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What's for Dinner #335

Posted by ruthanna (My Page) on
Thu, Apr 17, 14 at 9:33

One of our family's favorite dinners is SSB (soup, salad and bread) and that's what we had last night. Cream of potato and leek soup, a salad with fruit, nuts, blue cheese and tarragon dressing and purchased crunchy rice flour rolls.

 photo imagejpg1_zpsb6d8f602.jpg

Teatime treat was a slice of bakery white cake with lemon and raspberry mousse fillings.

 photo imagejpg1_zps6b973d4a.jpg

Lots of old friends in town for a memorial service this week so I made beef on weck sandwiches, from-scratch baked beans and frozen French fries for ones that stopped in at our house.

 photo imagejpg1_zps772a1c01.jpg

What's for dinner at your house on these spring nights?

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RE: What's for Dinner #335

Not dinner, but Easter brunch was enough to carry us through the day. We went to the kids' favorite bistro. The men has Kobe beef chicken fried steak, buttermilk biscuits and gravy, poached eggs and rosemary potatoes. The Kid and I had salmon benedict:

"Northwest Salmon Benedict - House alder smoked wild Alaskan salmon, poached free range eggs, scratch made hollandaise, tomato-basil relish, grilled local asparagus, rosemary potatoes". And then there was this never-ending pastry tray....groannnnnnn.......

And to drink: "Spokane 74 - House infused rosemary gin, fresh grapefruit and lemon, finished with sparkling wine and a drop of crème de violette" And the Kid managed to wheedle the recipe out of them for this great mojito they make with cucumber, cilantro and orange. Can't wait for warmer weather!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Oh, my, Katiec, that looks amazing, yum.

Ruthanna, your beef on weck looks good too and I LOVE baked beans.

OK, so I'm behind. As usual. I've been cooking, though.

Recently, we had some beef stew before taking the kids to a night at the Symphony. The Grand Rapids Symphony periodically comes to the Dogwood Center in Fremont, only 15 miles away, and kids tickets were $5.00! They actually really enjoyed it, Bud liked the "conductor guy" best, LOL.

Beef Stew photo IMG_0786.jpg

Bud even wore a suit!

Amanda and Kids dressed for the symphony photo IMG_0800.jpg

Since the "ladies" are producing eggs faster than I can eat them or give them away, I made brioche, simply because the recipe took 9 eggs! It was good with the stew, but made outstanding French toast, courtesy of Makayla.

 photo IMG_0797.jpg

Apple french toast photo IMG_0782.jpg

We've still had cold days, it was a high today of 40F and 20 MPH winds, so soup is still on the menu. It's split pea this time.

Split Pea photo IMG_0794.jpg

I made corn muffins to go with the soup, although I like mine best with butter and honey.

Corn muffins photo IMG_0785.jpg

The Princess and her Brother, along with the Princess' Apprentice and her Sister, came for a day during spring break. The two Princesses made oatmeal cookies:

Makayla and Madi make oatmeal cookies photo IMG_0773.jpg

We've finally got the fence repaired and the electricity working, the winter was hard and the weight of a couple of ice storms broke a lot of wire. Since Dave helped replace insulators one day, I took a ham in the crockpot so we could have dinner after working:

 photo IMG_0770.jpg

I made a salad with baby kale, sliced pears, dried cherries, walnuts and a dressing made of mustard, honey and yogurt:

Pear and Baby Kale Salad photo IMG_0772.jpg

I have a couple of celiacs in the family, so I periodically try some gluten free baked goods. I baked brownies, with black beans instead of flour. They didn't taste like beans, which was good. They didn't really taste much like brownies either, which wasn't so good. They weren't awful, but they weren't really brownies either. Better than nothing, of course....

 photo IMG_0768.jpg

Finally, we're not feeding pigs, they've met their final destiny and are in the freezer. So, of course, we had pork chops. Elery was so darned tired of hauling pig feed and water up and down the hill, breaking ice on the water, hauling bales of straw for their "barn" and having the biggest one grab his pant leg or sleeve every time he tried to feed them. Well, lets say that he really enjoyed the pork chop from that 300 pound porker!

 photo IMG_0803.jpg

And, of course, I made lard. One crockpot full of ground fat made almost 4 pints of lard, I figure I have enough fat for 10 or 12 more pints. And I have to get on it, the meat comes out of the smoker in about another week, and I need freezer room!

 photo IMG_0806.jpg


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I have freezer room. Wish we lived closer and i'd trade you a pint of maple syrup, ; )

I've been making cottage pies recently. Some in a solo french round thing i'm guessing is for a souffle. Must be such good quality porcelain as nothing sticks. Even with a slightly burnt crust.
I did pick up some 'individuals' and that has been a success. Lots of veggies.

Making one tonight with leftover chili as a layer, lots of veg, and corn tortilla as a divider like a mexican lasagna.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Annie your brioche looks amazing! I don't think I've every baked one. Hmmmm can you share your recipe?

Isn't lard grand?

We had the urge for black beans, corn, etc and brown rice. We were hoping to have leftover black bean veggies in burritos because that's something that intrigues us, but alas, not enough left over. I'm loving that with scrambled egg in a burrito.

Pork chops fried in what else, lard!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

sleevendog, I'd trade for maple syrup in an instant. I also wish I lived closer, Elery is still talking about your moose lasagna. The cottage pies look like a good use for leftover chili too...

jasdip, you're right, there's nothing quite like lard for frying.
The brioche was as easy as any other bread, and rich and "eggy", but not really sweet. I got the recipe from "Grit" magazine, one of those articles about how to use lots of eggs, LOL. It's a big recipe, but I made 2/3 of a recipe and it fit into my bread machine for the dough cycle. I formed the loaves, split them and then twisted the two halves to make a "fancier" loaf.

Brioche Recipe

1 1/2 cups warm water (temperature of bath water)
1 1/2 tablespoons yeast
1 tablespoon salt
1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) butter
1/2 cup honey
9 eggs
8��"10 cups flour

Put the first three ingredients into a large mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer that has a 6-quart bowl. Melt the butter in the measuring cup, and add it to the bowl. Then use the buttery measuring cup to measure the honey and add it to the bowl. (You do this so the honey slips right out of the cup.) Add the eggs and 7 cups of the flour and begin mixing. The dough will be sticky when everything is thoroughly mixed. Begin adding flour in 1/2 cup increments, mixing thoroughly between additions, up to 8 1/2 cups. At some point, you will probably have to give up the spoon and start mixing with your hands. When you have added 8 1/2 cups of flour, add more in 1/4-cup increments until the dough is no longer sticky. If you are using a mixer with a dough hook, the dough is ready when the dough hook is pushing it around the bowl in a ball. Do not add any additional flour once it reaches that point. Towards the end, you should add flour a couple of tablespoons at a time because it is much easier to make wet dough drier than the other way around.

