Cache Cleanup and Cache Size

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Browsers maintain a "Cache". The cache is a folder on your hard drive where recently viewed pages and images downloaded while you are on the Internet are stored. (Temporary Internet Files) This speeds up loading the page the next time you visit that page. can eventually wind up with a huge cache containing thousands of graphics and small files. Ultimately, this slows the browser, and can cause glitches with some sites.

Unless you have a VERY slow connection, the space allocated for the cache may be lowered to a more reasonable level, which will improve overall performance.

Clearing cache in Internet Explorer:

1. Right-click the IE icon on the desktop.

2. Select "Properties"

3. On the General tab, click "Delete Files"

  1. Click OK.

5. Click "OK" again to close.

Cache Location

Click Tools > Internet Options>Settings. Look halfway down the page for "Current Location". Windows creates a "cache" folder for each user. (named "Temporary Internet Files") If you try to view the cache folder using "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer", you may not be able to find it. This is because the folder is hidden by default. To view the folder:

1. Start>Programs>Windows Explorer>My Computer>"C" drive or the drive in which "Windows" is installed.

2. On the toolbar at the top of the page, click Tools > Folder Options>View.

3. From the list shown, select "Show Hidden Files and Folders"

4. Also, "deselect" Hide Extensions for Known File Types and "Hide Protected Operating System Files".

5. Click OK.

You may now double-click the "Temporary Internet Files" folder to view the contents, using the location described in "Current Location" which you viewed previously.

(The default location for Temporary Internet Files in WinXP is: C > Documents and Settings>(user name) >Local Settings>Temporary Internet Files)

Reduce cache size

By default, the cache size is set to be quite large. Performance can be improved by lowering the size of the cache.

1. From the IE toolbar, choose Tools > Internet Options.

2. On the General tab, click the Settings button.

3. Lower the cache size using "Amount of Disk Space to Use". (For an accurate setting, use the number window instead of the slider.Lower the setting to 75MB.)

For Mozilla Firefox:

Open the browser and on the toolbar, click Tools>Options>Privacy. Use the "Clear All" button to cleanup.

Click the "Plus" sign next to "Cache" and set the cache size to the desired amount. 70,000 KB is 70 Megabytes, which is a good size for the cache file.

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