Donna~Sorry that you had to work.

DeeMarie~I forbid you to get sick on your holiday! How's that? lol

Raeanne~I'm reading "Lucky Man" from Michael J. Fox. It was in my pile of things to read & so I grabbed it. I'm almost through & I can honestly say that I have enjoyed it.

Tikanis~I wish that we could share a garden together. We just have the cherry tomatoes & bell peppers but they are still young plants. Then we have a pepper plant that looks like the one that they use for Tabasco sauce. Dave keeps calling it a jalapeno but I keep telling him that isn't what it is. It looks more like a banana pepper than that.

Marci~I'm glad that you got a day off.

Milkdud~Are you lurking again?

Besh~We never stop worrying about our babies, no matter how old they become. DS#2 does the most traveling right now with his job but it keeps him happy, I think. DS#1 travels back & forth to see the in-laws.

That is all I have for today. Please try to drink all of your water. Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning All,

The bitter wind has passed and it's going to be a nice day! Now I can spend some time with Dominio working on his trust issues. Poor little guy, who knows all he's been through.

DeeMarie, I hope you stay well for vacation. Hope the Airborne works well, Howard swears by it.

Patti, I wish I could bottle the mane and breath aroma for you! It's the most wonderful smell isn't it? As far as my goat goes, he's a wether and has no odor. I have been around billy goats that had a strong pungent odor much like goat cheese! No thank you. By the way, the new donkey is a gelding and the only other male in the barn is Rock the goat. Rock and Dominic spent the night in the same stall last night. Talk about male bonding!

I am happy to see the sun today because tomorrow it's supposed to snow and change to rain.............ugh, that means more ice.

I have to go get ready for my interview. Think positive thoughts.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning,

Besh, my thoughts and prayers go out to your friends family.

NH Suzanne, That little donkey is one lucky fellow to get to stay with you. You will gain his trust quickly. How did the interview go?

DeeMarie, Stay well and have a wonderful vacation.

Donna, Our weather is pretty nasty too. It's supposed to rain today then turn to snow. I wish we could skip the rain and just have snow. So far, we have had a very mild winter.

Has anyone ever tried detox diets for a day or two? I am toying with the idea of trying one out of First magazine. The first day day you drink soy shakes every other hour from 8 to 4, then at six you have a huge salad with 6 oz of lean protein. Then the next two days you eat fruit every other hour, then have a salad for supper. I am not concerned about the weight loss, I just wonder if it would be good cleaning for my inside pipes. Any thoughts?

Well, better run. Have a wonderful day.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Hi all!

Just popped in to say hi before I take a shower and hit the bed--gad--this place will be the death of me yet--

I haven't had a chance to catch up on the posts--I am soooo out of the loop---but I'm sending love nad hugs to everyone--


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Just popping in for a moment to say "hi" and let you know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the world, I just feel like it! Got another bad bout of allergies, so I make it to school then come home and crawl into bed. (((((Hugs)))) to all who need them.
Take care!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

DeeMarie! You CANNOT get sick now! I hope that you are feeling better this evening...You'll have to explain LCR when you get a chance.

Patti, I hope that you are feeling better too. What are you doing about those headaches? You can borrow my cat Oreo ANY time lol!

NHSuzanne, how was the interview??? I hope that it WAS sunny for you today.

Jen, I did a 3 day fast(water and tomato juice) from January 1st-3rd. I did it in conjunction w/ starting a new herbal supplement in hopes of undoing the damage from the prednisone that I HAD been taking. I felt great while doing it and could easily have kept it up for a full week.(all cleaned out too...)

Maddie,Is work wiping you out? I hope that you get some good rest.

Milkdud, Do I need to put a big bandaid on this whole forum??? Lol! I hope those allergies are better soon.

Still on plan...
br~ Mexican eggwhite frittata, 1/2 grapefruit
sn~ lite string cheese, raw vegies (easy to eat on the road)
lu~ cup of homemade veg soup, lg. green salad w/ vinagrette, 1/2 can plain tunaw/ onion on celery.
sn~ steamed vegies, wedge of laughing cow lite cheese
D~ 4 oz baked cod, steamed green beans, sprouted grain bread.

