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Thoughts on these pillows?

Posted by sheesharee (My Page) on
Fri, Oct 11, 13 at 23:20

*I wrote a longer thread about pillows and potential domino effect issues. However, the domino issues won't matter if the pillows are 'no'. So we start with pillows.

As much as I like my paisley furniture, I've had a hard time finding pillows to work with the pattern. I used to have gold/bronze (small diamond pattern) silk pillows but I want to remove all the gold in the room since it clashes with the pinky beige carpet. I'm going to repaint BM Shaker Beige. I haven't had the time but I'm going to I swear.

What do you think of the Jacobean print pillows? I'm not used to seeing it. I'd have to get another for the loveseat. The scale of the patterns is similar, which I know you should vary but. . .
 photo 1_zpsd75afd08.jpg
 photo 3_zpsfc14d5d1.jpg

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I think the white background is too bright to go with your sofa so they stand out too much. Your sofa could also handle a larger pillow like the others you have.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I'm not feeling confident about those either, they pop too much- I think you could find something nubbier, warmer, that would steer you away from the golds.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I really like them, but then I have something similar on my dark brown couch :) I do wish they were bigger though.
Why are you changing the Shaker Beige? Have you decided what you want to change it to?

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I like the pillows, but I don't love them on the couch. I agree that they may be too much of a contrast with the bright white. The colors are good but maybe if it had a toned down background.
If I remember and read correctly, you are changing TO shaker beige yes?

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

sheilaaus - Oh! I think you're right. This room is Shelburne Buff, isn't it?

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I think they don't work well.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I agree. The background is too white for the moody, cozy vibe you have going.

Do you still like the Ralph Lauren/club style?

The one I linked below is pretty. I'd also look at tan plaids, houndstooth, and cable knits.

Here is a link that might be useful: RL floral in browns

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I love the pillows but agree that the background is too stark. If the print would be done in the colors like the RL that Alex posted they would be perfect!

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

After looking at them all day, even though I like the print, I don’t like them in the room.

Msrose - You're right, the current color is Shelburne Buff.

Just to show Shaker, here’s a good example with pinky brown carpet and Shaker Beige paint.
My carpet color looks the same.
From Maria Killam’s blog. - link below to the whole makeover.

 photo BMShakerBeigemariakillamblog_zps7861d3f5.png
 photo image_thumb64_zpsdeebdc3c.png

I have a bunch of photos saved of dark couches with light pillow combinations. Nothing I’ve tried has worked with mine, and I just don't want all dark pillows. I’m trying to better tie in the new (drop cloth) curtains and the light wing chair. (see below pic)

Alex - Yes, I still really like that look! I also like some of the French country stuff. Hmm.. I don’t really care for those pillows. I think maybe it’s the sateen fabric. My first thought was formal. I do like some formal (the end table between sofas is) but want it paired with masculine/cozy. The color also looks goldish green on my monitor. Thanks for looking for me!

What about a houndstooth plaid? Here’s my shower curtain on the couch. Maybe this fabric or something similar with leather buttons?
 photo DSC_5482-1_zps73db5b29.jpg
 photo DSC_5485-1_zps0fe9f1ba.jpg
 photo DSC_5487-1_zpsdca26fbe.jpg

What about this fabric? (it’s a pillow sham) I had to keep in mind I’m seeing red silk trim on this one where the one above has none.
 photo DSC_5489-1_zpsa7fbbd4f.jpg
 photo DSC_5491-1_zps8f5e7cdf.jpg
I think both the fabrics have more contrast IRL than what's showing in photos. I'm also not sure like like the colors with the carpet, but IRL there is no yellow/orange in these fabrics. Maybe it's the lighting.

The other reason I haven’t painted Shaker Beige yet is because the Ballard caramel tablecloth (color) needs to go and I don’t know what to do with this side of the room. What do you think about a burlap tablecloth? I don’t think I’ll like it beside the wing chair without a topper (too similar in color).
So before I go touching this side, I was trying to find new pillows to work.
Other side of room
 photo DSC_5478-1_zps5b9c1b49.jpg

Whole room. - I’m not keeping the jacobean pillows.
 photo P1120337-1_zps8bf1feee.jpg

I want the room to feel cozy but not a cave. I want some light things here too which is why I changed out the curtains. They used to be dark brown silk and I just felt the lighter curtains were a nice change.

