How do I save a thread forever?

buehlJanuary 1, 2013

So you have a thread you want to save "forever" for later reference or that you just want to follow. What can you do? GardenWeb does not have a "Follow" function, so you cannot do it that way. You could "bookmark" the thread in your "favorites" or "bookmarks" on your local machine. You could "clip" a post in the thread so you can get back to the whole thread. You could also search Kitchens (using the search box on the bottom of the Kitchens home page that has the list of threads) or by using Google or similar search engine.

Each of these has their strengths & weaknesses.

Bookmarking a thread: You can bookmark the thread in your "favorites" or "bookmarks" folder on your local machine. However, if there's a picture in the thread you saved that's later deleted or moved by the person posting the picture, you will no longer see the picture when you bring up the thread using your bookmark. This is b/c the bookmark brings up the thread updated to the the moment you used the bookmark..."right now". Additionally, if the thread disappears, you will no longer be able to access it. If this happens, you will get a "Missing File" page when you try to access the thread.

Clipping a post: You'll notice that each post within a thread has the option to "clip this post". By clicking on this option, the post is clipped and saved to your "My Clippings" (access it via: username) It clips the post (and only that post) from the thread. When you later look at it in your clippings, you can click on the post's subject and it will take you back to the entire thread, assuming it's still available. You are limited to 50 clipped posts. Once you reach the maximum of 50, you will no longer be allowed to clip another post (or email it) until you delete at least one clipping. Another downside is that like bookmarking, if someone deletes a picture that's in the clipped post, you will lose that picture b/c when you access the clipping it's as of "right now". Ditto if you click on the post's subject to get to the thread...the picture will be gone there as well. [When clipping a post, keep in mind that only a single post within a thread is saved...the post where you click the "clip this post" link.] In addition, if the thread goes missing, you will not be able to access the entire thread. The clipped post will remain, but when you click on the post's subject, you will get the "Missing File" page.

Searching Kitchens: This works so-so b/c GardenWeb has a rather primitive search function. However, even that becomes useless once a thread drops off page 67 of the Kitchen Forum's thread list. Again, the thread is accessed in it's current state, so if a picture has been deleted, it will be deleted in the retrieved thread. In addition, if the thread goes missing, it will not be found via a search on the Forum.

Google search: Again, it's so-so b/c it's a basic search, not Forum-type functions like, for example, by...

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