How do I post a Link?

buehlJanuary 1, 2013


Most people will see four options in the ribbon below the message text box:

  • Photo (with camera icon): For posting photos from your computer or a photo hosting site
  • Houzz Photo (with house icon): Primarily used for posting pictures from a Houzz site
  • Video (with arrowhead icon): For posting a YouTube or Vimeo video
  • Link (with chain icon): For inserting a link with a label

This FAQ will discuss the last item - Link
Posting a link:

  1. Type the label for the URL
  2. Select the label
  3. Select the "Link" icon
  4. The "Insert Link" dialog box will open
  5. The text you selected should appear in the "Text to Display" box. If it does not, cancel and try again. If it continues to not work (and sometimes it doesn't!), you will have to manually type the text in the "Text to Display" box.
  6. Type or paste the URL of the link in the "Web Address (URL)" box
  7. Select the "Insert" button to finish or the "Cancel" button to cancel the link
  8. Test the link to be sure it works.
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