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Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Posted by jeannespines (My Page) on
Mon, Mar 5, 12 at 13:48

Finished up some Spring decor & getting more 'stuff' organized since losing the divider cupboard at the front door in the living room (my choice when we got new floors).

Celebrating the 1st Day of Spring Month!!! Here's the shelf above the buffet w/old/new framed print heirloom pitcher & an old flower pot I painted long ago & added the ceramic bird:

Spring Buffet Shelf 3.12

To celebrate Spring, I added my boy & girl vases that I collect to the left side of the buffet...hopefully this month of March, I will add some RL'Daffodils!'

Spring buffet Left Side 3.12

But for now, I will add some 'tulip' art...I fell in love w/this wall plaque at a TS's like plaster paris or something...I love it & added 2 candleholders that I used for Val decor:
Spring Buffet Right Side 3.12

Here's a full view w/Dollbaby, too...I'll add some pics of her tray-scape in another post:

Spring Dining Room Fullview 3.12

Changed out the oak shelf above the glass doors to the porch in the dining area here:

Left side w/these Ivy planterss I've been collecting for awhile now ...vintage Royal Copley ivy pattern & a TS teapot:

Spring Oak Door Shelf Left side 3.12

On the right side...another thrift shop teapot & Metlox sugar & creamer:

Spring Oak Door Shelf Right side 3.12

And here's something else I'm trying in the dining room for holiday decor...I fell in love w/this metal framed mirror & hung it on the backside of my cupboard to the dining area:

Mirror Art D3.12

Here's a closer view ...I planned on using B&W photos here & postcards's a couple pics I printed for St. Pat's Day:

Mirror Art C3.12

Mirror Art B3.12

And this is an old postcard I got thrift shopping some time shouts "SPRING!"

Mirror Art A3.12

I really would like this cabinet removed & DH & I have been going over that idea...but I HATE to lose anymore cupboard space...that's where so much dinnerware is stored! But it would open up the whole view to the dining I put up what I call 'Mirror Art' for now & that candlestick holder made of some kind of 'yarn spinning' machine parts that I found thrift shopping, too!

TFLookin'...since I'm so pic heavy I'll add Dollbaby in another post. Don't forget, the 1st day of Spring is coming up ...March 20th! Happy Spring! (snow is melting here again after a couple inches yesterday) ;-) Jeanne S.

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne, your heirloom pitcher & flower pot and bird really bring those colors right out in your picture. Love your talent w/less is more.

The tulip art is so neat. No wonder you fell for it. Looks nice with all your other white pieces and clock on the buffet. Love both sets of Ivy dishes and looks so nice with the wht & green tea pots displayed up there. What a beautiful DR all ready for spring.

That's a really neat mirror. Nice vintage post card and pictures displayed. Losing cupboard space would be hard but with your DH's skills I wouldn't worry to much about that. I'm sure you could figure something out.

So glad you have things back in place, decorating done so you might get a little time for some R & R. I enjoyed all your decor and hope you contiue to entertain us.Thanks


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Thank you, punk...LOL @ your comment about DH's skills ...he would just ask me 'where' are you going to put another cupboard (or whatever) for your dishes!!! LOL!

The wide-angle shot (above) of the buffet & walnut shelf & Dollbaby always looks a little weird (out of proportion) when you try to get the whole room in the pic here's another shot of just the buffet top...looks better & I'll ask some greenery/daffodils after an outing w/friends.

Spring Buffet Top 3.12

& I tweaked a little on the luggage style table w/cloche...this is an apron (I have them in the top drawer now of that new table) ...anway, loved the Forget-Me-Nots colorful print...thought it brought out the cloche/garden fairy more! Thanks again, punk! I so enjoy you on this forum! Jeanne s.

Spring Luggage Table Apron Decor 3.12

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

I love the mat around your print, is it new? Looks great with the print & really gives it depth! The ivy on the dishes really goes well with your ivy wallpaper. Is it new? Mom hates her painted kitchen, it's always been wallpapered so plain white isn't doing it. I think that would look good with the new floor & color of her cabinets. The mirror is very interesting & cute with the postcards tucked in it. So many pretty things, so well put together. Jan

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

You buffet looks so elegant decorated in white. The boy and girl vases and tulip art are perfect.
I love the ivy planters and creamer and sugar bowl with the other green and white pieces you put on the shelf above your door.
It all goes so well with your pretty wall paper.
Great spot for the metal famed mirror. The For-get-not print apron is just right with the Fairy Cloche.
Thanks for welcoming Spring in such a beautiful way!

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

That metal framed mirror is very cool. I like it a lot.

I'm with Punk, you don't really have to worry about where you're going to put the dishes that come out of that cupboard. I say, "Take it down and then look REAAAAAL sad." You'll get a new cupboard elsewhere. HA!

I like that little sconce/candle holder thingie on the end of the cupboard. When you remove the cabinet and on longer have a place for it, send it to me!

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Very nice. I love the Ivy.

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Ah, Jeanne, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we had some rather chilly weather today and it usually moves on east from here so be prepared.

Love how all your items on your buffet go so well with your new/old print. They all tie in so well. What a great way to display your pretty apron too.

That mirror was a good find for sure. Reminds me of one of those leaded windows with the design of the wire. How neat to be able to display some cards on it too.

Looks like you've been having fun putting all this together. I know I'm sure enjoying lookin at it all.


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Neat apron you added Jeanne. That reminded me of Kathe's table. Do you use aprons or just collect them? I have a Christmas one and one that was DGM but that's all I own. I've always changed clothes instead of wearing an apron when need be.