Cover the bowl and let the dough rise for 1 or 2 hours. Punch it down and separate it into three loaves for baking now, or pull off 1/3 of the dough to bake now and put the remainder of the dough in the refrigerator for baking in a few days. I never mix up a single loaf of bread for two reasons. First, it takes no more time to mix up three loaves than one. Second, my mixer has a hard time mixing up a single loaf because the bowl is so large. If you have a smaller mixer bowl, you can reduce the recipe by 1/3 to make two loaves at a time instead of three.

I definitely recommend it, it's good for toast and by itself, but it's outstanding for French Toast!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Thanks for posting the recipe Annie. I'm assuming that the flour is 8-10 cups.

I made a quick sauce of hoisin sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, and a touch of honey. Brushed it on some chicken breasts, along with the rest of the brown rice. Microwaved carrots for the veggie with butter and basil before serving.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

I saw a beef and broccoli recipe in one of our Canadian magazines and I made it tonite, using chicken instead of beef. I didn't have oyster sauce so I used a touch of hoisin.
Still good. I'll have to make it again, using the actual ingredients called for in the recipe!

Would love recipes for whats for dinner

Could we include recipes for 'what's for dinner'? Everything looks so good, sure would appreciate it!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

madismom, we often include recipes, but usually only when asked, as the thread becomes so long. We just say "that looks good, can I get the recipe" or something like that and we'll gladly post any you want.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ditto what Annie said, madismom. Most times, I just try to put a dinner together from what ingredients I have on hand. If I try to find a recipe to use them, I always seem to be missing one or more ingredients in the recipe. LOL

Lots of cooking lately but I keep forgetting to take pictures.

One night, we had what DH called Spring a la King - sautéed shallots, sweet red pepper, mushrooms, leftover ham chunks and steamed asparagus in a tarragon cream sauce on puff pastry shells. I wanted to add some boiled eggs too but forgot to make them.

 photo imagejpg1_zpsbc2a9437.jpg

Best values at the farmers' market last week were unsmoked pork hocks for $1.79/lb., leeks @$1 a large bunch and butcher-made smoked sausage so we ended up with a pot of baked beans that I cooked with extra broth to freeze.

Ready for the oven:

 photo imagejpg1_zpsa75321db.jpg

Done. We also had pepper cabbage not showing in pic.

 photo imagejpg2_zpse8711eec.jpg

DH finally woke up the grill from its winter hibernation and we grilled marinated sirloin steak pieces.

 photo imagejpg3_zpsee50af72.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sorry, I needed to print a recipe.

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RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ruthanna, I am always amazed at your complexity of dishes! Everything is so well made.

Jasdip, looking at all the ingredients on your chicken-instead-of-beef dish, I think hoisin is better than oyster sauce.

Sleevendog , nice cottage pies. Like the Mexican lasagna idea.

Annie, food, family and fun! You just can’t get them from a restaurant.

Katiec, that is one fancy meal!

A few recent meals:


Kabocha with broccoli stems
 photo Kabochabroccolistems.jpg

 photo kabochabroccolistems2.jpg

smoked chicken tiger lily shoots
 photo smokedchickentigerlily.jpg

 photo smokedchickentigerlily2.jpg

Smoked pork shoulder on orzo
 photo porkshoulderorzo.jpg

 photo Porkshoulderorzo2.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

dcarch, what did you do with the broccoli florets? (grin)

I tried to get Elery to grill steak for Mother's Day, but I ended up just slapping a couple of grass fed Porterhouse in my cast iron skillet. We've been doing a lot of work at the farm and he was just tired.

Anyway, we had Porterhouse steak, baked potatoes, salad and cupcakes for Mother's Day dinner. Ashley brought cupcakes from the store, I swear she's not related, LOL. Amanda had to work, so it was Elery and I, Ashley and the girls, her husband was at training. I didn't even take pictures.

I did, however, take pictures of the leftovers, we had steak sandwiches tonight, on pretzel buns with swiss cheese and sautéed onions and mushrooms. I think it was better than the first time!

Steak sandwich photo IMG_0909.jpg

I made one of Elery's favorites, a venison and broccoli stir fry. I could have used dcarch's broccoli florets, LOL.

Venison and Broccoli photo IMG_0837.jpg

I breaded some fish and made a multi-grain mixture that had wild rice, barley, chia seeds, I forget what else. I roasted potatoes while the fish baked.

Baked Code with mixed grains photo IMG_0845.jpg

I made some of Grandma's Molasses Cookies and some cupcakes for Elery's granddaughter, Jillian, we missed her birthday party because of a snowstorm.

Molasses cookies photo IMG_0906.jpg

Jilly's Birthday cupcakes photo IMG_0910.jpg

Ballerina cupcake photo IMG_0911-1.jpg

Because I'd rendered lard, I needed to make pie crust, so I made an asparagus and mushroom quiche with the pastry made from my own lard and the filling from farm fresh eggs, thanks to my girls.

Asparagus Quiche photo IMG_0900.jpg

My smallest cook's helper made guacamole for Mother's Day dinner:

Stir, stir, stire photo IMG_0905.jpg

And, since I have a freezer full of pork, we had Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato sandwiches, well worth the fat, the calories, the salt, everything else that is bad for us, LOL.

Homegrown Bacon photo IMG_0889.jpg

Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato photo IMG_0890.jpg

There, that must jut about catch me up. We've been eating, but we are both so tired that I don't even think of taking pictures and many times we just have an egg sandwich and collapse.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Katie, delicious looking breakfast.

Jasdip, I'd love your chicken and broccoli stir fry.

DCarch, Beautiful smoked pork and chicken.

Sleevendog, good idea to use leftover chili in a pie.

Annie all your meals look tasty. I'd like a piece of the asparagus quiche and a cookie for dessert. And maybe some of that bacon, on a toasted tomato sandwich. And I would also like a little Madi. What a little doll.

Ruthanna, I like how you used the vol-au-vents. Nice filling.

I think I missed most of April so I'll skip right to May.

A few of our meals this past two weeks.

Grilled a 1 1/2 pound T-Bone to share.

Baked potatoes and asparagus.

I was trying to use up bread I had in the freezer so I hadn't baked in a couple of weeks. Ran out last week and Moe was starting to feel deprived. So I fed my starter on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. And on Wednesday I also made a biga early in the day and used it to make a batch of bread dough Wednesday night. The dough went into the fridge until late afternoon on Friday. I had Moe pull it out of the fridge a couple of hours before I got home from work. Baked four loaves Friday night before bed. 100% sourdough without the addition of yeast.

Roast Chicken Italian style

Cut up a whole chicken. Added onions, garlic cloves, zucchini, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and black olives. Seasoned with fresh rosemary, salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil.

Halibut and clams in my cioppino broth.

Grilled Hot Dogs one night. Moe loves hot dogs and would be happy if I made them more often.

Late lunch one day so dinner was just picky stuff.

Your basic roast beef dinner. Sterling Silver Top Sirloin.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

My son is having two friends over for a "sleepover", although it sounds quaint to call it that when they are 14 and 15. They have a fire in the backyard fire pit and are grilling bratwurst and cooking bacon in a cast iron pan on the fire. Camping in the backyard - its summer, finally.

