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Do I need drywall behind cabinets?Updated 11 minutes ago
Posted by DIY2Much2Do last Saturday 4 Comments
Sexist or Fun?Updated 14 minutes ago
Posted by Joseph Corlett, LLC last Saturday 98 Comments
Faucet for kitchen remodelUpdated 17 minutes ago
Posted by kathy6421 January 23, 2015 42 Comments
Would you please review kitchen floorplan? 1880s houseUpdated 20 minutes ago
Posted by islandgarden May 15, 2013 16 Comments
Sliding (glass) wall between kitchen and outside (porch)?Updated 25 minutes ago
Posted by cotehele February 16, 2009 7 Comments
Can you help me make an idea board?Updated 31 minutes ago
Posted by dmeah 18 hours ago 15 Comments
Where to end tile-dilema!Updated 36 minutes ago
Posted by heidia February 5, 2015 15 Comments
Does this butler pantry addition add or detract from my kitchen?Updated 40 minutes ago
Posted by rockybird on Sunday 12 Comments
Kohler Whitehaven Sink - 33 or 36"?Updated 40 minutes ago
Posted by Melissa Silva 20 hours ago 7 Comments
"Ledge" sinks and accessories -- do you use them?Updated 54 minutes ago
Posted by denizenx last Friday 43 Comments
Help needed with this beam!!!Updated 59 minutes ago
Posted by mark_rachel 16 hours ago 8 Comments
What are your thoughts on Ikea Sektion base cabinets?Updated 59 minutes ago
Posted by benjesbride 18 hours ago 14 Comments
Please help with Kitchen floorplanUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by mary8153 last Saturday 21 Comments
Soapstone in the Midwest/St. Louis area?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by designsaavy last Saturday 4 Comments
Any reason a DW couldn't go next to a fridge?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by gretchen718 on Sunday 24 Comments
Can you use IKEA base cabinets as wall cabinets?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by lookintomyeyes83 12 hours ago 1 Comment
Help on Cabinet Approach / SelectionUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by fshine last Saturday 3 Comments
Recommendation for range hood insert?
Posted by Lisa Whalen 1 hour ago
Granite Countertop seam questionUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by sega_102 Yesterday 7 Comments
Mixing cabinet lines within the same brand?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by Traumanurse1 March 22, 2015 1 Comment
Kitchen cabinets - Grabill vs CrystalUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by katrina37 March 23, 2015 1 Comment
Need similar tile RecommendationsUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by melis918 12 hours ago 4 Comments
Old, Deep Cast Iron Sink or New Sink? I can't decideUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by Cindy McMahon on Sunday 16 Comments
New to Kitchens? Read Me First!Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by buehl February 15, 2015 139 Comments
Need floorplan advice/helpUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by K L on Sunday 14 Comments
Strategies for washing dishes in a large single sink vs double sinkUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by ontariomom on Sunday 60 Comments
What wall oven under $2500 do you have and love?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by enzaenza 22 hours ago 4 Comments
White on White & other (mis) Matched KitchensUpdated 7 hours ago
Posted by Carrie B on Sunday 10 Comments
Conestoga whitesUpdated 10 hours ago
Posted by tigger9759 on Sunday 2 Comments
Ikea cover panel installation question (Akurum line)Updated 10 hours ago
Posted by criv227 on Sunday 9 Comments
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