Electrical Wiring FAQ Introduction - Read this first

big_jimJanuary 1, 2013

Welcome to the THS Electrical Wiring FAQ (Frequently asked questions). Before getting started, here are a few questions and answers about the FAQ and forum:

Who uses this forum?

The Electrical Wiring Forum members are a diverse group of all ages and geographic distribution ranging from electrical novices through professionals in the industry. This diversity has created a great atmosphere where anyone can learn more about electrical systems and at times, be entertained as well.

One note of caution: On occasion some of the topics on the forum go beyond the abilities of the average DIY'er. It is important to understand one's limitations and to know when it is time to call for a professional.

Why use the FAQ?

The Electrical Wiring Forum limits the number of active threads to less than 300 with older threads being lost as new ones are started. Because of this limitation and the amount of activity on the forums, informative threads are all too quickly deleted from the server.

Who created the FAQ?

Although my name (big_jim) is at the bottom of every page, I'm just the guy entering the topics into the database. Every member of the forum is invited to participate in the FAQ creation process and without their help, none of this would be possible. Suggestions for new FAQ topics should be posted in the Electrical Wiring Forum with the subject beginning with "FAQ suggestion". Then members can discuss the best way to answer the question and ultimately it can be added to the FAQ listing.

What is the NEC?

The NEC is the National Electrical Code which is updated every three years by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Unless specified otherwise, all references in this FAQ will be to the 2005 edition of the NEC.

How do I find an answer to my question?

For some simple questions the FAQ can provide an answer quickly without having to wait for a reply to a new thread. Another resource is to use the forum search function to find questions similar to yours. However, if there is any doubt about anything or if your question is not fully answered, feel free to make a follow-up post on the forum.

When asking a question, try to be as descriptive as possible to make it easier for others to give good answers. Small details that may be obvious to a person looking at the problem are much harder to 'see' when reading about it on the internet. For this reason, don't be surprised if your question is 'answered' with a question. Your replies will help the posters better determine an answer.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes. Before doing any type of electrical work you should take the time to learn how to do it in a safe and legal manner. You can find other FAQ topics addressing these issues on the main FAQ page.

Thanks to Sangan, Mizzou_KX, Normel, DavidR and Tom_O for their help on this topic.

Once again, welcome to the Electrical Wiring Forum. We hope you enjoy your stay!!

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