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Peanut Butter/Coconut/Chocolate Pies

Posted by: Patty_WV (My Page) on Sat, Nov 30, 02 at 10:07

Peanut Butter/Coconut/Chocolate Pies Peanut Butter Pie This is from a Book called "Mary Jane's Cookbook"from the heart of America Peanut Butter Pie 1 cup sugar, 8 Tbsp.cornstarch, 1/8 tsp.salt, 3 cups milk, 4 beaten egg yolks, 2 Tbsp. butter, 1 1/2 tsps. vanilla, 2 Tbsp. Peanut butter or more Combine sugar,cornstarch and salt in heavy saucepan.Mix well. Add 1/2 cup of the milk,and mix well.Add remaining milk.Stir constantly on medium heat until thickens. Remove from heat and pour about 1/2 cup of the pudding into the egg mixture stirring while adding.-,this keeps the egg smooth.Return egg/pudding mixture to pan and add butter,vanilla and peanut butter.Stir constantly till well thickened about 1 1/2 to 2 min. Pour into baked pie shell. If desired top with meringue or whipped topping. If you would like a coconut pie substitute 3/4 cup coconut for the peanut butter.For chocolate substitute 2 Tbsp. cocoa. I used about 1/4 cup or more for the peanut butter pie. I also did the coconut.Both were very good.

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