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just for fun, another question for you...

Posted by purplemoon (My Page) on
Sun, Feb 6, 11 at 23:57

Responses were so neat to read on the states, I have another question for you....what do you collect? Or what is your FAVORITE thing to collect if you have more than one collection. I think it goes without saying that most of you are Dishaholics, LOL, and some of you are like me and collect a LOT of things. So might be hard to pick a favorite, or a few.
I'll start (tho I think its safe to say I'm a Collector of Collections. LOL. I just have too darn many going on).

Holiday Collections...
my favorite would be my Mikasa Holiday Elegance Christmas figurines.

non-Holiday collections...
3-way tie between my dog, rabbit, and horse figurines.

Your turn ;o)

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Karen - I have a bell collection but have stopped buying because I ran out of room for them.

I collected police memorabilia when I worked but stopped when I retired. Had too many to display. (I also found that I have Boyds Bear traffic cop)

Also like bird houses and light houses.

My home is small, so I have to really, really love something before I buy it. - Marylee

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Good topic! I've basically stopped collecting, but what I do have is Watt Pottery, Depression Glass, old quilts,and I'm now into Jim Shore. I sure wish I'd heard about Jim Shore years ago since he has patchwork on all his pieces.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I think my collecting days are over, but obviously dishes are my weakness. Candle holders & depressiion glass started my collecting many years ago.I think vintage Fiesta Ware was next. Vintage linens came next to go along with all the dishes. I have found if you are a collector one thing follows another.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

cream pitchers

Does anyone collect teapots? I have a lovely one that needs a new home....

Fun question Karen!!

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Mine is pretty eclectic but I wouldn't call any of them an actual collection - I buy what I like at the moment be it a pretty dish, plate, pottery, linens but I do tend to stick to the vintage line (I am convinced I was born in the wrong era). I did and still do have a very large porcelain doll collection (over 200) some bought and some I made. Most are now packed away because my tastes have changed over the years - not sure what will ultimately happen to them.

Fun thread and sure is interesting to see what others collect along with why others have stopped. I think I can be classified as having stop - if I buy something now I want to actually use it and not have it sit on a shelf and dust every now and then .....


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I like seeing and hearing about everybody's collections. I don't actively search for anything new these days, but every once in a while I do run across something very special to add to one of my collections:
* Cottageware & Fruitware ( both remind me of my childhood and are very cozy and comforting to use and have around me still)
* Crosses
* Santos (Spanish statues of saints and angels)
* original paintings: nothing very expensive, but they have to be beautiful to me and look good someplace in our home. I especially like landscapes of places I'd enjoy being in (no hot desert scenes for me!).
* Newspapers from major world events
* Statues of birds, although I never group them together.
* dishes, although not whole sets of them; I like to mix them up.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

stemware, have enough clear, into colors now
dust :)

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Another fun thread!
I collect all types of Christmas decor, including lots of Hallmark ornaments.
Jaybird, I love teapots, and have a few. Also, pretty teacups. Probably because I drink tea not coffee!
Lots of golf paraphernalia.
Dishes, etc. for my tablescapes.
Shoes, DH says I started playing golf because I found I could collect more shoes, LOL. Not true, but I do have to have my shoes match my outfits!

DH says I collect stuff, but I prefer to think I just collect interesting items that catch my fancy! LOL


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

This is a fun many neat collections past and present. I have to admit that I have not reached the "not collecting" stage yet, however, I do have more restraint than I used to have.

I have a large Seraphim Classics Angel collection
Willow tree angels
Pottery vases: Lots of floral motifs, cornacopias, swans, etc.
Decorative dishes and glassware
And, lots of "stuff" I can use to create garden fact, that's how and where Karen and I met.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I really don't collect anything anymore, had dog statues collection at one time, but got rid of my big curio & the statues.

Oh, candles, not really a collection, but I cannot pass up new candles at a garage sale, always good to have extras on hand, but 50 or more extras????? LOL

I would like to find more flatwear with colored handles or unique handles.

