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still around....

Posted by purplemoon (My Page) on
Sat, Dec 31, 11 at 19:09

I am sorry not to have commented on your posts the last week and half, it seems my holiday "spirit" deserted me totally. I made it thru Christmas, and now I'm just counting the hours till this year is over!

I'll be celebrating the usual way by being on the computer, TV beside me on, my glass of tea, and the dogs for "company".
I'm such a fun person, LOL.

But I did want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know how much its meant to have you in my life. I look forward to MANY more good times with all of you here!

love and hugs,
and from Jazz aka Trouble Photobucket

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: still around....

purplemoon...good to hear from you...hope you can catch up on the posts...kind of slow here, anyway. Nana started a New Year's post & I posted on it! But here's to a better 2012 for you! I'm doing the same thing as you this evening except 'no tea,' thank you! The winds are up to 50 mph tonight...warm day for IA...but yucky! Enjoy bringing in the New Year! Hugs, Jeanne S.
(& look at my new 'oldies' post, too...I think you'll like the kissing Angels!)

RE: still around....

Karen, sounds like your a little down in the dumps! So sorry to hear life isn't better for you right now. Wish I lived close and we'd get together and change that for sure. Don't think I've mentioned it but DD wants to buy a home in AZ. I told her maybe if we're away from the border. I'll have to talk to you about this sometime.

I have so much year end to do with the businesses and still alot of Christmas to get put away. Seems like I have way to much on my plate since Christmas. Kinda takes the wind out of my sail.

I have been coming home from work and sleeping way to much. That's why I sat a NYE table and decorated the buffet. Thought I'd better get a grip on life and take charge! The new gal is working out great but I have so much training during the day. We've been so busy too that it over loads my little brain, I guess.

Love the little picture, if that's Jazz, and looks like it is, maybe you should join him and see if that changes things.LOL

Let's all pray for a Happy and Healthy New Year for family and friends.


RE: still around....

Karen, I hope you find some good cheer soon.
Prayers for you!

RE: still around....

Karen..It's good to hear from you...
It's been so quiet here, but
if it weren't for a few of our dedicated 'Holiday Sisters', you'd think we all went into post Holiday blues.
I guess most of us here will be doing the same thing as you for NYE...w/tea or no tea! lol
DH & I are no 'party animals' - and right now it's good to just kick back and enjoy the quiet (Grkids gone till Monday) and watch others 'woop it up'!
I started taking down my decorations today..and made sure to take a few pics of DH's Village to post before it's too late.

I'm hoping the New Year will be a better/happier/healthier one for you. You definitely are 'The Spunk' in our Holdiay Family...and when you're MIA - it shows!!


RE: still around....

Jane, thank you for that last part, sure made me feel better.
I've read all the posts and am caught up with them...trouble is I haven't posted on any. I am sure several of us are feeling the 'blues' right now. My heart really goes out to Luvs and Janet as they face such difficult challenges with their beloved husbands.

Punk, that would be great if you DD got a home in AZ. I'd be glad to help with any info, just let me know.
And yes, "down in the dumps" is a pretty good description.
Buried in it in fact. I already wasn't doing too well, then a few days ago I found out a friend committed suicide on Christmas Day. (We hadn't been in touch lately, and were casual friends from dog showing, tho email-chatted a lot after he moved out of state about 5 yrs ago. He and his wife such nice people. He suffered from terrible depressions, and was one of the few men who had Fibro. I'm sad he lost the strength to fight his demons.)

I'll try to get back to my regular posting in a day or two.
hugs, Karen

RE: still around....

Karen, sooo sorry to hear about the loss of a DF and to happen on Christmas Day.Sigh! I know depression is a horrible thing to cope with. Add Fibro and I can't imagine what pain he was going through.

You can relate to this more than I. Thanks for sharing this with us. I knew there was more going on with you. Again, so sorry, sending hugs and prayers your way.

We lost one of our sweet customers today. Leaving behind a wondeful family. He was only 60 and also a business owner. DD went with his son while in high school. One can only wonder why he had to go so soon.

Don't worry about posting till your ready. However, we miss you! I sure haven't had the time to spend here like I use to.

I am so thankful to all of you who keep this forum going. Great Teamwork 'Holiday Sisters' as Jane said it. Please remember we always have a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

Prayers go up and Blessings come down.

Love, Punk

RE: still around....

