washing a down duvet

bobbi1023August 4, 2010

I have a Miele washing machine and desire to wash my queen size down duvet. What cycle should I use? What water temperature and final spin speed?

Once in the dryer, can I use the medium heat setting or do I need to keep it on low?

Is there any particular detergent I should be using to keep the down in good shape?

Are there any other considerations I have overlooked?

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I don't have a Miele, so I can't speak to specific cycles. However, I have washed a lot of down in my Bosch. I use the delicates cycle. Most important is your choice of detergent - absolutely NO enzymes, optical brighteners or bleaches (chlorine or non) as they will damage your down. I use Charlie's soap, but sport wash or wool wash should work.

When you dry it, no or very low heat. Air fluff is ideal. It will take a long time. I alternate between hanging and fluffing in the dryer.

Good luck!

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You can damage large down comforters washing them in a small washer, so please be careful. They are really better washed in a large commercial washer and dried in a big dryer where they can tumble and get fluffy. alice is correct - it takes a long time to dry them - like days, not hours, if you are doing it in a home dryer. I keep a duvet (cover) over my comforter so it rarely needs to be washed - maybe every two years.

Good luck with your comforter.

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It helps to throw a small pair of clean tennis shoes (we use old toddler shoes) in the dryer with down comforters or parkas. Helps fluff the down and cuts down on the drying time - but it still takes 3-4 cycles on low heat.

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