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Banquette as only dining area?Updated 2 minutes ago
Posted by vdinli September 10, 2013 21 Comments
Sexist or Fun?Updated 4 minutes ago
Posted by Joseph Corlett, LLC Yesterday 69 Comments
Any reason a DW couldn't go next to a fridge?Updated 6 minutes ago
Posted by gretchen718 17 hours ago 11 Comments
Old, Deep Cast Iron Sink or New Sink? I can't decideUpdated 6 minutes ago
Posted by Cindy McMahon 3 hours ago 6 Comments
Quartz or laminate?Updated 9 minutes ago
Posted by maremurry 2 hours ago 3 Comments
OT - Any Walking Dead Fans..?Updated 21 minutes ago
Posted by oldbat2be 2 hours ago 6 Comments
New to Kitchens? Read Me First!Updated 27 minutes ago
Posted by buehl February 15, 2015 136 Comments
Specific stacked upper cab questionsUpdated 38 minutes ago
Posted by melis918 March 20, 2015 41 Comments
How much has your Danby Marble countertops scratched?Updated 39 minutes ago
Posted by Pippin 3 hours ago 1 Comment
Need help on storing root vegetablesUpdated 45 minutes ago
Posted by sl4321 17 hours ago 7 Comments
So many kitchen reno questionsUpdated 46 minutes ago
Posted by dyhgarden March 7, 2015 12 Comments
Bungalow galley kitchen layoutUpdated 58 minutes ago
Posted by motok1w 9 hours ago 5 Comments
I started gel staining....Updated 59 minutes ago
Posted by highendredneck March 10, 2015 13 Comments
Week 45: He'p me!Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by CEFreeman_GW Yesterday 10 Comments
White on White & other (mis) Matched KitchensUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by Carrie B 4 hours ago 5 Comments
Baker Cherry Shaker doors vs IKEA Laxarby doorsUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by enduring Yesterday 12 Comments
Strategies for washing dishes in a large single sink vs double sinkUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by ontariomom 11 hours ago 33 Comments
Honed Vermont Danby marble countertop owners... Love it or leave it???Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by Pippin February 21, 2015 8 Comments
KitchenCraft - will they last a lifetime?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by lookintomyeyes83 March 21, 2015 36 Comments
Question for those who have Painted Conestoga Cabinets?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by aries61 November 4, 2014 23 Comments
Ikea Cabinets & Butcherblock - Quality?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by annaw_123 7 hours ago 9 Comments
Need floorplan advice/helpUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by K L 11 hours ago 5 Comments
Undermount sink keeps separating from graniteUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by stnjan December 16, 2007 35 Comments
"Ledge" sinks and accessories -- do you use them?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by denizenx last Friday 24 Comments
Anyone used solid surface backsplash with granite countertops?Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by Carol Vesier 4 hours ago 1 Comment
the cabinets are coming, the cabinets are coming...Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by lmgch last Thursday 22 Comments
Cabinet installation cost (not including cabinets themselves)Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by schiari211 last Friday 24 Comments
Do your pendants swing?Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by zorroslw1 5 hours ago 1 Comment
Help with kitchen layout - main issue is where to put the ovensUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by keagle Yesterday 6 Comments
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