6 lbs down since Jan. 1st!! : )

Feel Better EVERYONE!!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Tikanis~My headaches were caused from allergies too. I'm almost positive of it.

NH Suzanne~We did have billy goats & yes, you are right about how they can smell. The oldest was so nice when he was young but he got meaner the older he got. I don't know if that is normal or not. I know that you will be able to help your Domino with the trust issues. I'm praying that your job interview goes well.

Jen~I've done a "Fat Flush" before & it really did wonders. I think that it was supposed to be done for 2 weeks but I stayed on it & lost. Then I think that my Grandmother passed away a few days before DS#1 got married & that was down the tubes.

Dave says to say hi to everyone, so "Hi!" Try to drink all of your water. Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22::

Tikanis~Congrats on the 6 lbs. down! You rock! Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning All,

The job interview went well but I still don't know if I will get the job. I may know by the end of the week. The woman I interviewed with yesterday is a horsewoman, and Morgans to boot! She doesn't ride or show anymore but we knew many of the same people and got on very well. I don't know if that is enough to get me the job but it can't hurt.

Maddie, I am so sorry you are so pooped. I hope you will be able to find some "me" time soon.

DH and I worked with Domino yesterday for a while. Just a little fun time playing let me touch your legs and feet! I managed to pick up both front feet and touch his back legs and feet with his lead rope with good success. He was treated for each positive action. The lesson was short and sweet. Each day will get better.

This morning is raining and glare ice. This is one crazy winter so far. I would much prefer snow to all this even with cold temps.

Jen, I have done Fat Track Ond-Day Detox Diet too. It's a great way to really flush toxins from our bodies. There is a seven day prequel where you eat certain things in addition to your regular diet, a one day fast, and a 3 day sequel where you add things back to your diet to promote healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. The author of this book is a nutritionist and her information on the functions of our organs, such as the liver, is really interesting. It is not hard but requires committment. The fast itself is a breeze and I was amazed how easy it was to not eat once I was committed to it.

Dear SS has gotten an apartment at last and will be leaving here on February 1st. I will try to hide my glee!! He will be living in the next town and it's a great location for him plus we can still get him over for dinner and keep an eye on him. It's all good.

Milk Dud, what are you allergic too? My DH has severe asthma and allergies and he controls them with Advair and Singulair plus Albuterol. He is allergic to alot of things but I have noticed most of his severe triggers are emotional. It's truly amazing.

DeeMarie and Raeanne, have you gotten your Sirius radios yet? You are missing some funny stuff if you haven't.

Raeanne, could you please send me the link to your womens retreat again? I can't find it and don't have the patience to sift through old threads. Thanks.

Donna, I will post a photo of the donkey(s) when the weather clears up and I can get a good one. My other white donkey is very jealous right now. Donkeys are very sensitive animals! and smart too.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. BJ, Gretchen we haven't heard from you this week. Stop in and say hi.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

NH Suzanne - the link is below. No, we didn't get Sirius yet - haven't really discussed it "siriusly" with DH LOL. I hear Howard has been very funny. I hope Tillie(is that the right name?) gets over being jealous - it is hard to share sometimes. Glad SS found an apt - that will change things a bit at home. If you are really interested in the Weekend - e-mail me your address and I will send you a brochure - just a little more info than what is on the website.

Maddie - we may have to schedule a 'field trip' to your casino, so we can actually talk to you LOL.

Milkdud - hope those allergies clear up soon for you. Thanks for letting us know.

Donna - looks like you are in for some wet and warm weather today.

It is pouring out right now, and the temps are climbing, but my driveway and road are a total sheet of ice. I am going in to work late this morning, as I don't think I could make it safely down our hill right now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Women's Wellness Weekend

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Afternoon All,

Great news!! I got the job!! I am very excited and relieved!

Thanks for all the positive vibes and input!

More later.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

All kinds of good news on here today!!

Suzanne - congratulations on the job!

