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Things that are trendy that we want!

Posted by Faux68 (My Page) on
Mon, Aug 19, 13 at 9:49

I am going to try to make this more positive. I found the other thread intresting but I can see why some find it hurtful.

I have read that why some people will have a positive reaction to decor and another will have a negative reaction to the same decor is because of the emotion it evokes. Some people want to feel relaxed in their homes, some want to feel energized, others are social and want their decor to feel welcoming.

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RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I will start.

I love circles. Is that a trend? I am having a hard time finding a circle rug.

Granite. I can't figure out why anyone doesn't love granite. It is beautiful, natural, durable, and utilitarian.

Grey. I don't have any grey but I wish I did. I just can't make it work in my house. But, I love neutrals. I don't want to replace big ticket items or repaint. I also find it soothing. That said I do see the term pops of color overused but, I think it is wise to throw color into the room with inexpensive replaceable items. So, yes, I like pops of color. (:

I like open concepts. I agree that they are noisy. But, given the alternative I will adjust to the noise.

Minimalist. Is that a trend? I like it.

Ceiling fans. I watch so many shows on HGTV trash ceiling fans and I can't help but wonder what is so ugly about them and if there is a practical bone in the decorators body. They are utilitarian. I honestly believe that these shows have gotten everyone on their bandwagon. I am function over fashion.

Black and white art and photos.

Stained trim and painted trim are both good. I think white can be stark so choose the color carefully. I think a smooth transition is beautiful.

Are higher ceilings, lots of windows, and open staircases a trend? If so, I like them.

Funky lighting, I like those balls/bubbles.

Hardwood floors--something other than carpet. Anyone with allergies should understand. I am starting to realize that I am practical.

Wall mounted TVs. I love them. I don't have to worry about then getting knocked over. Also, because I am minimalist I don't have to have something to sit them on. Again, what is ugly about a TV? I think designers have convinced us that we have to hide them because they are so ugly. Really? Maybe they are trying to evoke this vision of an evolved life where they drink wine with friends after work or sit in Zen silence. I unwind by sitting in an oversized recliner and watch the news, HGTV, discovery channel, or something senseless. My husband lives duck dynasty-ugh.

I like all of the metals. Silver, oil rubbed bronze, and copper are my favorites. What is the trend?

Animal print in non animal colors. I love little pops of animal prints. Yes, I said pops.

I like traditional, contemporary, and transitional. I think that makes me eclectic.

I like medium and large house as long as they are well built and built green.

What do you like?

Please keep this thread about what you like. We have another thread about what you don't like.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I am glad that plastic or resin coral is still somewhat trendy--at least enough to be available in catalogs. It's totally fake and I like it. I would not have the real thing because the real thing is being destroyed, but I don't mind having a plastic version.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Here are some current trends I do have in my house. I am presently at a point of contentment in my decorating so I have no wants at the moment:).

I have had marble counters for 8 years now and still like them even tho they are very over used now.

I painted my living room Grey Seal, a true darker grey, two years ago and paired it with a velvet turquoise sofa and used at the time oh so trendy metal accent tables.

I have a small flat screen above my fireplace, and I like it better than I did when I had a need for a large armoire in a corner, blocking some of a window so I like this trend still.

I have subway tile, but it is orginal from the 1920s. I still love it!

I have a damask stencil in a tone on tone color in my entry.

I have a beadboard ceiling but again this is orginal too:) but I love the texture and would add it if I did not already have it.

I have an outdoor sofa and easy chairs with end tables and an outdoor rug on my back deck....very 2013is. I think I had never seen this til a few years ago. I like sitting in my "outdoor Livingroom" even though I now the concept is on trend:).

I spelled my DD's name on her bedroom wall and she has a ton of oh so trendy owls in there but I am ok with that for it brings her joy and she decorated it all herself.

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RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Palimpsest. I agree. Also, it isn't ethical to take real coral from the ocean and the resin coral is very pretty. I also like fake antlers. I saw some silver antlers this weekend that I want.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love my grey walls didn't know they were trendy it has been something I wanted since highschool. Grey with chrome and glass/crystal and hot pink (the hot pink had to change to girly for hubby). Chandeliers I love sparkely things. (can't wait till I get mine put in the kitchen man am I slow)

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

marble counter tops
claw foot tub. Had one when it was embarrassingly old fashioned and not trendy at all
farm house sinks (ditto)
Scrubbed pine (is it trendy?)
smaller, well-built houses

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I also love the faux coral. I also love faux animal heads-ceramic particularly. I go to meetings with at the Fish & Wildlife HQ and they have actual mounts of real animals that were poached and confiscated-that creeps me out SOOO much, but stylized mounts are interesting to me.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color turquoise and will be using it as 'pops' in my family reno.

