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Welcome to the THS Appliances Forum FAQ section!

I, "hardwarehack" Tom, am your humble FAQ Editor, and while I get some of the material for these permanent FAQ articles from the general Appliances Forum threads (before they drop off the list into oblivion), I very much welcome direct suggestions as well... especially from anyone who is willing to do the work of writing up FAQ article textfiles!

[Updated information pending... for now, the best way to propose a new FAQ article is to start a new thread in the main Appliances Forum concerning the subject in question, with the keyword "FAQ" in the title. The would-be FAQ submission can then be viewed by all interested Forum participants, and ideas, suggestions, and various revisions can be developed as the discussion progresses. To facilitate this process, once a FAQ thread is started on a given topic, please continue to post follow-ups to that thread, rather than starting lots of new little threads to propose new ideas and changes re that topic, etc. I monitor the ongoing Forum threads on a daily basis, and will thus be able to follow the discussions, and ultimately copy and edit the "final" FAQ article version(s), for posting in the FAQ section proper. Please note that this system is much preferred to emailing me, for a variety of reasons, at least for the time being.]

Many thanks,


[added to Appliances FAQ: 1 October 2002]

[last edited: 28 December 2004]

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