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This forum is for the discussion of issues related to home decorating and interior design, like how to tastefully incorporate the wonderful antique commode you inherited from Aunt Martha into your thrift-store decor--without it looking totally declassé.

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Do you have a blog?Updated 2 hours ago
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New Rocking Chair placementUpdated 3 hours ago
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It's me......Updated 5 hours ago
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Window treatments for short windowsUpdated 5 hours ago
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Unique Craftsman trim & wainscotting Examples, Info, OpinionsUpdated 5 hours ago
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Red / burgundy accent wall?Updated 5 hours ago
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Art height...opinionsUpdated 6 hours ago
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Front door color adviceUpdated 6 hours ago
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House of Cards - Table LampsUpdated 7 hours ago
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Ikea's "Keep the Bedroom Door Open" commericalUpdated 9 hours ago
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Is this still in style?Updated 11 hours ago
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Help me find a powder room paint colorUpdated 11 hours ago
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TV show Perception set decorUpdated 12 hours ago
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Where to buy discounted upholstery fabric?Updated 15 hours ago
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Would love your input on refreshing this exterior!Updated 19 hours ago
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front door style thoughts??
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F&B to BM color closest matchesUpdated 21 hours ago
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