o What can I do with an old punch bowl?

It would look good with silk flowers or even fruit as a center piece on the table. Better still if you can find something to use as a base for it to sit on.

I filled it with coloured water(a few drops of food colouring) and floated some beautiful flowers and candles in it as a centerpiece on the table.

Potpourri, fruit, flowers, pretty napkins, a silk scarf or shredded packing with tiny lights.

Filled with different colored glass ornaments

Birdbath-I just filled halfway with colored fish tank gravel and set it on a stand thing from an old bar stool it looks very sparkley

Small fountain-I used the same thing with a tiny fountin pump and some tea cups for a buffet table decoration once it was cute.

some nice violets in it with a little spanish moss on top to hide the dirt

Fishbowl-on a table in the family room,filled with water and two of the biggest goldfish

Filled up with purple sand and it is now a habitat for hermit crabs

Put the bowl on a desk to hold mail, cards, bills, etc.

Wrap styrofoam balls in strips of fabric for a country look.

Remember the old terrariums? You could make one out of your punch bowl. You could use a small ceramic bridge to build a 'landscape' then plant your various small plants around it. You could add a small china dog or cat (great flea market finds), some colorful marbles for water or pathways to complete your look. Use your imagination!

If you decide to use potpourri run a string of clear Christmas lights though it. When you plug the lights in, the heat will make your potpourri smell even nicer. I have used them for candles, potpourri, smelly jelly, and kept one setting on my dresser for the longest time to hold my rings.

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