Delivery checklist for the HE3/HE3t/Duet washers

hardwarehackJanuary 1, 2013

[Information posted by Bob (Bob_F) on 9 July 2002 in the Appliances Forum "Hettie" threads - many thanks for the helpful tips, Bob!]


I don't know if I've seen a checklist, per se, but here's my list. This is from memory so I'll let the other Forum members fill in what I might miss.

1) As truck arrives, *run* out and inform the delivery team that the transit bolts are not to be removed until the washer is within 3 ft. of the install location. You have to do this quickly because these teams work fast.

2) If your washer is going to be on a pedestal, the transit bolts should not be removed until *after* it is mounted to the pedestal. BTW, if your machines are going on pedestals, be sure to ask for and retain the screw-in feet. (These come off when the pedestals are bolted in.)

3) Inform the delivery team that you want to retain the transit bolts. (Their install instructions apparently tell them to discard these.)

4) Do a walk around of both machines ("both", if you're getting a washer/dryer pair) to look for cosmetic damage. Do this before they are installed *and* after. My DuetHT seems to have suffered damage to a trim plate as it was installed. I didn't catch this until after they left.

5) Grab the plastic pouch that comes with the washer, tear it open, and fish out the plastic bolt hole covers. Hand these to the installers and ask that they pop them in after the transit bolts are removed. I totally forgot this one and it only occurred to me after reading a comment about it on this Forum.

6) The delivery guys are supposed to level the machines by adjusting the screw-in feet. I left a bubble level nearby in case they needed this.

7) Make sure the drain hose has been secured to the hot and cold water inlets with the supplied tie-strip so that it doesn't accidentally come out of the drain pipe.


[first added to Appliances FAQ: 1 October 2002]

[moved to Laundry Room FAQ: 28 December 2004]

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