Marble. I adore it in floors, counter tops, walls.

French door refrigerators-but not the ones with the double access doors-just far too confusing.

Outdoor living rooms and kitchens. Even though I live in an area where it could only be used a couple months of the year, I'd spend every moment I could out there.

Classic, traditional seating covered in decidedly unconventional fabrics. Think lime green velvet wing chairs.

Morroccan woven fabrics.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Granite counters. I don't have them (we have Silestone) but would love to, especially in our bathrooms. Every hotel we've stayed at in the past few years had it, and I love it.

Recessed lights in our bedroom.

Wide plank, hand rubbed wood floors. Mmm.

An MCM piece.

Some of the bold, bright patterns I've seen recently (they have a 70s vibe).

A brass and glass etagere I saw on CL, or a brass and glass coffee table, or entry table. The type straight out of Dynasty. :-D

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Since I had no idea what the predicted trends for 2014 were I had to google. From what I found there are 3 upcoming trends I like that I already have in my decor. These are: pattern, hand-made, and fun vibe. My large scale floral wing back chairs I love and have had for years are finally trendy! LOL I've always considered them either classic or just kinda old-fashioned. I've been buying hand-made home decor accessories recently in rebellion against the ubiquitous accessories that abound and that I've been getting rid of. This also adds a 'fun vibe' as they are completely original and sometimes a bit quirky. So I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and having fun with my decor regardless of trends.

I have some fabric that is calligraphy on a yellow background that I may finally have to decide how to use as both yellow and calligraphy are apparently upcoming trends! I bought this several years ago because I like it but could never decide what to do with it!

As far as other current trends previously mentioned I don't think there is anything I want that I don't have.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love a turquoise and orange color scheme.

I love polka dots. They seem to be "in" in fashion now, so are they on their way to home decor?

I love a lot of MCM furniture, and think some of it would interact nicely with my Stickley Mission pieces.

And I love most grays, but in certain ways. For instance, I love a pale gray wall with a white-white trim.

Speaking of which, I still love Revere Pewter.

And I love to peruse the PB catalog. Hardly ever buy anything, but I sit down and read the new seasonal catalogs as if I'm settling in with a good decorating magazine.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Love this Thomas Paul stuff. I'll take any of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thomas Paul

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I would love to have some trendy electronics because I love gadgets. I would love to try out the Hue lighting system in my living room, to retrofit my doors with the electronic iOS-controlled locks and to retrofit my home with solar panels.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Again, let me state that my other thread was not meant to be mean-sprited or hurtful in any way and I am sorry if some saw it that was just the opposite of Roarah's thread of "dated things we love" vs. "trendy things we "hate."

SueB----have always LOVED polka dots...but seldom use them because they come across too juvenile most of the time. Also LOVE paisley---but the psychedelic paisleys of the 60's I can't seem to find anywhere anymore....not the staid, traditional paisleys.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Here's a few of mine:
* Wall Mounted TVs (swivel mounts are so functional)
* Grey in all tones: my bathroom has a luminous shade of light grey with blue undertones. I tried every shade in the rainbow to go with the original Art Deco tile.
* Pops of Color -- orange, green, whatever!
* Marble, Granite, Quartzite and Quart
* Moroccan Prints
* Arabesque Tile
* Farmhouse sinks
* Mirrored furniture
* Textured glass tile
* Dimensional tile
* Thomas Paul, Kelly Wearstler, and even Candice Olsen

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Are blue-greens and turquoises trendy? I like them, and I'd like to use them in a bathroom.

What about purple, lavender, lilac? Trendy? We just painted a hall purple, and the trim is a very, very pale lavender or, more accurately, a lavender-tinted white. The floors have an orange tinge to them, as does a door. I don't know whether purple and orange are trendy or not - maybe the combo is just bad taste ;))) - but I love it.

I like bling-y chandeliers.

I like a lot of MCM (and also dislike a lot). Is Fornassetti considered MCM? I like it. I also like Laverne tables and Nakashima furniture.

I like staid, traditional paisleys, although I have the suspicion those are not trendy. ;)

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love my white beadboard and silvery gray bathroom with yellow ceiling.