Tikanas - WTG on those 6 lbs since January 1!

Hugs to all that need them - I hope everyone who was not feeling well is doing better today. Dee - I am especially thinking of you and getting ready for vacation - sickness is just not allowed.

Maddie - don't let that job wear you down, I know only too well how easily that can happen in that industry.

Short on time, just wanted to jump in quickly. Raeanne, you were right about our weather - it felt like April this morning and wet, wet and wetter. At least it got rid of the left over snow and ice. The rain has stopped and it is cooler but nowhere near where it normally is this time of year but no complaints from me.

Got to feed the puppies and get changed - going out to dinner with my mom tonight. Have a great evening - I will try and check in when I get home.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in after one full week on WW.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Suzanne, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! What type of job is it and when do you start? I love hearing about Domino. You are so kind to animals, it is one of the many things I love about you!

Donna, it was so warm here today. 64 degrees, but incredibly windy. Blew my sons garage over his car right off. A little roof damage to the car, and much damage to the garage. :(

Attended the funeral today for our friends daughter. How terribly sad. I am glad that this part is behind them and hopefully the healing can begin. Thanks for all of your well wishes.

WW is going well. Day 3 almost down and still on track. :) Donna, good luck with your weight in.

Have a great evening.

Love, Besh

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning,

NH Suzanne, CONGRATS on the job! You must be thrilled.

Tikanas, CONGRATS on the 6 lbs. That is wonderful.

Our weather is so messed up. It rained all day Monday, snowed most of the day Tuesday, and today is supposed to be 63. No wonder no one can stay healthy.

I made it through 1 3/4 days of the detox. I was starving last nite by just eating fruit all day, so I had baked cod and steamed broccoli & cauliflower. I will try to eat more fruits again today. I am a protein girl. Can't function without it.

Maddie, Hope you are feeling better.

Gotta run,


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Morning!

NH Suzanne, Congratulations! Please tell us all about the job. I am VERY happy for you.

Jen, I personally felt it was easier to just fast than to do a detox diet per say. Somehow my mind was able to better wrap around the "no food" concept. Lol!

Sounds like everyone else is having miserable weather, so I won't tell you what it's like here today...

Busy day planned today. I have to first run up and check on some retired missionaries from church who are under the weather and then head out to work. I am behind in my charting and I HATE when that happens!

Still on plan, no time to post a menu today.

Have a great day everyone!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Sorry I've benn MIA. Between house, kids, kids' clubs and activities, husband, school, job, and evrything else, I'm wiped out.

I have to do a couple of assignments, then I promise I'll check in, read, and respond!

Have a great day everyone!

Make some time for YOURSELF!

(Take my advice! -- I'm not using it!)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Congrats NH Suzanne! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad that you & your boss will have something in common too.

Drink your water! Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Don't have much time except to say CONGRATS to the winners (NHSuzanne!) and losers (Tikanas and anyone dropping nasty extra pounds!)

I'm off early tomorrow. Lots happening this week, but no time to explain. Feeling better but still have a head cold and on antibiotic as precaution against infection since I will be on a plane and away from USA.

Please behave yourselves....someone needs to keep Marci out of M&Ms, BJ out of her thigh-high boots (until I'm back to hear the stories!), and Raeanne away from the wine until she goes on vacation! LOL!!! I should talk; this place is all-inclusive, so look out!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

I'll be back next Wednesday!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

DeeMarie - You know me too well!!! LOL Have a great time. Bon Voyage!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Quick check in - I am motivated now - my first weigh in at WW this afternoon I am down 3.2 lbs - yes!!

Dee - have a wonderful vacation!

Catch up later!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Bon Voyage, DeeMarie! Take pictures please! I want to vacation vicariously : )

Donna, CONGRATS! That is wonderful news!

Bj, hurry back!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Where is everybody this AM?

make today a good one!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

WTG Donna!

Tikanis~I woke up with a sore throat this a.m.

Drink your water. Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

I am here but it's just too nice to be inside. It's almost 50 here!! I have tons of things that I want to do but I can't concentrate on anything but playing with the animals!!

