Transferring a picture to fabric

evelyn_craftdivaJanuary 1, 2013

Asked by livvyandbella

How do you transfer a picture to a pillow?

Posted by: Evelyn_CraftDiva

Here are instructions for doing it on a t-shirt that I found on the net. It's probably the same for a pillow case.

Fabric Photo Transfer Medium You can create great photo t-shirts even if you don't have a computer. Photos can be put on T's with a fabric transfer medium available in most craft, art supply and sewing stores.

Here's how it works. Make a photocopy (color or black and white) of your photo. Lay the photocopy on a piece of waxed paper. Pour or brush a liberal amount of the fabric transfer medium onto the printed side of the photocopy-- enough so that you can't see the photo image anymore. Carefully turn this wet photo over and position it onto the t-shirt exactly where you want it. The blank side of the photo is now facing up. Lightly smooth the photo to remove any air bubbles.

Place the project on a flat surface and allow to dry for 24 hours. Once dry, saturate the photocopy with a wet sponge. Rub the copy with your finger or a sponge in small circles. You should start to see the picture appear. Repeat the rubbing process until no excess paper appears. You now have a photo t-shirt! Hang to dry.

Posted by: LoganHogan

June Tailor makes actual fabric that you run thru the printer on the home computer and then sew that into your pillow. You can wash it in cold with cheer if you heat set it with an iron. I did 2 tote bags and plan to do more for christmas presents, etc.

Susan in Bama

Posted by: MaryAnnTX

June Tailor also makes a fuseable fabric that you can run through your computer and then iron it on your pillow. It is also washable. I used it for a photo purse. The photo printed out very nicely. I just never sewed the purse pieces together.

Posted by: GardenGirl_IA

You can buy an iron on transfer paper at Wal-Mart. Look in the aisle that has the labels, envelopes, and computer paper. I think it is an Avery product. You print out your photo onto this paper and iron it onto what ever you want (great for T-Shirts)

You can make your own fabric paper. Just iron a high thread count muslin onto freezer paper and cut to 8½ x 11. It will NOT be water safe, but you can buy a product called Bubble Jet Set to make the image more water proof.

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