I would LOVE to have a combination of marble and soapstone countertops with a vintage soapstone sink.

I love cotton velvet upholstery and hope it is becoming trendy and therefore easier to find/more affordable for me.

I love graphic prints in fun colors, and am enjoying the nod to the 70s I am seeing in home dec fabrics (but NOT the return of 70s clothing fashions!).

I love old painted wooden furniture. I have a lot of it, I grew up with it, and it feel homey to me, and brings another opportunity for color into the house.

I love the trend of re-purposing items. I grew up (and now live) in rural Maine and re-purposing items is a longstanding practice based in frugality. I am happy that the trend has opened my eyes to new ways of re-purposing and keeping things out of the landfill. I just re-made a vintage Westinghouse vintage lampshade into a new porch light and love it.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

--feature walls with stone or wood

--I like the "rustic/industrial" trends with, for example, light fixtures with Edison bulbs or pipe-and-wood shelves.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I put a vessel sink in my bath remodel and love it. I bought an identical one for my other bath which will be remodeled soon. I love having wall mounted faucets because they don't seem to ever need cleaning and they work so well with the vessel.

I also have been wanting a huge, oversize leaning mirror, which I think is trendy, but I bought one anyway. Waiting for it to be delivered.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Trends I love:
- MCM and atomic ranches;
- Craftsman bungalows and foursquares with original stained woodwork;
- Wood floors!
- Drum chandeliers. I'm putting up one in my DH's home office. No bling on it, just a plain drum;
- Vegetable gardens instead of front lawns - a big trend in some upscale old neighborhoods in Portland, OR;
- Minimal or no front lawn - again, a common thing in some upscale suburbs in Portland Metro;
- Outdoor "rooms".

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RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Another MCM lover here, even though I can't afford to get the real thing, so am not opposed to knockoff versions. I just like the style.

Accent walls. I have SW Iron Montain in two separate rooms that make me smile whenever I walk into the rooms.

White kitchen cabs and appliances.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I like and am getting a white kitchen. My new house is in a wooded area and is extremely dark. I need to go light light light in the new kitchen (not to mention I had dark cherry in my last house and I'm so over that look). I actually wanted a white kitchen 10 years ago when we redid our last kitchen but cherry was more economical than painted cabs. So I'm finally getting my white kitchen - whoo hoo!

I like a pop of color. I'd much rather have a bright pop of color in a pillow or artwork than an entire fuschia sofa or turquoise walls. I need some color but not be manic about it.

I love sparkly things. I may not end up getting crystal chandeliers (I do have a DH who has a say in the house décor), but I love to wear bling and so it goes with my personality to have lighting bling. So sue me.

I love marble. I'm getting marble in my kitchen, master bath and powder room. I'm excited.

I like gray on the walls. We painted DD's room BM Bunny Gray (quite possibly the softest, prettiest shade of gray on the planet). It's beautiful and soothing - not depressing at all. And she has pops of color in her room. From Pottery Barn Teens. (the horror)

We're also thinking of getting a glass arabesque tile BS for our new kitchen. I guess I am hopelessly bourgeois. *le sigh*

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

i love granite (tho i don't like all patterns of course!) - love it anywhere- kitchen, bath, laundry room, bar, etc... it can be very busy or sedate, colorful or neutral and is so durable!

i like crystal chandys, but i'm thinking that i am tiring of that trend... don't know if i'll put one in my next master bath or not... still love them in a formal dining room.

i like handscraped wood floors- don't have any, but if i were building new, i would consider them...

i like gray, but i like most color trends! (tho i don't usually follow them!) i like color and appreciate many different types and colors of rooms!!

i like glass tile! i don't like it everywhere or with everything, but i like it!

i could have had a few pieces of mcm furniture when we cleared out my parents' home but, i don't like that trend! didn't particularly like it when growing up either i don't think...

always have and still like wallpaper!

love kitchen drawers rather than cabinet doors.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Hmmmm. I like this topic.

*Wall words! I have them all picked out. :)

* funky chandeliers

*I like the huge floral print rugs

*I would love some giant outdoor sectionals to go around our pool

* I would love to have our concrete stained - I think that is a trend

*slipcovered couches. I think the pattern I would pick might not be trendy. But I would love a set.

