Should I use 50/50 or 60/40 Lead?

KimmyStarJanuary 1, 2013

Posted by: Calamity_J Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 1:16

I heard that you use 50/50 for leaded glass and 60/40 for foiled.

Posted by: stxmona Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 6:24

I think 60/40 is easier to work with and it gives you stronger solder line. Since it does melt at a lower will melt through sometimes so you have to be careful. The patina seems like 60/40 better too. 50/50 requires more heat and will sometimes gives you a nicer edge. In the beginning I was trying to use only lead free, yikes that was hard to work with and it definitely DID NOT like patina. So it is definitely a personal decision...but I like 60/40 the best!! Toomuchglass Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 12:38 Helpful hint ---- Use 50/50 for your first "tinning" layer on foil seams because it melts at a higher temp than 60/40. Then bead your seams with 60/40 .... which takes less heat - this stops melt-throughs. Been doing it this way for years and it really works !!!

mimi856 Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 13:06

and your heat setting should be at? See, I am having troubles and cant quite figure out what it is. I dont seem to get a "flow" going.

Toomuchglass Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 17:07

I use a rheostat because I bounce back and forth between lead wrapping and foil ... running a bead with foiling - should be full heat. Once you get it going - play with it .... (on a practice piece of course !)

catriona_FL Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 23:59

I use 60/40 on lead and foil. If you can't get a flow going you may have the rheostat set too low. Or it could be the iron you are using. I use a hakko 456 and set the rheostat at about 7/1/2 to 8. for foil and about 6/1/2 for leadwork

littlechloe Mon, Jan 3, 05 at 11:06

Re: flow - I agree it might be your iron. Do you have a decent one? I had a cheap one and it made doing anything extremely difficult. Unfortunately, there are some tools you can't scrimp on. If yours is a good one however, then ignore me.

Toomuchglass Mon, Jan 3, 05 at 19:23

I learned all rheostats aren't alike - I have a Hakko iron .... and for lead wrapping - I keep it at #7. Foiling - I keep it all the way up - #10.

Yvonne Other than an on special, bulk or wholesale buy, it runs the middle ground, silver back and brass are generally higher. Clear adhesive back, 7/32 is usually the best priced and most commonly used.

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