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne...looks like everything is all 'polished up'... put back and looking just Beautiful!
Your buffet looks so lovely with your 'Spring' touches.
I love the vignette you created. I think the look of white pieces against dark wood makes such a nice statement. Also the green and white pieces on your shelf too. Such a nice look.
I like where you put your new metal framed mirror, It adds some nice interest to the back of that piece.
I was noticing the 'shuttle candleholder' you have hanging...I share the same one!! lol
Seeing all your lovely decorating has inspired and made me feel quilty at the same time -
I think I need to get going for Spring!


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Thank you, Holiday-ers!

jane & OA...oh, glad you like the 'shuttle candleholder' on the cupboard...can't believe you have the same one, jane...too funny that OA would like to share! LOL! Thought it was so unique & would make a great candleholder when I saw it at a consignment shop last yr. (more of the 'Enabler's R Us' spirit!) OA...'sad face look' uh! LOL! Mom & Gr'ma wore aprons...I don't (once in a great, great while)...usually I end up changing clothes, too! (like you!) ;-) My Mom has sewed me a few over the yrs that I've kept...this one was just so darn cute at a gardening seminar (so I bought it)! And Kathe's memory table did make me think of the 'Forget-Me-Nots.' ;-)

sunnyca...the wallpaper is very old & while we've been doing some painting & getting new floors, I wanted to keep it...I still love the look of it so much (it's me, I guess). The framed print was in a thrift shop, glass, matted & brown paper glued to back for sealing it...someone had it framed ...I scored! Thanks!

nana, luvs & watson(welcome!)...appreciate your comments...I'm still 'Think(ing) Spring.' Jeanne S.

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne...I actually have two of those shuttles.
We bought them over 40 yrs ago for our old house and used them in the DR.
That's where I have them now.
I sometimes use them with or w/o a glass hurricane.
(see pics below).

BTW OA...if you're really interested in having one. I see them quite often at Fleas here.
Let me know and I'll send one your way.

Also Jeanne...I was laughing over how many of the same things we 'share'. I have the same
white pitcher as you. The one on your buffet with the boy & girl planter!
Scary huh!! lol

(Shuttle - w/o glass)


Shuttle w/glass



RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Oh, that is cool,'s a close-up of the one I found at consignment shop:

Shuttle Candle B3.12

And I just shaved the candle bottom a bit to fit in it:

Shuttle Candle A3.12

Gosh, I hope OA doesn't read that you have TWO of them! (tee hee!) It is funny when we find out some of the same 'tastes' that we share! TFS! Jeanne S.

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne I'm glad you showed a close up of your shuttle.
I believe yours is actually an older piece and it still has its bobbin. It's a beautiful piece and I love it's rustic character.
Many years ago I took weaving classes..something I always wanted to do. Back in the 80's DH bought two looms for me at a Church sale for $20. They were tied together and I don't think they knew what they were selling - I couldn't believe what he found! One was a large floor loom(worth $300 and the other a smaller table loom (worth $150). Unfortunately, when I moved, I stupidly sold them...big mistake.
Ya live and learn and move on!


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne, the tulip art plate is so perfect for Easter and Spring decor. I like how you've displayed it. And I love all the white pottery...especially your boy 'n girl pieces in the white!! The old print above the mantel is just lovely. Those ivy pottery pieces were just MEANT for that display area of yours! Then there's that metal framed mirror...WOW. What a neat decorating piece that is! Love it.

I can see why you'd want that cabinet removed, it would really open up the space. I agree with Punk about your DHs skills. I saw this and immediately thought how he could make it, but figured you don't want to trade DHs. ;o(


I love when we discover 'our things' in each others homes. Just goes to show what good taste (and good friends) we have here. ;o)

hugs, Karen

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne and Jane, I did notice the 'shuttle candleholder' but didn't know what is was called. Please tell me more about these. I've never heard of them before. I have the wall sconces but have never seen these before. Very interesting ladies.

Karen, that is a beautiful cabinet. I was talking with a contractor who is remodeling my DSis's old home and ask if I could buy some of those old windows from him. We'll see, sure hope so. I think it would be fun to make her something and then tell her it was from their 1st home.


RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Oh PM, that is the most beautiful cabinet from windows! And it would fit my style so well! TFS! I'll show DH but I know what he'll say & I know that I'm thinking the same thing, too...WHERE WOULD YOU PUT IT??? (LOL!) I've used up all my space (& more) so I would have to get rid of something...& it wouldn't fit in DR or LR probably the porch area (& I already have the corner door cabinet, Hoosier cabinet & hanging wall shelf out there! ;-) Thanks for that idea! ;-) I don't know if my DH would trade places for awhile...but I know your Mr. O would hate it here in Winter...the golf courses just opened ...tho they are soggy & cold!

punk ...I don't know much about the shuttle loom or weaving...but I saw this at one of my fave consignment shops & it was $10 ...I knew the middle was called a bobbin cause I have some of those w/threads on them in a basket. First of all, I told myself I didn't need it...& then a few wks later I went bk & it was still there & 30% off (or something like that) I knew I needed it! :-0 Sounds like jane did some of this art, so hopefully she'll share some expertise on this pc!

Thanks, Holiday-ers for your comments! Jeanne S.

punk...I found this pic on Photobucket...

A shuttle on the loom at Sagada Weaving Pictures, Images and Photos

RE: Celebrating March & soon to be '1st Day of Spring!' Decor

Jeanne, Thanks for sharing this information with me. Found it interesting! Beautiful piece in the picture you found.


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