*ORB - If I had the money I would have all hinges, door knobs, and cabinet knobs replaced. I did the kitchen and one bath vanity so far.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I think, since I will be remodeling in the next year or two that my brass hardware will be trendy in some markets. This house has always had it, and I live in a neighborhood that is chock full of early 19th century houses that have it, and I don't see much point in using something else.

The houses across the street from me even have rim locks on the front doors to acknowledge the "colonial", and they are essentially modernist houses. I may do the same. The interesting thing is that the knobs Look like the modernist deep backset hardware from the exterior because they are 5 or 7 inches from the edge of the door instead of the standard 2-something inches.

Also regarding hardware. The door hardware in the complex I just moved from was all brushed nickel. This was probably selected because the original brass hardware on anything original was brown or black and only a bit shiny on the touched parts, and shiny brass would have stood out too much on the new work The complex was renovated in 1965-66. So I always thought it was interesting when people referred to brushed nickel as a "new" finish. It's also been used commercially for decades.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I can't think of anything! There are many things I want, but I consider them high end classics, not current trends.
Flagstone flooring throughout the main areas of the house, for instance.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

My long-term relationship with brass is being validated by the trend, lately.

My grandmother and her sister were in the decorating/design biz. My main exposure to that world was from them and browsing through their Architectural Digest magazines in the 70s and 80s. I can see that influence more and more in my decorating as our financial situation improves with age :) I love my curb finds and still like a bit of rustic, but my recent purchases look a little swankier - or dated - depending on one's preferences!

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I don't know what to do. I painted my north-facing, over-looking-the-covered-porch kitchen pale yellow so it would have SOME sunniness. Then I saw that yellow was trendy. Yay!

Then I saw the lovely serene grey kitchens in my neighborhood. OOH. It would go with the original 1962 white wainscoting and cabinets and the PO's grey/black/white corian. Besides, someone on GW said "yellow kitchen? how trite" (about a condo, not mine).

Now LuckyGal tells me yellow is in again.

This is all true, but I don't worry about color trends (when I hear a color is trendy, if I have it, I'm happy. If not, I'm happy, too!) I'll probably stick with the yellow. I like it, and a kitchen is a pain to paint. No place to just wail away with a roller.

Oh, I know something trendy I want: a big square ottoman/coffee table, with a tray on top for my wine, and leather all around for my tootsies.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I 'heart' Tuscan style. sigh...

It was my style (sort of) long before it became a trend. I've lived in Europe and traveled extensively in Tuscany. I think (hope) that means I can decorate with sunflowers, old metals and woods, and delish Italian pottery. I do understand the tiredness people have with fake Tuscan.

After spending a few years in Belgium, I planned to come home to Texas and decorate in a French Country manner...roosters, reds, yellows, etc...and blend it with my established love of Tuscany. Imagine my disgust to arrive here and find stores full of cheap roosters and other Frenchy extras. Sigh. No thanks.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I think these are "trendy", although they have been my style for years, lol.

Vintage crates

Repurposed, reclaimed items-like my living room floor (garage sheathing).

My Temco cone fireplace (think Preway)

Cottage style (as in beach cottage, like where I live)


Painted furniture

Worn look/shabbyish


Canning jars

Porcelain top tables

Farmhouse porcelain sinks

Even once they aren't trendy, it will all still be things I like.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Calcutta marble countertops in my kitchen.

Brass everything!

Emerald green velvet sofa


Pair of brass Paul McCobb stools

Trendy things I already have and love:

White kitchen
Open shelves in the kitchen
Farmhouse sink
Open floorplan
Gray walls and gray sofa
Teal and persimmon
Brass lamp and teacart
Salvage wood shelves, mantle, dining table, coffee table

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RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I'd like a more open plan. I feel like a little hamster running around in a maze in my house. We should just install a giant hamster wheel in the den to complete our current theme.

I'd like a farmhouse sink, because I think a thumping big glossy gleaming shiny white sink would be a good traditional note in my house, and it would be a delight to belly up to it, instead of my old cruddy Kohler triple sink.

I want a lovely big pull-out faucet that actually reaches almost anywhere in the sink (a gleaming arch of metal so big it scares small children) instead of the dinky cheapo faucet we have that only reaches a few inches into the main sink. This may not be trendy in your neighborhood, but it will be in mine!

I already have sample chips of almost every gray known to mankind, in both paint and laminate, so that's on the horizon.

The nice thing is, it will be just fine with me if all of these things become "dated," "old school," or "passe" next week, because I know I will just love them to pieces, regardless.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

We have busy granite (blue pearl) with glass mosaic tile BS, so it's busy on busy, but I love it every day. Although busy granites may be out, but I guess granite overall is a trend.

