How do I post pictures?

buehlJanuary 1, 2013

This FAQ will describe how to post pictures from a photohosting site, from a PDF file, or from some other location on the web.

First, though, where are your pictures? If they are on your computer only, you will need to upload them to somewhere on the web for the rest of us to see them. I upload pictures to PhotoBucket, but there are other photo-hosting sites available. For example: Picasa, Flickr, Webshots, etc.

Note: Pick a photohosting site that does not require someone to log in to see your pictures. Snapfish, for example, seems to require this, consequently, I do not recommend using Snapfish. (If you know of a way around this, let Buehl know and she will remove this comment!)


  1. Open an account w/PhotoBucket or other photo hosting site.

Take a picture using a digital camera (or film camera, but get your pictures on a disk when they're developed & download them to your computer) Resize your pictures so they're not too big, generally no more than 400x300 (or 300x400 or 400x400)

Resize keeping the same proportions so they don't get distorted...i.e., don't specify a specific size, use %-ages or similar

[You can also often resize pictures at your photohosting site, but it's faster to do it on your computer] Upload your pictures to your photo account Find the label that contains the HTML Code link to the picture and copy it Paste it into the thread's "Message" box () Click the "Preview" button. You will now see the picture.



  1. From the album view, place your cursor over the picture you wish to post and click it.

The picture should now appear as an individual picture with the various code options listed on the right side of the page. [Figure 1] Now, place your cursor in the "HTML Code" box and click it. The code should briefly change to "Copied". This means you have copied the code. [Figure 2] Paste the code you just copied into the "Message" box of the post where you want the picture to appear (use the keys) Return to step 7 in the Overview section (where it says to "preview")

[As of 12/20/2011]



  1. In your Picasa album, click on the picture you want to post in your message.

This will bring up an individual picture view with things like "Photo information" and "Link to this Photo" on the right side of the page Expand "Link to this photo" by clicking on the arrow. You will now see two links: "Link" and "Embed image". (If you already see these links, then do not click on the arrow as it will close the links.) Below the "Embed image" box, there is another box, "Select size".

  • If you want to post the original (usually larger) size, select "Original size"

If you want to post a thumbnail size picture, select "Thumbnail".

Note: If you're posting a layout and asking for...

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