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This forum is for those constructing a new home to discuss the various processes involved. For instance, the importance of getting the proper permit before even thinking about digging a hole.

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It's March 2015: How is your build progressing?Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by autumn.4 on Sunday 24 Comments
Savings - basement bar with laminateUpdated 4 hours ago
Posted by Mini Soda 8 hours ago 5 Comments
Should I add a window in the dining room?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by Bridget Howe last Wednesday 17 Comments
Bank help: What is a 442 Appraisal?Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by redheadeddaughter June 17, 2014 8 Comments
Don Gardner Callaway Plan - anyone have pictures
Posted by Scott Carson 6 hours ago
Would you give this to the architect - take 2?Updated 7 hours ago
Posted by boonieshome on Monday 7 Comments
Induction cooktops.... Do you have one?Updated 9 hours ago
Posted by blandinababes February 15, 2015 15 Comments
Lessons of this WinterUpdated 10 hours ago
Posted by edlincoln on Monday 9 Comments
is/has anyone built a frank betz home?Updated 12 hours ago
Posted by liptonjl January 30, 2007 128 Comments
Purchasing Items during build?Updated 12 hours ago
Posted by njbuilding143 February 20, 2015 15 Comments
Question about screen porchUpdated 13 hours ago
Posted by mrspete 16 hours ago 2 Comments
Sending my floor plan modifications to the architect. Ideas?Updated 14 hours ago
Posted by houserookie last Friday 30 Comments
Are these doors acceptable to you?Updated 15 hours ago
Posted by pumpkinhouse August 21, 2014 43 Comments
8 vs. 9 ft. ceiling for upstairs/kids bedrooms?Updated 15 hours ago
Posted by msmith110705 February 21, 2015 9 Comments
How to cut back on costUpdated 16 hours ago
Posted by mommabearof5 February 15, 2015 35 Comments
Interior Doors - any experience with this company?
Posted by numbersjunkie 16 hours ago
Window TrimUpdated 16 hours ago
Posted by burbmomoftwo 21 hours ago 5 Comments
Would you trust a builder to create a blueprint from your own sketch?Updated 17 hours ago
Posted by liv2tell last Wednesday 22 Comments
Inexpensive "build on your lot" builders?Updated 17 hours ago
Posted by olivesmom April 4, 2013 30 Comments
House complete... Moving Friday... Photo tourUpdated on Monday
Posted by Momto3kiddos June 12, 2013 42 Comments
2 car vs 3 car attached garage priceUpdated on Monday
Posted by dotydreamhome on Sunday 28 Comments
Need feedback on framing layout for a basement.Updated on Monday
Posted by julianpowers February 21, 2015 4 Comments
Custom floorplan looking for some feedback/suggestions...Updated on Monday
Posted by goeersn99 February 21, 2015 17 Comments
House Looks Small Framed?!Updated on Monday
Posted by 23meghan last Saturday 13 Comments
Clearing land - Forestry mulchingUpdated on Monday
Posted by cricket5050 April 22, 2014 11 Comments
Cathedral ceiling in the great room . . . do I want this?Updated on Monday
Posted by mrspete last Saturday 40 Comments
Spray Foam in Roof Rafters - Not Sure if it will HelpUpdated on Monday
Posted by TonySak June 8, 2011 8 Comments
Add second story balcony before framing startsUpdated on Monday
Posted by houses14 on Monday 1 Comment
Ventless fireplaceUpdated on Monday
Posted by okla1706 January 21, 2015 15 Comments
Leaking roof due to antique bricks?Updated on Monday
Posted by cvazqu on Monday 2 Comments
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