I would love a clawfoot tub. No way one would fit in our current bathroom without remodel. Would love to bring our bath back to more vintage glory.

The multicolor contemporary rug on "Hollywood Game Night."

Love MCM, and I would like even more pieces.

Treadmill desk for my home office.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Camel back sofas and gray paint. I've always wanted both and will probably never have either.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Are dishwasher drawers trendy? If so, count me in! I want two flanking my sink!

I've always longed for a chesterfield in a library/study ( now that pottery barn has chesterfields I think the end of the trend has come) yet I still placed an order for my H&M chesterfield this morning :)

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love this thread! I have to add that I like industrial also, Violet.

Roorah, your home sounds beautiful! I don't have the courage to buy turquoise sofas.

The farmhouse sinks that many of you have and want are very cool. I can't get one at this point.

What is MCM. So many of you mentioned it and I just can't figure out what it is,

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I am planning on my next sofa to be a chesterfield, but I know the current trend is influencing me. However, it is still a classic in the overall picture.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

MCM = Mid-Century Modern. In a nutshell, think of it as the "Mad Men" look, retro, clean lines, etc.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

MCM = Mid Century Modern

affirmed as a period in a 1983 book about furniture and design of the period from roughly 1935-1970. Some people would call it from 1946 to the 1970s because of the design explosion of the post-WWII period utilizing technologies developed during the war.

The early part of it overlaps Deco, Deco-Moderne, Streamline, and the latter part of it bleeds into a period that hasn't really been named officially yet, but is sometimes called Disco-Deco when describing the furniture, and also goes into the Post-Modernist period of architecture and design.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I'm not one to follow trends. Somethings they just happen to overlap what I like, such as....

Mid Century Modern I lived through that era and have always loved it's furnishings. I started collecting it back in the 80's shortly after I got married. My keyboard and monitor set on top of a very trendy Lane Acclaim student desk which is the brand and style of the living room tables my folks had when I was growing up.

Brass it's classic and has never "gone out of style" in my homes.

Green I've loved green since I was a little girl and have always used it in decorating our home.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Turquoise . . . but not because it's "In" right now. I just love the color and it ~ obviously~ fits in very well out here in our New Mexico adobe home (LOL). The nice thing about it being trendy right now is that there even more choices available.

"Trendy things that I already have and not because they're trendy, but because I just plain like them:
~ Turquoise, in decorating accents and in clothing
` Green: I've always loved green!
~ Open concept rooms in my home
~ white kitchen
~ funky chandelier (in DD's bedroom)
~ kitchen drawers instead of cabs (I'm just practical, that's all)
~ a teacart (I had no idea they were trendy now! I've had mine for years, just to keep the bed's extra & throw pillows off the floor at night so the dogs don't camp out on them.)
~ canning jars: (sigh) I've always had a love for them for storing whatever.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love large kitchens! Everyone congregates there so it is much easier to have a large kitchen (if that is an option) so to accommodate.

I think a trend comes and goes and then comes back again. Things get boring and then a new thing comes around and so on and so on. It is whatever you like that is most important!! BUT, I guess we all know that.
Glad you posted this Faux!

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

My sleeping pod (a room that is less than 10x11 can hardly be a "master" anything) is going to be Henry Link Bali Hai Heaven when I am done in there. All navy, cream, and pear. With large scaled patterns (yes, chevrons!) and lots of brass. I have always loved that look (I'd describe it as Preppy-meets-Hollywood Regency-meets-Lilly Pulitzer). Our room is so small, I just feel like being fun and over the top in there. The pod is attached to a trapped room of some sort - no closet, French doors to another room, fireplace, contemporary windows exactly like the ones in the dining room on the first floor - that we are going to make into a sitting room.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I love recessed cans with flood lights -- that soft, white light. Colors are true, and the light is great for reading.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I don't know if it's trendy, but I wish I had an appliance 'garage'. I have a space between 2 cabs with a tiny window above, and have been considering putting one in. Anyone have pics of theirs?

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I think blue is pretty trendy, isn't it? I am in love with the medium blue colors, like a lovely cobalt blue. I really hope I don't get sick of it because I have a lot of it (including my blue velvet couch)!

I didn't realize that outdoor rooms are trendy -- but I seriously love my outdoor sectional. (And the Dash & Albert rug out there is probably also trendy, but it's also bombproof!)