I think those "blues" have hung around for too darn long, Karen. Probably won't help taking down all the pretty Christmas decorations that you love so much either, huh? I know my house always feels a bit blah when I put mine away. But you have your new gazebo with your plants and pretties and some mild weather so you can go out there and relax and enjoy yourself. Sounds like a great place to curl up with a good book. ;o)

I think this year was a challenging one for many of us here on our little forum--and yet here we all are plugging away even if it is at a slower pace!

I didn't get out to shop for any after Christmas sales and only two days before Christmas--three hours each! Just feel so guilty paying money to the agency for time out. Thank goodness for online shopping! Even though I'm still trying to clear out things we no longr use, I really miss getting out to scour the "treasure shops" for fantastic bargains! How can I justify paying $51 for someone to look after DH while I go "treasure shopping"? Wonder if I could just look at it as "mental health therapy"? LOL

I've been working on clearing unused/unneeded things out of our garage and DH's office. I think I do best when I have projects to work on.

Keep thinking up ideas of things I'd like to do like have a couple tall pantry type cabinets put in our kitchen for more storage (one side of door for food and the other side for the dishes and pretties I'd really like to keep). Also need to replace the living room carpet--going to have someone come out and tell me if and how much it would cost to just match it to the rest of our hardwood floors. I sold DH's suv so feeling that some of that should go for home improvement while I can still afford to do it.

Our Janet is such a hard worker, she helped a neighbor make "tons" of fresh holiday wreaths this year. Don't know how she did it with the Fibro pain. And she is always canning and cooking yummy stuff--makes me feel lazy and guilty when I hear all she does! LOL

And Jane has had to deal with at least two bad problems with her Dad's health this year. Sure hope he is all better and won't have any more problems for awhile. She also was snowed in, without heat, and who knows what else this year and yet she still decorated her beautiful home and held the family reunion! She's either Superwoman in disguise or just a very determined, persistent lady! Good job, Jane.

Punk, I truly don't know how you do it! Running more than one business, driving on those icy roads, hosting all your company, and still finding time to shop for pretty things to go on tablescapes to share with us and make us smile. As we've said before, you could sure give the Energizer bunny some competition!

Nana, you are always there for us with your pretty birthday tablescapes each month. Each one makes me wish it were MY birthday and I could come sit at it with you! ;o)

And Jeanne, you are the "bestest" shopper. Finding all those cute things while enjoying time out with your friends. You always find just the right place to display them too--love seeing all your pics and hearing the stories about your finds too.

And Kathleen, still going strong with new and different tablescapes each week! Amazing! And the food--oh my! Our meals are so dull and boring compared to all the wonderful ones she prepares!

I know I've not listed a few more of our poster's here who have had some real challenges this year too, and I didn't mean to leave anyone out, it's just that sometimes I get confused as to what happened to who. Hope you understand and forgive me. Hugs to you all.

I've got a few new gifts that I really want to share with all of you, but my laptop fizzled out on me and I've not tried putting any pictures on this old one of DH's yet. Our DS is going to find me a brand new computer and then he can transfer all my files from the old one over for me and I'll be back in business! I don't even have my email contact list, so unless I hear from you--I can't email you!
I just have to be patient and it will all work out fine--although you may be looking at my Christmas gifts around Valentine's day if DS doesn't hurry up! LOL

Hang in there gals, everyone goes through life's ups and downs and we just have to keep plugging away one day at a time. I really try to count my many blessings and this forum sure ranks up there in the top 10 thanks to each of you.

Happy New Year,


RE: still around....

Hugs, luvs...thank you for your are in my heart & prayers.

& purplemoon...hugs to you, too...a loss of a friend in such a tragic way adds to your heartaches right now.

Jeanne S.

RE: still around....

...and to you, too, punk...your customer friend of DS...hugs, Jeanne S.

RE: still around....

Karen...Punk, so sorry to hear about the sudden losses of your friends.
It's such a sad way to end and begin a New Year.
Hugs & Prayers for both of you.

We received sad news from DH's family today. Both an Uncle and Cousin passed away a day apart. It's always hard beginning a New Year when it starts this way. Sometimes life Sucks!

Luvs - you are a dear one.
You are such a Strong Lady..You always manage to stay cheerful in your posts. As I was reading your post I had both a smile and tears in my eyes. All that you've been faced with, you've managed to keep tract of what each of us is going through...and so 'spot on' !
((Hugs & Prayers) to you.


RE: still around....

