Lame question about studs and outlets

franksmom_2010May 10, 2010

I'm wanting to hang some shelves in my laundry room. Some of the shelves will be holding heavy things, so I want them to be screwed into the studs.

The room has at least 5 wall outlets, (not including the washer and dryer) and most of the studs I want to use for hanging have an outlet installed lower on the wall.

Is it safe to drill a screw into these studs? I do have a stud finder, and of course, I get the a/c warning over most of the studs.

I really want to hang my shelves, but I really, really don't want to start a fire or get electrocuted. I could always use wall anchors and avoid the studs, but studs would be my preference. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Choose a screw that does not extend more than one half inch into the stud and you should be fine. Be concerned vertical of the water supply.

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I assume the shelf is up high and the receptacles are down low. If that is the case you should be fine. The wires will be down near the receptacles or on the side of the stud instead of through the stud.

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Thanks so much!

Joed, yes. The outlets are about 17" from the floor, and I'm wanting to hang shelves at eye level.

You'd think there would be a simple answer to this, but I've searched through the net, home improvement books, etc., and found nothing, although I did suspect the wires would be on one side of the stud, and not attached to the front/center. And the info that came with my stud finder just basically says not to drill or hammer anywhere the a/c sensor goes off, which in this room, would be...everywhere!

As always, I'm appreciative of the folks on GW that take the time to answer questions.

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