Personally, it's SHOES, I cannot get enough! I'm a complete shoe nut, but now my d-daughter has started sneaking my shoes!!! GRRRRRR

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Okay, let's see where to start, how about active collections first:
Camark pottery (pastels)
Pastel animal planters
Pink Fenton (vintage only)
Blue Fenton (vintage only)
Vintage costume jewelry
Table linens
Garden junk
Vintage purses
Inactive but still displayed:
Cobalt glassware
Emerald green glassware
Cranberry glassware
Hand painted floral plates
Vintage Mexican feather bird pictures
Ideals magizines (vintage)
Ann Cothern floral prints (vintage)
Vintage postcards and pix
Matte white pottery
Collected and gotten rid of:
Vintage aluminum
Red vintage kitchen accessories
and several others I can't think of now.
I'm sure I'm missing some active collections too. I don't know if I like this thread as much as the rest of you, it makes me sound like a hoarder.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I don't actively collect like I used to but occasionally things 'follow me home':

Victorian & Art Nouveau sterling flatware
Silver hollowware with a grape motif - but only if the grapes look realastic
Mason's Manchu pink dishes
Mayer's pink Arbor restaurantware
Odd china in mulberry or red transferware
Old copper things
Architectural salvege circa 1850's
Rare plants
& a lot of Dust, like someone above said.

My mother once said I collected men but they must have gotten buried under all the other stuff!

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Well ChristmasCandy reminded me of perhaps another collection - I never really considered it a collection persay but I can't pass up anything that has to do with Christmas. I think I hit max-overload this year when I had to buy 2 more 30gal trash cans for new garlands and 5 new bins for assorted greens and silks, balls and ornaments. When you put up 13-14 Christmas trees I guess you could call that a collection - lol ......


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

"Newspapers from major world events "
Now, tell a little about some of them. Bet you've got some interesting ones.

I've stopped acquiring anything but tableware. I still like to find patterned salad dishes and colored stemware and flatware.

Love lots of things that are as old or older than I. Still, no room to put stuff, so I have to be more discriminating.

Here is a collection of salt and pepper mills I inherited. I love their look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dansk salt and peppers

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Karen.what an intersting thread. I can't help but notice that most of us are into quite the same things. I too can't pass up Christmas decos. I started collecting little Santas to fill a little wall curio years ago, and when Dh and I married, he decided that I needed some of the bigger Santas, so we have been married 18 years and I have 18 large Santas, table top and floor sizes from him+ lots from other friends and my kids, who just decided that since that was what I loved, I should have more. Since finding this forum my dish collection has exploded and whenever I get to go to any thrift store, the dish/glassware section is the first one I head for. I used to collect pigs, but I sort of got tired of them and so right now that one is inactive. I"ve also been buying several sets of placemats, napkins, tablecloths at the TS, and quite a bit of glassware. I think I need to buy my own storage building, < or warehouse> and lock Dh out, and only let DD in occasionally. Dh thinks I have too much and DD wants it all.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

oh wow... fun thread! I'm loving reading about everyone's collections. I'm pining for some depression glass -- I especially want a shallow yellow fluted-edge dish. I have no idea why. lol! I'd love to see the willow angels! I would love to have more pottery but have no place to put it, and wish I had so much money that I could invest in artwork -- impressionism especially! :)

I always thought that I don't collect things, but if there is something I like then my family seems to create my collections in the form of gifts! As a result, I have quite a collection of kaleidoscopes -- and will regret til the end that I didn't splurge and pay the $250 for the microscope kaleidoscope at Sturbridge Village in the early 90s! I have my collection of baskets, of course -- both purchased and my own. I have a collection of unusual stuffed animals from my donations to wildlife, ocean, and land conservatories. And I *LOVE* and collect glassware -- especially drinkware, vases, and crystal serving dishes/compotes.

This makes me wonder if there are ever any group exchanges or trades done here. lol!

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

This fun and very interesting to see what everyone is into..