I decided they should have some healthy veggies so I made them

Roast purple cauliflower with much cheese

 photo 79078E1A-A6FE-4325-922F-9C924DA07F7E_zps1zt3eg6g.jpg

Roast brussel sprouts

 photo C72591DC-D3E3-4556-8956-520CBE61B5D7_zpshygm7wtj.jpg

They seemed appreciative, but I see the veggies are untouched and the bratwurst and bacon are getting all the attention. Oh well, what did I expect.

I'm not even bringing them the mashed purple cauliflower & mozz cheese. No more pearls for swine, I say. Nope. All they're getting from the kitchen now is ice cream sandwiches.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Here is an easy one, I picked up a half ham, cooked it in a stock pot in oven. after done, I removed the ham and added fresh turnip greens from my garden to the pot and cooked them until tender on the stove in the ham jucies. serve with corn muffins!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Thanks, dcarch. Looks like you've been out foraging again with great results.

Annie, that bacon is calling to me. How many pounds of it do you get from one pig?

Ann, you really have a way with beef and it's always cooked just the way we like it. After seeing your photos, I always want to make some.

John, your vegetables look tempting but next time, throw them a can of baked beans and a can opener. LOL

Ed, that sounds like a wonderful dinner.

Not as much cooking as usual lately to a couple of banquets, funeral lunches, and community dinners.

Farmers' market had IR large mushrooms for $1.09/lb. last week so I took advantage of them to make a bacon stuffing for some and also mushroom gravy on a braised pork sirloin roast (mostly dark meat, which we prefer) and smashed potatoes.

 photo imagejpg1_zps74314e5c.jpg

They were also trimming the tough outer leaves off a carton of Savoy cabbage so I asked to buy some and got a whole bag for free. A beef and veal stuffing and a day in the crockpot turned them into one night's dinner and I froze the rest for another meal.

 photo imagejpg1_zpsc1784ff3.jpg

DH was hungry for eggplant so I made a big pan of caponata and had it one night with cold poached salmon and some other days for lunch.

 photo imagejpg1_zps71f8c38c.jpg

After many years of togetherness, a neighbor couple is flying to Las Vegas this week to be married and will be having a big celebration picnic next Monday so I'll be doing a lot of cooking for that this week.

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RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ruthanna, my mouth is watering for your mushroom gravy with sirloin. I have some mushrooms in the fridge that I need to do something with. I might just have to make a mushroom gravy.

Jerk Chicken

Served with Rice and Beans and Tostones.

Chicken Stew and Dumplings

Homemade Italian Sausage Meatballs.

With Stuffed Zucchini and pasta.

Grilled Pork chops

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ann T, Elery grilled chicken today, the first grilling we've done this year. We had hamburgers on the grill at Amanda's last Saturday, but we ate inside because it snowed on us. Anyway, your chicken looks delicious.

ruthanna, that's funny about the cabbage leaves, I've gone to the grocery when cabbage is on sale for St. Patrick's Day, and there's always a box for the large/loose outside leaves, people pull them off and leave them when buying a head. So, I can just pick up whole leaves out of the box for cabbage rolls, and the cashiers have started doing the same thing, LOL, but they aren't telling anyone else, for fear we'll lose our "leaf supply". (grin)

How much bacon from a pig? It depends on the pig, of course. The "big guy" this year weighed 323 on the hoof and we got 22 pounds of bacon, but that includes the jowl bacon. We had bacon for breakfast this morning, incidentally.

As I mentioned, we had BBQ'd chicken from the grill today, and I'd made a pork roast yesterday, so we had pulled pork tacos with tomatillo salsa, we both like them a lot.

Tomorrow we're planting raspberry and blackberry bushes, and poor Copenhagen is locked up in the barn, the new grass grew so fast, we caught him in the very beginning stages of laminitis, or founder. So, he's locked away from the fresh green stuff until his feet are less painful, then he'll get to go out for short periods. I put King with him, they can at least keep each other company. So, what's for dinner is going to be anyone's guess, it depends on how much time Elery is willing to spend at the farm, LOL.

The first calf of the year was born last week, he's chocolate brown and not shaggy like the other calves were. Very handsome, though.

I've got chocolate chip cookies in the oven right now, tomorrow is Dave's birthday, so I'm going to take some cookies to his garage and surprise him. The "guys" will be happy....


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ann, I went back and edited my last post because forgot to say that it was a pork sirloin roast with the mushroom gravy. There are lots of mushroom houses near the one farmers' market and they send over all the misshapen or too large mushrooms so they're really fresh but not fully cleaned.

I love the meatball pix and your pork chops reminded me that I haven't grilled any yet this year.

We had an unusual What's for Dinner this week. We had a filling late lunch so dinner was "buy one, get one free" banana splits at a local ice cream shop. Neither of us had eaten one for years and they sure tasted good! Next day, we returned to our regularly scheduled program. LOL

I will be making cookie dough today and rolling and baking them all day tomorrow so dinner tonight will be a new recipe for gingered carrot soup I'm testing out for an upcoming tea party and a chef salad with Swiss cheese, salami, and tuna.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

I had a late breakfast ( or 'brunch' [pinky up] ), yet I'm still hungry. Can't understand it.

Ruthanna, I'd like a piece of that cake.

Katie, Easter dinner never looked so good!

AnnieB, you know how to feed 'happiness' to your pretty family. Yes Bud, boys can be pretty too :)

Sleevendog, reading 'cottage pie' makes me want to reach for my favorite blankie. Comfort food at its best.

Jasdip, I'd happily oink out on your pork chops!

Dcarch, I love Kabocha, but I rarely see it as wonderfully-orchestrated.

Ann, I'd enjoy picking on your 'picky stuff' and everything else. I haven't had a really good, grilled hot dog in quite a while and your photo has me reeling.

John, my 15 yr. old son would pounce on your vegetables, as long as they were blanketed with cheese - and a side of bacon.

As for me, I've been cooking, but rarely photographing.
Spring has finally arrived, but it feels winter-ish, so we're still having soups, stews - and as always, a whole lotta bakin' going on.

Happy spring


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I've fallen behind with my posting.
Annie, your meals are all so wholesome! Love it!

Ruthanna, I love the way you cook. I don't know what caponata is, but it sure looks good! I keep saying I want to cook eggplant but I never have.

Ann you know your meals make me drool. I love the Greek ingredients with the chicken and I'll take a grilled pork chop over a steak any day.

I tried a new salad......carrot and pineapple with roasted peanuts. Definitely a keeper. So that, and the one I made recently with jicama, pineapple and red peppers are our new summer salads.

We had basa filets and rice and the carrot/pineapple slaw.

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RE: What's for Dinner #335

Jasdip, glad you're back and with some inspiring salad ideas. I never was a big fan of eggplant but my DH is so I kept trying to make it different ways to find some we'd both enjoy. I must have tried a dozen different caponata recipes until I found the right one for us. Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it.