Luvs, you may have to take some time away for "mental health therapy" as you put it. I understand you love DH and don't want to leave him but you have to stay well enough to care for him. Thanks for all the sweet comments for everyone here. Hope you know how much we miss not having you here EVERY DAY with us!

The tall pantry type cabinets sound like something you would really use. I bought some cherry wood cabinets to put in our new office that didn't happen. Still stored out in parents garage. I haven't given up but not willing to pay a fortune on a new building.

Wish you lived closer and you could have the nice double door pantry. I'm sure you will enjoy new carpet too. Let us know how this turns out.

Jane, so sorry to hear you and DH have lost an Uncle and Cousin too. That must be so hard to try to except all at once. Yep, Sometimes life Sucks!

Jeanne and Jane, thanks so much for sending hugs and prayers. This makes us realize we need to do what's important to us every day. I can't because I have to work but I do try to tell all dear to me how much I love them.


RE: still around....

Jane, I'm so sorry for the double loss in your family. Its a rough way to start off a new year, one can only hope and pray things will be better soon. Sending love and prayers for your family.
And Punk, I'm also sorry you lost a friend.

Luvs, getting out for lunch with friends or treasure shopping is definitely important for your health! I hope you realize its no longer a luxury but a necessity. Being a care-giver is so draining emotionally and physically, and finding time for one's self is a must. I am glad you are thinking about some home improvements after selling the Tahoe. That will also help lift your spirits I think. As for posting Christmas photos at Valentines, LOL, you know we don't care WHEN we see pretty decorations!
Also, I certainly agree whole-heartedly with what Jane said..."Luvs - you are a dear one. You are such a Strong Lady..You always manage to stay cheerful in your posts. As I was reading your post I had both a smile and tears in my eyes. All that you've been faced with, you've managed to keep tract of what each of us is going through...and so 'spot on'!"

Kathleen, hope you are feeling a lot better. Being sick during the holidays really stinks!

hugs, Karen

RE: still around....

Karen, sorry to learn of the loss of your friend. I know you've been struggling to recover from losing your Dad.
Punk and Jane, I'm sorry to hear of your losses. Gosh I wish we could all take a vacation from these sad things [sigh].

Luvs, You are so strong, although I'm sure you don't feel that way. You really DO need to take mental health days. It is very important to your well being. Is there a family member who can stay with your DH from time to time? Are you still having problems with your hands?

Kathleen, hope you are feeling better.


RE: still around....

Gosh, I am sure long winded! Didn't mean to write a book. LOL

Trust me, I don't feel "strong" at all, just determined. I will do whatever I have to do to take care of my loved one--just like all of you do and would do. Lots of challenges and learning how much stuff I really don't know. Learning to take care of cars, insurance, broken machines, etc. Things I never worried about before. But with lots of prayer and the advice/guidance of friends, I'm dealing with it all. I'm also really working at keeping an upbeat attitude, that helps DH, me, and all the people who have to be around me! LOL I have Jeanne's "winds & sails" saying above my computer, and lots of other motivational sayings I've gathered or Karen has sent to me as well--they remind me to "make the best of what I have" and to "count my blessings".

It is so sad that there are so many deaths around the holidays, really hard to be "cheerful and jolly" with losses on our minds and hearts I know. I think the holidays are hard for so many--everyone wants that "happy family" holiday that we see on television movies and unfortunately life is not always the way we would wish it to be is it?

Nana, we are California transplants from the Midwest. All our family except for our son live back there. Our son does help me with some things,(like finding me a new computer!) but he travels allot for his business and our dil works too. Luckily, I have good friends/neighbors I can call on for help, but I try not to "overdo" that too. Don't want them to feel like they need to run when they see me coming or see my name on their phone! LOL

Still having problems with the hands/arms/wrists, but they bother me more at night than during the day when I'm using them more. I've read so much on the Internet and it could be a number of things from carpal tunnel, to tendonitus, to arthritus. It slows me down a bit but I just keep doing what I need to do and take some Ibuprofin if needed. Thank you for asking.

Okay, got decorations to get down and packed, better get moving. How are you gals doing on your's?



RE: still around....

Karen, Sorry, I have been MIA in Sedona the past week so just now got back on the forum.
So sorry you have the Holiday Blues! It is hard when you are missing your DDad and I know you don't get any support from Mr. O!!
We all love to hear what you have to say and you are literally my reason for being here, so I hope you are feeling better and know that you are loved and appreciated more than you know!

I am sorry to hear that other members have suffered losses at this time too! It is always harder to lose loved ones at holiday times!


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