When I moved from my old house, I kept some collections, and sold some because it was too much to take w/me.
So that just gave me an excuse to replace what I can... : )

Old Blue & White Dishes/Platters/Teapots/
Cake Plates/Glassware
Iron Stone Pieces/Teapots and Tureens
Pewter/Copper/Old Oil Lamps
Vintage Choco Molds/Old Mixing Bowls/Old Cookie Cutters
Vintage - Halloween/Easter/Christmas/VDay Decorations
Antique Wooden Spools/Old Tins/Antique Irons/
Old Books/Teddy Bears/Old Cameras
Vintage Linens/Candle holders
Old Furniture/Chairs/Old Tools/Vintage Toys
There was a time when I worked, I had a passion for Jewelry especially Angel Jewelry (still have some)
Sweaters and Jackets..more than I could stuff in my closet!

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I have collections of porcelain little dogs and milk glass. Also, a big collection of hens on nests in milk glass and cobalt blue glass. I am not actively collecting these things anymore.

For Christmas I collect pinecone ornaments and sled ornaments. Have lots of Hallmark ornaments (family member worked for Hallmark) but I don't add to that collection anymore either.

I WANT to collect lots of flatware, and more salad plates.

Outdoors, I collect daylilies! I want to add to my hosta collection, but I may move in a few years, and the thought of trying to dig up all that stuff....aaaarrrrggg!

I guess I do collect books. I love books. They are something like money to me. I feel rich and comfy having lots of books.But if I read a book I don't like, I get rid of it..... not so much with money.


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

OA, I have newspapers (mainly front sections) from: 9/11; the marriage of Princess Dianna and her death; the deaths of the Queen Mother, Ronald Reagan, Mother Theresa,John Lennon and George Harrison; Ray Charles (who I had dinner with once . . . not as a date, but in a small group of 5 of us; he was a lovely and very talented man); the Shuttle disaster; the Tsunami disaster; the Chilean Miner Rescue; the election of Barrack Obama, as our first Black president; the 2010 election of Susana Martinez, New Mexico's first woman governor and first Latina (Hispanic woman) governor in our country's history. And, from the days when my children were born. Many other issues, too. Hmmmmm, most of them seem to be about disasters and deaths. I'm NOT a morbid person; I guess I just like gathering memories for my future grandchildren.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I don't really have any collections, but I love milkglass and have a few pieces...and really want more (hoping the MIL still remembers I want hers). Pinecones are another weakness. I have tons of them from several different varieties and have to stop myself from cleaning up my parent's yard...literally look at every one and will never step on one. Too bad my little Shih tzu decided to pee on the huge cone I'd been eyeing next to the back door. MIL also has some old china with pinecones on them and I swear I think about those dishes a couple times a week. I would be collecting antique furniture if I had a bigger house. I love buffets and wardrobes and just swoon over them. Maybe in next handful of years I can start that collection because I don't know how much longer I can keep passing up my auction favorites.

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Oh WOW....your responses are wonderful, and far more than I had even hoped for! I am LOVING this! (Frou, you are definitely my kind of woman. LOL. And you don't sound like a hoarder, just an avid collector.)

Bleigh...spray the heck out of that huge cone with Pine Sol. I wouldn't let something like a bit 'Tzu pee slow me down from rescuing it. LOL.
Like you, I'd give anything to collect antique furniture.
Things like small tables, sideboards, etc. I love it all.

Slinkey, you have a lot of interesting collections! I'd love to visit and see them. I like most anything old and vintage. (except Me. LOL)

Oak, I have just a couple of Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek pieces. Two rabbits I LOVE, one of the reindeer, the horse, and a birthstone angel. The patchwork designs on his stuff is really neat.

WOW, LynneNC, your porcelain doll collection sounds like something special. I see them in antique places and always stop to admire their faces and dresses. Some are so life-like and gorgeous.

MaryLee, I'm surprised I didn't get into collecting police things. I just have a few special pieces. If either of my sons had been interested, I'd probably have started a collection in hopes of passing it on to them.

Hi and welcome Antique Silver, are you new to us or been a lurker? Its always nice to meet someone who shares our love of Holidays, dishes, and whatever.
Had to laugh at Kathleen, and you, saying "dust". I can definitely relate to that. Living in Phoenix, surrounded by desert, sure makes those dust bunnies multiply. LOL.
I use to tell a friend that I couldn't get rid of the dust bunnies, so I named them.
Harry and Ethel...and the kids.

