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Have you used BM Etiquette?Updated 3 minutes ago
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Fire glass for fire pits?Updated 10 minutes ago
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Speaking of food...Sacher TorteUpdated 15 minutes ago
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what could make these sheers more modern?Updated 29 minutes ago
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Anyone used Guilford Green?Updated 1 minute ago
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Anyone Dislike Their Memory Foam Mattress?Updated 2 hours ago
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SW Kilm BeigeUpdated 2 hours ago
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School Medical exams - personalUpdated 3 hours ago
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question about your bathroom vanity
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Exterior lighting questionUpdated 4 hours ago
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Anyone want a crystal chandelier?Updated 4 hours ago
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BM Iced SlateUpdated 4 hours ago
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Hardwood floors and adjoining room, help pleaseUpdated 4 hours ago
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Look in the mirror; take one accessory offUpdated 5 hours ago
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What is this called?Updated 6 hours ago
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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - I hate it!!Updated 6 hours ago
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Grey-blue paintUpdated 15 hours ago
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Is this legit? RH law suit. You get this ?Updated 17 hours ago
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Need Light for Kitchen TableUpdated 19 hours ago
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Why do you decorate?Updated 20 hours ago
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House exterior - cedar siding alternative?Updated 21 hours ago
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Budget kitchen remodelUpdated 23 hours ago
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Starting with a (mostly) blank slate--paint?Updated 23 hours ago
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TIGHT Space for Mirrors (Between the Light Fixture and Backsplash) :(Updated Yesterday
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Bright solid or bold print to reupholster settees?Updated Yesterday
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Help with window treatmentsUpdated Yesterday
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Ikea mattressesUpdated Yesterday
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Have rounded drywall corners, do I do rounded baseboard?Updated Yesterday
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Do all decorative vases need flowers?Updated Yesterday
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Do you like decor on the coffee table?Updated Yesterday
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