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This forum is for those constructing a new home to discuss the various processes involved. For instance, the importance of getting the proper permit before even thinking about digging a hole.

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Raised basement
Posted by net42k 24 minutes ago
Finally under way but concerned...Updated 50 minutes ago
Posted by njbuilding143 on Wednesday 10 Comments
Master Bedroom Floorplan ReviewUpdated just now
Posted by mary8153 on Wednesday 16 Comments
Thinking about drivewaysUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by mrspete 23 hours ago 9 Comments
Smaller 2nd story possible in two story home?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by Lauren McLellan February 20, 2015 13 Comments
Revised Floor Plan - Please CritiqueUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by zeugirdorxela 15 hours ago 3 Comments
It's March 2015: How is your build progressing?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by autumn.4 March 1, 2015 237 Comments
Just got first set of plans - would love feedback!Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by mommabearof5 18 hours ago 15 Comments
building a simple modern farm house on a budgetUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by usalli March 13, 2015 29 Comments
Powder room layout, what do you think?Updated 14 hours ago
Posted by houserookie March 13, 2015 20 Comments
Over thinking or detailedUpdated 15 hours ago
Posted by ourgeorgiahouse on Tuesday 9 Comments
Open Cell Attic Insulation. No baffles/No vapor barrier?Updated 16 hours ago
Posted by snkscore 20 hours ago 4 Comments
Mitch Ginn Elberton Way photos and feedback?Updated 16 hours ago
Posted by karakell August 11, 2013 109 Comments
NEW to New Build - A/C Option Input NeededUpdated 16 hours ago
Posted by katiejay on Tuesday 15 Comments
Building a shed with living quartersUpdated 18 hours ago
Posted by cricket5050 on Wednesday 5 Comments
Clearing land - Forestry mulchingUpdated 18 hours ago
Posted by cricket5050 April 22, 2014 12 Comments
Hardwoods upstairs will be loud?Updated 18 hours ago
Posted by kaciead on Monday 10 Comments
Downsides to exposed aggregate vs broom finish concrete?Updated 20 hours ago
Posted by Kiwigem October 20, 2014 13 Comments
Ole cahaba brick-henry brick
Posted by barroberts 20 hours ago
Please review my plans - help needed with bedroom arrangementUpdated 22 hours ago
Posted by momto3kiddos October 30, 2011 42 Comments
Make Ready ChecklistUpdated Yesterday
Posted by carsonheim on Tuesday 3 Comments
Living on property while buildingUpdated Yesterday
Posted by the_foxes_pad last Saturday 10 Comments
homeowner's associationUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by energy_rater_la March 17, 2015 28 Comments
Getting bids from buildersUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by Sue Slade on Wednesday 3 Comments
May not build - what is fair to builder?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by buildinse on Wednesday 4 Comments
Colors for my new home...Updated on Wednesday
Posted by bellachaboni on Monday 16 Comments
We are done! Here are some professional pictures.Updated on Wednesday
Posted by aimless07 March 19, 2015 27 Comments
Frank Betz Kensington Park - opinions and any pictures please!Updated on Wednesday
Posted by dnasmith14 December 9, 2010 39 Comments
input on z-wave or other security options
Posted by frugalfly on Wednesday
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