Cookalong - #45 Chili

ann_tJanuary 1, 2013

Cookalong #45---------CHILI!!

Posted by wizardnm (My Page) on Mon, Apr 9, 12 at 12:34

Arley has picked CHILI as the next Cookalong.

What is your favorite? We are looking for recipes for chili that are the main part of the meal.

Beans or no beans? Tomatoes or not? Beef or other meats, or a mix of beef and pork? Is the meat ground or in little chunks? White or red? Just a faint hint of cumin, or enough cumin to knock your socks off?

What do you like to serve with your chili?

Please post only tried and true recipes and be sure to add your comments. If you have a picture, that would be great.

This Cookalong will run through Sunday, April 22.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cookalong #44 --------LAMB Follow-Up Postings:

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Posted by arley (My Page) on Mon, Apr 9, 12 at 13:00

I'm definitely in the no-beans-or-tomatoes school, and I like a tremendous amount of cumin. The following recipe is the ultimate in that school of thought; I've made it several times and enjoyed it every time. It's by a Texas writer named Sam Pendergrast. Nothing but chilies, beef, cumin and garlic. If you dislike cumin, don't bother making this 'bowl o' red'. I once made this using beef shin meat. It took hours for it to get tender, but the flavor was fantastic. I'm reproducing it exactly as Sam wrote it, but I've included my own notes at the end.


1 pound fatty bacon (see notes--you don't have to use this) 2 pounds coarse beef, extra large grind 1/2 cup whole cominos (cumin seed--yes, one-half cup!) 1/2 cup pure ground New Mexican red chile Water 1 teaspoon cayenne Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste


Render grease from the bacon; eat a bacon sandwich while the chili cooks. (Good chili takes time.)

Saute the ground beef in bacon grease over medium heat. Add the cominos and then begin adding the red chile until what you are cooking smells like chili. (This is the critical point. If you add all the spices at once, there is no leeway for personal tastes.) Let the mixture cook a bit between additions and don't feel compelled to use all of the red chile. Add water in small batches to avoid sticking, and more later for a soupier chili. Slowly add the cayenne powder until smoke curls your eyelashes. Palefaces may find that the red chile alone has enough heat.

Simmer the mixture until the cook can't resist ladling a bowlful for sampling. Skim the excess fat for dietetic chili, or mix the grease with a small amount of cornmeal for a thicker chili. Finish with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to individual taste, paprika to darken. Continue simmering until served; continue re-heating until gone. (As with wine, time enobles good chili and exposes bad.) The result should be something like old time Texas cafe chili: a rich, red, heavily cominesque concoction with...

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