WTG on the 6lbs Tikanis. I signed up for a 10 week nutrition and excersise class and had my evaluation this morning. I am ready to go next week!!

Patti, hope you feel better.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Hi guys!

I'm here, barely...

Boy, would I like to be with Deemarie right the Bahamas!

I am still working on getting a rhythm with my classes. I feel like I am SO behind the curve. There are others in the classes who feel that way too, so I have some company.

WEIGH to go on the weight losses! Man, I had gained 4 pounds when I started school again as I wasn't exercising at all. Now for the past 4 days, I have been eating lots of fruit and veggies and whole grain bread (when I get a carb craving), so I have lost 3 of the pounds, but still am behind the bus! I am just going to plod along staying on track if I can and see where it goes.

Thanks for asking about the school, Tikanas. I have so far maintained an 'A' in my Lit class, and as well in Poetry - although deciphering Dickinson was a challenge! In my Psych class, I don't do as well as I am just not interested in some of the more technical stuff. I have gotten all 'A's in there, except on one test - I got a C+ - YIPES! and another paper I was late handing in, so I don't know what I've got on that. I read and read every day mostly and type and type. I am counting the days until this quarter is over! The next quarter, I'm taking a language class and one or two electives to give myself a break.

I'm also quitting my job today. :( I realized I have to do some triage scheduling in my life and I can't do everything! SURPRISE, BJ! I have a few bucks stashed away, so the money part of it won't sting - I don't have time to shop anyway! It's just the thrill of my job and the social life that I'm going to miss. My boss just offered me a full-time posiition 3 days ago, so I am dreading calling him. 7 months ago, I would have jumped on it - crazy how things change...

Joanne- I am thinking of you every day. Things must be very strange for you right now. It's great that you have time to spend with your mom, but sad that it is limited. (((((((HUGS))))))

NHSuzanne- Did I miss what your new job is? Please tell us all about it. Also, I am curious---how do you and Dh decide together when and if you'll add another large animal to your family? If you don't mind sharing. I imagine a lot has to go into this decision. I don't think I could do it with my DH--especially in the winter. Winter=Depression for him.

Gretchen! I miss you and your stories of your kids and family. Come stop by if you can and say hi.

Well, I gotta go. I have to get some "discussion points" at school, if you know what I mean. :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Thank you everyone for the congrats -I am very proud of myself :-) My first baby step.

I will definitely check in over the weekend - my dad had outpatient hand surgery today and did great! We are also very grateful that his CT showed no cancer in the soft tissue of his neck - I am not sure if I mentioned he is a lung cancer survivor..always a a worry.

I am also grateful my sister loves her new job - with the same health organization I work for.

I will check in more detail over the good and thanks for the good thoughts!!!

Love, Donna

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good evening, everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, but a stomach virus going around the school landed in me, and I've been SICK!!! But, the good news - I lost 7 pounds, but in a very unfun way. Ugh.

I'd much rather be losing like Donna and BJ are doing! Y'all rock! I'm feeling so pumped up now with losing anything that I'm reenergized mentally to make a go of it.

Donna, good news about your dad!

Besh, so sorry about your friends' daughter. ((((Besh))))

Raeanne, are you at your Women's Wellness thing this weekend? I'm so envious.'

NHSuzanne, WTG on getting the job. I hope it's everything you're looking for at this moment in time.

Marci, lay off the M&M's! :)

Patti, hope your sore throat has made an exit by now.

Well, that's all I can think of to say. If I missed anyone, my apologies.

Have a nice weekend, y'all!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Well, hello again!

I tried to quit my job today, but my boss refused me. He and the company are willing to work around my schedule and I will just tell them when I am available. This is the best news of the day.

Have a great weekend and BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! Monday, it'll be time to check in and report everything you ate that WASN'T a vegetable, fruit, or protein....!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

BJ, how special you must be feeling right now! That's great that your boss is willing to do what he can to keep you. Hope it works out for you!

And - I hope I have nothing to report on Monday. LOL

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Good Saturday Morning everyone!!