Here are some inspiration photos I’ve saved. I may not like all the elements in each room, but I get the same overall cozy feel from all of them. None of them ‘look’ like my room though. Maybe these will help someone, help me.

In no particular order
1. Nell Hill
The plaid and floral fabric you see here are in my LR (carried over from my bedroom) on the wing chair side.
 photo 19_zpscde29d77.jpg

2. Scoobyruby - I miss her.
 photo imagesCACA323B_zps2b6dbf21.jpg

I’m sure most recognize this lovely home.
3. KevinMP
 photo DSC_0185-L_zpsae136ed5.jpg

4. Savvysouthernstyle (blog)
 photo traditional-living-room_zps7719af21.jpg

5. Daiseymaebelle
 photo drop-leaf-table-daisymaebelle_thumb_zps930c4dd3.jpg

 photo DSC02125_zpsc3bd4dd9.jpg

7. Soonermagic
 photo SWPavillionBeigewithSWAlabastertrimsoonermagic_zps866b88cd.jpg

8. Specifically in this one - love the console table and everything on it. Love that art. Love the built ins and books.
 photo IMG_3809_zps1259aa3f.jpg

 photo lr11_zps2d9f90f6.jpg

 photo luxury-home-design-ED0909-BADGLEY30-0110_zpscfb1a748.jpg

 photo momsreadingnook_zps5b038339.jpg

I do know I like: leather, wood, texture, plaid & rich fabrics with a mix of light colors throw in. So this should be easy right? :P
There have been many changes in this room over the years. I'd really like to pull it together better with what I can. Sometime in the future (no date) I'd like to install hardwood and have built ins made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maria Killam - makeover

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I like your second sham the best from the photos. Maybe a dark brown, or leather, welt instead of red. I was totally thinking of similar fabrics to what you used in your bedroom and bath. I think sticking with the colors in the paisley, rather than the red tones, of your couch fabric will give you that rich/relaxed look. Using a mix, instead of sets of pairs, will get you there, too. One pair is enough, or split the pairs between the sofa and love seat.

I thought the browns in that pillow might read gold-ish. You would really have to see something IRL to know if it would work with your vision, or not.
To me, Jacobean is formal. Veer away from that pattern if you want something more relaxed.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Alex - I still have the 2nd fabric draped on the pillow and really like it. The cranberry in the fabric shows up better IRL. I agree about the welt color being something dark. What do you think about leather buttons?

I like the look of mixed pillows but I'm not sure how to do it, lol. ? I was going to put two more pillows on the couch for a total of 4 and one more on the loveseat for 3. I don't know if I can't handle too many more pillows. Can I use three (new) different pillows with the existing fringe ones?

Any thoughts about the other side of the room? Burlap tablecloth?

I thought about using one of the matching couch pillows for on the wing chair and changing the throw.

I really like the floral fabric, but the red is a little too pink to use on the couch (same with the plaid actually). Across the room, I think the color is fine.

I do want to get a faux fur throw. I was looking at PB and one from Overstock.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Shee, how would you feel about a pretty melange of the PB classic covers; textured linen, jute braid & grand chenille? You could get a red and then throw in some other nice colors/textures.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I like buttons, but we really use our pillows and buttons aren't comfy if you're leaning on them. Maybe use a larger sized lumbar pillow for the middle and that can have a button, since people rarely sit in the middle of a sofa.
I found a blogger that used a larger houndstooth, which would also look awesome in a different fabric for you. She also mixed her pillows. Keep in mind, this is a spring look, but the idea is there. Link below.

I like how they used them in this photo, too. You have your brown ones for background, then add a houndstooth and your plaid.

What about doing one lumbar and one square in the plaid, then splitting them between the couches? Add a houndstooth (or whatever you decide on) for the fourth on the larger sofa...or vice versa. Whichever fabric/pattern you like the most gets used twice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pillows

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Take a look at how she did the pillows on her smaller sofa (2nd and 3rd pics) in the link below. I like that larger long pillow in the middle of the matching. I've done this on my sofa for a total of 5 pillows, but her arrangement could be a good fit for your love seat.

