o What is a 'FriGEmore' ??

"FriGEmore" is a nickname used in the Laundry Room Forum to refer to the family of frontload washers produced by Electrolux, which are sold under the Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, Gibson, Imperial, and White-Westinghouse labels.

The washers are all very similar in basic design and function, with the main improvements on the higher-end models being faster spin speeds (at the time of this writing, FriGEmores are available with a final spin of 850 to 1050 rpm) and some added cycle options. They don't have internal heaters as do other more advanced frontloaders, and have relatively short cycle times.

As of late 2002, they've been on the market for over five years, and are one of the most popular "HE" washers. As the typical street prices are significantly lower than most other frontloaders in North America, they arguably offer the most "bang for the buck" of any HE washer (at least in the American/Canadian markets - Euro washer pricing in Europe is, not surprisingly, lower than on the other side of the pond!).

[Note - as of the time of this re-posting (moving from the Appliances FAQ to the Laundry Room FAQ on 28 December 2004), things have changed somewhat in the world of FL/HE washers. For one thing, the venerable Frigmore now has some stiff competition in the price/performance department from the likes of Danby, currently one of the more popular Forum washer choices. When I have more time early next year, I will revise this article accordingly... and, of course, look for additional overviews and evaluations of various FL and TL machines!]



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