It's like spring out and I will have a hard time staying inside. It's too icy to ride though...........:(

For those of you who asked, I got a job at a consulting/marketing firm called John Brown Limited. They help organizations manage endowments and also how to solicit donations via seminars.
They have a very impressive client list such Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, it goes on and on and it's all very impressive. Part of my job will be coordinating the seminars they give nationwide. Another part will be administrative support to one of the consultants. The consultants live in different parts of the country, mine is in Virginia, and never come to the
office. The owner of the company, John Brown, lives in Manhattan but has a home in Nelson, NH. He also owns a construction company in Texas and will want me involved with that on some level although I don't know in what
capacity yet; most likely bidding and soliciting work. That's the most exciting part.

There is alot of room for growth and success here. The Peterborough office is very small. There about six women who work there and there is never anyone from the public coming in. I feel like it will be a low stress, low
key place. The benefits are terrific, 4 weeks vacation, way more holidays than my last job, employer contributed 401, sick days, (can you imagine), generous medical
and dental. It's very liberal. My commute will be fantastic!! about 10 minutes which means I can ride very early in the morning in the summer and still have good light in the afternoon in the fall. All in all it will
be a good thing. I am looking forward to this new challenge and opportunity. And, I think the Feng Shui and prayers have helped as well!!

Yesterday I spent some time, (when I wasn't playing outside!) cleaning out my office which is my helpful people baqua. I still have a bit to do but it's getting better. I have a few things to add for organization and I need to find some silver things. A silver box, a silver or gray envelope, and a large silver container. This is fun!!

Before I can play with my feng shui stuff however, I must go to the barn with DH and do a small project. I am glad it's warm.

Check in and tell us what you are up to this weekend.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

There is so much to celebrate here!!! Congrats to all you losers and Hugs to Milkdud who lost but not in a good way.

NH Suzanne - congrats on the job - it sounds like a dream job for you - I especially like that the commute time gives you a chance to play a little. Keep on keeping on with that Feng Shui LOL. Your year is starting off on a high note!

Patti - I hope your throat is okay. The minute my throat feels funny - I take zinc lozenges.

I must've heard DeeMarie in the back of my mind last night. The owner of the restaurant served us wine and I didn't drink it.

Marci - Get away from those M&Ms(just in case you needed that).

Tikanis - doesn't sound like that knee is getting much rest these days!!!

It feels good to come here and read so much GOOD NEWS WTG everyone.

Just 7 days until our vacation and I need to get things in order at the office. I don't know if I mentioned that the owners of our office are coming with us.

BJ - WOW - Your boss knows a good thing when he sees it. I am glad that things are working out there - I was a bit sad to hear you were going to resign - I know how much you love your job - and that is very rare. I thought of you last night, we had dinner with an attorney who is a pilot and does Angel Flights - he talked so enthusiastically about his trips.

Milkdud - the Womens Weekend isn't until March. I have just been very busy and didn't have time to check in. Glad you are feeling better.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Happy Saturday!

So many good things happening for everyone.

Milkdud - hugs - hope you are feeling better. I agree that is not the fun way to lose weight :-(

Patti - I hope your throat is feeling better. Like Raeanne the minute my throat feels funny I jump on it. That is the first place I start when something is coming on so I know if I ignore it no good will come of it.

Suzanne - wow! That sounds like a wonderful job - congratulations again. I am so happy you can still get in your rides before and after work.

BJ - what a wonderful compliment your boss has paid you. He knows a good thing - I'm so glad it worked out for you.

Raeanne - I did have some wine last night. 7 days will fly by before you know it and you will be on your way to the Dominican?

Marci - I love M&Ms too - that is why I don't ever buy them.

Tikanas - give that knee a rest this weekend - that's an order!

Besh - how are you?

It is a beautiful spring like morning here. I don't think it's supposed to last so I am going to head out soon and enjoy it while it does last. I hope Dee is having a wonderful time in the Bahamas.