Here is a link that might be useful: I just love her house!

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Loribee - Hi! I like all of those pillow but I don’t know what colors to use. They’re red or gold that I’m trying to remove, or light and so far all the light pillows I’ve tried look stark. All three styles come in baguette but I wouldn’t think they should all be the same color. I also like the flagstone gray in the chenille.
“You could get a red…” do you mean pillow? Another concern is the reds working together. I suppose things don’t have to ‘match’ but depending on what it is, I think it should.

Alex - I hate to admit but we don’t use our pillows. They’d start looking like heck really quick in this house and I can’t replace them often. Side note - I’d never say anything to guests though!

The first photo, I like the pillow arrangement but my couch is a good bit longer than that one. It seems a bit too spaced apart on mine arranged like that.

“What about doing one lumbar and one square in the plaid, and then splitting them between the couches? Add a houndstooth (or whatever you decide on) for the fourth on the larger sofa...or vice versa. Whichever fabric/pattern you like the most gets used twice.”

I like this idea but after looking at only four pillows on the sofa with different arrangements, think it looks like it needs one more. I think should go with 5 on the couch (used to have five. The 5th was a lumbar style in the paisley furniture material). Five on couch and three on loveseat.

Houndstooth. I really like houndstooth! What color were you thinking? Here’s a mock up with large print b&w fabric I already had. I do think the larger scale reads more contemporary but maybe it’s the color. My eyes go right to the b&w. I can’t seem to find any oatmeal and brown or something similar in a large scale.

I love her house too! Every detail is gorgeous. Totally OT but man, I don’t think white or light color furniture would ever be practical for my house. I like how the big lumbar pillow is in the middle.

I also have this larger houndstooth plaid that’s in my bedroom. I’m not sure that I like it on the furniture. It’s also woven and will get pull threads very easily.
 photo DSC_5495-1_zps9a2cd9ad.jpg
 photo DSC_5494-1_zps15498013.jpg

Houndstooth fabric.
 photo DSC_5536-1_zps1a5c9e27.jpg

For the houndstooth plaid we've been talking about (2nd one I posted), I was originally think three buttons but I think I would prefer the look of one button, like the PB linen ones.
 photo pbtexturedlinenpillow_zpsc8960f5f.jpg

If I did go with this, ideas for a middle lumbar?

 photo DSC_5537-1_zps45146e98.jpg

No flash.
 photo DSC_5538-1_zpsca39162d.jpg

I think I’m going to see about picking up paint this week and getting that done. I really probably should do that first I suppose.

* IRL the furniture and paisley design is more subdued and the background of the fabric is looking dingy gold in some of these photos.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Oooh! I really like that!

Houndstooth is so difficult to judge on the computer and I can't tell what colors your paisley actually has.

I can't tell if this RL Munnings would work, or not. Definitely take your fabrics to a store and see what works best.

I hear you on preserving the pillows. My youngest has sucked/chewed the corners of several. I actually caught him doing it today and he's 6! Gross.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay fabric by the yard

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I like the Pillows in your original post, but I think they are too small for the scale of your large sofa.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Huh, does this one appeal at all? It's brown/beige/taupe color way.

Here is a link that might be useful: online fabric store

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Alex - What do you like, lol? The houndstooth or just the houndstooth plaid ones?
I like the RL houndstooth in the link. It's not as large scale as the one I currently have. I wasn't sure if you were thinking it was or not. Oh min, roughly one houndstooth fits per inch.
My couch has gold, black, green, and I know this sounds weird but I see navy and there's none there when you look close. I think it's the black in there that does it. You really have to 'look' to pick out the colors.

I love the last one too. My plaid topper on the round table is by Roth & Tompkins. Of course sample, but I wonder if the red would be too red.

What were you thinking where?

Dilly - Thanks! The scale didn't stand out to me right away until it was mentioned here. Actually I think the end pillow could stand to be like 20" and then go with 18"s but I don't really want to replace those too. (pillows are currently 18")

This post was edited by sheesharee on Mon, Oct 14, 13 at 0:06

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I really like the woven houndstooth plaid from your bedroom! Looking at your last non-flash pic, my eye wants something a little bolder in pattern to go along with the subtleness of the other pillow fabrics.

