HE3t/HE3/Duet washer Demo Mode instructions

hardwarehackJanuary 1, 2013

[Information compiled from various Appliances Forum "Hettie" threads...]


[Posted by TJ (AKAsTJ_Northern_CA) on 28 August 2002]:

Here's the HE3t sequence:

1. Push Drain/Spin

2. Set spin speed to No Spin

3. Push Prewash

4. Push Water Temp

5. Push Prewash

6. Push Water Temp

Demo mode should start and *Sd* shows on the panel...


[Posted by "Ken" (Ken_Moore) on 5 July 2002]:

Here's the DuetHT sequence:

1. Control panel on.

2. Move dial to Rinse/Spin, switch to Drain/Spin

3. Repeat 2

4. Set Spin Speed to "No spin"

5. Push "PreWash" then "WaterTemp". Repeat.

"SD" should appear on the LED.


[Posted by Patrick (PatrickHackett) on 21 September 2002]:

Regarding the Demo mode instructions for the Duets, step 3 is redundant and not necessary.....Really.


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