Be good - check in later.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Lest anyone think I am snacking on M&Ms, I am being good. Honest!! LOL
Donna - I don't usually buy them either, but they somehow jump into my shopping cart and find their way home with me! LOL Seriously, too many people know my weakness for them and give them to me. A preschool Mom cleaned out her pantry and brought me a bag of Christmas ones last week. So even when I am trying to be good, I am tempted to go astray. But the offending bag is gone, (I in turn gave it away to someone else) and there is currently no chocolate in my house.

I am actually allergic to chocolate, but that has never stopped me! But lately I have noticed a connection between my sleepless nights and my chocolate consumption. So I am trying extra hard not to eat ANY chocolate and see if I can sleep better.

I had to go to the doctor's yesterday, and I was down 9 pounds from my appointment the same time last year. That makes me happy, because the post holiday season has always been my downfall. But I feel like I am on track and all the positive posts here are helping me stay that way.

NHSuzanne - That job sounds wonderful! Congratulations!

I am going to post the Un-Birthday List on Monday. So get ready to mark your calendars.

It is beautiful here too, so I am going to sign off and head out to enjoy the fresh air. Have a great day!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Happy Saturday!

Patti, are you feeling any better? I hope so. Drink your water!! : )
NH Suzanne, I am so happy to hear the particulars of the job. It sounds just wonderful. Gotta love that short commute too!

Raeanne, what are you doing to get ready for vacation? I always enjoy planning my vacations almost as much as going on the actual trip! I love to read up on unfamiliar places, customs, restaurants, history etc. Please take lots of photos to share!

Bj, I knew they woiuldn't want to part with you at work! What a terrific testamony to the type of employee you are! Your classes sound like a lot of work. What is your educational goal?

Milkdud, way to go on the loss, not such a good "method" though... I hope you are feeling better now.

Donna, enjoy your Spring weather. Our "rainy season" starts here soon and I am looking forward to it.

Marci, I love M&Ms too. Thank you for doing the un-birthday list for us. I will be on the lookout.

Joanne, you and your Mom are still in my thoughts and prayers.

This is my Saturday on call. I only have 2 patients so I am heading out of here in a few minutes and should be home well before noon. I have been trying to stay off the knee but it is easier said than done.I have to work. It IS healing, but very slowly... I am itching to add exercise to my "master plan" as I feel great in every other way, but I need to be patient (not my strong suit lol!)

Gotta run! I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Thanks everyone. My throat is feeling better. I think that I'm too mean to have one for very long. LOL

BJ~I am so proud of you. What a compliment for your boss to tell you that you couldn't go & that he would work around your schedule.

Marci~Thanks for taking care of the birthday list again.

Donna~When I don't feel good, I just seem to sleep all of the time. Dave is the same way. I slept all day yesterday.

Raeanne~You are the optimum at being able to pull things together. I'll bet you'll be ready & looking good in 7 days.

NH Suzanne~It is 80 here. Really a little too hot.

Milkdud~I meant to call your house last night & wish your DH a Happy Birthday.

I love hearing what everyone else is doing. I hope that some of the MIAs will check in. Drink your water! Patti :)

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

I have a movie date with DS but wanted to relay one of two funny stories...

For the Christmas exchange, Jen sent me , among other things, a lovely silver frame, awaiting the perfect family photo. Well the holiday things got put away, but I left the frame on the coffee table awaiting our cropped, just right family photo.

You know the pics that come with a frame? Well this one held a photo of a lovely young black mother kissing her daughter's forehead. DS has friends coming in and out.... one asked "who's this?" DS, (piece of work that he is)says " oh, that's my OTHER sister and her child" His friends now think that I have led a secret life ! What's better, DS isn't correcting them!

Jen, I have the perfect family pic to grace the gorgeous frame you sent, but am not quite ready to part with all of the hullaballoo(sp?) that the frame generates on it's own!
Thank you for this additional, unplanned after Christmas gift!


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Tikanis, I love that story!

BJ, I am very happy for you about the job. Your employer has an eye for a good thing and wants to keep it (you!). I hope that everything will work out the way you want it.