The large scale houndstooth would be awesome in a similar color way as your houndstooth/plaid, but I tend to make things up in my head that aren't sold anywhere!

Here is a coco/natural large scale. There's another called Bohemian Jacquard in Sand, Fern, or Chocolate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric

This post was edited by alex9179 on Mon, Oct 14, 13 at 10:25

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I don't think the plaid ones do anything for the couch. I would try to find a variation of the brighter color of the sofa, like a reddish rust color. You could do just one pillow with the end pillows - two pillows on the side without the end table and one on the end table side. It would be warm looking and add color. I like the brownish pillows. You could try to find a print that would coordinate. Have you tried the pillow that's on your chair?

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I also like the houndstooth from your bedroom - used with the fringed pillow. A lumbar would look great.

Alex - I love that blog also.


RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Alex - Those are the color houndstooth color I was thinking. Did you see the min. 10 yard order? :( I mean, what the heck. So far I can’t find them anywhere else.

Katrina - You’re saying just three pillows - two on the left and 1 (end table side) on the right?
I took some shots including the floral pillow on the couch. The reds don’t match exactly, but I’m not sure how big of a deal that is. The floral (as well as the plaid topper) are a little more pinkish red. Then they were both across the room I thought it was fine.

Tina - Hi! I have enough of the large houndstooth to make two pillows, maybe three if I needed. I’d have to use a different fabric the backing though. I’d hate to have to call Nell Hills and order more after dealing with them last time. They might not even have it anymore.

Another look using things I already have. Thoughts? I’m not used to seeing it but wonder if the two houndstooth plaids are too similar. I also think the floral pillow yells,"look at me!" Maybe I am more of a matchy pair/even pillow person. That or I haven't found the right combination.

I wish you guys could actually see it because I think the smaller houndstooth shows up/looks better IRL. Again, the gold tablecloth will go, topper can too.

 photo DSC_5552-1_zps355037eb.jpg

 photo P1120339-1_zps79330f65.jpg

 photo DSC_5555-1_zps3c74607a.jpg

I would repeat the large houndstooth on the loveseat.
 photo DSC_5561-1_zps4740473a.jpg

No flash
 photo DSC_5562-1_zps780bde0e.jpg

RERE: Thoughts on these pillows?

If using the lg. houndstooth plaid, I’d only have enough to do the face of two 18” pillows. I’d have to either order more fabric or do a (probably too small) lumbar pillow for the loveseat. - if I went with three matching.
 photo DSC_5563-1_zps3c78812e.jpg

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

While I like the original pillows by themselves, I don't think they work with your sofas for a few reasons. Most importantly, the scale of the pattern is too similar to your sofa pattern. Though I also agree that the stark white on the sofas isn't quite working with the general warm/cozy vibe of the room either. I think you're headed in the right direction with the houndstooth. It's a distinctly different type of pattern and size so it isn't competing with the sofa fabric.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Everyone seems to like the houndstooth but I would go for more color. I think just a solid pillow in the brownish orange color that is in that painting by the end table for the accent pillow, or pull in a coordinating color that is also in the room, but I see mostly browns, tans and rusts. Your room looks very comfy and warm - I love those colors. It seems like you are going for the RL look though so maybe the houndstooth with the larger scale pattern as suggested would be what you would be happier with. Anyways - looking good.

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I like your choices, so ignore this if you want :)

Here is a tan/brown on sale for 2.95/yd! The prices on this site are MUCH better than the other and I can't see where it says anything about a yardage minimum.

I'll link to the page with all of the colors, but it's the first one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houndstooth Galore

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

Alex - I like that. I think it was one I saw when searching. Where would you use those? Did you see the picture the reviewer uploaded below? You like the mix of pillows I did last?

RE: Thoughts on these pillows?

I think you have some really nice fabrics and I love that you get to use what you have. There will always be opportunities add or move them around your home, so it's not like "this is it!" You might see something in a store that would be perfect, too.

With the pattern on your couch, I probably wouldn't use the floral. Paisley is reminiscent of that, already. LOVE the others, though.

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