How do I avoid vertical, glass on glass, grouting disasters?

KimmyStarJanuary 1, 2013

stxmona Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 7:41

Okay all you vertical glass on glass people - I need help. Last night I decided to grout a couple of bottles that I used Weldbond to prime, Weldbond to glue the glass on and have been sitting for a month. Mix up my grout to about the consistancy of soft cookie dough. Used my hands to apply it to the bottles. This is when the disaster starts...when I began gently rubbing the grout into the grout lines...some of my glass started coming off..okay a few pieces I can fix that. But as I went along more and more came off. Finally I gave up and put the pieces in a bucket of water. HELP - what did I do wrong???? I have NOT grouted anything vertical before. Was my grout to wet? Am I not suppose to rub into the grout line areas? I NEED YOUR ADVICE - I have to grout the fish vase this weekend and am now frighten that the same thing will happen!!!

Bianchi2 Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 10:05

klinger Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 11:04

I have used wellbond and silicone for glass on glass. I really prefer the silicone, I am determined to use up the large container of well bond I bought though. I find it needs to sit or a good several weeks before grouting. I have never had any pieces come off when grouting though. It makes me think it hadent cured long enough, and maybe the grout was perhaps too thick. I think soft cookie dough describes a good grout inconsistency though. Is the well bond still showing white at all? If so it isnt dry yet.On smaller pieces I have put them in the oven with just the light on over night, or even with a low temp setting to help this stuff dry. My last large glass on glass window will likely sit for a couple weks before I try to grout it, it is too large for my oven.Cindy

RE: Vertical grouting disaster!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

misacreations Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 18:44

stxmona, I feel for you..that happened to me twice. The first time the piece wasn't glued properly, it was barely holding on. When it happened again I figured out that I was being too aggressive while grouting. I would wipe too hard to get the grout off and my sponge had too much water in it after I rinsed it out. Now, I used a plastic knife and put the grout on like I'm icing a cake. Next, I use a sponge and press the grout into the cracks, gently. I wait a few minutes and then start wiping away the grout. I grout the same or next day I finish a piece, so it doesn't have to be completely dry. I hope this helps you.

misacreations Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 19:10

I use Weldbond because I have youngens and I'm pregnant. I'm probably going to try silicone after I have this baby.

by: annsb (My Page) on Wed, Jan 12, 05 at 10:35

So from this discussion it seems that for vertical grouting then silicone is the suggested product although Misa has had no problems with weldbond so far! I take it then that if you can lay the piece flat when glueing and grouting then weldbond isn't as...

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