o What are some of the safety issues that I should be concerned with?

ALWAYS, always wear safety goggles when cutting, nipping or cutting glass, china, ceramics, pottery and etc.
The pros do - so should we!

When mixing grout (and/or concrete) WEAR a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Even the inexpensive ones offer protection!

When working with mixed, wet grout - WEAR Gloves. If you have trouble with them splitting, wear several pair. When one pair is damaged beyond use, just pull off, and you're still protected - got another pair already on and you can continue to work.
I've found that the gloves labelled EXAM gloves, fit the best and work better.
I always end up with grout anyway. For those areas, I rinse with vinegar. It restores PH balance.

NEVER POUR GROUT down your drain. You'll be sorry - you'll have to replace your pipes!

Entered by KimmyStar

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