Janet, you are so lucky your DD "wants it all". That is something that worries me with all my stuff. My DD and DDIL would probably want most of my Xmas things, but that's all. I'm afraid they will throw gigantic yard sale with my things. sigh. I keep reminding my DD that some of the horse, rabbit, and dog things are very valuable. (I am trying to set up an album with pictures and info about this stuff, and also who might help them sell it.) None of my family has a clue what is valuable and what isn't.
Last year I decided to pare down my dog (Whippet-Greyhound) things. I had around 300 statues, plus art and jewelry. I figured it would be smart to let pieces that I could part with go to other dog folks now. I wanted to cut my collection in half. Didn't quite make that number, but did sell a lot to friends, and on eBay. I am currently
offering more for sale this month.
I have well over 100 rabbits, amd some I don't really love any more that I should let go. I wish I'd been a LOT more selective when buying them all these years. But its hard for me to pass up bunnies. LOL.
My Trail of Painted Pony figurines is around 125, and I have about a dozen I'm ready to sell.
I very rarely buy any more of the Ponies or the dog pieces.
It has to be very special to add to my collection. Guess I FINALLY reached the point of "enough"! LOL.

I am not surprised a lot of us are Christmas Collectors. I realized a year or so ago, that I had so many different Christmas collections going, it was easier to lump them all under one heading. I "collect Christmas". LOL.

Those of you trying to deny you 'actually collect'...HA!
You can't fool me. And if the old saying about THREE or more being a collection....well we are all in trouble!!

Party, it would be neat if we did exchanges or trades here.
I think its so much fun to share things, which is why I love sending little gifts when I can. Over on Garden Junk we do a Secret Santa thing, where one person collects all the names and addresses then pairs them up. Everyone fills one of those Priority boxes you can ship flat rate for $15 and sends to the name drawn for them. The stuff is supposed to be things you have already to pass on, and not spend money on gifts. You'd be amazed at what neat things, and how MUCH stuff, can fill one of those boxes.
We've had a ball doing that for several years. One summer we did a gift thing too. I'd love a Secret Santa started here if enough were interested in signing up.

Frou, I'll flip you for the title of Queen Quite-a-Lot.
hugs, Karen

My dustbunnies...Harry and Ethel. (Too many kids to photograph. LOL)

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

Hey Karen...
I recognize Harry & Ethel!
They're long lost relatives of my Dustbunnies..
In fact you know what they say about 'Bunnies Multiplying'?
I think your's started their family here!! lol


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

So fun to come here and read through all of your collections and wants. Before I started posting here with all of you & setting ts, I only collected crystal. I have alot of Christmas but other than loving Santas I haven't started collections. I've always loved antiques but my DSis has so many wonderful collections and I always spent time shopping for her.

Since I joined up with all of you, I now collect dishes, colored stems, decorations, candle holders, linens and anything and everything that will be fun to share on my tables. Yes, I love being a part of all you Enablers and I have a very lg shed!LOL

OA, so great to see that you still love your parents Quistgaard designed pepper mills and have given them a wonderful home. They are beautiful!


RE: just for fun, another question for you...

How many things make a collection? LoL
Christmas village accessories
decorative eggs
glass baskets
and lately cherubs have been catching my eye
like Punk [and some others] I seem to be on the lookout for anything that can be used on tables
I believe I AM the queen of dust bunny collectors

RE: just for fun, another question for you...

I'm afraid to start a list...but I'll join in...

Heisey Lariat elegant glassware (serving pcs)
JEWEL TEA "Autumn Leaf" Hall China
Framed prints ...mostly TS finds
Boy/girl pottery planters
RC Gorman's work (painted tiles)
Flower pots/pottery
Antiques...sewing machine drawers, old cupbards, etc
Winter Snowmen
Ivy planters
Old photos, cameras & everything related like tin-types
GONE WITH THE WIND plates, figurines, ornies, books & literature...

"AND THE BEAT GOES ON" as sonni & cher would say...good thing I can only type one-handed! LOL!
A fun thread! Jeanne S

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