Where to put the colors....

Annie DeighnaughNovember 7, 2012

My next project is to make an afghan for DH's bed. The colors are going to be gold, navy, burgundy and ivory as those colors are in the drapes and the walls are gold.

I've never tried making a crocheted quilt before, so I thought I'd give it a try. You crochet small (2") granny squares and then sew them together much like you would a regular quilt. (Lots and lots of small squares! Yikes!) I came up with a nice 4-color pattern, but the choice is entirely mine as to which color to use where on the pattern...it's almost like designing a fabric as the pattern looks so different depending on where you put the dark and the light.

I've put some together electronically and would love to get a vote on which one is best. The pics came out kind of small, and I don't know how to fix all the white space.

Anyway, which one do you prefer?

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Such lovely designs! You're so talented! To a new knitter such as myself, this looks like an incredibly ambitious project, but I know that you know what you're doing, and I can't wait to see the final result of your work! I am most drawn to Pattern #1, because to my eye, the design just seems to pop out a bit more at me, for some reason. Pattern #2 would be my second choice. Somehow, the others feel a bit more "busy" to me.

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I like #2 the best. The ones with a lot of white seem very busy to me, and if you're going to all that work, I think #2 is more versatile to use in other rooms as well.

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# 2 caught my eye, as well!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hmmm, I'm leaning toward 2 as well. DH likes it because he tends to sit on the bed with his work clothes on so wants something that's darker....

Amazing how different they look just based on where you put the color....

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In preferred order: 4,2,1,5,3

Very cool

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2 because it's the most "manly." And I didn't read the other responses first. As an aside, you can actually crochet the pieces together.

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Annie Deighnaugh

thanks nosoccermom...I actually came across instructions where you attach them together as you make the squares which I think I might try...if I can make it work on the diagonal squares. The prospect of all that sewing and weaving is not a pleasant one.....

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I like #2 the best, it just has a bit more definition? I have to say though, I admire people like you who have the patience to knit or sew items, people think sewing is hard but egads, knitting or sewing something nice takes a lot more time and patience to do. btw, I thought the afghan you made was beautiful! so I'm sure this quilt will be too. How long would a project like this take you to do?

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oops I meant to write, I admire people like you who have the patience to knit or crochet items!

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Annie Deighnaugh

trancegemini, thank you for your comments. You reminded me of my mom who only tried knitting once. It was not her thing. Though she was a master seamstress. She used to teach sewing and made everything from bras and bathing suits to wedding gowns and coats. It is a very different experience and skill set.

To me, the big difference is I can knit/crochet in front of the TV and keep myself from getting bored to death. Sewing is all encompassing and is a dedicated task.

This will be a new project for me, so I'm not sure how long it will take. I've never done this type of thing before. And since it's for DH, there's no deadline to get it done, so it may take a very long time...DH is actually happy with the one he has now, though the colors don't go with his room at all....like he really cares. The afghan I made for my room took a couple of years, mostly because it sat wrapped up in a bag untouched for a long time. Also, fall and winter is when I work on this stuff....otherwise it's just too warm to play with yarn. I've seen people knitting and crocheting in the heat of summer, but I couldn't stand it.

And all such projects like this go through phases

  • the initial excitement and creativity of finding the pattern and picking the colors and getting the inspiration and the materials

  • the big push to get it started...see how it's going to work, if it's going to work, and the excitement of seeing it start to come together

  • the rhythm phase where you get into it and make good progress

  • the "oh man, this is taking forever" phase where it is a total slog to push through it, you think it will never get done and you wonder why you ever started. (Deadlines are a real help here.)

  • the second wind phase where you start to get close to the end and you realize you have a shot at finishing it.

  • the finishing which takes a long time....borders, weaving in and trimming ends

  • the put it into production phase and the joy of having accomplished it

  • the final phase: the itch that gets you looking around for the next project to start

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Take this with a grain of salt. My Dh says our style is "Shaker, but without all the frills". So I have a big bias!

I think the beauty of these things is in the handwork, not the patterns. I would use one color (but in one of those yummy, impractical high-end variegated yarns).

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I swear I posted something last night, but where did it go? Oh well, fwiw, I do like #2 and #4 best. But pattern #2 does stand out best and that is what I like about it among the choices. If your DH is like my DH and will sit on it in his work clothes, I'd definitely go for the darker colors.

You definitely have the knack for this. I did try knitting once and made 2 sweaters....very slowly. I never got the 'hang' of crochet for some reason. My dear grandmother was a pro at it and tatting too. DD has inherited the gene I think and makes some lovely quilts.

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"You reminded me of my mom who only tried knitting once. It was not her thing."

yep that's exactly me too. I've never had the patience for knitting but crocheting always fascinated me when I saw someone doing it so about 6 years ago I took a class to learn. I was just awful at it and never really picked it up properly so that was that, LOL. I do like to sew though but you're right it's just not something I can do while watching tv, and I only have a small sewing area off the kitchen which is usually a huge mess when I'm working on something. Even if I did crochet I'm sure my dogs would just run off with the yarn and pull it apart anyway so it's probably for the best, but it's just lovely seeing the things you make.

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I'm not keen on the white in any of the patterns. I like door number three with blue where the white would be.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

So talented! At one time I was into crocheting and needlepoint while watching tv but now if I sit down I have a dog in my lap instead. While I don't mind this at all, I miss the crocheting but never approached your skill!

I like #2 the best as it seems the lowest contrast without being to dark like #4 or too orange (not relevant I know) like #3.

Anyway, my vote is #2. Very nice arrangement of colors and lights and darks.

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I have a crocheted blanket that was made by my husband's great aunt for a wedding present. She let me pick out the yarn and the pattern. I chose something that was busy, not taking into account all the texture inherent in that kind of article. It was a beautiful piece of work, but we actually never used it on our bed--- just packed it away. All this is by way of saying that I think all the patterns are way too busy and use too many colors. The finished product will not look like a quilt that likes flat in a horizontal plane. The colors will reflect light much differently because your work will have depth. I would pick two colors at the most and use a simpler pattern better suited to yarn instead of fabric. My two cents---- really three cents, since you didn't ask for opinions on style, lol!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thanks for the warning, kswl, but this is going to intentionally look like a sewn quilt. And if I ever finish it, it will be used as the colors are pulled directly from the room.

Here is the inspiration for the quilt:

The patterns I put above are actually made up of 2 blocks x 2 blocks .... the finished quilt will be 3 blocks x 4 blocks. And as I said, the pics came out very small. So the finished product will not be as busy as the impression you're getting from the pattern.

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Annie Deighnaugh

And we have a winner! #2 it is! I agree with the consensus that it is the best.

Mainly because it shows off the star the most and DH likes the darker colors better so he and the cat won't have to worry as much about messing it up.

Now I just have to crochet 768 little squares....and the countdown begins!

Thank you all for your input. Most appreciated. I'll post pics when it's done.

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