Suzanne, the job sounds great. I am happy that it worked out. It is so nice to work close to home. My job is about 10 minutes from me, 15 really because I have to stop at Dunkin Donuts along the way, for coffee only! Do you start this week?

Patti, be well. I hope Dave does not catch it. I am on my 2 round of antibiotics right now for a throat thing. It is not sore, just scratchy, but it has been this way since Thanksgiving. :-(

Marci, Donna, Milkdud, congratulations on your weight. Milkdud sorry the way it came off, but a loss is a loss right? Donna, are you doing points or Core? I am doing points, but today I am really going to study the Core program and switch over for a week or two and see how it goes. I think I need a new program to shake things up a bit.

Dee, thinking of you and hope you are having a great time. And Raeanne, you are off again next week. I am so envious of all you world travelers!!!! I think I need to beef up my "Helpful people and travel" corner!

I had a nice night last night. DS and fiance came over and DS #2 was home (rarity) so we cooked dinner and then watched the Transporter 2 and Wedding Crashers. Transporter was so far fetched, but the main character was a pretty cool dude and the Wedding Crashers was a major disapointment. I had heard nothing but great reviews on it and we all thought it did not live up to it. It was still a nice evening.

I have to start thinking about a dress for my sons wedding in September. People keep telling me I should be looking now and I am not ready to make a commitment to any one dress right now. I am still losing weight and whatever I chose now, may not be the dress I would choose if I was lighter, even if it had to be altered. Do you think I still have time to wait? I was thinking around June I would get serious about it. Opinions please!

Have a great day. It got cold here again. Yesterday it was 60 degrees, today it is about 30. Ahhhh, New England!

Love, Besh

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Hi Besh~ If was attending a wedding, I would wait until 2 or 4 weeks before the wedding to choose a dress----unless I was the bride! Or unless I found something that I really, really liked before then.

Gots to write me an essay for Lit class today.


RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Pittsburgh is going to the SUPERBOWL!!

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

CONGRATS TO THE STEELERS (thanks Marci - I wouldn't have known otherwise)

Besh - I would hold off on the dress until 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Then I would only buy one if I could return it, because guaranteed you will find another one you like better LOL. I know I would end up with 3 dresses - I can't shop in advance.

Tikanis - yes, I read up a bit on the places I am going to visit too. I have been tanning and finding clothes that actually fit me (with room to expand LOL). Cute story.

Where is Dee when you need her? I am enjoying a nice red wine as I write this - I really have NO willpower.

Patti - glad the sore throat didn't hang around.

I saw a great movie last night - the one with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning - didn't catch the name. But it was on very late and I couldn't get to sleep after it. I also saw a little independent film called "Millions" and really enjoyed that too, great message and good acting, a little quirky too. Today I have watched "Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason" for the 2nd time and "The Phantom of the Opera" which I love the music. I cleaned the house this morning and my hair dresser came over this afternoon to do my hair and my friends hair - so good day for me to have movies on. I never even got out of my sweats and t-shirt today - I sometimes love those days.

Donna - yes we are going to the Dominican. I am sure Dee is having a great time - she always does. I am also a huge M&M lover.

Have a great evening.

RE: SS Support - Mon. 1/16 thru Sun. 1/22

Raeanee~ I love Bridget Jones - anything! Was the Denzel Washington movie called "Man On Fire" --- ? Sounds like you had a DREAM day! I want whatever you're having!

Marci- Seattle Seahawks are going up against the Steelers. Hmmmm....anybody wanna place a friendly wager on who'll win? Hmmmmm?

Well, I gotta write an argument paper in one class, analyze the death of loved one in another, and design a summer camp for kids in 5 completely different age categories in another. This better be worth it! I'd best get moving.

Next weekend, I'm headed to attend funeral out of town- might speak -one of my old friends flipped his car upside down into a marsh and drowned while belted into his vehicle. Hope the report finds that, at least, he was unconscious when it happened. The picture would be bad if he struggled. No drugs or alcohol at the scene. He was 54. Really nice guy. Send thoughts and prayers for his dad and sis if you get a chance. His name is Pat.

All for now...

Monday's comin'!

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