I actually got really sick of grey for a while, because it was *everywhere* in blogworld, but I'm coming back around to warmer greys. Though I refuse to use the word "greige." :)

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I just thought of another trend I like: hiding refrigerators and dishwashers behind cabinetry.

What about chinoiserie? Is it considered trendy? I would love to have some pieces.

I still want at least one chandelier oozing bling all over the room.

I still like oil rubbed bronze, although I'd prefer real, unlaquered brass.

"( now that pottery barn has chesterfields I think the end of the trend has come)"

Then I'm right on schedule to get one!

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I'm not sure I would consider white kitchens trendy. I think they are popular right now because they are not trendy and their popularity is a backlash against the trends that have left so many feeling dissatisfied with their cabinetry. I calculated the cost of replacing my cabinetry and reconfiguring my kitchen dining room and sold the house and moved instead. I chose white not because it is trendy but because I like the clean look and it is classic.

I also didn't realize that turquoise is trendy. I am using teal as an accent color but did so in my last home before it became a trend. I love the cool colors and especially the rich pinks and teals for both clothing and decor.

I like this thread. it is very enthusiastic and positive.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I have to say I'm a bit confused as IMO some of the things mentioned don't seem to be current trends to me but more continuing styles or trends that have come and gone.

I realize there are fads, trends, and styles and a lot of overlap between them but how does one know when a fad is merely a fad, or becomes a trend, and when perhaps a trend becomes a style? Or when something is no longer a fad or a trend and has become outdated? Or perhaps just a continuing style?

I had no idea my vintage teacart was now trendy or my appliance garage which I've had since my house was built 17 years ago. Don't have a pic but I really love the thing for the small appliances that otherwise clutter the countertop.

Can lights have been around for decades, did they go out of favor and have now become trendy again? Some of the things mentioned in this thread as trendy have been around for so long I would think they are no longer considered so. Is there a 'trend guru' who defines what is trendy or no longer trendy? Or does this vary by region? Or according to the most popular blogs?

Can anyone enlighten me on this interesting subject? :)

Signed by luckygal who is pretty clueless about trends!

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

luckygal, re can lights -- you're right. I just needed to make a confession about liking them after reading of so many who dislike them :) I feel better now!

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I think what happened with recessed lighting is that people went a little crazy with it and now there is a bit of a backlash.

My personal feeling is that it is fine in kitchens, baths and hallways, in whatever amount is needed. (Which I sometimes think is overestimated but I put dimmers on it all anyway).

But I always lay it out in a grid rather than put it all at "point of service". So technically, it may be a little off from being centered over a work area, or the front of the fridge, but it prevents it from being random all over the ceiling, in what people call "swiss cheese" or "ceiling acne". I think it tends to disappear more when placed in a regular pattern.

I will use it in addition to a central fixture in a dining room, but I would rather use sconces, personally. I think the light is more flattering.

I don't care for it at all in Living Rooms or Bedrooms, I think these are much better lit with portable lamps. I will design it when asked, but I try to keep it at a minimum. I don't think it's particularly flattering compared to lamps.

But I have been in a number of new constructions lately where there may be a dozen or more recessed cans in the living room ceiling and six in a small bedroom ceiling. I have been in a couple where the lighting makes the house so Hot I doubt you need to turn the heat on unless it's bitter cold. I think that is too much lighting. There is nothing the matter with uneven lighting and shadows in the corner of a typical living room.

I noticed in a couple of these real estate open houses that people who were probably not design-oriented, but typical house hunters noted the excessive lighting. I was in one (heated up) house, where one guy asked the RE agent "What's with all this lighting? Is this supposed to be a house or are they going to open a jewelry store?"

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

Palimpsest: you have a lot of good points about recessed lighting. The house we bought has a lot of recessed lighting. It is all grids and not random. We put it on dimmers and used LEDs. If I were the person who built the house I would have fewer recessed lights but with the dimmers and LEDs I am happy.

I agree with the poster above about drawers in the kitchen. If I were building a house I would love to have mostly all (if not all) drawers in the kitchen.

I love industrial mixed in with glam.

RE: Things that are trendy that we want!

I didn't know owls were a trend until I saw them show up on the "hate" thread. My kids and I have recently started reading Harry Potter aloud and when they saw owl bookends at Barnes and Noble they begged me to get them for our library. How could I say no to that? :-) I love those owls, even if they're trendy.

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