How do I cut ripple glass?

KimmyStarJanuary 1, 2013

Do you cut it from the? (is the back smooth)

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Posted by: Calamity_J Sat, Jan 1, 05 at 2:49

Cut on the smoother side and use running pliers if you can, I find if I keep an even pressure when scoring, and break it right away it works better for me. Whatcha makin? What color is your glass, is it opalescent or clear?

Posted by: azglasslady Sat, Jan 1, 05 at 9:32

When cutting Uroboros, or any ripple, it seems to help when you don't press down too hard with the cutter. I also do my glass chant, Break on the score, break on the score!!!!!!

Pat uroboros5 Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 9:27

Actually, I score HARD on un undeside of the ripple glass. It takes a lot of force to break. Because the glass is expensive and I don't want to waste, I end up TAPPING all the scores I make on this type of glass. It's noisy but a lot more reliable. Remember you are trying to break the glass, not your heart!

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