It keeps for up to a week in the fridge and can be eaten hot or cold so was always a favorite to pack for lunches. You can also add a can of crushed tomatoes to the leftovers, heat, and serve over pasta.


1/2 cup olive oil
3 cups diced eggplant (3/8" cubes), about 1 medium
1 1/2 cup coarsely chopped onions
1 cup celery in 1/4 " slices
2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes
3 Tbs. minced garlic
2 Tbs. tomato paste
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
12 small stuffed green olives, sliced into thirds
12 black olives, pitted and sliced into thirds
1/4 cup small capers, drained
3 Tbs. sugar
1/4 - 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 cup lightly packed minced parsley
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper

In a large skillet, heat the oil. Add the eggplant and saute several minutes until partially soft. Add the onions, celery, tomatoes and garlic and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, add the remaining ingredients, and toss lightly. Chill until ready to serve. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Notes: Chopped anchovies can also be added. Diced zucchini can be substituted for half of the eggplant. Diced yellow peppers make a colorful addition.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Clipped the caponata recipe...thanks Ruthanna. (Eyeing my three-inch tall eggplant starts.)

Our neighbor gifted me with a bag of morels for my birthday. We chicken fried them and made mushroom-onion gravy over home fires. Fresh Washington grown asparagus on the side.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Thank you Ruthanna!

We had sausages, and I tried a new recipe. The original recipe called for couscous but I subbed quinoa. Dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and lemon juice. I put some minced kale in it as well. My, it is so good!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sol, I'm always glad to see you, no matter what you are (or are not) cooking.

Jasdip, I've got some quinoa in the pantry, and dried cranberries, I'm going to have to put some of that together.

Ruthanna, I clipped the caponata recipe too, it's something right up Elery's alley, he'd love it, and I just planted half a dozen eggplant. If even half of them survive I'll have plenty.

KatieC, it's definitely morel season. Elery was out mowing the lawn and found these, growing right here in town, out by the swimming pool. He mowed at least one over before he realized what they were:

 photo IMG_0957.jpg

This was the biggest one:

 photo IMG_0959.jpg

I sautéed them with onion and garlic and put them over whole wheat pasta, Elery likes both pasta and morels, so he was happy.

 photo IMG_0961.jpg

I was much happier with this sirloin, pre-salted and then rubbed with grated horseradish and grilled:

 photo IMG_0960.jpg

One night we had roast pork tacos with avocado and shredded cabbage:

 photo d6eef964-e5f4-49d5-bb21-be416a85be3c.jpg

I baked some cinnamon rolls:

 photo IMG_0914-1.jpg

We had some chili made from a basket of spicy seasonings that Elery had gotten for his birthday from his youngest son, and we had cornbread on the side. Elery had to get his chili fix in before it got too hot and it's a good thing, it's been in the 80s all this week.

 photo IMG_0917.jpg

I even made some polenta in the oven, which was served with a kind of Moroccan eggplant mixture over top. I'll never be able to recreate the eggplant stew, which figures, because Elery liked it a lot and used the leftovers to make omelets for breakfast!

 photo IMG_0913.jpg

I made a sour cream rhubarb cake with some of my rhubarb. It's green, not the red kind, but tastes the same.

 photo IMG_0912.jpg

And, finally, we have the first calf of the year. I haven't figured out how I have a red cow, a bull that looks like this:

 photo IMG_0926.jpg

And get a calf that looks like this:

 photo IMG_0922.jpg

He's cute, though, and since last year's calves were named after Makayla and Bud (Mookayla and David Cowser), this year's will be named after Elery's grandkids. I'm still trying to figure out cow names that relate to Jackson, Jamison and Jillian. I think I'll wait until the second one is born and find out if it's a heifer. If so, maybe Jamooson and the little boy could be JJ or something. Not so creative, JJ....

Come on, guys, come through for me!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

AnnieB, that last guy apparently hates the paparazzi, but, O.M.G., he is adorable. I'll try to think of a name that fits his grumpy little face.

I dropped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! (Obviously I'm early, but I will be unplugged most of the weekend).

Btw, I went to Horrock's and found 'Cavolo Nero.' I think it also goes by 'Tuscan Kale.'
I was surprised to find these greens locally. At any rate, I made Ribollita and some plain bread.

Truth be told, I found no difference in taste, between the Tuscan kale and its curly sister. But the soup is always good.
Party on, Anniebanani.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Since I downloaded a Vintage Menu app onto my iPad earlier this year, I have been lamenting some (but not all) once-popular dishes that have disappeared from current menus.

So last night we had a salad with shrimp and homemade Green Goddess dressing. It was a delicious blast from the past. Rounding out the meal were gingered carrot soup and bakery French rolls.

 photo imagejpg1_zps9695cd93.jpg

Our neighborhood co-op bought a couple of flats of strawberries yesterday so I will be making strawberry-almond muffins this weekend. (old pic but they should look the same).

 photo 100_3695.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

OK, no pictures, but I had a great lunch today. Elery and I went to Grand Rapids, a belated birthday lunch. I like to try new places, instead of the same old stuff, so I found an Indian buffet. It was a tiny little place, maybe 6 booths and a couple of tables, and a lunch buffet. I tried everything and only one thing, a chicken dish, was too spicy for me.

We had papadams with tamarind chutney, lots of nice, warm, soft naan, some chana masala, mattar mushrooms, pakora, butter chicken, gobi aloo, curried meatballs, kadhi pakodi, mango kulfi for dessert along with kheer.

It was all good, the place was clean and the staff was helpful and pleasant. The lunch buffet was less than $10 a person. We'll definitely go back.

Let's see, what else? Elery bought an infra red turkey fryer, so on Saturday he "fried" a turkey and Amanda made a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, some au gratin potatoes and a fruit salad, so we had dinner there, another birthday lunch.

Hey, at my age, you can stretch these birthday celebrations out for several days, LOL.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

That sounds like a delicious birthday lunch, Annie, and a day's break from cooking.

This weekend was my first visit of the season to a nice little Sunday farmers' market in a neighboring town. It was slim pickings so early in the produce season but I did get some leaf lettuce for a salad with beets, carrots, chopped walnuts and the remainder of the Green Goddess dressing.

Dinner was from two baked goods vendors - ham and asiago tart and cheese and spinach on croissant dough. (DH and I split both of them but I put them uncut on the plate for the pic.)

 photo imagejpg1_zps7c4bb957.jpg

We hadn't had a casserole for a while so made one with ground lamb, brown rice and vegetables with Middle Easten spicing. Also had tabbouleh with cucumbers and feta and eggplant dip with pita triangles.

 photo imagejpg1_zps33d13344.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Annie, sounds like a great spot to have lunch. I found a great little Indian restaurant in Victoria that Moe and I have been having lunch at a couple of times a month. It is at the north end of town so it is only a 30 minute drive. Love curry buffets.

