HE3t washer Add-A-Garment Fix procedure

hardwarehackJanuary 1, 2013

[Information posted by Bruce (hbw248) on 5 February 2002 in the Appliances Forum HE3t threads ("HE3t Issues Part 8"). Many thanks, Bruce!!]


If your new Hettie ("Hettie" is the Forum nickname for the HE3t) won't allow you to use the "Add-A-Garment" feature, please follow these steps:

1) - Open Door

2) - Select Express Wash (or any wash cycle)

3) - Press And Hold The Door Interlock Switch In

4) - Press The Start Button Until HE3(t) Tries To Start

5) - Machine Will Attempt To Lock Door Six (6) Times

6) - Display Will Show "F/DL" (Door Lock Error)

7) - Release The Door Interlock Switch

8) - Press Pause Button Two (2) Times To Clear Display

The above procedure should clear the program glitch and enable the Add-A-Garment feature. On my machine it also cleared the final spin abort problem at the same time. My HE3t has operated flawlessly since following this procedure.



[first added to Appliances FAQ: 1 October 2002]

[moved to Laundry Room FAQ: 28 December 2004]

[last edited: 28 December 2004]

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