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I Found Yer Problem, LadyUpdated 1 minute ago
Posted by Joseph Corlett, LLC 9 hours ago 8 Comments
How to deal with high contractor bids based on your location?Updated 6 minutes ago
Posted by andyscott 13 hours ago 14 Comments
Kitchen layout...make better use of current space and expand storage!Updated 13 minutes ago
Posted by rowan1099 34 minutes ago 1 Comment
Kitchen layout, updatedUpdated 29 minutes ago
Posted by edwardshome Yesterday 13 Comments
How old will I be?Updated 42 minutes ago
Posted by ryseryse_2004 11 hours ago 13 Comments
help with kitchen layoutUpdated 50 minutes ago
Posted by Leigh-Ann Draheim 3 hours ago 3 Comments
Dishwasher in white, black or panel??Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by shellking on Tuesday 9 Comments
soapstone sinksUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by arch123 November 1, 2014 17 Comments
Is this what a mitered granite edge should look like?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by snookers1999 1 hour ago 2 Comments
scrappy25 renovation Part 4, final reveal, white inset/soapstoneUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by scrappy25 December 12, 2014 52 Comments
Anyone have TCE4005 quartz counters (or any other carrara-lookalike)?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by Melissa Silva February 19, 2015 9 Comments
How to view older (undamaged) Gardenweb threads in Google cacheUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by mudhouse February 22, 2015 3 Comments
36" cabinet for 32" fridge: future proofing or too much compromise?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by kiwigem Yesterday 13 Comments
Framed beaded inset or frameless? Same priceUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by Traumanurse1 3 hours ago 5 Comments
Viatera MinuetUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by cburky June 2, 2014 46 Comments
Need advice on BacksplashUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by avolab 3 hours ago 4 Comments
Alternate granite idea to replace Cambrian black I had been planning?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by happyallison 11 hours ago 17 Comments
New to Kitchens? Read Me First!Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by buehl February 15, 2015 76 Comments
Review our Kitchen RemodelUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by miraspasov 7 hours ago 12 Comments
Induction cooktop > no slow cooker?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by anniel58 Yesterday 17 Comments
Terracotta versus porcelain versus ???? for floorsUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by sayde November 6, 2008 13 Comments
General Contractor bid excessive?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by beachem Yesterday 27 Comments
Nobody does drop-in sink on stone countertop? Really?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by mudworm March 17, 2011 54 Comments
Conestoga people, how did you do glass cabs? They don't do glass?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by happyallison February 26, 2015 25 Comments
Conestoga essence line or merrilat classic with upgradesUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by jgHG January 22, 2015 1 Comment
reasonable time before receipt of general contractor's estimate ?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by jeannette10 Yesterday 14 Comments
Kitchen Plan... getting closer!Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by Dietitian February 17, 2015 87 Comments
A different way to deal with the blind corner issueUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by raenjapan on Tuesday 25 Comments
Week 41: As we head into spring, what would you do to make space?Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by CEFreeman_GW last Saturday 19 Comments
New Layout Help PleaseUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by sebandninasmom Yesterday 13 Comments
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