Ruthanna, both of the tarts look and sound delicious. I especially like the look of the spinach and cheese tart.

A few of our recent meals.

Butterflied Quail

Seasoned Greek Style and Grilled

Asian Style Grilled Chicken legs with garlic ginger rice and a stir fry with bean sprouts.

Presalted small prime rib, cooked on the grill.

Grilled pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes and stacked Greek Salad.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ruthanna, the eggplant dip is what intrigues me. Is it like baba ganouj?

Ann T, that grilled pork looks delicious and the prime rib is perfectly done, everything looks amazing.

Today we had lunch with Bud at his school, it's the "Family Picnic". I took hummus and purple carrots for dipping, some no-bake oatmeal cookies and pita bread. The school provided hot dogs for a nominal charge and we got to meet all of Bud's friends. There were a lot, he says "everyone" is his friend, mostly. LOL He's a friendly kind of boy.

Tonight we had pecan crusted hake and some beets with a sauce made from Rose's Lime juice that I've had hanging around. It was surprisingly good. Elery had polenta with his, I abstained. (grin)


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I love the photos on all the WFD threads! So inspiring!

Tonight, nothing fancy...made Mulligatawny Soup with a dollop of sour cream, from a recipe posted by Lise P. on allrecipes. Very tasty!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sooz, that soup looks good, it was cool and rainy here today, the first appreciable rain we've had in 21 days, so I was doing the happy dance...

Yesterday I made Ann T's stacked enchiladas, I really like them. They were filled with leftover grilled chicken and I made rice and beans on the sides, with some freshly fried tortilla "chips".

Stacked green enchiladas with rice and beans photo IMG_1066.jpg

Before that we had glazed salmon and a vegetable stir fry over quinoa:

Salmon and stir fried vegetables photo IMG_1058-1.jpg

I made some custard, as we have lots of eggs right now. I used Grandma's old recipe and we ate it for breakfast.

egg custard photo IMG_1012.jpg

egg custard 2 photo IMG_1013.jpg

Also for breakfast one day, Elery made biscuits using the lard I rendered recently. They were flaky, light and crunchy, very good. I had mine with home canned tomato marmalade.

Lard biscuit with tomato marmalade photo IMG_1016.jpg

Elery put some turkey thighs on the grill with BBQ sauce, and grilled Italian herb bread to go with it:

turkey thighs on the grill photo IMG_1017.jpg

Because we had turkey left over, the next night we had turkey paninis and oven baked onion rings:

baked onion rings and turkey panini photo IMG_1018.jpg

I also baked some multi-grain bread, filled with sunflower seeds, pecans and almonds, as well as rye flour and whole wheat. I made a starter with a teaspoon of yeast, some rye flour and water, let it sit all day while I was at the farm. When I came home I added more flour and some salt and kneaded the dough in the bread machine. It rose nicely and baked up crusty.

Multi grain bread photo IMG_1052.jpg

In spite of all the instructions about letting bread sit to cool, I cut the end off. I just couldn't help it, I have no willpower, LOL.

Multi grain bread sliced photo IMG_1055-2.jpg

Really, no will power at all. Since I cut that slice, I had to butter it while it was hot and the butter would melt. At least I shared it with the dog, and didn't eat the whole slice myself!

multi grain bread with butter photo IMG_1057.jpg

And that pretty much wraps up What's For Dinner for now.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sooz, your soup looks delicious! The combination of curry and apples in Mulligatawny has always intrigued me. And considering it is still soup weather here in the thumb, I'll have to get my act together, and make it.

KatieC, somehow I missed your Chicken-Fried Morels. Wow! Looks like a one-way ticket to paradise.

Thumper's last day of school was a few days ago, so he got to choose dinner - seafood grinders! And we're still recovering from it. Regardless, hanging out with my offspring is, as always, the highlight of my day.

Dinner last night was Creole Jambalaya and Cornbread.

And Ewenice, the Easter cake I didn't get a chance to post the last time I sashayed through.

Tonight I'll be working on a cake for a special someone. I'm eager to experiment on an old painting technique, I've never seen done on cakes, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Well, my vociferous kitty Mew-thing beckons. See ya.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sol, Ewenice is adorable, I'm not sure I'd even want to eat her. Never mind, I would, you know it. I know she's made of cake, can't pass that up.

A new cake decorating technique? You know you'd better come back and show us how beautiful it is. No doubt in my mind, it will be.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I see the grills being used finally...not that snow ever stopped me...
Love all cast iron, especially odd vintage ones...

Last weekend was cedar planked smoked salmon and shrimp...
Ran over the thermometer, (the cheap one), so had to guess timing...5 min, then added shrimp, 12 min total...perfect and rare inside. Just looks overcooked, : )

Making the All American Burger tonight, on the stove griddle...dark and thunderstorms right now at 6pm....sweet potato fries and my english muffins about to go on the griddle...added lots of blk pepper and fresh finely chopped habanero to the batter....
Good thing i posted the recipe i came up with as it was my only added to PepperPlate....phew.

smoking chicken thighs and turkey legs a rub goin' on....with meyer lemon zest...

RE: What's for Dinner #335

sleevendog, you put chopped habanero in the English Muffin batter? Now, Elery would like that a lot, and I'd let him have all he wanted, LOL.

But you ran over your thermometer? I thought only I did things like that.....

Here we're continuing with the Indian food theme. Elery marinated chicken thighs in a yogurt sauce and we had mushroom mattar and lentils on the side.


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RE: What's for Dinner #335

(my recipe calls for 2 cups of white whole wheat...I sub'd and added 1/4 cup of corn flour...
-the southerners with the habanero and corn should go nuts for this one...)
: )

After the peppers added to the grain salad for the weekend, and in such and such...i really was careful...then peed, like we do, strange and burning... (i though only fellas were so careless about fresh hot peppers....) wow, : )
(i need an ice cube in pants)

RE: What's for Dinner #335

I'm so mad that I forgot to take a picture. I thought of it as I was gnawing on my pork chop bone.

We seldom have bone-in pork chops. I tend to buy a big pork loin vacuum packed and cut it into chops and roasts when they come on sale. So they are smaller boneless pork chops.

We had the urge for grilled bone-in chops so we bought 4 (2 for the freezer).

Tonite hubby grilled them on the patio on our indoor griddle/grill and they were just perfect. Boiled potatoes with the skins on, and sauteed green beans and onion wedges with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

LOL, sleevendog. Not funny, but it is, just thinking of the ice cube in your pants, and whether that would be even more uncomfortable than the peppers!

jasdip, Elery did bone in pork chops last week, breaded and pan fried. They were pretty darned good. Since we raised the pork, pretty much all my chops are bone in. I have a couple of step children who won't eat meat with bones in it, and I don't really understand that at all.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

------- " I have a couple of step children who won't eat meat with bones in it, and I don't really understand that at all. "

Well I have an old friend who will not eat local fresh farm eggs, her eggs has to be bought in grocery store, and I don't really understand that at all. I bet if she were to eat supper here tonight and deviled eggs were on the menu, she would not eat them!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Annie, sorry for the delay in answering your question about the dip. A house guest left a nearly full tub of silken tofu in the fridge so DH cooked a small eggplant in the microwave, then scooped and deseeded the flesh. He threw both in the blender, along with some cumin, ground coriander, sumac and lime juice. It was OK and a good use of a leftover but I prefer the smoky and sesame flavors of the baba.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sooz, thanks to you, there's a pot of muligatawny soup simmering on my stove right now.

