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This is a test of the "new" Appliances Forum FAQ system.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked (or Answered) questions.

As you may know, the Appliances Forum is one of the busiest places on THS/GW, and with the present limit of 300 active threads (and no archive section), things have started to get a bit overwhelming in recent months - so MANY threads full of incredibly helpful and useful info, and so little available space! And thus, it's my hope that by storing some of the most commonly referenced data here, we'll be able to relieve much of the repetition in the main Forum, making this a better and easier-to-use site for everyone.

Many thanks to Spike (the webmaster hereabouts) for working to make this happen, as well as to all the knowledgeable and generous posters in the Appliances Forum, who have shared so much outstanding information, wisdom, and offbeat humor over the past couple years!

This project has been many months in the works (Spike originally set up the (THS) FAQ system back in March '02), and with a little luck (and a lot of help from other Forum participants!), I'll be able to make this one of the more useful Appliance "reference databases" on the Web! The structure of these files will doubtless be in something of a state of flux over the coming weeks, as I continue to upload new info and edit the data already posted... please bear with me, and as always, please feel free to post additional suggestions and comments in the most current "Creating a FAQ" thread in the main Appliances Forum.

Thanks everyone!


[added to FAQ: 1 October 2002]

Entered by hardwarehack

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