Ann, looks like you've been putting your grill to good use. The quail look so appetizing with the grilled lemons.

That's an awesome loaf of bread, Annie.

I'd hate to be the one to have to cut the first slice of Ewenice, Sol. What variety of cake was she?

Sleevendog, I'm not very confident on grilling fish, although we frequently eat baked fish. Any hints so mine would turn out as luscious - looking as yours?

Jasdip, we still haven't had pork chops yet this season but I did get some pork chip steak to grill tonight. I bet yours were great.

To catch up:

Good prices lately on NJ striped bass. Baked some fillets with stuffed pattypans and a cold salad with decent tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. and chopped mint.

 photo imagejpg1_zps13a8ec79.jpg

DD was talking about how she liked to invite friends over for dinner when her mom was making "baked vegetable brains" so that's what I made one night last week and so did she.

 photo imagejpg1_zps275975fd.jpg

We had it with a grilled ham slice with spicy peach grilling sauce and green beans with mushroom bits.

 photo imagejpg2_zps9ad259e7.jpg

I made eight containers of meatballs with sauce for our neighborhood co-op's freezer. I made the non-browned style and they were two-bite sized.

 photo imagejpg1_zps39b8359a.jpg

Also baked up a pile of stuff for last weekend's church festival's bake sale booth. These German chocolate cupcakes (grated semi-sweet chocolate on top) were a quick sellout.

 photo imagejpg3_zps870927c2.jpg

We had an interesting dinner at a little place way out in the country. The menu was packed with "grandma food" like chicken croquettes, carrot pudding, grilled liver, fresh apricot crumb pie, stuffed pig stomach, hot bacon salad dressing, batter-dipped deep fried small local strawberries and other items not usually seen in restaurants anymore. I wished they would have had a tasting menu so I could have tried everything.

Had our first new potatoes creamed with peas, carrot ribbons and small grilled chicken breasts another night.

 photo imagejpg1_zps3433418e.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ruthanna, glad to hear you have Mulligatawny on the menu today!

..."baked vegetable brains" LOL !!!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Thanks, Ruthanna, for the update on the eggplant dip. Your "vegetable brain" made me smile, but those German Chocolate cupcakes really called to me, and Grandma always made creamed new potatoes with peas with the first garden produce, I loved that.

Shirl, my brother won't eat "brown eggs", only white ones. No matter how many times he gets told that the eggs are all the same, it's only the breed/variety of chicken that determines the color of the shell, he still won't eat them. He'll eat farm eggs if they're white, but not brown. And I know a couple of young men who would eat meatballs but not meatloaf made from the same mixture because they didn't like "the shape". That still makes me smile.

OK, so what's for dinner? Last night we had chili, Elery made it while I finished packaging the last of the chickens we "processed" on Thursday. I'll do a separate thread on that, some will never eat chicken again. (grin)

Chili photo IMG_1084-1.jpg

I baked Maple Oatmeal bread, I've been trying to stock my freezer with homemade goodies because we've got so many of Elery's family coming over the 4th of July holiday that I think we'll have to just stack them up, I'll never have room for everyone.

Maple Oatmeal Bread photo IMG_1075.jpg

I made some sesame chicken with brown rice, it was fine but still nothing like the stuff I get at the Asian restaurants:

Sesame chicken on brown rice photo IMG_1070.jpg

And, finally, the above mentioned pork chop, with glazed rutabaga and homemade bread:

Breaded pork chop with rutabaga photo IMG_1069.jpg

I hoed most of the 1/2 acre garden today with help from Elery, and we had that mile of fence that needed to be walked because it was grounded out somewhere. It's the blasted deer, and one jumped right into the garden and ate the tops off an entire row of Royal Burgundy Beans. I'm definitely going to eat THAT one, ugh.

Anyway, supper tonight was a bowl of oatmeal for me and a bowl of leftover chili for Elery, we were both too tired to cook!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

"Baked vegetable brains!" LOL

My Gosh Annie. You're entertaining a boat-load of people in amongst the work you do everyday on the farm? I don't know how you do it. Hmmmm put them to work! LOL

I love, the look of your pork chop. Perfect.

I bought flour on sale for a great price. Had never tried it. Called Golden Temple. Made with durum and atta wheat. Has anyone tried it? It's golden in colour (threw me off-balance when I spooned it in the bowl to make bread.

I made 3 loaves of bread and 8 dinner rolls. The rolls turned out great, but the bread are all flops. They either didn't rise enough, or they rose and fell. They look like bricks but hubby wants to try them before I turn them into croutons. :)

I made vegetable paninis out of eggplant, red peppers and onions. Grilled on the little indoor grill that we use on the balcony. Sliced swiss cheese, and flattened with a cast iron skillet. Never made them before and it's our new summer sandwich! Delicious. Our first time having eggplant, and we'll have it again.

I made a side salad with wild rice and brown rice, peppers, celery, onions, red currants, sliced water chestnuts, chopped lovage, I forget what all. Dinner was great. Sorry for the blurry pic.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Annie, I would love a bowl of Elery's chili. Mine is so boring, I call it school cafeteria chili. LOL

Jasdip, I'm glad you finally tried eggplant and liked it. Prices are low in summer but not too bad the rest of the year. Your sandwiches look like a great way to use it.

Sunday dinner looked a bit strange because we had pork chip steak skewers. Pork loin is sliced so thin than you can just about see through it so I folded the slices and wove them onto skewers (removed in the pic) and grilled with sauce. We also had glazed local hakurei turnips, Swiss chard and apple-carrot confetti with an orange, lime and chopped mint dressing.

 photo imagejpg1_zpse3694a56.jpg

Last night's dinner was Mulligatawny soup, spinach, cranberry and almond salad and sourdough rolls. Teatime treat was a slice of angel food cake with sour cherry preserves.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Strawberries are ready! We picked 2 3-litre baskets and can't stop eating them. We'll get more on Friday, and I want to get enough to make freezer jam.

Ruthanna, those teeny white things are turnips?? I love your grilled pork skewer. Your carrot salad is similar to my carrot, pineapple and roasted peanut with lime dressing. Mine calls for cilantro (ptewey!) so I use chopped lovage instead.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Hubby grilled chicken breasts and asparagus on Sunday so we could have it through the week. We had it tonite (heated in the cast iron skillet). Fried potatoes and more of the rice salad. The red is some tomato slices.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

jasdip, those strawberries look perfect and delicious. They're ready here too, we've been eating them, but I have no freezer room at all, so I'm not freezing any this year, I guess. I should at least make a batch of jam. I also like the sound of that rice salad.

Ruthanna, I like LOTS of vegetables in my chili. It's always different, but starts with a quart of home canned tomatoes, a pound of grass fed beef, some beans. This batch had kidney beans and garbanzos, as well as onion, carrot, celery, some leftover cabbage, red pepper and I don't remember what else. Those pork skewers look interesting, I've not seen that kind of cut here, I'm thinking it would be great for a quick breakfast meat with eggs.

It was good though, and I had the last of it tonight for supper over a baked potato. Elery's two grandkids went home today, Bud and Makayla went home yesterday. We were supposed to visit a local amusement park but got rained out, so ended up at the movies watching "Maleficent" and swimming in the pool in the rain. What the heck, they were wet anyway.

Since I had 4 kids, aged 6, 7, 8 and 9, we had pizza, chocolate chip pancakes, hot dogs and fries, popcorn, ice cream, oreos, bacon......well, you get my drift. (grin)

They all had fun and only one got sick and threw up from all the junk, so it was a good time.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

LOL I guess that was a sign that they had a good time, Annie!!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Jasdip, those berries are beautiful. We've been enjoying the small local ones for about two weeks and ready to move on to raspberries and huckleberries. I did remember your salad when I had an apple to use up so went for savory instead of sweet. Those are a miniature variety of turnips about as big as red radishes. The tops were too bug-eaten to cook though. The flavor is just like the white purple-topped ones, which I think I'll stick with because they're easier to handle.

Thanks, Annie. Next time I will add more vegetables to my chili as I usually have lots of them around.

I had an eggplant on hand and was going to make eggplant sandwiches similar to Jasdip's but no bread or rolls in the house. Instead, it ended up as grilled eggplant stacks with spinach, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers between the slices. Buttermilk redskin potato salad and baked beans with bacon were sides with watermelon cubes lurking off-camera.

 photo imagejpg1_zps1557f2db.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ruthanna, I love the look of your eggplant stack! How innovative, and it looks delicious! I have a fairly large eggplant that's 1 lb ($1/lb and it was $1.16). It would be good to stack like that.

I made a new recipe in the slow cooker today. The weather has been so hot and humid I didn't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Roast beef with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, pancetta (I bought a chunk of bacon to cut into cubes), beef broth and sherry (I used vermouth). It was good, but made a lot of sauce!

Mashed potatoes, corn sauteed in butter and olive oil, with red pepper flakes and my seasoning blend.

I also made our favourite watermelon salad.....quinoa, watermelon, red onion slices (I used a cooking onion( and used basil instead of mint. Balsamic and olive oil dressing. I also didn't have feta, but I do use it when I have it.

 photo P6291526_zps05719e91.jpg

 photo P6291529_zps081d7377.jpg

RE: What's for Dinner #335

A few days ago I simmered garlic in olive oil to use as a quick flavouring. I marinated chicken breasts and thighs in it, as well as fresh rosemary and chopped lovage.

I also sauteed some rice in the flavoured oil then cooked it, with some red pepper flakes.

I bought another eggplant for grilling. So we had that, and grilled halved tomatoes to go with the grilled chicken and garlic oil infused rice.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

jasdip, you're keeping the thread going all by yourself! Everything looks delicious, and I like eggplant, I'm hoping mine in the garden produce this year.

I made the Basque Chicken and Rice dish that Peppi posted, originally from Teresa_nc, and liked it a lot. Tonight we had black bean soup and cornbread. I took pictures of the chicken, I'll post those another time.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

It seems that Annie, Ruthanna and I are the only ones eating! I I'm sure others eat, but we're posting.

Today we picked 3 more baskets of strawberries. Wonderfully sweet. We need rain to make them grow though.

Tonite was a grilled pork chop, potatoes in foil on the grill and our favourite summer coleslaw.....the Asian one made from Napa cabbage, ramen noodles, almonds and sesame seeds. I adore that salad.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Jasdip, we've been eating. That's for sure. But I've gotten incredibly lazy about taking pictures and going through all the rigamarole involved in uploading them. I forgot about the new forum feature. So I'm going to give it a try.

I made a recipe that the Unorthodox Epicure posted here a while ago -- Szechuan Garlic Eggplant. It was really good. Even with no salt, super low sodium soy sauce, and 1 T. less of the soy sauce, to boot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Szechuan Garlic Eggplant

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Jasdip, some delicious looking meals. I liked your plating of the grilled chicken breast with potatoes and asparagus.

Sue, I love Szechuan Garlic Eggplant. Been a while since I've made it. Now you have given me a craving.

A few of our recent meals.

Spicy Pork and Bean Sprouts.

Filet Mignon

Spaghetti and clams

Grilled Butterfiled Chicken (Brick Chicken)

Chicken Pot Pie

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Me again.

Glad to see you posting again Ann!

As I was taking tonight's dinner, I was thinking that you must think we eat these kinds of dinners a lot. Not really, because I don't post every meal we eat :)

I sauteed kale in olive oil and garlic, and added fresh tomatoes, thawed corn, and thawed black beans. (I cook a batch of black beans then freeze).

Hubby grilled some zucchini rounds and thickly sliced onions and I added them to the veggies. I cooked quinoa and added that to it all. Seasonings and lemon juice flavoured it. Grilled chicken tenders with it.

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RE: What's for Dinner #335

The last few times I've made lobster I've stretched them into two meals. Day one is 'Lobster Mac & Cheese' which is largely based on a Thomas Keller recipe. It's a butter poached tail (in my case sous vide) on orzo in a very concentrated stock (much better use of the bodies than throwing them out!) with far less cream than the recipe calls for (tablespoons vs cups) and Mascarpone. One of the lobsters was a female so this is the first time I was able to make the coral oil, which turned out to be a worthwhile addition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe

RE: What's for Dinner #335

While my wife loves that meal, I really look forward to day two which is a traditional lobster roll. Just enough mayo to bring it together, a squeeze of lemon, and a tiny bit of celery. On a buttered, toasted hot dog roll. Top split.

RE: What's for Dinner #335


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Folks, all of your dinners look wonderful!

Ruthanna, your vegetable brains put a smile on my face. My son has blurted out similar comments in the past, regarding food, which I'll share sometime.

FOAS, it's been well over a year since your last visit. And I thought I'd been absent a long time. In any case, your delicious-looking lobster mac & cheese reminds me of a local Irish pub, of all places, which made a fine rendition of this creamy, comforting favorite. And wouldn't you know it, shortly after my discovery of this hole-in-the-wall's lobster mac, the pub pulled the dish off their menu.

I was not happy. And I would've held a grudge, except I gave up that practice in third grade. Plus, as Oscar Wilde once said, "Forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much." :)

In any case, much to my relief (as well as a deluge of complaints from the locals), the lobster mac & cheese was brought back. And the town rejoiced.

All this to say, thank you. I had forgotten the recipe was in Thomas Keller's cookbook. This will probably save me a trip to the Irish pub.

Tonight's dinner will be a simple Mediterranean dish inspired by Claudia Roden.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

FOAS, love lobster. Not a fan of mac and cheese, but I would make an exception for your dinner.

Would be very happy with your sausage, red cabbage and potato pancake dinner as well.

Nice to see you posting again Sol.

Baked a rhubarb tart yesterday. Freehand. To hold the shape of the tart, I took a slender stalk of rhubarb and cut it lengthwise, laid it just inside the edge of the pastry and folded the pastry over the rhubarb to make a rim.

Last night's dinner -

Pork with eggplant and tofu.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ann, your eggplant dish looks wonderful. Do you have the recipe posted on your blog? I'm a sucker for Asian style eggplant dishes.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

FOAS, I'm happy to see you again, welcome back!

I'm not a fan of mac and cheese either, but that lobster roll is drool-worthy, I love 'em. The sausage looks good too.

Sol, I'd happily give you ALL my mac and cheese, but I might have to pick out a bite or two of lobster first. I'm sure you wouldn't mind....(grin)

Ann T, I planted eggplant, but they aren't doing so hot. I guess I'll have to break down and buy some, that looks really good.

OK, time to catch up. The garden is just starting, so I made a vegetable stew of everything I could get my hands on plus lentils. Elery had his over polenta.

Vegetable Stew over Oven Polenta photo IMG_1329.jpg

We've had a lot of company and so now are playing catch up at the farm. A few nights ago we came home tired and just had home canned vegetable soup:

Home Canned Vegetable Soup photo IMG_1318.jpg

One night we had zucchini slices from the garden, dusted with parmesan, some of our home grown pork, garden beans and new potatoes from the local farmer's market as mine aren't quite ready yet, and a cucumber salad:

Pork Chop, Zucchini, Beans, New Potatoes, Cukes photo IMG_1321.jpg

Elery's grandsons were visiting from California and they both had birthdays this month, so they requested chocolate cake. I made this triple layer chocolate cake with Colleen's recipe and a sour cream chocolate fudge frosting:

Chocolate CAke photo IMG_1291.jpg

Bud made some of his "famous" hummus, to be eaten with pita chips, he staged this photo, LOL.

Hummus photo IMG_1277.jpg

The kids made their own pizzas, which Elery cooked in his pizza oven out on the grill:

Fresh Pizza from the stone photo IMG_1271.jpg

We took the kids to the fair and bought this "fair food" concoction. Does it look familiar?

Deep Fried Oreos photo IMG_1252.jpg

Yup, it's:

Sign for Oreos photo IMG_1251-1.jpg

Makayla made peach-raspberry hand pies for the fair, and this was the "leftover" filling and crust.

Peach Raspberry pie photo IMG_1163-2.jpg

This was the fair version, she got second place:

Raspberry peach pies photo IMG_1133.jpg

Finally, we had Teresa's Basque Chicken, thanks to Peppi's posting of that recipe. It was good, and made with our own homegrown chicken:

Basque chicken and rice photo IMG_1147.jpg

Makayla also made doughnuts for the fair competition and got a first place on those. Since we had a vat full of hot oil, I made French fries.

Homemade french fries photo IMG_1142.jpg

OK, whew, I think I'm caught up. Now I have to go wash and chop 16 pounds of rhubarb!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Ann I've never had tofu, but if I was served it looking like that, for sure I would eat it. Looks delicious!

Annie, your fries are making my mouth water. Your stew looks delectable as well.

Tonite we had broccoli sauteed and steamed in thick-cut bacon (instead of the pancetta called for), garlic and red pepper flakes, pork tenderloin with a dijon mustard and coriander rub and mashed potatoes.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

"Sol, I'd happily give you ALL my mac and cheese... "

Let me get this straight AnnieB. You hate Mac & Cheese and you hate Pizza.
Yet, you'll (voluntarily) eat Gefilte? I'll have to reconsider this 'BFF' thing.

Congratulations to Makayla! That princess can certainly bake.

Well, summer arrived, as my desire to cook went right out the window.
That said, I spent all day yesterday cooking for two of my favorite people, Jim's adorable aunt Annie and uncle Elmer, who were visiting from Mo.
I was too tired to take photos though, but it was just good, homey fare.

Some nights ago, I made Siu Mai, filled with a mixture of Shrimp/Ginger/Pork.
I had Eight Ball Zucchini begging to be used up. So, I filled globe zucchini instead of won ton wrappers. Turning an appetizer into a meal.
The guys loved it, although, I still prefer the traditional dumpling.

After yesterday's cooking marathon, we'll be eating out tonight.

I'll meet you all back here in the fall. Be well.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

Sol, I wouldn't say that I HATE macaroni and cheese, but I'm very apathetic about it. I'm not crazy for cheese or white pasta, but the lobster takes that to a whole 'nother level.

Zucchini, eh? I picked 7 two days ago, 11 today, I'm going to make some Cinnamon Red Hot pickles. After that it's Zucchini Candy in the dehydrator, maybe zucchini frittata, zucchini fritters and zucchini bread!


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I'm not a frequent poster, but I read the thread daily and can occasionally post something!

I tried Ina Garten's Baked Shrimp Scampi this evening. Everyone was making nom-nom noises, hahaha! My kids were over the moon for it. I thought the salt could be decreased by half, I decreased the butter a bit, and I think I'll sauté the shallots and garlic to mellow. Their spiciness was a bit much for my youngest.

Served over home-made pasta along with AnnT's artisan bread recipe, that had aged in the fridge for a couple of days. This is company food!

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Alex, What a spectacular photo. I'm making nom nom noises just over the photo. Wish that was my dinner tonight.


RE: What's for Dinner #335

I'm so grateful for your blog and recipes, Ann! Your photos are what convinced me to even attempt bread, let alone baguettes. Your tip of letting it hang out in the fridge for a couple of days has changed my whole idea of the flavor bread can have. My family is eternally grateful for your inspiration and this forum. We've been eating quite well since I've started reading here.

RE: What's for Dinner #335

Alex9179 - beautifully photographed shrimp scamp!

Sol - What can I say? Your picture says poetry.

Jasdip - Is it true that Canadians are born good cooks?

Annie - Makayla should try out for Masterchef Junior.

Ann_t - Spectacular rhubarb tart!


Shambo - the eggplant looks delicious, why would you need salt?

Ruthanna - Complexity of your meals are always impressive.

Sleevendog - very professional cedar planked smoked salmon and shrimp..

A couple of eatable stuff from my kitchen:


Roasted pork and bok choy
 photo Roastedporkbokchoy_zpsf4a1f420.jpg

 photo Roastedporkbokchoy2_zps997e3e3c.jpg

Sous vide salmon on beet greens
 photo SVsalmonbeetgreens2_zps54c9c1bf.jpg

 photo SVsalmonbeetgreens_zps3eafc9fc.jpg

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